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Förläng sommaren med musik från världens alla hörn från ARC. Kubansk salsa, portugisisk fado, keltisk mystik, finsk och argentinsk tango, turkisk magdans och het spansk flamenco, bland mycket annat.

Just nu till förmånligt specialpris!
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Image Tango de Norte a Sur
Fresh, airy, intoxicating Finnish tangos presented with elegance and passion by Las Chicas del Tango. Gorgeously arranged and beautifully played music with the sweet voice of vocalist Kukka-Maria Ahonen, the interesting and innovative accordion of Johanna Juhola and Milla Viljamaa's piano; featuring Horacio Ferrer on three tracks.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image World Travel/Celtic
34 kr (49 kr)
Image Nadur
In 2011, Clannad were invited to perform a series of concerts at Dublin's Christ Church Cathedral. With the intimate and historic nature of these shows, Pól was invited along to be part of the event. The concerts were a huge success and they were filmed and recorded for a DVD and CD which were released following airings on PBS in America. This event provided the catalyst for the five of them to start seriously considering a new album but before going into the recording studio they decided to embark on an extensive tour across North America and Europe. This time together on the road helped shape the ideas they had for Nádúr.

"The fact that we'd toured quite extensively in the months leading up to recording really had an effect on the album," says Moya Brennan. "Playing live across various countries gave us a really good indication of not just what we wanted from a new album but also what the audience out there wanted to hear. We feel this record touches on every aspect of our forty year career. Every track is different yet every track is pure Clannad"

Indeed, Nádúr is a very natural progression to the Clannad sound, which since the 70s has been to fuse the traditional with the modern, the past and the future, with stunningly beautiful results.

It is perhaps best summarized by the Irish author Colum McCann, who concludes his liner notes for the album by saying, "Clannad - the family - have taken the local and made it universal once again. Is é seo nádúr dhúchasach ...this is their inherent nature."

"It will always be so."

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Africa Moo Baalu
Gorgeous, goosebumps-creating music with intimate vocals and virtuoso kora playing backed by guitar, double bass and percussion. Truly soulful music that will bring you to a peaceful place of your heart. Info about the artists and each of the songs in English and German.

"The music reaches heart to heart with gentle persuasion... The more you listen, the more you enjoy."
Yusuf Mahmoud, Director, Sauti za Busara Festival, Zanzibar

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Best of Buena Vista
Featuring Original Members of the Buena Vista Social Club

A selection of the best of Buena Vista including tracks such as "Chan Chan" and "A Buena Vista" performed by old and new, featuring Pio Leyva, Puntillita, Raúl Planas, original members of the Buena Vista Social Club.

83 kr (119 kr)
Image New Queens of Fado
Mariza, Ana Moura, Carminho, Mísia

A lovely selection of songs from the top female fadistas representing Fado today. From the global ambassador of Fado, Mariza, to the newly discovered, highly acclaimed Carminho, the powerful, seductively romantic voice of Cristina Branco, to the prestigious talent of Mísia - these fadistas live and breathe a tradition now inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

34 kr (49 kr)
Image World Travel: Brazil
41 kr (59 kr)
104 kr (149 kr)
Image Best of Buena Vista Vol 2
A selection of the best of Buena Vista including tracks such as "Sonero de verdad" and "Cuando ya no me quieras" performed by old and new, featuring Pío Leyva, Puntillita, Raúl Planas, original members of the Buena Vista Social Club. Info in English and German.

83 kr (119 kr)
Image Yön tummat siivet
The new album by Tango-orkesteri Unto extends the tradition laid down by its predecessors, a sophisticated, mature reimagining of the Argentinean and Finnish tango traditions.

The members of Tango-orkesteri Unto are all prominent figures in the Finnish world music scene, having played with groups such as Värttinä, JPP, Troka, How Many Sisters, Johanna Juhola Reaktori, Las Chicas del Tango and the UMO Jazz Orchestra as well as Raoul Björkenheim, Maria Kalaniemi & Aldargaz among others.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Kylmä rakkaus (Cold Love) - Finnish tango, vol. 2
Passionate and stylish Finnish tangos, presented by the renowned Tango Orkesteri Unto.

- Accordion, piano, violin, guitar, double bass and vocals.

-• Info about the group and the songs in English, German, French, Spanish and (partly) Finnish.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Folk Music from Norway
"This album is a collection of my favorite songs from my home country of Norway. On this album, Ken Embrey and Jan eLandstra are playing Hardanger Fiddles. They are both deeply involved in teaching the fiddle, playing for dances and organizing Scandinavian folk music activities along the west coast of America. On double bass I have Piper Heisig who is known for her versatile style. Paul Espinoza on accordion and Margie Butler on harp are my friends from "Golden Bough". They have been performing together for the last thirty-five years. Josef Bornback on keyboards is an experienced recording artist and Jackeline Rago on percussion got her degree in music at the University of San Francisco." - Leif Sorbye

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Suomalainen tango - Finnish Tango, feat. Maria Kal
Finnish Tango at its finest, presented by Tango-Orchestra “Unto” featuring Maria Kalaniemi, accordion plus piano, violin, guitar, bass and vocals. Finnish Tango has it own, very distinctive and very captivating style. This album presents the most important Finnish Tango composers and lyricists as well as Piazzolla and other composers. Extensive information about music and musicians.


83 kr (119 kr)
Image World Travel/Cuba
41 kr (59 kr)
Image Very Best of Tango Argentino (The)
An elegant selection of Tango masterpieces, from Piazzolla to the fiery fiddles of Gypsy tango, from Argentinean Milongas and Waltzes to modern Finnish Tango - some of the world's finest!

83 kr (119 kr)
A collection of songs rooted in African tradi-tion, with traditional as well as contemporaryinstrumentations. Nii Tagoe worked withchart toppers such as the Afro-Celt cross-over band Baka Beyond, African Headcharge,Martin Cradick and Osibisa, as well as thepan-African dance ensemble Adzido. Bookletinfo in English, German, French and Spanish.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image RUSSIA: Traditional Music from East Siberia
Traditional folk music from Yakutia, Eastern Siberia, Russia. The music is played on authentic instruments and includes a shamanic ritual.

National Dance Theatre of the Republic of Sakha - Traditional Music from East Siberia

1. Bitii (National Yakutian Dance)
2. Salutatory Dance (Greetings)
3. Djierangkay (Yakutian traditional Dance)
4. Yoké, Yoké (Far off, Far off)
5. Aat Syuryute (Horse Race)
6. Evens' Dance (Moon Night)
7. Chabyrgah (Patterns)
8. Alghys
9. Uhuktuu (Awakening)
10. Josegheoy Oghoto (Sun God Josegheoy's Child)
11. Rebirth of a Shaman

83 kr (119 kr)
Image Japanese Koto (The)
Ayako Hotta-Lister presents exquisite and enchanting Japanese koto music by Yatsuhashi Kengyo (1614-1685), Michio Miyagi (1884-1956), Rentaro Taki (1879-1903) and Mitsuzaki Kengyo (Edo Era 17th 19th c.).

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Kora Grooves from West Africa
N'faly Kouyaté, core member of theAfro-Celt Sound System presents hisown group, Dunyakan. Blending tradi-tional African instruments, N'Faly's rip-pling Kora and hypnotic African vocals,with contemporary music and instru-ments into a truly mesmerising mix. Thefull colour booklet provides informationabout the artists, music and instrumentsin English, German, French and Spanish.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Absolute Salsa
Sizzling hot, energetic Venezuelan Salsa, played with gusto and panache! The album includes salsa hits like La Sopa, Coco Seco, Swing a la moderna... 66 minutes of pure dancing fun!

41 kr (59 kr)
104 kr (149 kr)
139 kr (199 kr)
Image LATIN AMERICA: Merengue & Cumbia
The name Merecumbé refers to the group's broad musical programme: Merengue from the Dominican Republic and Cumbia from Colombia. Merengue combines elements of reggae, calypso, zoka, funk, salsa and Latin jazz. Cumbia has been all the craze lately, with its beautiful melodies. This vibrant mixture irresistibly invites to dance.

34 kr (49 kr)
Image World Travel: South America/Paraguay
Explore South America & Paraguay with Oscar Benito's Paraguayan harp. Romantic Guaranias, love songs and lively polkas.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image WALES: Folk Songs of Wales
• Award-winning Welsh male choirs singing famous folk songs of Wales

• A cappella and with accompaniment

• original lyrics included

111 kr (159 kr)
Image World Dance: Latin Dance
41 kr (59 kr)
Image Turkish Bellydance - Nasrah
Top quality, spirited, lively bellydance music from Turkey, produced by Hüseyin Türkmenler. Played with traditional instruments: qanun (zither), darbouka, davul, bass darbouka (drums), oud (lute), violins, cello, clarinet, def (tambourine) zils (finger cymbals) plus keyboards. All instrumental, with fairly short pieces, they are also excellently suited for beginning dancers. Info about music and Turkish dance in four languages.

83 kr (119 kr)
Image BRAZIL: Samba do Brasil
Samba provides the heart-pulse of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The Carnival was introduced to Brazil by Portuguese colonists but gradually became the realm of the Afro-Brazilian population. Today, Samba schools, the escolas, spend months of work in preparations for this one occasion. Every year new samba songs are written especially for the carnival, thus keeping the genre alive and fresh.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image Songs from the Source of the Nile
A collection of the best songs of former AfrigoBand lead singer Rachel Magoola. Info aboutthe artist and the music in English, German,French and Spanish. Over 60 minutes playingtime."Uganda's number one diva..." - BBC"... seamless hybrid of African cross rhythms,R&B and funky modern beats..."- The Weekly Observer, Kampala

104 kr (149 kr)
Image IRELAND: Songs from Ireland, Best of Irish Songwri
This is a very special collection of songs from Ireland. Dolores Keane, Mick Hanley, the group Barrowside, Peter O’Malley, Arty McGlynn and Nollaig Casey, John Duhan and Kieran Halpin are amongst the finest contemporary Irish singer/songwriters. In their songs they reflect a range of feelings and impressions capturing the magical culture of this beautiful country.

34 kr (49 kr)
Image GREECE: The Athenians
The most beautiful pieces of the Athenians: Margarita - Margaro (Theodorakis), Ftochojitonies (Polichronis), O Xenos (Smirnios / Polichronis), Top Kapi (Hatsidakis), Paola 11099 (Theodorakis), Elikoptero (Smirnios), Ta orea tou Tsitsani (Tsitsanis), Epatha tin plaka mou (Smirnios), Solo Nicopoulos ( Nicopoulos), Tha gini aspi mera ke ja mas (Xarchakos), Sta chronia tou othona (Xarchakos), Pueblo en lucha (Theodorakis).

34 kr (49 kr)
Image World Travel/Hawaii
Songs and instrumentals, traditional and modern music from the beautiful South Seas holiday paradise.

34 kr (49 kr)
Image World Travel/Ireland
41 kr (59 kr)
Image Oy Tummel
"This klezmer septet does a great job... Their fun mix of jazz and Middle Eastern influences recalls the Klezmatics, and their innovative use of guitar and bouzouki brings out the Turkish flavour inherent in some of the melodies." - SR, Sing Out!Traditional Klezmer music presented in a very un-traditional, entertaining way. Info about the band and each of the pieces in English and German.

83 kr (119 kr)
Image SPAIN: Best of Flamenco
Fiery and hot and fast - these are the marks of flamenco. This is a fabulous compilation of our hottest flamenco pieces by our best artists: Rafa El Tachuela, Los Alhama, Spanish Gipsy, Danza Fuego, Curandero, Narvalo and more. The CD features a wide range of Flamenco styles: from the totally ‘raw’ authentic flamenco to the more contemporary Flamenco Nuevo and even to the exhilarating fusion of flamenco and Indian tabla. A stunning album at a fabulous price.

41 kr (59 kr)
111 kr (159 kr)
Image SALSA: Salsa Power
Hot, funky, jazzy salsa! A tight brass section, superb arrangements! A great and varied album all-round – great to listen to, excellent to dance to!

Victor Hugo was nominated for ‘Best Latin Artist’ in the UK in 2005. His backing band ‘Son de Cali’ won a Latin Grammy in 2005.

“… a pleasure for all salsa aficionados and an irresistible invitation to dance...”
(Elfi, Jazz Live)

Victor Hugo - Salsa Power

1. La Cruz de Palo (The wooden cross) (Victor Hugo / Armin Keil)
2. Te Llamo (I call your name) (Victor Hugo / Armin Keil)
3. Ríndete (Give yourself) (Victor Hugo / Armin Keil)
4. La propuesta (The proposal) (Victor Hugo / Armin Keil)
5. Siempre lo mismo ( Always a bit of the same) (Victor Hugo / Armin Keil)
6. La despedida ( The last goodbye) (Victor Hugo / Armin Keil)
7. La lluvia (The rainfall) (Victor Hugo / Armin Keil)
8. Hay que cantar (One must sing) (L. Aponte / Armin Keil)
9. Latinoamerica - Canto y lloro (Latin America - sing and cry) (Victor Hugo / Armin Keil)
10. Tarde no es- (It’s never too late) (Victor Hugo / Armin Keil)
11. Si o no (yes or no) (Victor Hugo / Armin Keil)

111 kr (159 kr)
Image World Dance/Salsa Merengue
41 kr (59 kr)
Image World Dance: Lambada
41 kr (59 kr)
Image CUBA: Cuba, Cuba! The most Popular Songs
Sergio Alvarez and band present traditional Cuban songs, accompanied on guitars, trumpets, percussion, tiple (12-string guitar), requinto (small guitar tuned to A) and bass. Original Spanish lyrics in the booklet.

34 kr (49 kr)
83 kr (119 kr)
Image World Travel/Portugal
Explore Portugal: Passionate Fado and beautiful folk songs from different parts of the country, with traditional as well as modern accompaniments.

34 kr (49 kr)
Image World Dance: Cumbia
41 kr (59 kr)
Image RUSSIA: Balalaikas & Songs
An album glowing with the warmth of Russian song and music. The merry sound of the balalaikas and the deep, sonorous voices of the singers create a special atmosphere influenced by the vast Russian landscapes, the melancholy of the taiga, tundra and steppes. They also convey the exuberant spirit of celebration, vodka and that famous Cossack dance, the "Kazachok"!

41 kr (59 kr)
Image CARIBBEAN MUSIC: 20 Best of Caribbean
Musical dreams and lively dance rhythms from the Caribbean. Guitars, congas, afuches maracas and other drums from Venezuela. Guantanamera, El embrollón, El perro y la luna, El cumbanchero, Cucurucucú paloma, El manicero, Rosa Rosita, Moliendo Café, El trovador y la luna, Caracoleando, Concierto para ritmo, Norma de Guadalajara, El palomo y la paloma, La bamba and more.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image BRAZIL: Carnival in Rio, Explosão do Samba
The heart-beat of the Rio Carnival - exciting, stimulating, almost frantic Samba to make your blood boil! The ideal party CD.

Carnival in Rio, Explosão do Samba

1. Brasiliana

2. Argumento

3. A Dança do Cafuné

4. Recomeçar / Pode Guardar as Panelas

5. Saudosa Maloca / Trem das Onze

6. Martin Cerere / Rio Grande do Sul na Festa do Preto Forro / Rio Carnaval dos Carnavais / Mangueira, Minha Querida Madrinha / Olha o Samba No Pé, Carmen Miranda Chegou

7. Tristeza / Ôba / Bigorrilho / Água na Boca / Festa Para Um Rei Negro / O Campeão

8. Amarre o Inimigo No Cipó

9. Hino Rubro Negro / Hino do Flamengo / Joga a Chave Meu Amor / Colombina Yê, Yê, Yê / País Tropical / Tem Nêgo Bebo Aí / Turma do Funil

10. Cidade Maravilhosa / Ta-Hi / Saca-Rolha / Me Dá Um Dinheiro Ai / Indio Quer Apito

11. Na Voz Uma Canção

41 kr (59 kr)
104 kr (149 kr)
Image World Travel/Middle East, Bellydance
Explore the Middle East with Bellydance:
Bellydance fun with music from Egypt,
Lebanon and Turkey.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image World Dance/Salsa II
A sizzling hot album that will make you want to dance.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image World Travel: Israel
Explore Israel: A colourful collection of
well known and not so well known Israeli, Yiddish and Hassidic melodies. A very enjoyable listening experience!

41 kr (59 kr)
Image Music Of Uzbekistan (The)
Uzbekistan was the half-way point of the fabled "Silk Road" from the Mediterranean to Xian in China. The music, which was recorded in 1970 in Tashkent by ethnomusicologist Deben Bhattacharya, recalls the ancient oriental beauty and mystery. Traditional instruments: chang (dulcimer), rubab (lute), dutar (lute), ney (flute), doira (frame drum) and more.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image ARGENTINA: Tango Festival
A stellar tango album - recorded live at the International Festival of Tango, Granada, Spain, featuring the greatest composers in Tango such as Piazzolla, Stamponi, Discépolo, Federico … some of them actually performing live on stage! El último café performed by the Orchestra Leopoldo Federico or Retrato de Julio Ahumana with Federico as a bandoneón soloist! A real classic!
Tango Festival

1. Retrato de Julio Ahumana (O. Requeña / L. Federico)

2. La beba (O. Pugliese)

3. El último café (H. Stamponi / C. Castillo)

4. Variaciones sobre "Mi refugio" (J. C. Cobián)

5. Preludio nochero, Tango Session (L. Federico / O. Requeña)

6. Amurado, Tango Session (P. Mafia / P. Laurenz)

7. Balada para un loco (A. Piazzolla / H. Ferrer)

8. Cambalache (E. S. Discépolo)

9. La canción de Buenos Aires (Cúfaro / Maizani / Romero)

10. Contame una historia (E. Blázquez)

11. Silencio (Roberto Farias)

12. Ciudad Triste (O. Tarantino)

41 kr (59 kr)
Image LATIN AMERICA: The Very Best of Andean Flutes
A glorious album of panflute pieces from the Andes, accompanied on guitar and bombo (drum). Each of the pieces accentuates a special flute or panpipe (e.g. zampoña in "Eco de la Zampoña" or sikuri in "Sikuriadita"). Joël Perri paints haunting pictures of the vast and empty Altiplano (charango) or a summer night in Bolivia (Noche de verano)…

41 kr (59 kr)
Image World Travel/Greece
Explore Greece: Music from the Greek
mainland as well as from the hundreds of Greek islands.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image World Dance/Tango
41 kr (59 kr)
Image Sabla Tolo III - Advance Journeys into Pure Egypti
"Rhythmic illusions unveiled" - Brand new rhythmic compositions of Egyptian tabla solos with full percussion arrangements for Oriental dance, spanning a wide array of Egyptian and Middle Eastern rhythms.

Explanations to each of the pieces in four languages, with rhythms, numbers of bars, notation etc. perfect for creating beautiful dance choreographies.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image World Travel/Russia
Explore Russia: Enjoy haunting balalaika melodies and the beautiful, rich voices of the singers with songs from the vast steppes, the mighty river Volga, wild Cossack dances and more.

34 kr (49 kr)
Image Latin Steel - Lambada, Guantanamera, Cumbanchero
London All Stars have an international reputation as the undefeated British National Steelband Champions and one of Europe's leading steelbands. On this recording they present favourite Latin songs including Lambada, Say sí sí, Silencio, Cielito Lindo, Nobody's Business, El Cumbanchero, Francilia Teresa, Quando Quando, Guantanamera, Malditos Selos... Nearly one hour of Caribbean sun and feel-good music.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image Live Music from Havana
A live recording of Cuban Sones, Boleros and Cha-Cha-Chas at a concert at the Café Teatro in Havana, Cuba. An excellent concert in an enthusiastic live atmosphere! The songs: La musa borracha (cha-cha-cha), El manicero (son), Un son sin complicación (son), Imagina (bolero son), El son de los arabos (son), Ver dos caras (ballad), Mañana de carnaval (bolero bossa), and more. Download complete lyrics at our website.

34 kr (49 kr)
Image Klezmer Juice
"Klezmer Juice presents a series of traditional tunes from the Jewish world; tunes that are sure to please both the avid Klezmer aficionado and new fan alike." - Jeff Janeczko, Los Angeles

83 kr (119 kr)
Image ARGENTINA: Tango Argentino - Libertango
This is an excellent selection of tangos played by Trio Pantango. The Trio are Guillermo Destaillats (bandoneón) and Fernando Rubin Saglia (guitar) Buenos Aires and Michael Elvermann (clarinet) Germany. They play tangos by Piazzolla, Cobián, Troilo, Canaro, Filiberto…, including Un placer, La cumparsita, Libertango, Che bandoneón ... Trio Pantango play with style and all the ‘grand gestures’ but with lightness and a twinkle in their eyes.


41 kr (59 kr)
Image World Dance/Cuba
41 kr (59 kr)
Image Egyptian Bellydance - Baladi Saxophone - Ahlamy
This soulful bellydance album introduces Rafat Misso, Egypt's most sought-after bellydance saxophonist, who together with Hossam Ramzy creates a rich and mystical journey through the enticing sounds of the Middle East. Information about each of the piece in English, German, French and Spanish.

83 kr (119 kr)
Image World Travel: Caribbean / Steeldrums
41 kr (59 kr)
Image SCOTLAND: Scottish Pipes & Drums
• Stirring pipes and drum music

• Performed by championship winning Clan Sutherland Pipe Band

83 kr (119 kr)
Image 20 Best Irish Songs
Noel McLoughlin the Limerick, Ireland-born singer, guitarist and string player spent his early years in Ireland playing traditional folk music with various groups in countless sessions, festivals, concerts, etc. In the 1970s he joined several Irish folk bands, among others Cromlach (later Celtic Tradition) with whom he recorded his first album in 1984. Afterwards, he concentrated on performing mainly as a soloist, playing guitar and singing Irish and Scottish folk songs, touring throughout Europe and the USA. Since 1989 he has recorded numerous albums of the most popular Irish and Scottish songs and ballads. After many international tours and broadcasts as a soloist, he now prefers to tour with a small group, with occasional solo performances. The incredible success of his recordings is due to Noel's impressive but soft voice. A best-selling ARC Music artist, this is the long awaited brand new recording of old and new Irish songs by one of the most acclaimed singers of Irish and Scottish folk.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image The Ultimate Guide to English Folk
Compiled by Jon Boden, this double album presents a gorgeous and very enjoyable collection of English folk songs; arrangements of traditional songs only,
that are at least a hundred years old and that are generally of unknown or collective authorship. 28 pages of extensive info about English folk music and each of the songs and musicians. Playing time: CD 1: 72:53 min.; CD 2: 71:33 min. (total: 2 hrs, 24:26 min.)

139 kr (199 kr)
Image The Most Beautiful Songs of Africa
The Kenyan music scene is a melting pot for Eastern African music and has produced hit records that have swept across East and Central Africa and beyond! This selection features some of the biggest selling records ever to come out of Kenya. The Bands featured here are Afro 70, Super Mazembe, Bomas of Kenya, Moreno and Orchestra, Miriam Makeba and others.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image IRELAND: Sean Talamh, Traditional Irish Music
Sean Talamh - pronounced “Shan Talof” means literally “the old ground” or “old sod” and carries a wider meaning of “Home” or “Ireland”. What more appropriate name for a group whose members originate from each of the four provinces of Ireland! Each member of the group (formed in 1992) brings with him years of diverse musical experience, having performed with some of the finest exponents of Irish traditional music.

34 kr (49 kr)
Image IRELAND: Traditional Music from Ireland
Kieran Fahy, winner of the 1976 All-Ireland Feadh Ceol fiddle competition (under 18) and the 1977 O’Carolan Festival in Keadue, County Boyle presents a collection of traditional airs, hornpipes, jigs and reels: O’Carolan’s Dream, Paddy Fahys / Earls Chair, Planxty Kelly, O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music, Master Crowley’s, An Raibh tu ar an Gcarraig / Denis Ryans and more.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image GYPSY MUSIC: Gypsy Flamenco Rumba
Macarena present a Flamenco as passionate and colourful as “La Vida”- life. Fiery, exciting rhythms in the contemporary style of the world famous Gypsy Kings. Featuring acoustic flamenco guitars, castanets, palmas (clapping) and zapateos (stepdance) as well as modern instruments and plenty of ‘attitude’ and swagger.

34 kr (49 kr)
Image LATIN AMERICA: The Best of Latin America
A beautiful collection of music from the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries on the American continents. Mexico: La Bamba; Caribbean: Duerme negrito; Cuba: Guantanamera; Argentina: Milonga pájaro; Ecuador: La lluvia; Brazil: Poxa; Chile: Canción para Chiloé; Paraguay: Sol de Paraguay and more.

34 kr (49 kr)
Image SALSA: Salsa
This is the latest release from the "King of Salsa" - Rolando Sanchez and his band. Their unique blend of salsa with Hawaiian culture sends you off on an island adventure without leaving the comfort of your home.

"Latin music in the islands could be associated with one person only, it would be Rolando Sanchez. A bundle of unrestrained energy, he leads his band Salsa Hawaii playing timbales, congas, percussions, and taking lead vocals. Even if you think you can't dance, I guarantee that this music will have you on your feet within ten minutes. For the past nine years this energetic band has been at the top of Latin dance music. If you've never experienced the rhythm of Salsa music or the energy of this incredible band, a whole new world awaits you …cha cha cha."
(Gusto Magazine - Hawaii)

Rolando was born in Masaya, Nicaragua, to a musically artistic family; his father, an accomplished songwriter, pianist, and singer. His mother also played piano and sang as with most of his immediate family. His musical influence began at a very young age playing drums with neighborhood kids emanating the music of the time (i.e.: Beatles, Trini Lopez, Paul Anka, etc.)

His band has been featured in many television shows, specials and music videos in Hawaii and Tahiti, as well as numerous write-ups in National, International, and Local magazines, newspapers, trade magazines and periodicals. For the last 20 years, they have accumulated an astounding collection of awards, certificates of recognition, and proclamations.

Sanchez is a musician that surpasses the boundaries of traditional sounds, using a mixture of both Latin Jazz and Latin Rock. Playing his timbales and congas in a mystifying and enchanting beat, his audience goes wild, dancing uncontrollably to his music. His music is alive and contagious, containing something pleasing to all musical tastes.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image World Dance/Salsa
41 kr (59 kr)
Image World Travel: Africa
41 kr (59 kr)
Image RUSSIA: Kalinka
Russian, White Russian and Ukrainian folk songs have common roots in the east Slavic musical tradition. There are three types of Russian folk songs: old rural traditional songs, narrative “slow” songs, and urban songs (18th/19th century). On the whole Russian folk music is influenced by the Russian landscapes, the melancholy of the endless taiga, tundra and steppes. The Ensemble presents the most popular Russian songs from “Kalinka” to “Evening Bells”, sung in their rich, full voices, accompanied on various balalaikas, a delight for all friends of Russian folk music.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image SCOTLAND: Scotland the Brave
The Stonehaven Pipe Band present marches, strathspey, reels, airs, jigs and hornpipes. Additionally to the Scottish repertoire they also include more remote Celtic regions such as Brittany, Asturias and Galicia (Spain) and Ireland. The Band has established itself as one of Scotland's premier pipe bands, cultivating its own distinctive musical style, covering the complete Celtic folk tradition.

Stonehaven Pipe Band

Stonehaven, situated just South of Aberdeen on the northeast coast of Scotland, has a long tradition of piping stretching back to the 19th century. The modern band began on its road to success by joining the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association and entering into the world of competition. Since that time it has progressed steadily up through the ranks until today, where it has firmly established itself as one of Scotland's premier pipe bands. The average age of the players is 22; they are one of the youngest bands ever to compete at this senior level. As the band has grown and developed, it has cultivated its own distinctive musical style. This album clearly demonstrates how their repertoire slips smoothly from traditional Scottish melodies through the strict disciplines of the traditional march, strathspey and reel, to the innovative dance music of Brittany and Galicia.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image World Percussion: Rhythm Journey
Miguel Castro presents an interesting and varied album of superb percussion from around the world played on authentic drums and percussion instruments of the different regions and countries.

83 kr (119 kr)
Image Rock the Tabla
An explosive musical journey representing and combining musical genius from all corners of the globe. Featuring world renowned artists A.R. Rahman, Billy Cobham, Manu Katché, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Jimmy Waldo, Joji Hirota, Chaz Kkoshi, Phil Thornton, John Themis and others, Hossam Ramzy presents Rock the Tabla, an album that is sure to get your feet tapping, heads nodding and body swaying to this diverse combination of electrifying rhythmic collaborations. Richly illustrated booklet with extensive info in four languages.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Traditional Song from Venezuela
Beautiful Venezuelan songs accompanied with guitars, requinto (small guitar), cuatro (Venezuelan small, 4-stringed 'guitar'), harp, kenas (Andean flutes), bass and percussion.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image The Most Popular Songs From Cuba
Great Cuban music capturing the magic of the golden era of Cuba in the 1950s. Acoustic guitars, bass and lots of percussion and multi-part vocals. Includes favourites such as Yolanda (Pablo Milanés), the famous Chan Chan (Compay Segundo, [Buena Vista Social Club]) and more. Complete original lyrics included.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image Best of Bellydance from Egypt, Lebanon, Arabia, Tu
This compilation has the most rich of Eastern sounds from some of the world leaders of this genre such as Egypt’s ambassador of rhythm Hossam Ramzy (Peter Gabriel, Page & Plant et. al.), the great Essam Rashad & Aboud Abdel Al and many more. The booklet features texts in English, German, French & Spanish.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image SALSA: Best of Salsa
Salsa originally means “sauce” (salsa picante). In 1975/76 “Salsa” became the accepted name for the rock-oriented Latin American music. In a stronger sense Salsa goes back to the traditional dance music of Cuba, played by Puertoricans in the Ghettos of New York. Salsa embraces elements of rumba and mambo, Afro-Cuban jazz, Bossa Nova and Afro-American Soul or Latin Rock. This music will not let you stand still - you’ll want to dance!

41 kr (59 kr)
Image IRELAND/SCOTLAND: Music from Ireland & Scotland
The Pied Pipers are playing Scottish and Irish music on traditional instruments. (Guitar, bodhran, bouzouki, spoons, fiddle, tin whistle, 5-string banjo, mandolin and Uillean pipes.) Plooman Laddies, Parcel of Rogues, I Am a Miller Tae me Trade, The Kid on the Mountain / Leithrim Fancy, I Will Go, Chief o’Neill’s / Nine points of Roguery / Faral O’Gara, Twa Corbies, 16th of April, Ye Jacobites, Molly Brannagan / Jennie’s Chickens / Drowsey Maggy, Home by Barna. Lyrics included.

34 kr (49 kr)
104 kr (149 kr)
Image World Dance/Latin Hits for Bellydance
34 kr (49 kr)
Image Bachata & Cachaca
A lively and varied album of Bachatas and Cachacas, two of the favourite dances in all of South and Central America today - now appearing in discos all over the world. Seasoned with hints of salsa and reggae... spicy and very danceable.

83 kr (119 kr)
Image World Travel: Hungary
Explore Hungary: With Gypsy music: Fast and slow Csárdás, exuberant Gypsy dances, beautiful romances, cheerful tunes with András Farkas and his orchestra.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image JAMAICA: Jamaica Farewell
Nearly an hour of steeldrum classics. Songs include Yellow Bird, Island in the Sun, Fire Down Below, Jamaica Farewell, Sound of Silence, Redemption Song and many more. Lean back and enjoy!

41 kr (59 kr)
Image Gaelic Scotland
Traditional Gaelic songs from the Isle of Skye and other areas of Scotland. Instruments: fiddles, bagpipes, clarsach (harp), concertina, guitar, dulcimer, whistle, flute, percussion and others. Original lyrics in Gaelic, with translations into English and German plus information about the songs and the musicians.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image GREECE: Syrtaki Dance From Greece
Syrtaki dance has been made famous by the well known international film-classic ‘Zorba the Greek’ and has since then soared around the world in a blaze of glory. Here is an excellent collection of lively Syrtakis in the same vein.

34 kr (49 kr)
Image CELTIC MUSIC: Best of Celtic Folk
The Best of Celtic Folk brings together world famous irish artists and groups including: Noel McLoughlin, Dolores Keane, Margie Butler, Tara and others.

'Celtic Music' is the collective name given to the native folk music of the Celtic nations. The Seven Celtic nations of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Galicia and the Isle of Man share a common tradition of folk music and songs. Each musical tradition includes lively dance-tunes, melancholic airs, and songs both serious and comical.

It is with this same spirit of crossing cultural and musical traditions in mind that this album is compiled. It's a 'gathering of the clans' with both native Irish, Scottish and Breton musicians and singers meeting performers from Europe and America, who have taken this wondrous enchanting and historic music to their hearts.

Best of Celtic Folk

1. NOEL MCLOUGHLIN: The Reason I Left Mullingar (P. Cooksey)

2. BLEIZI RUZ: Laridés (trad., Foucher)

3. MARGIE BUTLER: Siege of St. Malo / Flitter Dance (Cornwall / Isle of Man)

4. DOLORES KEANE: The Island (Paul Brady)

5. LE BAGAD DU MOULIN VERT: Dérobée de Guincamp (trad., Foucher)

6. DAN AR BRAZ / GERARD DELAHAYE: Quand la ville dort (G. Delahaye)

7. KIERAN FAHY: John O'Dwyer of the Glen / Chief O'Neill's Favourite (Air)

8. NOEL MCLOUGHLIN: Here's a Health to your Company (trad., arr. N. McLoughlin)

9. GWENDAL: Glaz Noz (R. le Gall / Y. le Berre)

10. HELEN FLAHERTY: Bonny Glen Shee (trad., arr. Flaherty)

11. FLORIE BROWN: The Girl that Broke my Heart / Cooley's Reel

12. PRIDE OF MURRAY PIPE BAND: Joe McGann's Fiddle (Hornpipe, D. R.) / Old Hag at the Spinning Wheel (Jig) / Braes 'o' mar (Strathspey, trad.) / Mollie Connell (Strathspey / J. Work) / Ice in the Bucket (Reel, trad.) / Silver Spear

13. GOLDEN BOUGH: Song of the Fisher Lassies (Ewan McColl) / Blast of Wind (trad.)

14. NOEL MCLOUGHLIN: She Moved Through the Fair (trad.)

15. JAKEZ: Dans Fanch (trad., arr. Jakez)

16. ARTY MCGLYNN / NOLLAIG CASEY: The Hunter's Purse (trad., arr. A. McGlynn)

17. GOLDEN BOUGH: Polca dos Campaneiros / An Dro / The Minstrel's Tune / The Sporting Boys (trad.)

18. TARA: The Cotton Mill Song (trad., arr. Tara)

41 kr (59 kr)
Here Golden Bough present an enchanting collection of Celtic Christmas music. Included are compositions by Tim O’Leary and the legendary harpist O’Carolan. Golden Bough’s perfect harmony singing is accompanied by traditional Celtic harps, tin whistles, bodhran, mandolin, and other instruments bringing a special warmth and sparkle to the festive season.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Spotlights on Kenyan Music
Contemporary songs from Kenya, rootedin East African musical tradition, sung inKiswahili, Kikamba, Luhya and other localdialects. The album gives a taste of the richvariety of musical traditions and styles whichhave influenced the songs performed. Originallyrics included, plus background info aboutthe artists. Also featuring Suzzana Owiyo andAchien'g Abura.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image SCOTLAND: Best of Scottish Fiddle
An exhilarating collection of the greatest names in Scottish fiddle playing, e.g. The Old Blind Dogs with Jonny Hardie, Archie McAllister, The Iron Horse with Gavin Marwick, Jerry Holland, The Hudson Swan Band, Coila with Alistair McCulloch and Andrew McGarva. An entertaining variety of styles - everything from foot-tapping jigs and reels to beautiful and haunting slow airs. Info in four languages included.

Best of Scottish Fiddle

1. Old Blind Dogs / Jonny Hardie: The Buzzard - 3:49

2. Ross Kennedy & Archie McAllister: The Auld Wheel Set - 3:42
a) The Auld Wheel
b) Lads of Laois
c) Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass
d) Twisted Fingers

3. Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick with Davy Cattanach: The Hills of Glenorchy - 3:47

4. JCB with Jerry Holland / Archie McAllister: Jigs - The Heather Ale Set - 3:32
a) The Heather Ale Jig
b) Colin Camerons
c) The Eavesdropper
d) Donald MacKillop

5. The Iron Horse / Gavin Marwick: The Sleeping Warrior - 3:15

6. Ross Kennedy & Archie McAllister:
a) The Gathering Storms
b) The Lowland of Scotland
c) Feadan Glan A'Phiobair - 3:51

7. Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick:
a) The Quiet Man
b) The Solstice
c) The Silver Spire - 4:21

8. The Iron Horse / Gavin Marwick:
a) The Emigrant
b) The West End Reel
c) The Clover Field- 6:55

9. Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick with Davy Cattanach:
a) The MacNeills of Ugadale
b) Jig Brest St. Marc
c) Lads of Tain
d) Mrs. MacInroy of Lude - 4:50

10. The Hudson Swan Band / Hudson Swan: The Fledgling - 5:41

11. Coila / Alistair McCulloch, Andrew McGarva & William Weir: Jigs
a) Lady in a Bottle
b) The Drops of Brandy
c) Ewan Mackenzie's Free Bass Accordion
d) The Curlew - 4:05

12. Old Blind Dogs / Jonny Hardie: Margaret Cromar - 4:06

13. Ross Kennedy & Archie McAllister:
a) The Doctors Reel
b) The Spinning Wheel
c) Sullivan's
d) Johnny Lad
e) The Jura Music Festival Reel - 3:45

14. Coila / Alistair McCulloch, Andrew McGarva & William Weir: Herr Roloff's Farewell - 3:19

15. Jonny Hardie & Gavin Marwick with Davy Cattanach:
a) Rob Roy MacGregor
b) Prince Charles
c) Charles Sutherland - 5:16

111 kr (159 kr)
Image World Travel: Mexico
Explore Mexico. Great variety of lively mariachi music and romantic songs, excellent multi-part singing, traditional harp pieces. Great atmosphere!

41 kr (59 kr)
Image Tango Argentino
ZUM play the music of the Argentinian master of modern tango, Astor Piazzolla - fiery, passionate and intriguingly beautiful. Contemporary grooves, advanced harmonies and atmospheric spaces combine to provide a new viewpoint on the master 's voice. 16-page booklet with extensive info in English, German, French and Spanish.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Most Beautiful Songs from Israel
A lovely and richly varied collection of songs from Israel: Liturgical songs, Hassidic melodies, Yiddish songs, prayer songs, wedding songs, Purim festival songs and many more. Information about each of the songs in English and German.

83 kr (119 kr)
Image A Bright Star has Risen - Voices of Bulgaria
Following their critically acclaimed "Introducing Perunika Trio" debut, the group presents "A Bright Star Has Risen" - traditional Bulgarian songs sung with outstanding a cappella vocal harmony drawing inspiration from the ancient Bulgarian vocal traditions and Church Slavonic chants. Artist biographies, extensive info about each of the songs, including the lyrics, in English and German.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Best of Latin America
A colorful collection of songs and instrumental pieces from the Spanish speaking countries of the Americas, starting from Mexico to Panama, Costa Rica to Cuba and the Dominican Republic, then Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, down to Chile and Argentina and back up to Brazil.

41 kr (59 kr)
Image Male Voices of Fado
From the 1950s till today - some of the greatest male Fado singers. A glorious mixture of fados in traditional as well as modern styles. Information about each of the singers in English and German in the booklet.

83 kr (119 kr)
Image Songs with Latin American Soul
Latin Billboard Music Award nominee Marta Gómez, a Colombian singer with a smile in her voice. A highly enjoyable album of original songs, presented in the rich and multifaceted rhythms of South America."In her voice sings the wind, sometimes a river laughs, and even the whispers of the earth can be heard." - Nicolás Buenaventura Vidal

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Best of Paraguyan Harp
Renowned Paraguayan harpist Oscar Benito sings popular songs of his country such asSol del Paraguay, Cariñito mio, Mi serenata, Canto de pajarito, Dulce amor, Felicidades and many more. Accompanied on guitar, accordion, percussion and occasional Andean flutes.

83 kr (119 kr)
Image Folk N Rock
Over 2 years filmed, presents this DVD both Saor Patrol's power full stage performances (and peeks behind the stage) around the world, as well as the full range of their cultural and educational activities around the fortified medieval village Duncarron they in the past decade and a half have built.

139 kr (199 kr)
Image 70's Pop
he story of the development of popular throughout Africa in the wake of independence for the former European colonial states is a fascinating one. Kenyan-born Slim Ali & The Hodi Boys played African-continental soul and pop from during the late 1970s, music in the spirit of soul and funk of Memphis, TN and the American South. This '70s Pop' CD, like the '70s Soul' album (EUCD2517) released in 2014, is a mixture of Slim Ali's three albums. This long awaited CD re-release of Afro Pop at its best includes 'You Can Do It' and the majority of his first, No. 1 album.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Chile – Best Songs
A beautiful and authentic portrait of the varied and diverse musical cultures of Chile presenting ancient music of the native population as well as the
Spanish-influenced music of the fiestas in the cities. Includes descriptions of the different musical styles. Total playing time: 68:28 min.

111 kr (159 kr)
Hugo Díaz conveys a living contemporary tango, yet incorporating the old roots. Supreme craftsmanship as well as a deeply-felt passion mark his style. This album presents pieces by Manzi, Bardi, Cobián, Troilo, Federico …. “… Hugo Díaz plays virtuosic scales, complex harmonies and dynamics rich in nuances, without letting pure technique dominate…” (Göttinger Tageblatt, Germany)

83 kr (119 kr)
Image Ravi's Afro-Indian Project
- An interesting and captivating blend of African and Indian sounds

- Ravi (West-African kora) explores new musical horizons and soundscapes

- Featuring world renowned santoor player Tarun Bhattacharya,
Ravi Shankar's tabla player Bikram Ghosh, legendary
double-bass player Danny Thompson and master of egyptian tabla Hossam Ramzy

83 kr (119 kr)
Image Izambuelo - Traditional & Contemporary Music from
Ramadu presents a varied album fromtraditional a cappella songs with excel-lent harmony singing and accompaniedsongs with traditional drums and per-cussion to modern African music. "Themixture of background music and voicescreate a wonderful sound of "isicathamiya"(Ladysmith's style of harmony singing)- Joseph Shabalala, head and lead singer ofLadysmith Black Mambazo.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Macedonian Bellydance
Macedonian belly dance music has a distinct "Balkan" flavour with its typical instrumentation blended with contemporary instruments - modern, exciting, quirky and very 'bellydanceable'! Information in English, German and French.

Track Listing:

1. FERUS MUSTAFOV: Paša cocek - 4:07

2. ISIN AGUŠEV - 'JAMBO': Džemalovo oro (Isin Agušev) - 3:23

3. FERUS MUSTAFOV: Mister cocek - 3:38

4. FERUS MUSTAFOV: Taso peštrev - 4:43

5. NOVICA SOKOLOVSKI: Samjotisa (trad., arr. L. J. Sokolovski) - 3:22

6. ISIN AGUŠEV - 'JAMBO': Saškov cocek (Saško Velkov, arr. Džemal Agušev ) - 4:09

7. FERUS MUSTAFOV: Kocov cocek - 3:12

8. ISIN AGUŠEV - 'JAMBO': Indisko oro (Džemal Agušev) - 4:10

9. FERUS MUSTAFOV: Vesna cocek - 3:47

10. ISIN AGUŠEV - 'JAMBO': Erding cocek (Džemal Agušev) - 4:01

11. NOVICA SOKOLOVSKI: Ninin cocek (N. Sokolovski / L. J. Sokolovski) - 4:09

12. ISIN AGUŠEV - 'JAMBO': Cigancica (Džemal Agušev) - 3:49

13. ILIJA AMPEVSKI: Blagoevo oro (J. Ampevski / G. Kostoski) - 4:20

Total playing time: 51:25

83 kr (119 kr)
Image Where Africa Meets the Orient
Noor Shimaal perform modern acoustic music and songs with traditional roots ranging from the Middle East all the way to Morocco.Playing traditional instruments (oud (lute), ney, gasbah (Arabic flutes), zurna (shawm), tulum (bagpipe), santur (dulcimer), accordion, banjo) they produce a very contemporary feel to the music.

83 kr (119 kr)
83 kr (119 kr)
Image Calypso Invasion
Sixteen cheeky-cheerful and humorous calypso songs, with vocals, guitar, bass, sax, trumpet and lots of percussion.
King Selewa & His Calypsonians - Calypsi Invasion-

1. Calypso Invasion (C. Anderson)
2. Osine o Dé (H. R. Charles)
3. Mami Watta (King Selewa)
4. Africa (trad., arr. King Selewa & His Calypsonians / C. Diaz)
5. Jumbie Jamboree (H. McNair)
6. Trinidad is the Place for Me (King Selewa)
7. Olomia (King Selewa / T. "Chico" Richeux)
8. Shango (trad. arr. Keskidee Trio / King Selewa & His Calypsonians)
9. I don't Know how di Young Men Livin' (P. Garcia, arr. King Selewa & His Calypsonians)
10. Mamito's Calypso (King Selewa)
11. J'ouvert Barre Oh (H. R. Charles)
12. Congo Bara (trad., arr. King Selewa & His Calypsonians)
13. Under di Mango Tree (King Selewa)
14. Down da Road (King Selewa / T. "Chico" Richeux)
15. Exploiting (R. Callender, arr. King Selewa & His Calypsonians)
16. King Selewa's Tribute (King Selewa)

104 kr (149 kr)
Image World Dance/Caribbean Tropical Dance
Enjoy dancing to "Caribbean Hits": An exciting collection of Merengue, Cumbia. The perfect party CD.

41 kr (59 kr)
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