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The October 2017 edition of NEW ON NAXOS. Our spotlight recording is Gabriel Schwabe performing Camille Saint-Saëns’ Cello Concertos Nos. 1 and 2, with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and conductor Marc Soutrot. This is the sixth release in our ongoing Saint-Saëns orchestral works series.

Other highlights include:
• The final volume of Marin Alsop’s highly acclaimed Sergey Prokofiev symphonies cycle, with the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra.

• The world première recording of Claude Baker’s Piano Concerto, ‘From Noon to Starry Night’, featuring the renowned pianist Marc-André Hamelin with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and conductor Gilbert Varga.

• Two new releases from the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and conductor Pablo González: (1) George Bizet’s popular orchestral suites from Carmen and L’Arlésienne; and (2) a 3-CD special boxed set of Enrique Granados’ orchestral music.

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Image Works for Cello and Orchestra
This recording of the complete Saint-Saens works for cello, featuring the acclaimed young German cellist Gabriel Schwabe includes both Cello Concertos and the ever popular Le Cygne. This is the sixth recording to date with the Malmo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marc Soustrot of the symphonies and concertos of Saint-Saens.

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 7; Lieutenant Kije Suite; March & Sch
Sergey Prokofiev’s final years were clouded by ill-health, and the Seventh Symphony was his last significant work, full of poignant nostalgia and restrained but deeply expressed emotion. The Love for Three Oranges consolidated Prokofiev’s reputation in the West in the 1920s, both this and the satirical tale of Lieutenant Kijé producing two of his most popular suites. This is the final volume of the acclaimed cycle of Prokofiev’s Symphonies with the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marin Alsop.

89 kr
Image Piano Concerto (From Noon to Starry Night) & Aus S
Two evocative works inspired by the powerful imagery of Walt Whitman and Heinrich Heine. The Piano Concerto receives its world premiere recording.

89 kr
Image Carmen Suites & L'Arlesienne Suites
The two Carmen suites, including the famous Toreador’s Song and the graphically sensuous Seguidilla and Habanera dances, are coupled with the no less popular suites from the incidental music for L’Arlesienne.

89 kr
Image Orchestral Works (3 CD)
The three individual discs [8.573263, 3264 and 3265] packaged together to mark the 150th anniversary of the composer’s birth.

239 kr
Image Symphonies Nos. 8, 21 and 26
This issue, the ninth Naxos album devoted to symphonies by Brian, completes the commercial recording of all 32 of his symphonies. Brian was 51 by the time he completed his first, the immense Gothic Symphony (Naxos 8.557418-19] and over 80 when he composed his late harvest of 21 symphonies.

89 kr
Image Demetrio e Polibio
A rare outing on disc for Rossini’s first full-scale opera Demetrio e Polibio, initially intended as a ‘family opera’ for the tenor Domenico Mombelli, with roles for his daughters and a libretto by his wife. Its narrative of political turmoil, romance, kidnap, true love and unity is a prelude to subjects to which Rossini would frequently turn in future triumphs.

159 kr
Image Legacy
In the year of the 25th anniversary of Piazzolla’s death, Argentinean-born violinist Tomas Cotik and Chinese-American pianist Tao Lin follow their critically acclaimed album Tango Nuevo [8.573166] with more of Piazzolla’s most exciting compositions in newly minted adaptations for mostly two or three musicians.

89 kr
Image Del Caribe, Soy! Latin American Music flute music
Composer and Latin Grammy ® winning flautist Nestor Torres has inspired a generation of composers to write music that has made vivid contributions to the instrument’s repertoire. This disc incudes his first foray into classical music as a composer with a unique fusion of Caribbean virtuosity and classical training.

89 kr
Image Complete Concertinos for Cello and Piano
A principal cellist of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Julius Klengel was a renowned soloist and revered as a great interpreter and pedagogue. Composed in true Romantic style, the three Concertinos are notable for their virtuoso elements and expressive and lyrical central movements.

89 kr
Image Childhood Manuscripts; Old Grandmother's Tales; 6
Revealing an increasing command of harmony, these childhood manuscripts show why, at the age of thirteen, Prokofiev was the youngest-ever student to be enrolled at the St Petersburg Conservatoire. Old Grandmother’s Tales, written in New York in 1918, is suffused with nostalgia whilst the Six Pieces for Piano, Op. 52 are vivid arrangements of some of his earlier works. The childhood manuscripts appear to have been recorded before on LP but it is unclear which of them has been previously released on CD.

89 kr
Image Complete Piano Music, Vo. 47: Transcriptions from
Reflecting the life of Christ from the nativity to the Passion and Resurrection, Liszt’s oratorio Christus was premiered in 1873 and enjoyed considerable success. The movements he transcribed for piano are dynamic and virtuosic but also pastoral and meditative, including marches and passages of transfiguring beauty. The transcriptions of movements from the oratorio The Legend of St Elisabeth contains music of stirring power: plainsong, a hymn, a march and a Hungarian folk-song.

89 kr
Image Piano Sonatas Op. 23 & Op. 34/1
Muzio Clementi’s legacy to pianists is recognised as highly significant for his introduction of a new virtuosity and exploration of the possibilities of the then recently invented fortepiano. His three Sonatas, Op. 23 were published in London in 1790, their style reflecting Haydn’s tremendous popularity in the city at that time.

89 kr
Image Complete Works
"Marco Antonio Cavazzoni – private harpsichordist to the Duchess of Urbino and Pope Leo X, friend of Titian and Bembo – composed some of the most important milestones in the history of instrumental music. They were published in Venice in 1523, the second edition of Italian keyboard music after that of Andrea Antico [Naxos 8.572983]. This album celebrates the 500th anniversary of the harpsichord on the cover (the world's oldest), which was owned by Leo X and undoubtedly played on by Cavazzoni."

89 kr
Image Romantic Music for Harp
Romantic music for the harp from the award-winning young French harpist Pauline Haas.

89 kr
Image An Allem ist Hutchen Schuld (DVD)
An allem ist Hutchen Schuld! is a fairy-tale opera set to the composer’s own libretto which is fashioned into a fantasia collage of more than 40 fairy tales, many taken from stories by the Brothers Grimm. This is the world premiere recording of the complete opera and joins several other Siegfrired Wagner operas in the Marco Polo catalogue, including Der Schmied von Marienburg and Der Barenhauter [8.223713-14], Der Kobold [CD 8.225329-31; DVD 2.220003-04] and Schwarzschwanenreich [8.223777-78].

269 kr
Image Contemporaries of the Strauss Family, Vol. 3
The Strauss dynasty’s huge popularity in the 19th and early 20th centuries overshadowed that of many once famous but now forgotten composers. Volume 3 of this series presents a wealth of gems including reconstructions from original archive material and new orchestrations by conductor John Georgiadis. Volumes 1 and 2 can be heard on Marco Polo 8.225365 and 8.225366.

159 kr
Image Rachmaninov Edition: Complete Solo Piano Music & P
Idil Biret was introduced to Rachmaninov as a composer and performer at an early age in Instanbul by an uncle. She greatly admired his performance style and compositions and felt an immediate affinity to him. It was an encounter with the great Emil Gilels at the home of Nadia Boulanger in 1957 which led to her career in Russia where she often played Rachmaninov’s works. After hearing Biret play for him in Paris, Gilels asked Biret if she would like to perform in the USSR. She gladly said “yes” and soon an invitation came for an eight concert two week tour there in 1960 when she was only nineteen years old. After her first recital in Moscow, Goskonzert extended the tour to one month and added eight more concerts to make a total of sixteen. Biret made many more tours in the Soviet Union afterwards playing around 100 concerts there over the years. This release features Biret performing Rachmaninov’s complete solo piano music, as well as his piano concertos.

589 kr
Image Chopin Edition: Complete Piano Music (15 CD)
In June 1989 Idil Biret received an offer from the then newly established Naxos label to record Chopin’s complete works for piano solo and for piano and orchestra. Without hesitation she accepted to undertake this monumental task. This was a project that would be the dream and dread of many a pianist and the past decades were full of projects to record Chopin’s complete works which remained unfinished for various reasons. Idil Biret was not known as a Chopin performer. Indeed until she started recording for Naxos she had played few of his works in public. During much of her career she had stayed distant from Chopin. Later, Biret studied with Alfred Cortot, considered by many as the greatest Chopin interpreter of the twentieth century, for two years when he was in his eighties. With him Biret worked on almost the entire Chopin repertory. Cortot’s teachings were in the great tradition of Chopin performance of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Biret remembers vividly “the glorious, magical sounds that came from the piano when Cortot put his hands on it; almost like that of a cello” as she recalled in an interview on BBC Radio. This release is a reissue of Naxos’s original Fryderyk Chopin complete piano music recorded by Idil Biret.

739 kr
Image The Ambassadors (16 CD)
In the second novel of James’s celebrated late period, American Lambert Strether is sent to Paris on behalf of Mrs Newsome, his fiance, to collect her son, Chad. When Strether finds Chad he discovers an altered man and becomes introduced to a free and unconventional style of life that soon intoxicates him. His views begin to change; the morality of Woollett, his hometown, becomes foreign, and the ‘ambassador’ loses sight of his mission… Part tragedy, part comedy, The Ambassadors is a rewarding portrait about one man’s late awakening. • John Chancer is an award-winning narrator of many audiobooks. His soft American accent lends an authenticity to James’s inter-continental tale. • Following its successful run of unabridged Dickens titles, Naxos AudioBooks turns its attention to Henry James, with further titles planned for 2018. • Unabridged recordings of The Portrait of a Lady, The Aspern Papers, The Turn of the Screw and Washington Square are also available.

569 kr
Image Women in Love (18 CD)
Considered the most widely read novel of the 20th century, D.H. Lawrence’s fiery fifth book continues the loves and lives of The Rainbow’s Brangwen sisters, Gudrun and Ursula. Gerald Crich, son of a wealthy colliery owner, captures the heart of Gudrun, while Ursula becomes enamored with Rupert Birkin, a school inspector - their complex relationship likely modelled on that between Lawrence, his wife Frieda, and John Middleton Murry and Katherine Mansfield. Things are far from harmonious, and the discord and conflict leads to many heated and elaborate philosophical discussions about modern society and the nature of love, while tragedy looms large. Lawrence held this to be his best book, and F.R. Leavis regarded it to be his most profound and rewarding. • Lawrence is valued by many as a significant representative of modernism in English literature, and a visionary thinker. • Reader Paul Slack was born in Nottinghamshire, Lawrence’s county, and has read Sons and Lovers for Naxos AudioBooks.

685 kr
Image More About Worzel Gummidge (3 CD)
John and Susan are back at Scatterbrook for the Easter holidays. Worzel, temporarily resident in the orchard, is up to his old tricks once again. Together the scarecrow and children embark on a series of adventures which include Worzel getting stuck in a chimney and becoming a star attraction at the visiting circus. First published in 1938, More About Worzel Gummidge is the third of the Worzel novels by Barbara Euphan Todd. • The Worzel Gummidge stories were broadcast on the popular Children's Hour on British radio and two of them were featured in TV’s Jackanory. 1979 saw the birth of a successful television series based on Worzel Gummidge and other characters from the books, with Jon Pertwee playing the eponymous scarecrow, which still has a dedicated following to this day. • The book is read by the multi-talented Jessica Martin, who infuses the stories with verve and excitement.

159 kr
Image More Great Inventors and Their Inventions
One thing that hasn’t changed much at all in the last 10,000 years is the human brain. The relentless curiosity of the human mind, combined with our ability to solve problems, has resulted in huge innovation and change. Here then, are some of the most revolutionary ideas of the last 300 years. From James Watt and the invention of the steam engine, and the motorcars of Daimler and Benz, to the invention of cinema and television, More Great Inventors and Their Inventions explores the creation of seven great innovations, and the minds behind them. • A marvelous snapshot of seven of the world’s greatest inventions. • Written and narrated so as to spark the interest of a junior audience in the fascinating topic of science. • Part of the popular non-fiction Naxos AudioBooks series aimed at informing and entertaining younger listeners ? and their parents! • A follow-up to the well-received Naxos AudioBooks title, Great Inventors and Their Inventions. • Presented for the junior audience as always with attractive classical music.

109 kr
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