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NaxosDirect bjuder in till tidernas köpfest på skivor och samlingsboxar med pop & rock (gäller så långt lagret räcker).
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Image Water for Your Soul

"I believe water for your soul is about doing what you really want to do," explains Joss Stone. "For me, it's music. Music is necessary for me - it feeds my soul, the same way water feeds
a flower." Prepare to be amazed and delighted by Joss Stone. The free spirited English soul singer has been on an incredible journey, metaphorical and literal, artistic and geographic, absorbing influences and making music. "Water For Your Soul" is the fruits of her travels in sound, demonstrating how the teen soul prodigy has blossomed into an artist of style and substance. It is an album that pulses with the liquid groove of reggae, dazzles with the mix and match sonic adventure of hip hop, shimmers with the exotic sounds of world music and delivers the emotional belt of R'n'B.

The album has been four years in gestation, the product of world travels, emotional adventures, and smoky jams with reggaeroyalty. A core musical strand can be traced back to LA sessions for Dave Stewart and Mick Jagger project Superheavy, on which Stone collaborated with Jamaican superstar Damien Marley."Water For Your Soul" is her seventh album and will be released on Joss's own Stone'd label. Her idealistic approach shines through her new album. "Some people play music to pay their bills, some have a story to tell, some people make music tobecome famous. The reason I do it is because it fills me up. And I guess I'm addicted to having that in my life. And that's why I do

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Milestones of a Legend
Includes 19 Original Albums

Ten CD box set containing all the million-selling hits by American pop singer Pat Boone from the years 1956 to 1962. Nineteen albums in total, plus a futher twelve bonus tracks covering wonderful ballads, well-known jazz standards and successful Rock 'n' roll hits.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Original Albums (10 CD)
Bing Crosby was one of the most outstanding protagonists of
American light music. Debonair, smart, good-humoured – and
blessed with a timbre that was instantly recognisable even among
hundreds of voices, he radiated an irresistible charm both as
singer and actor.
Born in Tacoma in 1903 this artist was renowned for his exquisite
brand of tear-jerking and memorable jazz melodies, which he
delivered with a velvety tone reminiscent, according to the New
York Times, of a cuddly bear. The name Bing Crosby has become
immortalised ever since “White Christmas”.
This compilation brings together some of his best and most
successful albums from the years between 1956 and 1962 and
reflects the huge range of his musical gifts: HIGH SOCIETY,
Included are other great stars of show business from that time
who were also instrumental in shaping the genre: Louis Armstrong,
Fred Astaire, The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra and many others.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Golden International Evergreens
200 of the best known and best loved evergreens of POP, C&W and R&B are collected in this box set. More than half of them reached NUMBER ONE in the charts.

Stars of the fabulous Fifties rub shoulders with one another: Elvis Presley, Jim Reeves, Nat "King" Cole, Buddy Holly, Paul Anka, Connie Francis, Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Pat Boone, The Andrews Sisters, The Drifters, Glenn Miller and many more keep your feet tapping with familiar titles that almost everyone can sing - hum - or whistle along to. Original versions only have been used - no covers!

A pick'n'mix of great numbers that revive old memories and deserve a place in every collection.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Four Classic Albums
AVID Pop continues with its Four Classic albums series with a re-mastered 2CD release from Andy Williams, complete with original artwork and liner notes. „Andy Williams“; „Lonely Street“; „Moon River and other great Movie Themes“ and „Warm and Willing“ Andy Williams may well be one of the first boy band stars to go solo, before the concept of boy bands even existed! His career was quite extraordinary when considered in its entirety. He was a member of the Williams Brothers Quartet from 1938, at age, 11 and a huge star throughout the forties with his brothers appearing live, on record and in many films. Championed by former radio star, later head of the vocal department at MGM and lover, Kay Thompson, the boys incredibly went on to become the highest paid night club act in the world when they became her backing singers after she decided to come out of the shadows and perform again. Thompson became a vital factor in the early career of Andy Williams as his mentor, coach, songwriter and arranger and it was she who guided him into becoming a solo singer when the brothers finally disbanded in 1953. The pair would appear on each others albums and he can be heard on her Top 40 hit Eloise. Their relationship ended in 1962 when Andy met future wife Claudine Longet, Kay left for Rome and the rest as they say is history! His career in the 1960‘s and 70‘s, incredibly was even bigger than the 1940‘s and 50‘s. Our selections find him at the start of his amazing solo career as an albums artist who would go on to sell over 100 million records. And we haven‘t even mentioned his famed TV shows! And that darned bear! D‘oh!

90 kr (129 kr)
Image Four Classic Albums
Includes albums: Bobby Vee Sings Your Favorites, Bobby Vee, Take Good Care of My Baby, A Bobby Vee Recording Session

90 kr (129 kr)
Image The Album
55 kr (79 kr)
Image The Album
62 kr (89 kr)
Image The Album
55 kr (79 kr)
Image 20 Original Debut-Albums by 20 Rock'n'Roll Stars (
Even the greatest career begins with a first, small step. This 10-CD box presents the debut albums of world-famous stars such as Roy Orbison, Brenda Lee, Wanda Jackson, Conway Twitty, Dion & The Belmonts, Ruth Brown, Lavern Baker, The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, and Dick Dale. It also presents a host of not so well known, but still brilliant Rock’nRoll-artists such as The Big Bopper, Bobby Freeman, Ray Smith, The Kalin Twins, and The Teddy Bears. Although these are the first LPs of these artists, they included quite a few hits, that entered the Billboard charts. Even the not so well-known interpreters in this box are represented with international hits. As a bonus we have researched the current prices collector’s pay for tehse albums in mint condition: Roy Orbison (600 $), Charlie Rich (600 $), Big Bopper (500 $), Kalin Twins (100 $), Buddy Knox (200 $), Jack Scott (200 $), Dion & The Belmonts (250 $), Johnny Otis Show (250 $), Bobby Freeman (200 $), Lavern Baker (250 $), Brenda Lee (80 $), Conway Twitty (100 $), Carl Mann (130 $), Ruth Brown (300 $), Teddy Bears (300 $), Jan & Dean (400 $), Wanda Jackson (180 $), Dick Dale (150 $), Ray Smith (700 $) Beach Boys (40 $). In other words, the cheapest album on this compilation would cost about twice as much as the entire 10 CD box.

139 kr (199 kr)
Image What Happens Next
Gang of Four, which are among the most important signs of the English post-punk movement, present with '' What Happens Next '' a new studio album. Then they wait not only with a new line-up, but have interesting guests won support.So founder Andy Gill wrote a new Gang of Four compiled: John '' Gaoler Sterry on the mic, Thomas McNiece on bass and drums for Jonny Finnegan , Another first occurred guest vocalist on, there is Alison Mosshart (The Kills, The Dead Weather) listen, Gail Ann Dorsey , Robbie Furze by The Big Pink, but also the Japanese guitar hero Hotei as well as singer and actor Herbert Grönemeyer , the two contributing songs. Gang of Four are actively changing cast between 1977 and 1983. Their debut '' Entertainment! '' Is selected the 70 to Pitchforks Top 10 albums, their albums and legendary live shows influence a wide range of artists, from REM, about Nirvana and Massive Attack to Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and LCD Soundystem. With the new sound, uncompromising and targeted, dares Andy Gill on '' What Happens Next '' a bold step and provides a self-questioning work.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Un air, deux familles
111 kr (159 kr)
Image The Fabulous Five (10 CD)
This 10-CD box presents the best that „black“ Rock & Roll has to offer. It is no wonder that the songs of these innovators inspired and begot the successive beat generation.

CHUCK BERRY is probably the biggest innovator in Rock & Roll. Not only did he write some of the most impressive titles of this era, he also was the musical inspiration for many British Beat groups in the 1960s, such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones. Many songs by Chuck Berry were favorites in the live repertoire of these groups, and many of them can also be found on their records.

LARRY WILLIAMS is slightly lesser known, but his original albums on this box-set make it obvious that he too was an important hitcontributor to the Beat Boom: for instance “Bad Boy”, “Dizzy Miss Lizzy”, “Slow Down” were covered by the Beatles. Unfortunately he committed suicide at the age of 45.

LLOYD PRICE began his musical career in the early 1950s and has enjoyed a long career in the American R&B and pop charts. Lloyd Price was known worldwide for chartbusters like „Personality“ and „Stagger Lee“, which are also contained in this set.

LITTLE RICHARD had become a worldwide attraction already at the end of the 1950s, because of his expressive live-performances and a host of Rock & Roll hits. Many „successors“ played his titles and went on to make their own careers. On the LPs immortalized here, his “wildest” time is impressively and completely documented. In later years Richard changed genres and devoted himself to Gospel music primarily. He was a vocal role model for the British beat generation, especially for Paul McCartney.

BO DIDDLEY developed a completely new style of rock & roll music. His staccato guitar style always fascinates. Bo Diddley also became a role model for beat groups that preferred the R&B sound. Their style was often referred to as „Blue-Eyed Soul“. This set collects all of Bo Diddley’s most important titles.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Stars At The Legendary Star Club Hamburg Vol. 2 (1
The real giants of the Rock & Roll- and Twist-boom were regulars at
the Star Club: Bill Haley, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles,
Johnny & The Hurricanes, Duane Eddy, Chubby Checker, Joey
Dee & The Starlighters, Gene Vincent, Brenda Lee and several
other stars always guaranteed a full house and an enthusiastic
crowd. Some hits by these heroes can also be found in this
second box full of STARS AT THE Star Club Hamburg.
Artists such as Joe Brown, Vince Taylor, Jimmy Justice, Little Eva
and Emile Ford & The Checkmates created musical sensations
in Europe in the early 1960s, filling concert halls and clubs. No
wonder then that they were among the early stars in Hamburg‘s
Star Club.
It is interesting to know, that the hip beat groups (The Beatles,
Rolling Stones, Kinks, Animals and many more) recorded titles
by these Rock & Roll godfathers and went on to have great
success with their cover versions. Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley
were two of the favorites of the Beat boys and –girls, with songs
like “Mona”, “Memphis, Tennessee”, “Ya Ya”, “Sweet Little
Sixteen”, “Jambalaya”, “Come On”, and many more covered and
All these two hundred songs were not recorded at the Star Club -
but all of these artists appeared live at this legendary Club, which
reigned supreme in Hamburg’s club-land from 1962 until 1969.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Original Albums, Soundtracks und Bonustracks
Soundtracks and rarities by Elvis-Presley! Next to “Something for Everybody“(1961) and „Pot Luck“ (1962) this 10 CD-box-set presents the songs from the movies Blue Hawaii“ (1961) and „Girls! Girls! Girls!“(1962). Another CD collects his songs from films like „Love Me Tender“ (1956), „Flaming Star“ (1960), „Wild In The Country“ (1960) and „Follow That Dream“.
A real treat: the LPs „Jailhouse Rock“ (1958) and „King Of The Whole Wide World“ (1961) were only released in South Africa, „Elvis Presley“ (1956) was only available in Brazil.
As a bonus there is a CD wit hhis very first singles (1954/55) on Sun Records and another with all of his #1 chart hits from 1956 until 1962.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Three Classic Albums
Three Classic Albums:

Roy Orbison Sings Lonely and Blue
Rock House

90 kr (129 kr)
Image Five Classic Albums
AVID Rock N Roll continues with its Five Classic Albums series with a re-mastered 2CD release from Fats Domino, complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details.
“The Fabulous Mr D”; “Swings”; “Let’s Play Fats Domino” “A Lot of Dominos” and “Let The Four Winds Blow”
Fats Domino was playing rock ‘n’ roll before the phrase had even been invented and, as far as the record buying public was concerned, Fats also invented the New Orleans sound. He was born in the city and he’s inextricably linked to the place of his birth.

90 kr (129 kr)
Image Four Classic Albums
AVID Rock N Roll continues with its Four Classic albums series with a re-mastered 2CD release from Elvis Presley, complete with original artwork and liner notes. „A Date With Elvis“; „Elvis Is Back“; „Something For Everybody“ and „Pot Luck“ If you are old enough to remember, it‘s right up there with the „I remember where I was when Kennedy was shot“ moments. The death of Elvis Presley, incredibly 40 years ago this August! I was in a youth hostel in St. Malo, France, listening to, believe it or not, Jean Michel Jarre‘s new sensational and innovative album Oxygene, booming over the hostel‘s sound system! The headline „Elvis Est Mort“ I can still remember it so clearly today, and I wasn‘t even an Elvis fan! So this is Avid‘s tribute to the great man. Listen, reflect and enjoy. Long Live The King!

90 kr (129 kr)
Image Four Classic Albums
AVID Rock N Roll continues with its Four Classic Rock n Roll album series with a re-mastered 2CD release by Chuck Berry, complete with original artwork and liner notes.

„After School Session“; „One Dozen Berries“; „Chuck Berry Is On Top“ and „Rockin‘ At The Hops“

The first thing that has to be said about this amazing musician is that, hey, he‘s still alive and kicking. Something of a rarity in the catalogue of Avid Music! We are of course, immensely proud of our fine catalogue of musical heroes from primarily the world of classic jazz music. Here, however, we are branching out a little into a musical world that was rather unsettling for jazzers at the time, the dreaded Rock n Roll! Emerging from under the influence of the blues, gospel, country and R‘n‘B, musicians such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and of course Elvis Presley were taking the music world by storm in the 1950‘s. In many ways Chuck Berry must stand out amongst his contemporaries as he not only wrote his own music and played it his way but his signature riffs became the template for what later became pop and rock music! Arguably without Chuck Berry there would have been no Beatles, Beach Boys or Rolling Stones, and music history would have had to have been re-written! So here is how the main man started his musical recording career. Four startling albums full of classic Berry riffs and sharp as a razor lyrics for you to enjoy. Some tracks you will know of course, but there are sure to be some undiscovered gems for you to hear for perhaps the first time. Hail! Hail! Rock ‚n‘ Roll!

90 kr (129 kr)
Image 5CD-BOX: Original Hits & Rarities
Little Richard started his career in 1951 with gospel songs and ballads. The year 1954 became a milestone for him: He got to know the songwriter and singer Lloyd Price, who advised him to send a demo tape to the record company „Specialty Records",
which turned out to be the straight tip.

He became the lead singer of the „Johnny Otis Orchestra", with which he also recorded in the studio. This made Little Richard to a local celebrity. 1956 was the year of breakthrough for Little Richard. He conquered the Rock & Roll scene like a hurricane.
TUTTI FRUTTI was his first hit, this song plays a huge part in the fight against the racial segregation in the USA.

After this, he celebrated 21 chart entries and live concerts in the whole world. Little Richard did not keep his homosexuality secred, in contrary, he used flashy make-up and costumes. At the peak of his success, he turned his back on the show business and became a preacher.

A few years later, he returned to the Rock & Roll and is still on tour around the world.

97 kr (139 kr)
Image The Beach Boys - The Album
» Brian Wilson is celebrating his 75th Birthday on 20 June 2017 » He is the genius of the legendary THE BEACH BOYS » We celebrate Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys with a new double cd » „The Album“ presents all the big hits, most of them became alltime classics and unite generations » 32 Songs keep the myth of California, the attitude to life of beach, sun, surfing and endless summer alive for eternity » „God only knows what I‘d be without you“, Mr. Brian Wilson!

62 kr (89 kr)
Image The Album
62 kr (89 kr)
Image The Album
62 kr (89 kr)
Image The Album
62 kr (89 kr)
Image The Album
55 kr (79 kr)
Image The Album
55 kr (79 kr)
Image The Album
55 kr (79 kr)
Image The Album
55 kr (79 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Roots of Rock and Roll
They sang nonsense lyrics such as "Rama Lama Ding Dong" and called themselves after birds - but still groups such as the Crows, Orioles, Ravens, Swallows and many others left us some of the best songs of the Rock'n'Roll era. 200 of the top recordings are included in this box, with which we continue our successful series of re-issues from the1950s. But there are no up-tempo numbers to be heard on these 10 CDs, instead there are ballads to recall, or for a cuddle or for day-dreaming.

Nowadays you would talk about boy-groups, but this term did not exist in the 1940s and '50s, no more than did the phrase Doo Wop. It was simply Rhythm and Blues, based on the black gospel choirs as forerunners, or even Rock'n'Roll. The tradition of four to six voiced groups had already begun in the USA in the late 1920s with ensembles such as The Revelers (models for the German Comedian harmonists) as well as in the 1930s and '40s with the Ink Spots, Mills Brothers or Delta Rhythm Boys.

1948 can be taken as the year Doo Wop was born. The Orioles recorded the ballad "It's too soon to know", the first song to include all the stylistic features. A few years later the Clovers, Dominoes and Drifters conquered the R&B charts - but both performers and public were still exclusively Afro-Americans then by the mid '50s young whites were increasingly enjoying this music. So it was that the first Doo Wop titles managed first the leap into the Rhythm & Blues hit-parade, and then, as they were more and more accepted by the white purchasing public, also in the US pop charts. The classics "Sh-Boom by the "Chords, "Earth Angel" by the Penguins and "In the Still of the Night" by the Five Satins all date from this period.

Later on there were mixed groups of both black and white artists such as the Del-Vikings. Many later soul stars began their careers as members of such vocal ensembles, for instance Curtis Mayfield (The Impressions), Barry White (The Upfronts) and Wilson Pickett (The Falcons). The name Doo Wop derives from meaningless syllables sung by the backing vocalists, for example "Shubi dubi du". Recording companies such as Atlantic Records were significantly involved in the marketing of this music, and we are all familiar with songs such as "Only You" sung by The Platters. This box offers the best of the Doo Wop era, with all its best-known names such as the Coasters, Du Droppers, Moonglows, Spaniels, Teen Queens and many more - handmade music full of feeling and with a power of expression that modern boy-groups can only dream about.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Chansons Les Plus Belles (10CD-box)
"C'est si bon" Charles Aznavour, Gilbert Bécaud, Edith Piaf, Yves Montand, Jacques Brel, Juliette Gréco, Georges Brassens, Serge Gainsbourg, Dalida, Charles Trenet - collected on these 10 CDs are the truly greatest of chanson singers that the French so much adore. Some of them were also stars of the silver screen, such as Yves Montand and Serge Gainsbourg, style icons such as Juliette Gréco, or established writers and poets such as Georges Brassens. All, however, are national institutions in the country that cradled the genre which runs like a thread through French history.

In France singing was always an indispensible vehicle of expression in all strata of society, sometimes frivolous or bitingly satirical, at other times poetical, literary or political, but at the same time a critical commentary reflecting on contemporary affairs. The chanson tells of deep feeling, tragedy, longing, anxiety - but more than anything of love. It took part in historical events in the form of songs of revolution. The French national anthem, the Marseillaise, is nothing less than a chanson, a revolutionary battle song. The artistic home of the chanson in the 19th century was the legendary artists'quarter Montmartre. Their studios, the cafés, the absinth bars, dance clubs and cabarets on the city's highest hill-top was a world were great art rubbed shoulders with social hardship. Montmartre draws people from all over the
world still today, as do Montparnasse and Saint-Germaindes- Prés, the two other famous crystallisation points for music, literature and art in the Paris of the 20th century. The unforgettable charm of these areas, this city and its people is captured in these songs, from which quite some part of the French cultural heritage has stemmed. They are more than anything though a tribute to love, art and life!

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: 20 Original Debut Albums by 20 Rock & Ro
111 kr (159 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Rock & Roll Love Songs
200 of the loveliest 20th century love songs full of emotion and drama
Many international stars such as Shirley Bassey,
Pat Boone, Harry Belafonte and Roy Orbison
A reminiscence in sound of those endearing evergreens from the Rock'n'Roll era

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Stars at the Starclub
Something for the connaisseur! This series of complete opera
recordings taken from the years 1961 to 1991 presents newly and
re-discovered works by one of the most productive composers
of the 19th century. Donizetti along with Vincenzo Bellini was
the most significant representative of Italian belcanto. Gaetano
Donizetti, born 29th November 1797, was clearly not afraid of
hard work and his output of more than 70 operas shows just
how prolific he was. Alina, recorded live in 1987 at the Ravenna
Festival in the revised version, or Maria di Rohan - a recording
of a live performance made in co-production with the Festival
della Valle d’Itria. The melodrama Gianni di Parigi was recorded
in 1988 under the direction of Carlo Felice Cillario at Bergamo.
In the case of Imelda de’ Lambertazzi this was the first-ever
recording since the piece was produced for the stage in 1856.
The comic opera Rita with the Orchestra da Camera Siciliana
under the direction of Federico Amendola and the farce Il
Giovedi Grasso conclude this highly interesting collection.
The vocal ensembles are superb and include Daniela Dessi,
Rockwell Blake, Paolo Coni, Andrea Martin, Adelisa Tabiadon,
Mariana Nicolesco, Giuseppe Morino and many others. On the
conductor’s rostrum, as well as those already mentioned, are
Antonello Allemandi, Massimo de Bernart, Marc Andrae and
Edwin Loehrer, directing the Orchestra Sinfonica dell’Emilia
Romagna “Arturo Toscanini”, the Orchestra Internazionale
d‘Italia, the Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro di Milano della RAI, and
the Orchestra della Radiotelevisione della Svizzera Italiana.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Teenage Idols (10 CD)
This box contains 19 original LPs with 232 songs on 10 CDs.

57 more songs are contained as bonus tracks, so nearly all chart hits of these stars until 1962 are included here.

40.000.000 Elvis fans certainly cannot be wrong – but this 10 CD collection presents Rock & Roll at its best, without a single Presley among 19 carefully selected original albums. Ricky Nelson, without a doubt a superstar of his own, is represented with 6 original LPs including hits like “Mary Lou”. Paul Anka is featured with “Paul Anka Sings His Big 15” and 11 more chart successes. Certainly, there have been better singers than Fabian (Forte) – but man, his looks! They were enough to secure smashers like “Tiger” and “I´m a Man”. 2 original LPs and rarities by Neil Sedaka are included as well as full lenghts by Tommy Roe (“Sheila”) and Kris Jensen. Frankie Avalon, on oft he greatest in the 50s and 60s, can be rediscovered listening to his first two LPs. High school bopping Bobby Rydell had 29 chart entries and joins the party, and last but not least Ritchie Valens with his only two LP releases and timeless hits like “Donna” and “La Bamba”.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image The Fabulous Six (10 CD)
Six stars of the Rock & Roll-era with their first albums

517 songs in one 10 CD-BOX, including many rarely played recordings from the golden age of Rock & Roll – by 6 stars on their way to world fame

In this 10-CD BOX six stars of the Rock & Roll-era present their original LPs from the rockingly successful years 1956 to 1962. You will find a number of hits and rarities from Buddy Holly & The Crickets, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Del Shannon.

In addition to the 456 “regular” LP titles there are another 61 bonus tracks, and with that almost all of the charting tracks of these artists from the period, such as „Peggy Sue“, „Summertime Blues“, „Be Bop A Lula“, „Blue Suede Shoes“, „Great Balls Of Fire“, or „Runaway“. The albums did not necessarily include the single-hits, as these were released either before or after an album, and then compiled into a “Greatest Hits” or “Best of”-album. This makes it even more interesting to hear the lesser-known songs by these world stars. These „first steps“ were not necessarily wild and raucous, but show the amazing musical diversity of these budding Rock & Roll gurus.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Super Karaoke Hits 2017
2017 has been such a fantastic year for pop music that we at AVID have decided to celebrate it by naming our traditional end of year Karaoke after it!
So we present Super Karaoke Hits 2017, it does what it says on the cover, features 20 of the greatest tracks from a great year.
You can sing a long to some amazing covers of pop classics from such artists as Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Rag'N'Bone Man, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Harry Styles, Liam Payme and many more.
2017, surely a year to be celebrated and remembered as one of the great ones and with Super Karaoke Hits 2017, you too can join in the fun!

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Super Karaoke Hits 2017
2017 has been such a fantastic year for pop music that we at AVID have decided to celebrate it by naming our traditional end of year Karaoke after it!
So we present Super Karaoke Hits 2017, it does what it says on the cover, features 20 of the greatest tracks from a great year.
You can sing a long to some amazing covers of pop classics from such artists as Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Rag'N'Bone Man, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Harry Styles, Liam Payme and many more.
2017, surely a year to be celebrated and remembered as one of the great ones and with Super Karaoke Hits 2017, you too can join in the fun!

90 kr (129 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: We Were First
On the question of who the million-selling '' Rock around the clock '' comes, most music fans would answer without hesitation: of course by Bill Haley and his Comets. Sure, that made ??him famous, but the original is by Sonny Dae & His Knights. But hardly anyone knows, as do many other artists in this box. Because we have ten CDs summarized 180 most rare songs that were often successful only in the nachgesungenen version because these so-called Cover- were reinterpreted versions of celebrities such as the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Or should we rather say stolen? But there is nothing dishonorable when black and white artists inspire each other and new styles of music created in this way, such as rock and roll. As Haley have also Pat Boone, Elvis Presley and countless other artists '' served 'in their models' - very rare it worked even reversed in German language that about Lolita '' Sailor '' by Petula Clark was taken. From some catchy tunes even exist several different shots, for example of '' Red Sails In The Sunset '' or '' Shake, Rattle And Roll ''. Often the '' white '' cover versions were successful because the market for so-called '' Race Records 'very limited'. With 'Red lips should be kissed' 'Cliff Richard was very successful in Germany - but by whom is the original? This box has a bye with numerous hits that you have not heard so many times and the mean an asset to any CD collection. From blues to country to rock and roll and pop, and more, so a diverse mix for every musical taste. That some songs are already several decades old, connoisseurs and collectors will surprise you. At this competently compiled Box impossible to pass loves oldies and have always wanted to know where Creedance Clearwater Revival or the Stones had their great musical ideas of the original recordings on these CDs.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 3CD-BOX: 5 Original Albums
111 kr (159 kr)
Image 3CD-BOX: 6 Original Albums
Six classic albums by the legendary rock and roll star Chuck Berry on 3 CDs, complete with high quality packaging and design.The set includes the following albums released between 1958 and 1961, plus fifteen bonus tracks: 'After School Session', 'One Dozen Berrys', 'Berry is on Top', 'More Chuck Berry', 'Rockin' at the Hops' and 'New Juke Box Hits'.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 3CD-BOX: 6 Original Albums
Six classic albums by the legendary rock and roll group The Everly Brothers on 3 CDs, complete with high quality packaging and design. The set includes the following albums released between 1958 and 1960, plus nine bonus tracks: 'The Everly Brothers', 'Songs Our Daddy Taught Us', 'The Fabulous Style of The Everly Brothers', 'It's Everly Time', 'A Date with The Everly Brothers' and 'Both Sides of an Evening'.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 3CD-BOX: 6 Originals Albums
111 kr (159 kr)
Image The Album
55 kr (79 kr)
Image The Album
62 kr (89 kr)
Image The Album
62 kr (89 kr)
Image Super Karaoke Hits 2016 (DVD)
2016 has been such a fantastic year for pop music that we at AVID have decided to celebrate it by naming our traditional end of year Karaoke after it!
So we present Super Karaoke Hits 2016, it does what it says on the cover, features 20 of the greatest tracks from a great year.
You can sing a long to some amazing covers of pop classics from such artists as Justin Bieber, Adele, Justin Timberlake, Sia, DNCE, Beyonce, Drake Ft Wizkid & Kyla and many more.
2016, surely a year to be celebrated and remembered as one of the great ones and with Super Karaoke Hits 2016, you too can join in the fun!

111 kr (159 kr)
Image The Album
55 kr (79 kr)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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