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Here is the first issue of NEW ON NAXOS for 2018. Our spotlight recording is an exciting collection of improvised music by The Core-tet Project – Dame Evelyn Glennie (percussion), Jon Hemmersam (guitar), Szilárd Mezei (viola), and Michael Jefry Stevens (piano). Glennie’s previous recordings on Naxos have been highly successful, particularly her performance of John Corigliano’s Conjurer which won a GRAMMY® Award for Best Classical Instrumental Solo.

Other highlights include:

• Choral music by renowned Norwegian composer Kim André Arnesen, which includes several world premiere recordings, performed by Kantorei under GRAMMY® Award-winning conductor Joel M. Rinsema.

• Orchestral music by Zoltán Kodály – Concerto for Orchestra, Dances of Galánta, Dances of Marosszék, and ‘The Peacock’ Variations – performed by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and JoAnn Falletta.

• The first instalment of Percy Grainger’s Complete Music for Wind Band, recorded by The Royal Norwegian Navy Band and conductor Bjarte Engeset.

• Violinist Sergei Dogadin and pianist Nikolay Tokarev’s debut Naxos recording, performing Dmitry Shostakovich’s Violin Sonata and 24 Preludes, Op. 34 arranged for violin and piano.

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Image The Core-tet Project
This premiere recording of master percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie’s new international ensemble offers a programme of fourteen improvised pieces that push the boundaries of spontaneous music-making.

89 kr
Image Concerto for Orchestra; Dances of Galanta; Dances
Zoltán Kodály, like his compatriot Béla Bartók, wrote major orchestral scores that were deeply enriched by his research into Hungarian folk music. The Dances of Galánta are full of swagger and vitality, and the Concerto for Orchestra, commissioned for the Chicago Symphony’s 50th anniversary, is lush, sparkling and vivid. Like the Variations on a Hungarian Folk Song, ‘The Peacock’, a virtuoso showcase of sizzling effects, these scores reveal the brilliance of his orchestral colours and the indelible allure of gypsy themes.

89 kr
Image Infinity: Choral Works
Arnesen is one of Norway’s most frequently performed contemporary composers; international recognition of his music includes a performance of the beautifully evocative Cradle Hymn at The White House for Barack Obama in 2016. His choral music is supremely approachable and comparable in its expressive appeal to that of the hugely popular Eric Whitacre [8.559677].

89 kr
Image 24 Preludes, Op. 34 (arr. for violin and piano)
Shostakovich’s highly distinctive 24 Preludes have proved their popularity in numerous arrangements, but when the composer heard these transcriptions by Dmitry Tsyganov he declared that ‘I forgot they were originally written for piano, so naturally did they sound.’ The set was completed in 2000 by the Russian-born composer Lera Auerbach. The chilling and profound Violin Sonata is a late work that concludes with Shostakovich’s last ever use of passacaglia form.

79 kr
Image Complete Music for Wind Band, Vol. 1
Volume 1 of 3 of the complete compositions and arrangements for wind ensemble by Percy Grainger. It includes both transcriptions of music by composers such as Bach and Fauré and the immortal Country Gardens, Shepherd’s Hey! and Molly on the Shore. Includes world premiere recordings.

89 kr
Image The Rite of Spring & La Mer (arr. for piano)
A unique coupling of the notoriously difficult solo piano re-arrangement of Stravinsky’s own piano duet version of The Rite of Spring by the Russian pianist Vladimir Leyetchkiss (1934–2016) with the solo piano version of La Mer by Lucien Garban (1877–1959), which re-interprets the work from the perspective of Debussy’s piano output, taking works such as Images, from the same period, as a model.

89 kr
Image Piano Music, Vol. 13
This final volume of the Naxos edition of Turina’s complete piano works features ones of his masterpieces, the picturesque Sanlúcar de Barrameda, ‘my homage to this wonderful city of silver…'

89 kr
Image Persian Echoes (Concerto for Harp and Orchestra)
Amir Mahyar Tafreshipour is a leading composer from Iran. The first ever Iranian harp concerto, Persian Echoes, weaves together Western classical heritage with sounds associated with Persian traditional music, including evocative modes and the lively rhythms of the region’s folk music. Improvisation is used compellingly in the other works on this album.

79 kr
Image Inner Chambers (Royal Court Music of Louis XIV)
This debut Naxos album by the American ensemble Les Ordinaries reveals the intimate sound world inside the private chambers of the grand royal palaces of Louis XIV. The softly expressive combination of traverso, viola da gamba and theorbo, known at court as the Royal Trio, was called upon for such duties as the official retirement-to-bed ceremony, as can be heard in Lully’s Chaconne ‘pour le Coucher du Roi’.

89 kr
Image String Quartets Nos. 5-7
This sixth Naxos American Classics album of the music of Richard Danielpour presents world premiere recordings of Richard Danielpours' last three string quartets. No. 7 includes the appearance in the finale of soprano Hila Plitmann.

89 kr
Image Viola Sonatas
Three beautifully-crafted works which illustrate the viola’s wide spectrum in chamber music of the 19th century. Japanese-Australian violist Hiyoli Togawa won the 48th International Viola Competition in Markneukirchen in 2013.

89 kr
Image Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 20
Volume 20 features 18 virtuosic single-movement sonatas notable also for their inventiveness, melodic brilliance and occasional evocation of Iberian popular dances.

89 kr
Image Guitar Works
Marcello Fantoni’s second album of guitar works by Luigi Legnani, one of the great guitar virtuosos of the 19th century and friend of Paganini, is comprised entirely of world premiere recordings. Volume 1 can be heard on 8.573721.

89 kr
Image The Possessed (23 CD)
Also known as Demons, The Possessed is a powerful socio-political novel about revolutionary ideas and the radicals behind them. It follows the career of Pyotr Stepanovich Verkhovensky, a political terrorist who leads a group of Nihilists on a demonic quest for societal breakdown. They are consumed by their desires and ideals, and have surrendered themselves fully to the darkness of their ‘demons’. This possession leads them to engulf a quiet provincial town and subject it to a storm of violence. Inspired by a real political killing in 1869, the book is an impassioned response to the ideologies of European liberalism and nihilism, which threatened Russian Orthodoxy; it eerily predicted the Russian Revolution, which would take place fifty years later. Funny, shocking and tragic, it is a profound and affecting work with deep philosophical discourses about God, human freedom and political revolution.

919 kr
Image Revelations of Divine Love (6 CD)
On May 8, 1373, 30-year-old Julian of Norwich, sick and near death, had a series of visions of Christ. In these 16 visions she learnt about God's loving nature. God in Julian's visions was not angry and wrathful. Instead, the three properties of God were presented as life, love and light, and all of His creation was good, including his servant, man. In Julian’s version, Man is not to blame for his sin; instead it is something that he must experience and overcome in his spiritual journey with God. The version of Christian theology presented in Revelations of Divine Love – the first published book in English attributed to a woman – was highly liberal and incredibly progressive for its time. The book contains some of the most profound spiritual writing ever written and remains a perennial favourite among Christians.

259 kr
Image Desperate Remedies (14 CD)
Thomas Hardy’s first published novel, Desperate Remedies is a thrilling blend of Gothic mystery and love-triangle romance. After the untimely death of their parents, Cytheria and Owen Graye must go out into the world and fend for themselves. Cytheria’s journey leads her to the dark and mysterious household of Miss Aldclyffe, a capricious and eccentric woman, who steers Cytheria into a love affair with her charismatic steward Aeneous Manston. All is not what it seems, and Cytheria finds herself entangled in a violent web of lust, murder, deception and blackmail. With its beautiful and evocative scenes, along with themes of fate and class, the novel contains many traces of Hardy’s signature style, and is a unique take on the Victorian ‘sensation’ novel.

569 kr
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