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Image Viaticum


"A journey of the imagination to quietly change your life"

Line Up:
Esbjörn Svensson - Piano
Dan Berglund - Double Bass
Magnus Öström - Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Janne Hansson at Atlantis Studios, Stockholm between August 30 and October 11, 2004
Mastered by Claes Persson at CRP Recording
Produced by e.s.t

169 kr
Image Teamwork
The Funk Unit is:
Nils Landgren / trombone & vocals
Magnum Coltrane Price / bass & vocals
Magnus Lindgren / woodwinds & vocals
Jonas Wall / woodwinds & vocals
Sebastian Studnitzky / keyboards & trumpet
Andy Pfeiler / guitar & vocals
Robert Ikiz / drums

Special Guests:
Joe Sample / rhodes solo on 05
Wilton Felder / tenor sax solo on 08
Till Brönner / trumpet solo on 06

Produced by Magnum Coltrane Price & Nils Landgren
Recorded by Janne Hansson, February 7 - 10, 2013 at Atlantis Studio Stockholm
Mixed by Magnum Coltrane Price
Mastered by Hoffe Stannow at Cosmos Mastering Stockholm

This might well be the best Funk Unit that Nils Landgren has had gathered around him since 2010: technically outstanding, this is a group of team players who combine well with a great groove connection.

169 kr
Image Letters To Herbie
Line Up:
Viktoria Tolstoy / vocals
Jacob Karlzon / piano, keyboards
Krister Jonsson / guitars
Mattias Svensson / bass
Rasmus Kihlberg / drums

Special Guests:
Nils Landgren / trombone & vocals
Magnus Lindgren / woodwinds

Produced by Nils Landgren

Recorded at Gula Studio Malmö by David Carlsson & Jan Ugand.
Additional recordings, mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson, Nilento Studio, Gothenburg.

169 kr
Image Searching for Jupiter
Magnus Öström anses vara en av sin generations stilbildande trumslagare. Hans 15 år i triosamarbetet med Esbjörn Svensson och Dan Berglund i ett av världens mest framgångsrika band -E.S.T. - har satt oförglömliga spår på den musikaliska kartan.

Hans första solo-album, "The Thread of Life", blev nominerad till en svensk Grammis. Dessutom vann han "Echo Jazz Award - Best International Drummer" (Tysklands motsvarighet till Svenska Grammis). BBC Radio 3 utryckte det så här: " Vilket extremt vackert och tilltalande album det här är. Perfekt spel, kompositionerna är sannerligen inspirerande och arrangemangen är magiska".

Nu är det dags för Öström att presentera uppföljaren och med sig har Öström ett starkt och tight band som består av gitarristen Andreas Hourdakis, basisten Thobias Gabrielson och pianisten Daniel Karlsson.

De har sakta mejslat fram ett starkt och övertygande jazz/rock- och progressivt rocksound - The Moon (And The Air It Moves) tex påminner om Pink Floyd inte bara till namnet och där finns ny spirande optimism. Nu är det melodierna som åter spelar en viktig roll och albumet slutar i hoppets tecken med At The End Of Eternity.

Magnus Öström is considered one of the style-building drummers of his generation. He is best known for the 15 years of collaboration with Esbjörn Svensson and Dan Berglund in the hugely successful band E.S.T.

His first solo effort, "Threads Of Life", was nominated to the Swedish Grammis award, won the 2012 Echo Jazz Award for Best International Drummer. BBC Radio 3 said of Öströms post-e.s.t. oeuvre on ACT: "What an utterly beautiful and compelling album this is. The playing is immaculate, the compositions truly inspired, the arrangements magical."

Öström now presents his follow-up. He now has a strong and tight band together with guitarist Andreas Hourdakis, bassist Thobias Gabrielson and pianist Daniel Karlsson. They have rigorously pursued a jazz rock and progressive rock leaning - "The Moon (And The Air It Moves)", for example, is reminiscent of Pink Floyd not only in name, and there is more optimism again: Melodies once again play an important role, even major-key cheerfulness shines through from time to time, and the album ends with an anthem of hope with "At The End Of Eternity.
ÅRETS ALBUM 2013 - Claes Olson,

169 kr
Image The Jubilee Album: 20 Magic Years
20 Magic Years – the best of ACT’s 20 year history: To mark the 20th anniversary of ACT Music, the Jubilee Album presents 20 highlights from the history of the Munich-based label. It offers not only a retrospective of ACT’s own body of work, but also a fascinating sightseeing tour through the European jazz scene of the last couple of decades.

89 kr
Image Summerwind
In “Summerwind”, enchanting melodies flow with an instinctive and natural grace and elegance. They develop in long arcs which bring a sense of profundity and contemplation. In a world in constant danger of overheating, Danielsson’s and Fresu’s music is a fresh and soothing breeze.

169 kr
Image Last Spring
Two outstanding musicians out of two worlds - Bugge Wesseltoft; one of the great jazz pianists, and Henning Kraggerud; classical violinists - came home to celebrate their memories of Norway's spring time: longingly and dearly they tell mystical lore of light-coloured nights and dark melancholy. They present minimalistic meditations and paint a musical picture of their homeland with greatest intensity that simply fascinates.

Line Up:
Bugge Wesseltoft / piano
Henning Kraggerud / violin, viola & viola concorda

Recorded by Jan Eric Kongshaug, Nov. 22 & 23, 2011 at Rainbow Studio, Oslo, Norway.
Mixed and mastered by Jan Eric Kongshaug.

Produced by Siggi Loch

Henning Kraggerud plays as 1744 Guarneri Del Gesu violin owned by Dextra Musica (company owned by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB NOR) on track 2, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13 & 14; a viola by Harald Lund on track 3, 6, 9, 11, 12 & 16; and a viola Concorda (with 6 strings) custom built as only instrument in the world by Ariane Becker on track 1, 4 & 15.

Every ACT Album has it´s own story. Schloss Elmau plays a role in many. This magnificent hotel at the foot of the Bavarien Alps, far removed from everyday life and constantly flooded with culture, has inspired a number of outstanding artists from Gidon Kremer and Brad Mehldau to Esbjörn Svensson. Moreover in recent times several award-winning albums by ACT artists such as Joachim Kühn and Michael Wollny, Gwilym Simcock and Dieter Ilg have been recorded at this unique place. This time it was the launch pad for a new and surprising collaboration, simultaneously building a bridge between Classical and Jazz, and helping many people revisit and resume a long-awaited success story.

In early 2011, label owner Siggi Loch attended a concert by the Norwegian violinist Henning Kraggerud at Schloss Elmau. Afterwards, the two of them got talking, and Kraggerud mentioned the legendary Christmas album "It's snowing on my piano" by his countryman Bugge Wesseltoft: "That's our absolute favourite CD! It plays non-stop at our place every year from early December to the end of January." Upon hearing that, Siggi Loch happily introduced himself as the producer of the album. "Why don't you make another album for the rest of the year?" Kraggerud then asked. "Would you play on it?" Loch countered. "Of course," came the immediate response. The only thing that remained was to convince Bugge Wesseltoft to join them on the project. He didn't hesitate to consent, and so it was that they came together in November 2011 to record "Last Spring" in Oslo's famous Rainbow Studio, the place where "It's snowing on my piano" was recorded.

It is no coincidence that the Classical musician Kraggerud is a fan of that CD, which is the most successful ACT album to date, and which has been lauded repeatedly since its release in 1997 for its "almost celestial beauty" and as the "greatest Christmas CD of them all" (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung).

There are tangible musical predilections of Kraggerud that make understandable his love of the minimalistic and "classically" austere "It's snowing on my piano", which at the same time celebrates variation and the spirit of freedom. This 38 year-old is one of the most successful solo violinists of his time, having played with the best orchestras - most recently with the Danish National Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Orchestra - and conductors in the most prestigious concert halls around the world.

This multi-talented pupil of Camilla Wicks, Emanuel Hurwitz and Stephan Barratt-Due also lives out his passion as a chamber musician - for example in an all-star quintet with Martha Argerich, Joshua Bell, Yuri Bashmet and Mischa Maisky - as festival director, university professor and composer, and not least of all as improviser. This makes Kraggerud one of a growing number of classical musicians for whom the two great music forms Classical and Jazz are not mutually exclusive but instead complement each other - which goes without saying for this largely classically educated modern Jazz exponent.

This is important for Bugge Wesseltoft, the grand master of the synthesis of live electronics and jazz improvisation, to now show his more tranquil, classical side again. Together, Wesseltoft and Kraggerud let time progress one season from the winter theme of "It's snowing on my piano" and put together a sparkling program of 16 pieces with connections to spring for "Last Spring", which is founded mostly on Norwegian folk music. The title track is based on a theme from the great Nordic Romantic Edvard Grieg which is also apparent in many of the other tracks. Alongside folk songs like "Om Kvelden" and "Hei hu", also called upon are indigenous composers from various ages, largely unknown to us: from Anne Haavie, deceased in 1888, and Lars Søraas the Elder, to the Danish organist Otto Mortensen, who died in 1986 and the young singer and lyrist Øyonn Groven Myhren. Then there is also an improvisation on the baroque La Folia, the oldest melodic-harmonic compositional structure, and finally a rendition of Johannes Brahms' Lullaby.

As the title intimates, "Last Spring" is a revisiting of spring. It is not an exulting, whirling awakening, but a sustained, minimalistic meditation, oriented strongly towards the details, the variance of the melodies, the breadth and beauty of the sound. It is based on the most perfect interaction possible: Wesseltoft's soft piano daubs melt like wax into the pizzicato melodies that Kraggerud entices out of his 1744 Guarneri violin, his Harald Lund viola and his unique six-stringed viola Concorda.

This magical duo succeeds in gleaning new sound ideas and facets from spring, just as the original concept intended. There won't be much doubt as to which CD will be playing from February to May in Norway. And not just then and there...

169 kr
Image Magic Moments 5 (In the Spirit of Jazz)
Compilation produced by Siggi Loch.

89 kr
Image Invisible Man
Jukka Perko / alto and soprano sax
Jarmo Saari / electric guitar
Teemu Viinikainen / acoustic guitar

Out of the ordinary: An unusual set-up leads to jaw-dropping inventiveness. "Invisible Man" is like a single film, a road-movie full of atmosphere, in which strong characterful melodies determine the plot. Whether being entertaining and exciting, or profound and contemplative, Avara definitely stirs the big emotions.

169 kr
Image Moment of Now, A
Viktoria Tolstoy / vocals
Jakob Karlzon / Steinway grand piano,
pump organ, celesta, Fender Rhodes

Special Guest on Send One Your Love:
Jocke Bergström / vocals

Though there are many beautiful singing voices in jazz today, Viktoria Tolstoy is one of a kind. A great melodramatist of jazz who is also bipolar, she makes happiness sound fragile and threatened, and bitterness sweet and enchanting. She has framed and perfected this art on a conceptual level since becoming an ACT artist in 2003, whether concentrating on material from Esbjörn Svensson - whose e.s.t. began to some extent as her accompanying trio - or, most recently, on Herbie Hancock, classical originals, Swedish standards or repertoire from Russia, the home of her ancestors. Her latest album "A Moment Of Now" is her most frank recording yet - for one simple reason: "Jacob [Karlzon] and I are the concept this time," says Viktoria. Indeed it is an intimate album by the duo that focuses on their musical partnership. Karlzon has been Tolstoy's trusted companion on her band projects for almost 15 years now, his playing thrives on nuances, transitions, ambiguities - be they inspired by classics such as Grieg or hard rockers the likes of KoRn. It is a partnership that shows no signs of abating, despite Karlzon's own highly successful trio that bears his name. "We each generally know in advance what the other is thinking and is going to do, without either of us having to say anything. It's almost a bit spooky," says Tolstoy of the intuitive understanding between the two.

Their style depends on melodies like a fish depends on water, and 14 of the best are brought together on "A Moment Of Now". As Tolstoy explains, they are "songs we've heard a lot in recent years, and that imposed themselves on us, but also some that were entirely new to us and were really a challenge". This has resulted in a selection that sounds entirely coherent and as if created especially for these two musicians, even though its component parts come from the most diverse, stylistic, and often surprising backgrounds. From the classical "Apres Un Reve" by the Frenchman Gabriel Faurè, to Stevie Wonder's soul-pop "Send One Your Love" - on which Tolstoy invited Jocke Bergström, a new face in these climes, to share in a vocal duet that simply takes your breath away - to the jazzy "Shadow And Light" by Joe Zawinul. Thanks to Tolstoy's father, who suggested Phil Collins' "Against All Odds", the entire history of Genesis is represented, so to speak, with "Taking It All Too Hard" and Peter Gabriel's "Red Rain" also rebooted on the album.

Beyond global hits like these or Alanis Morissette's biggest success "Hand In My Pocket", the album also includes new discoveries like "Satisfied" from the almost-forgotten funk virtuoso Lewis Taylor and "Deep River" from Norwegian jazz saxophonist Benedik Hofseth. Among the pieces, three were originally instrumentals; namely "Apres Un Reve" (based on Faurè's "Apres Un Reve"), the Pat Metheny revamp "A Moment Of Now", and Karlzon's own composition "Scent Of Snow". For these, Anna Alerstedt, the fantastic songwriter who Tolstoy discovered in 2008 for "My Russian Soul", once again pens profound and memorable lyrics.

The ease with which Viktoria Tolstoy and Jacob Karlzon can change the fundamental character of songs that otherwise seem to be set in stone is quite spectacular. The best example of this is their interpretation of Mark King's "Lessons In Love", transformed from a loud up-tempo song by the funk band Level 42 into a melancholy ballad. There's also Cole Porter's classic "I Concentrate On You", which rings out as a Nordic anthem, and which in the middle section is even reminiscent of Esbjörn Svensson's "Love Is Real". But above all, what the songs all have in common is an overwhelming quietude and power. The weighty and complex sounds light and easy - just note the jumps and key changes on "Satisfied", where the subtle nuances and vocals change and shape the music.

There is a calmness and strength in the music that comes from experience and draws from the tried and trusted. For example, Nils Landgren returns as the producer, while the album was recorded with the familial team at Nilento Studios in Goteborg. "I felt safe and well looked after at every moment," Tolstoy recalls, "Never change a winning team!". This is how a fascinating and completely unique moment in her and Karlzon's oeuvre was born-and it is one that will remain.


Mästerlig duo.

"Det var längeedan jag lyssnade så många dagar och kvällar i rad på en och samma skiva. Och den fortsätter att vilja bli spelad. Viktoria Tolstoy och Jacob Karlzon har i det sparsmakade duoformatet skapat ett litet mästerverk.

Ett mycket intressant koncept eftesom nästan hela skivan består av tolkade covers, ursprungligen skrivna av de mest skiftande typer av musiker och kompositörer. Gemensamt är att det är "sånger vi verkligen gillar, som gripit tag i oss" som Viktoria uttryckte det på en förhandskonsert inför en längre Tyskland-Sverige-turné.

Tolkningarna är raka, enkla, här finns inga manér, inga krusiduller eller krångligheter, här finns bara två fullödiga konstnärer som tillsamans gör något de är bra på. Tillsammans och var för sig, för ibland låter det nästan som om var och en spelar och sjunger på sitt eget vis, sida vid sida, samtidigt, men intrycket blir aldrig splittrat. eftersom den denes spel ändå förstärker den andras sång och vice versa. Och röstkonstnären Viktoria Tolstoy har är fått en mörkare, djupare och mer allvarsam ton som är vilsam och vacker mot en fond av Jacob Karlzons finstämda pianospel."
Eva Nikell

169 kr
Image Shine
Jacob Karlzon / piano, keys, synths & programming
Hans Andersson / bass
Robert Mehmet Ikiz / drums

Unmistakably now one of the best pianists in Europe, Jacob Karlzon's music and personality are possessed of a radiance and vitality that has won audiences worldwide.

But Karlzon wants more - in terms of sound, composition and concept - and doesn't really care much for categories and genre-labeling. Instead, Karlzon chooses to draw tastefully and fervently from the best of two worlds - the openness, curiosity and energy of jazz, and the power, catchiness and the production techniques of pop.

"För enkelhetens skull kallar vi trions skivor för jazz och det är inte heller helt orimligt. Jazzen är huvudingrediens hos Jacob Karlzon 3. Samtidigt känns det otillfredsställande, musiken trion spelar begränsas inte av genrebeteckningar. På sjuttiotalet uppkom begreppet jazzrock, ofta rätt ekvilibristisk musik där musikerna visade sina skickligheter. Även Jacob Karlzon låter flera genrer mötas, främst en slags sammansmältning av rock och jazz, där energin och enkelheten hos rocken bildar en slags stomme i musiken för musikerna att bre ut sig över. En rejäl dos electronica och en mindre dos världsmusik kan också skönjas.
Otroligt täta strukturer i en del låtar, till exempel Metropolis och titellåten Shine, bryts mot skimrande lyriskt spel i till exempel Inner hills. Dynamiken och samspelet i gruppen - Jakob Karlzon på piano, syntar och programmering, Hans Andersson på ståbas och Robert Mehmet Ikiz på trummor - är imponerande. Triomusik blir just inte mycket bättre. Visst sträcker de ut och spelar minst lika tekniskt som sjuttiotalets supergrupper, men utan att det blir uppvisning i briljans. Asbra helt enkelt!" /Andreas Lagercrantz,

169 kr
Image Dynamo
Matthias Bartolomey / cello
Klemens Bittmann / violin & mandola

"It is very rare to hear string players relishing the groove quite so joyously. BartolomeyBittmann embody the musical virtues of unbridled playfulness and rhythmic radicalism, and they deploy them with an ease that is not normally associated with classical instruments." (Wolfgang Muthspiel)

An album that throws wide the gates to a listening experience as wonderfully atmospheric as it is deep: with their third album, "Dynamo", BartolomeyBittmann have conceived a daring new musical work that - once again - entices the listener to join them in a fascinating world of sound.

One thing must be said about this duo: narrowmindedness and undue attachment to tradition have no place whatsoever in its musical ethos. Matthias Bartolomey (cello) and Klemens Bittmann (violin & mandola) have their own ideas and are blazing their own musical trail, a path leading well away from the familiar and the commonplace. It’s been several years since they joined forces to compose and develop a contemporary repertoire for their characteristically classical instruments. Now, with "Dynamo", the duo has arrived at the heart of their very own individual sound.

Matthias Bartolomey and Klemens Bittmann allow their melodies to flow through wildly divergent moods and musical landscapes, rendering futile all attempts to stylistically pinpoint their musical language. They can change their intensity at a moment’s notice with sensitivity and precision, molding their pieces into absorbing stories told with overarching suspense and ever-changing moods. They combine the energy of rock - including that of the harder variety - with the elegance of chamber music, the inventive joy of jazz, and the emotional depth of singer-songwriters, dipping briefly into folk music now and then while managing to pay homage to their classical roots… all this is testament to the duo’s special grasp of how music can be made into a truly enthralling, deeply moving experience.

The duo’s pieces unfold in tones that are both unusually varied and lyrical, even magical - something in the music plants multicolored images in the mind, leaving lasting impressions behind. At one moment the listener is captivated by the beauty and gentleness of the sound; in the next the power of the music takes one’s breath away. The immense playfulness of still other passages is simply astounding. Bartolomey and Bittmann’s pieces dance, they celebrate; they give themselves up to sweet melancholy; they groove, they strive to penetrate the mysterious… and they dream.

"Dynamo" decisively answers the question of how BartolomeyBittmann has come to stand in its current position. The two musicians leave no doubt as to their right to a place with the cream of Austria’s music scene, as well as to the excellent international reputation that they enjoy. It’s a real pleasure to take an aural stroll through the duo’s imagination; their music manages to strike just the tone that opens directly the floodgates of the soul, inviting the listener to be completely bewitched by their presentation and their warm, enveloping timbres from the first moment on.

169 kr
Image Ancient History
Line Up:
Verneri Pohjola / trumpet
Aki Rissanen / piano
Joonas Riippa / drums
Antti Lötjönen / bass

Jukka Perko / alto saxophone on 6
Tatu Rönkkö / percussion on 4,5 & 8

Young Finnish trumpeter Verneri Pohjola unites different styles and moods in his unique sound world. Ancient History is fresh air en masse - by no means old, but with what it takes to become a classic album.

169 kr
Image Swedish Standards
Re-release of a true milestone in the history of Swedish jazz. An incredibly atmospheric, tasteful re-working of the rich Swedish folklore tradition.

Line Up:
Jan Lundgren - piano
Mattias Svensson - bass
Rasmus Kihlberg - drums

Recorded by Bjarne Hansen at Sun Studio, Copenhagen, May 10 - 11, 1997
Mixed by Bjarne Hansen
Produced by Jan Lundgren Trio
Executive Producer: Mats Josephson

119 kr
Image Realize
Line Up:
Lutz Streun / tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Til Schneider / trombone
Sebastian Winne / drums & percussion

With their second album "Realize!" Three Fall now give their fans something new to enjoy. Nobody else plays like Three Fall, not because they want to be different, but because they are.

169 kr
Image Pixiedust
"Pixiedust is a superb album, which is (appropriately) slow to reveal its treasures, and repays repeated plays" (THE GUARDIAN, UK)

Line Up:
Solveig Slettahjell - vocals
Sjur Miljeteig - trumpet
Morten Qvenild - piano
Mats Eilertsen - bass
Per Oddvar Johansen - drums

Recorded by Andy Mytteis at Bugges Room, Oslo, January 10 - 12, 2005
Mixed by Andy Mytteis at Bugges Room, Oslo, January 14 - 16, 2005
Mastered at Fersk Lyd as, Oslo, by Giert Clausen with Knut Vaernes
Produced by Slow Motion Quintet

169 kr
Image Vision for Two - 10 Years
Accordionist Klaus Paier and cellist Asja Valcic have been making music as a duo for ten years. Their playing has kept audiences delighted and critics enthralled: "Breathtaking," said the magazine Der Spiegel; they are "a captivating match" (The Guardian). During this time the two have recorded four albums which have received numerous awards. The duo’s journey together began in 2009 with their debut album "À Deux", and since then Paier and Valcic have proceeded to make their unique accordion-plus-cello sound into a thing of wonder. The titles of the previous albums by these two musicians, who live in Austria, give pointers to the elements that go into the making of their acts of musical creation.
To celebrate its anniversary, "Vision for Two - 10 Years" will present an inventory, but also for the constant reinvention and outlook of this visionary duo, Paier and Valcic.

169 kr
Image Magic Moments 12
Magic Moments 12 presents best jazz-infotainment through the recent ACT programme, with ACT stars, newcomers and new arrivals, including Iiro Rantala, Michael Wollny, Lars Danielsson, Nils Landgren, Wolfgang Haffner, Joachim Kühn, Xavier Girotto, Vincent Peirani, Adam Baldych and many more.

169 kr
Image Beethoven's Breakdown
With "Beethoven's Breakdown" the Jazzrausch Bigband is honouring the pioneering composer in its own way. Not by being historically authentic or by preserving him in aspic, but in a manner that befits Beethoven the radical innovator. Just as he revolutionized the history of music, the equally forward-looking JRBB has pushed ahead with its bold concept of orchestral techno-jazz.

169 kr
Image Travelin'
Colin T. Dawson / trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn & vocals (3 & 13)
Chris Hopkins / alto saxophone
Bernd Lhotzky / piano & celesta
Oliver Mewes / drums

Most jazz musicians are also travellers. Their places of work are the clubs and festivals of the world, so they are always on the go. Echoes of Swing has another dimension: This quartet is also on a journey through time, going back to classic jazz from the 20’s to the 50’s, bringing it into the present day and shaping it for the future. This “tour de force” has been going on for 20 years. A reason then to celebrate, which is perhaps best done by re-tracing the journey, reviving memories of things experienced, and looking at all that travelling involves.
We’re off on a thrilling round-the-world musical journey from the moment Chris Hopkins’ “Orient Express” rolls in. The wagons are full of sounds which range from blues to Arabic music, and what’s this? A pirate ship in a storm in Bernd Lhotzky’s “Wreck of Good Hope”.
Then it’s off to the South Seas, where Chris Hopkin’s “Fiji Hula Bula” creates a relaxed vacationing mood, and then to Sidney Bechet’s “Southern Sunset”, which in this Echoes version transports us to restless, sultry nights; then a fast-paced swinging excursion to Colin Dawson’s English homeland follows in “Gan Hyem”, with Coleman Hawkins’ “Disorder At The Border” as a classic bebop blues to make us forget the Brexit woes. Sometimes we’re on the racetrack in a vintage car (“En Auto”), at other times it can be classic and dramatic, as in “Cabin In The Sky”. And what better way to illustrate flying than with the Italian hit “Volare”, when Bernd Lhotzky transforms the tune into a carefree glide, floating on the wings of Harlem Stride.
All the arrangements testify to a profound knowledge of the history of music, and there is not a single bar which fails to deliver exquisite taste. Sophisticated, yes, and intellectually thoughtful, but the imperative of old school jazz to entertain is never forgotten. Like all their previous albums, “Travelin’” is full of fine humour. So, it’s all aboard and indeed the best proof yet that travelling does indeed expand one’s horizons. After twenty years on the road, this ensemble has wagon-loads of style, elegance, finesse, improvisation and humour - and has honed all of these to perfection.

169 kr
Image Million Waves
Nourish your own roots until they blossom into a million flowers, a million scents, a million waves.

Line Up:
Nguyên Lê - electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, E-bow
Dieter Ilg - acoustic bass, mouth jive
Danny Gottlieb - drums & percussion

Recorded and mixed by Walter Quintus at CMP-Studio, Zerkall, Germany in December 1994, except #2 recorded by WDR
on April 26, 1994
Produced by Siegfried Loch

169 kr
Image Fonk Da World
Line Up:
Nils Landgren - trombone, fluegelhorn, vocals
Magnum Coltrane Price - Fender bass, rap and vocals, synthesizers
Jesper Nordenström - Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond B3 organ, synthesizers
Robert Östlund - guitars, Hammond B3 organ solo on ''Calvados'', synthesizer, vibraphone
Niklas Gabrielsson - drums, vocals, congas on '' Fonk da world''

Guest Unit:
Magnus Öström - percussion
Per Ruskträsk Johansson - alto saxophone
Esbjörn Svensson - Fender Rhodes piano on '' What's up, What's up'','' Booty Rock'' and ''New Morning''
Oscar Traugott - Handclaps on ''What's up, What's up''

Recorded and mixed by Jan Ugand at Nord Studio 3 Stockholm, Sweden in June 2001
"Calvados" and "Riders on the storm" recorded by Fredrik Andersson
Produced by Esbjörn Svensson

169 kr
Image Radiotree
"Well crafted and ingeniously conceived. An album that seems to get better each time you listen." (JAZZWISE, UK)

Line Up:
Bernie Mallinger - violin
Johannes Dickbauer - violin
Cynthia Liao - viola
Asja Valcic - cello
Klaus Paier - accordion, bandoneon

Recorded by Christoph Burgstaller at Konzerthaus Vienna, Austria, May 2008
Mixed by Christoph Burgstaller at Clipwerk Studios, Vienna, Austria, May 2008
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann, June 2008
Produced by radio.string.quartet.vienna and Klaus Paier
Executive Producer: Siegfried Loch

169 kr
Image Tirtha
"Tirtha" effortlessly blends Indian musical traditions with contemporary jazz in this innovative trio setting, creating a musical conversation that stretches across both, continents and centuries.

Line Up:
vijay iyer / piano
prasanna / guitar, voice
nitin mitta / tabla

produced by tirtha

recorded august 11-12, 2008 at systems two, brooklyn, new york. engineer: joe marciano
mixed by scotty hard & vijay iyer at irritainment studios, brooklyn, new york, december 2008
mastered at turtletone studios, nyc by mike fossenkemper

169 kr
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