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--- VECKA4 ---
James Ehnes räknas som en av världens bästa violinister just nu, känd för sin biljanta teknik och musikaliska intelligens både som solist och kammarmusiker. I Mozarts violinkonserter är han både solist och dirigent framför sin orkester med handplockade musiker. Och i dag är det release för hans Beethovensonater, nr 6 och 9, som han har spelat in med sin mångårige vapendragare och pianist, Andrew Armstrong.
Båda till specialpris, februari ut!

Beethoven - Violin Sonatas Nos. 6 & 9 - James Ehnes and Andrew Armstrong
“Violinist James Ehnes and pianist Andrew Armstrong play together with an easy spark and suppleness that only old friends really can.” (4/5 stjärnor i The Guardian)

Mozart - Complete Violin Concertos - James Ehnes
“Vital, elegant, beautiful playing of all five concertos...rapt eloquence” (Gramophone)

--- VECKA3 ---
De stora pianomästarna framför andra, Beethoven, Liszt och Chopin, lockar och utmanar ständigt nya generationer av pianister. Den unge tyske pianisten Joseph Moog (Gramophone Young Artist of the Year 2015) gör succé världen över med Chopins Pianosonater 1-3. Och den mer etablerade, brittiske Melvyn Tan, mest känd för sina Beethoventolkningar på tidstypiska instrument, tolkar Beethoven, Czerny och Liszt på en modern Steinway på sitt senaste album. Båda till specialpris hela februari – precis som hela Onyx katalog!

--- VECKA2 ---
Musik handlar mycket om möten och att blanda olika klanger. Några som lyckats väl med detta är The Ehnes Quartet och Kuss Quartet som hyllas för särskilt spännande programval på sina nya album. De förstnämnda för att låta Schubert möta Sibelius. Och de sistnämnda för sin skiva med Brahms/Schönberg. Oväntade möten med mersmak – till specialpris hela februari.

Franz Schubert - String Quartet No 14; String Quartet Voces Intimae - Ehnes Quartet
  ”I never would have thought of putting these two works together, but in this group’s hands it has resulted in something wonderful.” (The Gramophone)

Johannes Brahms - String Quartet No 3; String Quartet No 2 - Kuss Quartet
“The Kuss Quartet’s unique coupling marks them out as an ensemble to pay attention to.”

--- VECKA1 ---
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestras chefsdirigent Vasily Petrenko går verkligen från klarhet till klarhet på sitt nya skivmärke Onyx. Senaste året har han spelat in Tchaikovskys samtliga symfonier tillsammans med orkestern på två dubbel-cd. Skivorna har fått lysande recensioner och hyllats för sin själfulla och sprakande musikalitet. Vi är glada och stolta att kunna presentera dem till specialpris, tillsammans med hela Onyx katalog, under hela februari.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky - Symphonies Nos. 3, 4 & 6
”Tolkningar med djup och passion, snarare än bara ytlig ångest.”
4/5 (The Guardian)

Pyotr Tchaikovsky - Symphonies Nos. 1, 2 & 5
“Om kommande inspelningar matchar dessa brusande, fantastiska tolkningar, blir Petrenkos Tchaikovsky-serie att räkna med.” (Gramophone)

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Image Violin Sonatas Nos. 6 & 9
The duo of old friends James Ehnes and Andrew Armstrong has established itself as one of the most exciting of our times. Their albums of violin sonatas by Franck & Strauss, and Debussy, Elgar & Respighi have been praised by critics worldwide. For their new album, they turn to Beethoven, and two A major sonatas with very different moods. The 9th ‘Kreutzer’ is a huge work, heroic and turbulent in character – a kind of concerto for violin and piano. It is middle period Beethoven at its most dramatic. In contrast, the 6th sonata is a serene, introspective work of great beauty which has tended to be overlooked by its more outward looking siblings. The intimacy of this sonata – especially the slow movement is all the more surprising when the original finale was removed by the composer and became the finale of the ‘Kreutzer’. Beethoven wrote the gentle variations to conclude the 6th sonata.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Complete Violin Concertos
James Ehnes is recognised the world over as one of the great violinists of our time – famed for his brilliant technique and musical intelligence as both soloist and chamber musician. These recordings of the complete Mozart Violin Concertos made over ten years ago for CBC and long out of the catalogue sound as fresh as the day they were made. James directs a hand-picked orchestra of colleagues who are as meticulous and fine musicians as he is. The cadenzas in all the concertos are by Ehnes who studied the composer’s own cadenzas of the contemporaneous piano concertos–especially Nos 8 & 9 K246 and 271.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Master & Pupil
Melvyn Tan has a strong association with the music of Beethoven having made pioneering recordings for EMI of the 5 Piano Concertos and the Choral Fantasia with Sir Roger Norrington and the London Classical Players. He also made several discs of the sonatas, and one very special recording on the then newly restored Broadwood piano that was Beethoven’s own instrument. On this disc Melvyn plays on a modern Steinway. The theme of the CD is Master & Pupil.

Focusing on three of the great pianist composers of the 19th century who represent the beginning of a long line of masters and pupils that can be traced to the present day via Martin Krauss and Edwin Fischer to Alfred Brendel and Paul Lewis.

The young Carl Czerny (along with Ferdinand Reis) became a long term pupil and friend of Beethoven at the early age of 10, performing some of the concertos, and working with Beethoven on preparing works for their premiers – not an easy task. A brilliant virtuoso and a highly skilled (if over productive) composer, his legacy lives on to this day in his studies – every pianist will have come across these. His reputation was held in high regard by Liszt, Brahms and Debussy, and it was the young Liszt that Czerny took under his wing in 1819. Liszt later dedicated his 'Transcendental Studies' to Czerny. In 1823 Beethoven saw the 12 year-old Liszt perform and after kissed the child on the forehead. Liszt’s monumental B minor Sonata is the true heir to Beethoven’s visionary late sonatas.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Complete Sonatas
Winner of the Gramophone Magazine’s Young Artist of the Year award in 2015, the year he was nominated for a Grammy for the Moszkowski & Grieg concertos album, Joseph Moog is recognised as one of the truly outstanding young virtuoso pianists of our time. The same magazine, reviewing Moog’s Rachmaninov 3rd concerto called it "one of the most formidable" performances in the catalogue – praise indeed!

For his new release Joseph has turned to Chopin – the complete piano sonatas. The first sonata is a rarely heard work. It shows the young composer as yet untouched by the influences of Beethoven, Hummel, Field, Kalkbrenner and the other great composer pianists of the period. It owes more to Mozart and the late classical period. By the time of the 2nd sonata, Chopin had fully absorbed the early romanticism of Hummel and Field, and developed a strong distinctive voice. The slow movement, a funeral march is one of the most famous pieces of music ever composed. The 3rd sonata is a masterpiece, one of the greatest works for piano of the 19th century, and represents the total mastery Chopin had achieved by the end of his tragically short life.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image String Quartet No 14; String Quartet Voces Intimae
Death preyed heavily on the minds of both Schubert and Sibelius when they were composing the two string quartets on this new CD from the Ehnes Quartet. Sibelius had undergone several operations to remove a tumour in his throat. The bleak and highly personal 4th Symphony is the masterwork from this period, but the string quartet ‘Intimate Voices’ of 1908 should not be underestimated. Taut and highly concentrated, it has an almost Haydnesque construction, and the quartet’s first movement’s sheer perfection of form approaches that of the 3rd Symphony’s opening movement. "I am the most unhappy and wretched creature in the world…whose health will never be right again" wrote Schubert to a friend in 1824. With his emotions veering from happy memories of earlier years to shuddering terror at the prospect of death, he composed two string quartets and the Octet over a two- month period. The D minor quartet makes ingenious use of his earlier song ‘Death and the Maiden’ from 1817 in the slow movement’s variations. ‘Give me your hand, you fair and gentle creature; I am a friend and do not come to punish’ sings Death soothingly. The music captures Schubert’s fearful state of mind in a remarkable ‘freeze frame’ effect.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image String Quartet No 3; String Quartet No 2
The Kuss Quartet’s fourth ONYX album is a programme of Brahms and Schoenberg, and they are joined by the German soprano Mojca Erdmann in three Brahms Lieder, and the 2nd of Schoenberg’s four string quartets.

After composing his First Chamber Symphony Op.9 in 1907, Schoenberg wrote "Now I have established my style I know now how I have to compose" However his next work showed a great deviation in style, and tonality is tenuous is the extreme – Schoenberg bids tonality farewell in this extraordinary composition. Setting Stefan George’s poems ‘Litanei’ and ‘Entrücking’, the 2nd Quartet caused a scandal. At the first performance "all hell broke loose" wrote the composer "'Stop it! Stop it! We have had enough!' shouted a well known critic. It was then that people forgot their drawing room manners. Part of the audience joined in the riot …not much of the music penetrated the noise" Brahms’s intense concentrated musical thinking heavily influenced Schoenberg. Like the younger composer however, Brahms was very much "a natural continuer of properly understood good old tradition" (Schoenberg’s words describing his own music) and his 3rd Quartet harks back to the classicism of Mozart, especially the ‘Hunt’ Quartet, also in B flat major.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image NYHET: Symphonies Nos. 3, 4 & 6
Petrenko’s Tchaikovsky promises to be one of the most important orchestral releases of 2017. Universal praise from reviewers for the first volume of Symphonies 1, 2 and 5 bodes well for this eagerly-awaited release: Gramophone gave Volume One an Editor’s choice and it reigned as a top 10 UK Classical chart title for 7 weeks in 2016.

183 kr (229 kr)
Image Symphonies Nos. 1, 2 & 5
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Vasily Petrenko

The eagerly awaited Tchaikovsky Symphony cycle from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Vasily Petrenko gets underway with Symphonies 1, 2 & 5. In 2015 The

Tchaikovsky Album with Petrenko and the RLPO became one of the best-selling classical CDs in the UK and met with praise from reviewers and was released to coincide with the orchestra’s 175 anniversary. Volume I of the Symphonies looks set to replicate that success and critical acclaim.

183 kr (229 kr)
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