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Image Milestones of a Legend (10 CD)
20 Original Albums

Leslie Thompson “Les” Baxter (1922 – 1996) is best known as one of the originators of Exotica, a particular style of Easy Listening-music that o ered its listeners a lush sonic vacation in the stereophonic comfort of their own living room, a trip on record full of imaginary rituals and exciting taboos. The composer, arranger and orchestra leader from Texas, who studied piano at the Detroit conservatory, decided against a career as a concert pianist in favor of Swing, the popular music of the time. At 21 he played saxophone for the Freddie Slack big band, and also worked as a vocalist, joining Mel Tormé’s Mel-Tones two years later. Studio and soundtrack work – for Nat “King” Cole or Yma Sumac, among others – led to successful concept albums of his own orchestral suites, such as “Ritual Of The Savage”, “The Passions”, “Caribbean Moonlight”, or “Space Escapade”, all of which are among the twenty original albums in this box set. Think of “Exotica” as the “world music” of the late Fifties and early Sixties – then sit back, relax, and enjoy the “sophisticated naïveté” of these inventively and dramatically arranged and produced scores for the movie in your mind.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Calypso, Blues and Folk Songs
Harold George Belafonte was born in New York (U.S.A.) in 1927. His parents came from the Caribbean. Harold's father left the family while Harold was still an infant so the mother left for Jamaica with her small son. After several years Harry returned to New York, just before he turned eighteen.Belafonte opened a club in Greenwich Village with several of his friends, now performing as a singer in his own club. In 1954 the young entertainer landed a minor role in a film - and made a lasting impression on audiences.

His greatest hit was the "Banana Boat Song" and soon jukeboxes all over the world rang out loud and clear with that unique Daaaay-ooooo, Daaay-ay-ay-ooo, daylight come and we want to go home. This was the birth of the calypso boom and Belafonte made the charts eight times in 1956 and 1957.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Sentimental Journey
American actress and singer Doris Day was one of the most popular and commercially successful Hollywood stars of the late 1950s and early 1960s. In 1944 she had her first No.1 one hit with the song "Sentimental Journey" followed by the hit single "My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time". Her first movie "Romance on the High Seas" from 1948 was the reason for her third No.1 one hit "It's Magic". Doris Day received her first and only Grammy nomination for the movie "Pillow Talk" which was her final break through as a movie star. This 10 CD-Collection features her most successful recordings from 1940-1960, including 10 original albums of this great artist.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Henry Mancini - 16 Original Albums
Music for film and television was Henry Mancini‘s trademark: „Peter Gunn“, „High Time“, „Mister Lucky“, „Breakfast at Tiffany‘s“ and several other of his soundtracks are included in this lovingly compiled 10 CD box, of course. Important, beautifully produced and arranged album masterpieces
all, which include hits like „Peter Gunn Theme“ and „Moon River“.
Mancini had a recognizable personal style, which dazzled with great ease and clarity, and a surprising simplicity. The composer and arranger himself was inspired by the rhythm of swing, the harmonies of jazz, by Latin music, as well as the music of French impressionists like Ravel or Debussy. His sense of tonal nuances and extraordinary instrumentation, and a talent for elegant melodic lines, made the son of Italian immigrants one of the world’s outstanding film-music composers.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Adieu Mon Coeur
Ten CD box set from the famous french chanteuse. Features over 100 tracks.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Original Albums
Georges Brassens was one of the absolute greats of French
chanson. In his cheeky, provocative texts, witty and clever alike,
he could perfectly combine poetic language with that of the
people. Through his songs Brassens, respected in equal measure
as author, poet and musician, has become part of the French
cultural heritage.
These 6 albums, from the years 1952-1958, which made him one
of the most popular representatives of the artistic French chanson
– Le Vent, La Mauvaise Reputation, Les Sabots d’Hélène, Georges
Brassens et sa guitare No. 4 and No. 5 and Le Pornographe –
include some of his best-loved numbers, chansons drawn from
life such as La Cane de Jeanne, Brave Margot, Chanson pour
l’Auvergnat and Pauvre Martin.

97 kr (139 kr)
Image Original Albums
The great tradition of Poésie chantée goes back as far as the middle
ages and is a very special and particularly French phenomenon.
One of its most important protagonists is Léo Ferré, the poet of
the revolutionary chanson. Many of his famous contemporaries
have given legendary interpretations of his songs; Juliette Greco‘s
Jolie Môme, for instance, or Edith Piaf‘s Les amants de Paris. The
singer, composer, passionate provocant and wordsmith is one of
the most important francophone poets of the 20th century and
has made decisive contributions to the “sung history” of France
through his translations and settings of verse by renowned
French lyricists such as Villon, Verlaine, Rimbaud, Apollinaire and
Aragon. These 6 original albums from the years 1953 to 1961
– Paris Canaille, Chansons de Léo Ferré, Le Guinche, Encore
du Léo Ferré, Les Chansons d’Aragon Chantées par Léo Ferré
and Récital Léo Ferré à L’Alhambra – demonstrate Léo Ferré’s
musical versatility. Alongside the typical instruments for song
accompaniment such as guitar and piano, Ferré works with the
Orchestre Jean Faustin and also uses a broad spectrum and
combination of instruments that include harpsichord, accordion,
organ, saxophone and double bass.

97 kr (139 kr)
Image Four Classic Albums
90 kr (129 kr)
Image 3CD-BOX: 6 Original Albums
Among the 72 titles on these three CDs are many that became world hits, such as "C'est Si Bon", "Love for Sale" and "Mack the Knife". A characteristic of all these songs is Eartha Kitt's husky voice that brought her numerous awards. But she also made a name for herself as a dancer and actress, in among other roles as "Catwoman" playing alongside Batman. The circumstances of her early childhood have never been unambiguously divulged. She always played the irresistible vamp and was an international figure on the night-club stage. Eartha Kitt vehemently declared her political views: in the 1960s she made headlines with her criticism of the Vietnam war, which did little to further her career in the USA. The artist succumbed to cancer in 2004 at the age of 81. Six of her LPs from the years 1954-62 show the versatility of this powerwoman of jazz and soul.

90 kr (129 kr)
Image 5CD-BOX: Non je ne regrette rien
2013 will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the death of „The Sparrow", born as Édith Giovanna Gassion and known the world over as Édith Piaf. Her life was more than a song, but rather like an opera - from her disastrous childhood and her passionate affairs, most often with much younger men, to serious scandals or her heroic deeds during the occupation of Paris in WWII and on to heartbreaking tragedies. All that and more reverberates in every note of her music. And she never regretted any of it, as the title of this collection knows.

In memory of the world-famous chansonniere this comprehensive 5-CD-set including all of her most memorable and beautiful melodies is now released. From "La vie en rose" or "Sous le ciel de Paris" and "Milord" on to "Non, je ne regrette rien" it collects eighty unforgettable chansons by writers like her beloved Georges Moustaki, and also by Charles Aznavour or Gilbert Bécaud in the unique interpretations of Édith Piaf.

One listen to this music and you feel a strong desire to visit Paris. Again and again.

La Foule · C'est a Hambourg · Les prisons du Roy · Les amants d'un jour · La vie en rose · L'hymne à l'amour · Plus bleu que tes yeux · Padam padam · Johnny tu n'est pas un ange · Bravo pour le clown · Sous le ciel de Paris · Les trois cloches · Non je ne regrette rien · Milord · Mon manège à moi

97 kr (139 kr)
Image Shirley Bassey - The Album
Shirley Bassey sings her greatest hits „Goldfinger“, „Big Spender“ and „Somewhere“ as well as various worldwide hits like "Yesterday“, „All By Myself“ and „The Power Of Love“. Performance at the huge 90th birthday party of the Queen on the
15th of May 2016 in the park of Windsor Castle

62 kr (89 kr)
Image Dean Martin - The Album
» Dean Martin would be 100 years old on June 7, 2017 » He is one ofe The big entertainer legends and became famous worldwide together with Frank Sinatra an Sammy Davis jr. as a member of RAT PACK » „The Album“ presents all big hits „That´s Amore“, „Volare“, „Everybody Loves Somebody“, „Buona Sera“ etc. » As well there are the legendary duets with Nancy Sinatry „Things“ , Jerry Lewis „That Certain Party“ and Peggy Lee „You Wish“.

62 kr (89 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Ladies First! - Chanson Collection
There must be something special and maybe even magical about French chanson, as most of the (all female) artists in this collection enjoyed and enjoy a long life - many of those born in the 1910s and 1920s are still alive and healthy today. In recordings from 1930 until 1959 they sing an endless homage to love, life and art. They also sing of "tristesse", loneliness and the many small thing of everyday life, which retain an inimitable charm in the French chanson. The Paris of the Twenties to Fifties is the main focus here, its glamorous locations like the Folies Bergères, the Moulin Rouge, Olympia, Saint- Germain des Près and the Montmartre. And there are a few men singing and playing with these "Reines de la Chanson", among them Georges Brassens, Django Reinhardt, Tino Rossi or the Orchestre Raymond Legrand.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Chanson vol. 1 - La Légende De La Chanso
This 10 CD collection includes the best songs of the most popular French cabaret singer. Yves Montand, Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour and many other artists are represented with songs such as "Donne moi ma chance", "La vie en rose" "Quelque part dans la nuit" and other.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Chanson Vol. 2 - Vive la Chanson
111 kr (159 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Let's Dance
111 kr (159 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: 10 Original Albums
- ten original LPs that brought Bert Kaempfert world fame as a bandleader
- 23 successful singles as bonus tracks
- sought-after rarities such as the LP published under the pseudonym "Raimondo and the Memory Strings"

There must surely be very few Germans who could not instantly hum at least one of the songs in this box. The bandleader Berthold Heinrich Kampfert had numerous world-wide hits that softly flatter the ear and tend to stick in the head. "Strangers in the night" is no doubt the most obvious example, but Bert Kaempfert (as he appears on his records) composed and arranged not only for Frank Sinatra.

He discovered in Hamburg the then unknown Beatles, was Freddy Quinn's producer and helped stars such as Al Martino, Nat King Cole and Dean Martin achieve great hits.

This box consists of the instrumental albums with well-known melodies such as "A swingin' safari" and "Wonderland by Night", but also much sought-after rarities that Kaempfert brought out in the early 1960s under the pseudonym"Raimondo and the Memory Strings".

In addition there are about two dozen bonus tracks that to hear again will brighten up the dullest day. Several hundred of his own compositions has left behind this recipient of many awards who died on the island of Mallorca in 1980 at the early age of 56. In 1993 he was afforded the greatest honour a composer can receive, namely the posthumous inclusion in the American "Songwriters' Hall of Fame".

Kaempfert's melodies with their dominant bass figures and hovering mixture of choir and strings are timeless. This box with its softly swinging songs lets us journey into a musical wonderland in which we can dream for a while and ignore the hectic pace of daily life.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Ich weiß es wird einmal ein Wunde
69 kr (99 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Musicals
10 CD set featuring unforgettable music from some of the greatest American musicals of our time. Each individual CD features cast recordings from a specific musical including Evita, Mamma Mia, Grease, Beauty And The Beast, Aida, Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, The Lion King, Daddy Cool and We Will Rock You. Over 160 songs from 10 different shows.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 12 Original Albums (10 CD)
Monsieur 100 000 volts – one of the last great representative of French Chansons.

12 albums from 1953 to 1962.

„Quand tu danses”,” Le tour de chant de Gilbert Bécaud à L’Olympia (1955)“, „Pilou-Pilou”, „Croquemitoufle“ , „Le bateau blanc“ a.o. Smash hits including „Et maintenant“, „Je t’appartiens“, „Marie, Marie“ and many others.

includes a complete recording of his opera „L‘Opéra d‘Aran“ conducted by Georges Prêtre.

Gilbert Bécaud was one of the last internationally acclaimed protagonists of French chanson. In his 50 year career “Monsieur 100 000 volts” has fascinated audiences around the world. Bécaud composed more than 400 songs, most of them in collaboration with lyricists Louis Amade, Pierre Delanoë and Maurice Vidalin. Many of his world hits can be heard on this compilation of 12 original albums, including “Quand tu danses”, “Le Tour de chant de Gilbert Bécaud à L‘Olympia (1955)”, “Pilou- Pilou”, “Croquemitoufle”, and “Le Bateau blanc”. They document the career of a thoroughbred artist in the years 1953–1962. A special feature of this box is the complete recording of his opera “L‘Opéra d‘Aran”, premiered under the direction of Georges Prêtreat at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in 1962. The cantata “L‘enfant à l‘étoile” indicates deep roots in the world of classical music, as the famous songwriter and performer studied in piano and composition at the Conservatory of Nice until 1942. Many artists successfully covered Bécaud’s chansons, including Sonny & Cher, Sarah Vaughan, Judy Garland and Marlene Dietrich. Immortal versions such as “What Now My Love” (“Et maintenant”), interpreted by Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand, or the English version of “Je t‘appartiens”, interpreted by stars like Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and James Brown, became worldwide successes.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: Birthday Edition
She is truly immortal, the legendary Edith Piaf, the '' Sparrow of Paris ''. From the French, it is dearly loved and treated as a national shrine. '' There has never been a Édith Piaf, and there will never be a recovered even after her, '' said her friend Jean Cocteau about this unique artist who sang with wholehearted intensity about life and love, especially on the unhappy love with which she was familiar too good. When Piaf died on 10 October 1963, only 47 years, the entire nation mourned, 40 000 people gave their last respects to the Paris cemetery Père- Lachaise. Among her greatest successes titles that are 16 original albums to hear in this compilation with photographs from the years 1946-1962. Including '' Chansons Parisiennes '', '' Edith Piaf à Olympia (1955) '', '' Piaf at the Paris Olympia (1961) '', '' La vie en rose '', '' Mes grands success '', '' Edith Piaf sings in Enlish '' or '' Sincerely EP! '' Edith Piaf's song is a unique tribute to love, art, and life!

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Best Of
Georges Moustaki

83 kr (119 kr)
Image 10CD-BOX: La Mer
"La mer" - even among the many, many world hits that Charles Trenet wrote, this one has a special place as surely the best known and best loved French song. Trenet, the "fou chantant", the "singing fool" as his compatriots affectionately call him, grew up by the Mediterranean, and when he wrote "La mer" he was young and in love with the blue seas of his homeland in the south of France. "La mer" has been covered time and again and used as fi lm music. Some of the most familiar versions are Benny Goodman's "Beyond the Sea" and Robbie Williams' musical contribution to Finding Nemo.

This compilation tells the success story of Charles Trenet in recordings from 1934 to 1959. Its strong supporting cast includes his duo partner from the early years, Johnny Hess, alongside Django Reinhardt and the Quintette du Hot Club de France, Benny Goodman, Juliette Greco, Fréhel, Guylaine Guy and Michel Legrand.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image 8CD-BOX: Chanteur D Amour
Charles Aznavour is the largest living chanson Star of France and since the death of his US-American colleagues Frank Sinatra is the last in the series of the giants of the entertainment; in Time magazine, he was elected Entertainer of the Century in 1998; before Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan. Aznavour has written about 700 articles in his seventy years of stage and set to music in 1000. Even as an actor, he has made ??it this high up. He has won numerous awards and is considered one of the great stars of French cinema. The ninety year old artist, in which the saw the London Times in the 1950s the largest vocal event of the modern era, leading his extraordinary career back on a great encounter. It was none other than Edith Piaf, who had discovered the Twenty-two-year-olds at a performance of Roche et Aznavour in Paris's Latin Quarter. The legendary and rare recordings from Aznavour early years are also included in this tribute to a great artist as original albums from the fifties, including the English debut of 1956, Gilbert Becaud, Edith Piaf, Patachou, Juliette Greco and other companions, in their repertoire Aznavour Chansons a solid take up space, this round birthday tribute from some legendary contributions.

111 kr (159 kr)
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