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Founded by producer Manfred Eicher in 1969, ECM has issued over a thousand albums spanning many idioms. After establishing an early reputation with standard-setting jazz recordings by Keith Jarrett, Paul Bley, Jan Garbarek, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, the Art Ensemble of Chicago and others, ECM began to include contemporary composition in its programme in the late 1970s. Eicher’s own background, as a musician active in both jazz and classical music, provided an unusually broad vantage point from which to survey the genres, and the producer has been credited with helping to bring form to improvised music and a sense of ‘improvisational’ flexibility to recordings of contemporary composition.
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Complete Works for Ensemble and Choir (3 CD) - - Kurtág, György ECM2505-07 2017-04-28 299 kr
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The Dreamer Is The Dream (LP) - Potter, Chris LP2642519 2017-04-21 229 kr
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The Dreamer Is The Dream - Potter, Chris ECM2519 2017-04-21 159 kr
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The Study Of Touch - Django Bates' Belovèd ECM2534 2017-04-21 159 kr
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Silent Light - Miller, Dominic ECM2518 2017-04-07 159 kr
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Nuit blanche - Tarkovsky Quartet ECM2524 2017-04-07 159 kr
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Paris-Concert (2 LP) - Circle LP2641018-19 2017-04-07 259 kr
Crystal Silence (LP) - Burton, Gary LP2641024 2017-04-07 229 kr
Conference Of The Birds (LP) - Holland, Dave (bass) LP2641027 2017-04-07 229 kr
Solstice (LP) - Towner, Ralph LP2641060 2017-04-07 229 kr
The Survivors' Suite (LP) - Jarrett, Keith LP2641085 2017-04-07 229 kr
Places (LP) - Garbarek, Jan LP2641118 2017-04-07 229 kr
December Avenue - Stanko, Tomasz (trumpet) ECM2532 2017-03-31 159 kr
Asian Field Variations - Sclavis, Louis ECM2504 2017-03-17 159 kr
Requiem - RIAS Kammerchor - Mansurian, Tigran ECM2508 2017-03-17 159 kr
Sooner and Later - Hülsmann, Julia ECM2547 2017-02-24 159 kr
My Foolish Heart - Towner, Ralph ECM2516 2017-02-03 159 kr
Daylight Ghosts - Taborn, Craig ECM2527 2017-02-03 159 kr
Debussy, Claude - Point and Line - Kodama, Momo (piano) ECM2509 2017-01-27 169 kr
Elegy - Bleckmann, Theo ECM2512 2017-01-27 169 kr
Danse (LP) - Vallon, Colin (piano) LP2642517 2017-01-13 229 kr
Danse - Vallon, Colin (piano) ECM2517 2017-01-13 169 kr
The Invariant - Jahnel, Benedikt ECM2523 2017-01-13 169 kr
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