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Image Concierto de Aranjuez
Högsta betyg 5 (av 5) i Dagens Nyheter!
”Här finns utsökta klassiker, av Rodrigo, de Falla och Albeniz, men det är de båda nykomponerade gitarrkonserterna av spanjoren Francisco Coll och britten Pete Harden, där orkestern är Norrbotten NEO, som verkligen sätter den spanska tonen på spel och får den att flamma med överraskande nyanser.” (Martin Nyström, DN)

Inspired by Miles Davis’s legendary album Sketches of Spain, this project intends to conjure up Spain ‘as if through a prism - as a concept rather than a place’. Guitarist Jacob Kellermann and conductor Christian Karlsen worked with hyped young composers Francisco Coll and Pete Harden, who have each contributed a concertante work for guitar and ensemble. With Turia, Coll has returned to his roots – the dried-out river that once flowed through his (and Rodrigo’s) hometown Valencia. He has described it as his most ‘flamenco-colored’ work so far, intended to ‘evoke the light and the respective shadows’ of Spain. Turiais followed by two classics of Spanish music: Manuel de Falla’s Homenaje for solo guitar and Evocaciónby Isaac Albéniz, here in Karlsen’s atmospheric arrangement for ensemble. The last word on the album goes to British composer Pete Harden. His affinity to jazz and non-classical tradition shine through Solace and Shimmer, which is based on the same chords that underpins Rodrigo’s Adagio. Kellermann enjoys strong support by the London Philharmonic Orchestra (in Conciertode Aranjuez) and the seven members of Norrbotten NEO.

169 kr
Image Violin Concertos
Högsta betyg 6 (av 6) i!
"Fulländad Sjostakovitj - När man lyssnar på denna skiva är det som om musiken skapas i ögonblicket hon spelar och det låter på samma gång stramt, lidelsefullt och passionerat – ja hela spektret av känslouttryck blandas övertygande i gestaltningen av verken." (Björn Sundkvist,

Full pott, fem radioapparater (av fem) i Musikrevyn (P2)!  
"An extraordinary performance from Alina Ibragimova, visceral and strongly personal." (Gramophone) 

The prospect of hearing Alina Ibragimova in two of the most important concertos written for the
violin is in itself irresistibly enticing, but Shostakovich aficionados will also welcome an opportunity to hear the rarely performed original opening to the Burlesque of No 1, subsequently
made less fearsome for the soloist at the request of the work’s dedicatee, David Oistrakh.

169 kr
Image Concertos
Toppbetyg 5 (av 5) i Hifi & Musik!
”Dessa lysande solister och ensembler spelar utomordentligt uttrycksfullt.” (Stig Jacobsson, Hifi & Musik)

”Nutida klassisk musik när den är som mest välkomponerad, men minst krävande att lyssna på.” (Johanna Paulsson, Opus)

Toppbetyg 5 (av 5) i Dagens Nyheter!
”En magisk drömvärld där soloinstrumentet är sagans hjälteväsen.” (Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter)

Bent Sørensen’s distinctive music thrives on the intangible, from atmospheres and feelings to memories and dreams. This recording assembles three recent concertos from the Grawemeyer Award-winning composer performed by distinguished Nordic soloists, beginning with a second piano concerto played by its dedicatee and inspiration, Leif Ove Andsnes. Sørensen’s clarinet concerto for Martin Fro¨st is inspired by the scents of Spanish poetry, while his trumpet concerto for Tine Thing Helseth feeds of his constant obsession with the beauty and vulnerability of Venice. Each is highly evocative and filled with Sørensen’s etched beauty.

159 kr
Image Masses, Responsories & Motets
Toppbetyg i Musikrevyn (P2)!
”Fantastiskt att få möta denna tonsättare – och denna kör. Man blir väldigt tagen. Fenomenalt!”

No fewer than three important ?rst recordings of works by Duarte Lobo feature on an album which is set to enhance Cupertinos’ burgeoning reputation. This is music with which they feel a natural kinship, as these intense, idiomatic performances attest.

169 kr
Image Piano Concertos
”Här finns en ostyrig påhittighet och vilja att utforska musikens briljanta möjligheter, särskilt beträffande rytmisk komplexitet och tvära kast.” (Jörgen Lundmark, Opus)

Högt betyg (4 av 5) i Dagens Nyheter! "Förutom att vara en flitig konsertpianist är Niklas Sivelöv också en kompositör vars pianokonserter är kul och drömmande på samma gång; en musik som svänger medan den tänker." (Martin Nyström,

"Pianopallens riddare ger sina egna konserter en match" (Alexander Agrell, Sydsvenskan)

Niklas Sivelöv, piano

Malmö Symphony Orchestra • Victor Aviat
Track 1-3: Concerto Classico for piano and orchestra
Track 4-7: Concerto No. 2 for piano and strings

Livgardets Dragonmusikkår • David Björkman
Track 8-10: Concerto No. 5 "Riddarkonserten" for piano and brass band

Niklas Sivelöv is never “just” composer or “just” pianist. His aim is the same in both fields – just as it is the same in music, and in conversation as well. We must experience the vault of the sky with the right sound and hopefully come together to experience the timeless feeling of spirit.

89 kr
Image The Fairy Queen, 1692 (2CD)
Högsta betyg (5 av 5) i Dagens Nyheter!
"Med sin ensemble Gabrieli har Paul McCreesh framfört Purcells ”The fairy queen” i snart tjugofem års tid, och alltmer lärt känna dess form, temposkiftningar och underliggande puls."
(Martin Nyström,

Purcell’s The Fairy Queen is based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a play not frequently performed in the late 17th century, nor very well regarded (“the most insipid ridiculous play that ever I saw in my life” - Samuel Pepys’ diary, 1662). Despite this, the play would go on to work well within an opera, as the characters of Pyramus and Thisbe could conjure up singing and dancing accomplices. Purcell’s masterful composition, Gabrieli’s first-class performance, and McCreesh’s superb interpretation demonstrate why their recordings are seen as some of the best in classical music today. Gabrieli are world-renowned interpreters of great vocal and instrumental repertoire, from the Renaissance to the present day. Founded by Paul McCreesh in 1982, Gabrieli have both outgrown and remained true to their original identity: whilst the ensemble’s repertoire has expanded beyond any expectation, McCreesh’s ever-questioning spirit, expressive musicianship and a healthy degree of iconoclasm remain constant and are reflected in the ensemble’s dynamic performances. Gabrieli’s repertoire includes major works of the oratorio tradition, virtuosic a cappella programmes and mold-breaking reconstructions of music for historical events. Above all, Gabrieli aims to create thought-provoking performances which stand out from the crowd.

259 kr
Image Concerto and Symphony for Solo Piano
Totalfemma till Paul Wee!
”Alkans pianokonsert är som en ritt i helvetet för alla pianister. Men Paul Wee vågar spela så snabbt som det krävs. Den här killen kan verkligen spela piano. Det är inget snack!” (Musikrevyn)

Charles-Valentin Alkan made his name as pianist in nineteenth-century Paris and seemed poised for a glittering career. But following a series of setbacks he withdrew into a life of relative seclusion, and as he receded from the public eye, so too did his music. It was never entirely forgotten, but it was not until the 1960s and 1970s that Alkan’s works began to emerge from obscurity. To quote the liner notes by Paul Wee, ‘Alkan’s music exhibits a formidable grasp of form and structure, a strong command of melody, a high sense of drama and an unprecedented exploitation of the capabilities of the piano.’ Combined here on one disc – possibly for the first time – are the Symphony and the Concerto for Solo Piano, two pinnacles of Alkan’s legacy. Unusually, the four movements of the Symphony and the three movements of the Concerto are included as seven etudes within Alkan’s Douze etudes dans tous les tons mineurs (Twelve studies in all the minor keys), in 1857 as his Op.?39. As to why Alkan composed these epic works and then hid them away in a set of etudes, Wee suggests that they are to be seen as ‘a celebration of the piano and its capabilities.’ Paul Wee is a barrister specialising in commercial law and appears regularly before courts and tribunals on behalf of clients including governments, corporations, financial institutions and individuals. Born in Australia, he began his piano studies at the age of four, continuing them in New York City at the Manhattan School of Music. Going on to study law at the University of Oxford, he attempts to balance his love for the piano alongside the demands of a busy international career in law.

169 kr
Image The Prison
Högt betyg 5 (av 6) i!
"Själva framförandet – inspelat med ett klart och dynamiskt ljud – är på en mycket hög nivå, där inte minst de båda solisterna sjunger sina partier vokalt känsligt men också dramatiskt laddat." (Per Nylén,

August 18th marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Constitutional Amendment, granting women in the US the right to vote. A fitting time then for our release of the World Premier Recording of Ethel Smyth’s late masterpiece The Prison. Smyth left home at nineteen to study composition in Leipzig. In the company of Clara Schumann and her teacher Heinrich von Herzogenberg, she met and won the admiration of composers such as Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Dvorák, and Grieg. Smyth was the first woman to have an opera performed at the Met, in 1903. (The second was Kaija Saariaho, whose L'Amour de loin appeared there in 2016!) Smyth later became central to the Suffragette movement in England, writing the March of the Women. Her gender politics and sexuality were cause for attacks by critics, and she famously went to prison herself for throwing a stone through an MP’s window. Composed in 1930 and premiered in 1931 in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall, The Prison is a Symphony in two parts, ‘Close on Freedom’ and ‘The Deliverance’, set for soprano and bass-baritone soloists, chorus, and full orchestra. The text is taken from a philosophical work by Henry Bennet Brewster and concerns the writings of a prisoner in solitary confinement, his reflections on life and his preparations for death.

169 kr
Image Symphony in D Minor; Symphonic Variations
Högt betyg 5 (av 6) i!
"Den som vill ha moderna inspelningar av såväl symfonin som symfoniska variationerna behöver inte tveka, den här inspelningen har vad man behöver." (Staffan Sundkvist,

The Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg and its Music Director Gustavo Gimeno present a composer portrait of César Franck. The album features the famous Symphony in D Minor, as well as the lesser known, but equally enchanting Symphonic Variations for piano and orchestra, with Denis Kozhukhin as soloist. Born in Liege but raised in Paris, Franck synthesized Wagnerism with French musical traditions, resulting in a fine equilibrium between a voluptuous orchestral sound and audacious harmonies on the one hand, and lucidity and graceful charm on the other. While the three-movement symphony follows a from-darkness-to-light trajectory, the delightful Variations oscillate between symphonic poem and miniature piano concerto. The OPL and Gustavo Gimeno continue their acclaimed PENTATONE series of composer portraits that already featured monographs of Shostakovich, Bruckner, Ravel, Mahler, Stravinsky, Debussy and Rossini. Denis Kozhukhin adds another release to his extensive PENTATONE discography that already contains Grieg/Mendelssohn (2019), Strauss’s Burleske (2018), Piano Concertos by Ravel and Gershwin (2018), Tchaikovsky and Grieg (2016), as well as a Brahms solo recital (2017).

189 kr
Image Baroque Tales
Högt betyg 4 (av 5) i Dagens Nyheter!
”Lynx Ensemble har gjort egna arrangemang av hälsingelåtar. Föredömligt luftigt och vigt.”(Martin Nyström, DN)

A musical journey to the northeastern province of Hälsingland lies at the heart of this album by Lynx Ensemble. All over Sweden, a significant portion of the popular instrumental repertoire has its roots in the dance music of 18th century Europe. In Hälsingland, however, this musical idiom has been preserved in a distinctive way. Although all the melodies in this album were collected from the playing of 19th century violinists, the way in which these melodies are composed looks back to the century before that. The long, asymmetrical phrases and dazzling passages that draw upon rich and meaningful bass progressions are all staples of the so called “galant style”. Music from Hälsingland thus truly brings to mind a “rough pearl”, as the word “Baroque” translates.

111 kr (159 kr)
Image You should have told me
Högt betyg 4 (av 5) i Dagens Industri!
"Så länge det finns artister som Ellen Andersson kommer svensk jazz klara även nästa generationsväxling."
(Jan Gradvall, DI)

Succédebuten 2016 med “I’ll Be Seeing You” hyllades av både recensenter och publik såväl i Sverige som utomlands. Sedan dess har hon etablerat sig som en av de mest framstående rösterna på den svenska jazzscenen. Med miljontals streams och hundratals konserter i ryggen har hon de senaste åren setts och hörts på scener och konserthus över hela landet, bland annat med Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester, Malmö Symfoniorkester och Norrbotten Big Band - men på det nya albumet återvänder hon till kärnan: jazzkvartett, ett modernt, akustiskt sound - nutida, fängslande och personligt.

För debutalbumet fick Ellen bland annat ta emot Gyllene Skivan för årets bästa jazzutgivning, Jazzkatten i kategorin “Årets nykomling” av Sveriges Radio P2. Nyligen belönades hon med Gunnar Hoffstens Stipendium (2020).

Her debut album “I’ll Be Seeing You”, 2016, was instantly praised by both critics and audiences, receiving rave reviews and quickly establishing herself as one of the most notable artists on the Swedish jazz scene. Millions of streams and hundreds of concerts later, the most recent years have led her to cooperations with some of Sweden’s finest orchestras, such as Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Norrbotten Big Band, among others - but on her new album, she returns to the core: jazz quartet, an acoustic sound, but with a contemporary and personal view.

Since her debut, Ellen has received multiple awards such as Gyllene Skivan (best Swedish Jazz Album of the Year), Jazzkatten (Newcomer of the Year) by Swedish National Radio P2, as well as numerous grants and scholarships.

159 kr
Image Die Meistersinger von Nuünberg (4CD)
Högt betyg 5 (av 6) i!
"Staatskapelle Dresden som Wagner kallade sin “Wunderharfe” är en svårslagen orkester – då som nu. Den mättade klangen beskrivs ibland som skimrande guld och är till och med föremål för forskning. Detta behövs nu inte för jag konstaterar att sachsarna gör om bedriften från inspelningarna med Karajan, Kempe och Böhm. Vad transparens, precision och värme beträffar, slår man de flesta andra på fingrarna." (Alexander Husebye,

Christian Thielemann writes: “I see Die Meistersinger as the pivot and central point of Wagner’s entire oeuvre. On the one hand it is a reaction to Tristan; on the other, he had found himself in a blind alley with Siegfried, and together those two works showed him the way out of it. The fascinating thing about Die Meistersinger is that you can find everything in it. Hero and anti-hero, comedy and tragedy, upperclass and lower-class lovers, burlesque and reflection, the old and the new, in short a whole world. The magic words summing it up for me are ‘atmosphere’ and ‘poetry’. How can I, as a conductor, make the music glitter in its exaggerations and parodies, and at the same time lend it authority? Conversely, how can I make its emotionalism sound not false but genuine, emphasizing the deeply felt popular note in the music? Wagner is fundamentally asking his interpreters to square the circle, which is what makes Die Meistersinger such a difficult work to perform. Perhaps it can succeed only by osmosis, if we open ourselves up entirely to all its moods, colours and aromas, inhaling them so deeply that they naturally emerge from us again at the right moment.”

359 kr
Image Kaleidoscope - Beethoven Transcriptions
Högt betyg 5 (av 6) i!
"Denna nya Beethovenutgåva är inspirerande och den har följt mig under sommaren mer eller mindre var jag än varit. Det har varit svårt att tröttna på den. Älskar man redan Beethovens pianosonater blir den lite av ett måste." (Anders Wikström,

After her acclaimed complete recording of Beethoven’s piano sonatas, Mari Kodama returns with a programme consisting of Beethoven string quartets transcribed for piano by Saint-Saens, Mussorgsky and Balakirev, as well as Beethoven’s variations on the finale of Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet. Most pieces are recorded for the first time. Kaleidoscope is designed as a homage, considering and experiencing Beethoven through the lens of other great composers. Mari Kodama is one of the most extraordinary pianists of our age, and has an impressive PENTATONE discography, featuring Beethoven’s complete piano sonatas (2003-2014), piano concertos of Loewe and Chopin (2003), Tchaikovsky Ballet Suites for Piano Duo (2016), De Falla’s Nights in the Gardens of Spain (2017) and Martinu’s Concert for Two Pianos (2018).

189 kr
Image Russian Tales
Toppbetyg 5 (av 5) i Hifi & Musik!
”Man behöver egentligen inte orda om de medverkandes musicerande, det räcker att säga att de är underbart samspelta! Fulländat!” (Stig Jacobsson, Hifi & Musik)

Nikolay Myaskovsky was one of the most prolific and influential composers in 20th-Century Russian musical life. These two works come from the beginning and end of his distinguished career: the warmly expressive First Cello Sonata recalling the style of Rachmaninov, and the equally romantic Second Cello Sonata revealing the subtle influence of folk music typical of Myaskovsky's later years. Alexander Glazunov both absorbed and continued the great Romantic lineage with his poignant Chant du ménestrel and the Iberian evocations for the Sérénade espagnole from Two Pieces.

89 kr
Image Angelus: Orchestral Works
Toppbetyg 5 (av 5) i Hifi & Musik!
”Sällan har jag blivit så tagen av nyskriven musik, så personlig och ändå tillgänglig utan konstigheter. Rekommenderas varmt. ” (Stig Jacobsson, Hifi & Musik)

Born in Russia, Victoria Borisova-Ollas has lived in Sweden since 1993. In the international music press, she has been described as ‘a composer with a sparkling individual voice’ and an ‘orchestrator of the greatest virtuosity’. This is borne out by this well-filled album which features five works from 2003 to 2013, in performances by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra (RSPO) with which Borisova-Ollas enjoys a long-standing collaboration. Angelus was composed for the 850th anniversary of the city of Munich and takes the listener on a walk through the city and its many clock towers. Angelus is conducted by Andrey Boreyko, who has championed the music of Borisova-Ollas for many years.

169 kr
Image L’île du rêve
Högt betyg 4 (av 5) i Dagens Nyheter!
"Reynaldo Hahns opera är en mindre sensation"
(Martin Nyström, DN)

‘To have written that, you must be a poet’, Massenet told Reynaldo Hahn when he read through the score of L’Île du rêve. Composed when the young man was not yet eighteen years old, this ‘curtain-raiser’ already had the qualities of the great works of the period. It reveals the coloristic talents of Bizet, the passionate outbursts of Massenet and even the prosodic originality of the young Debussy. The plot recounts a French naval officer’s love affair with a young Polynesian girl he has to abandon. This subject- also treated musically by Puccini (Madama Butterfly) and Delibes (Lakme)- is approached in an almost Symbolist style: the Romanticism of the music contrasts with a contemplative, introspective treatment of the narration. This is where the youthful Hahn particularly shines: in the very first bars (the hymn to Bora-Bora), in the various love scenes for Loti and Mahenu (notably the duet ‘Restons encore les paupieres mi-closes’) and even in the neo-Handelian prelude to Act Two.

189 kr
Image Rendezvous: Leipzig
Toppbetyg 5 (av 5) i Hifi & Musik!
”En underbar kvartett och Maierkvartettens medlemmar har lagt ner sina själar i tolkningen.” (Stig Jacobsson, Hifi & Musik)

Swedish composer, Amanda Maier, and British composer, Ethel Smyth, met in the 1870s, when they both studied in Leipzig. Here are their string quartets from those years in world premiere recordings by The Maier Quartet! The outer movements of Maier's string quartet in A major were reconstructed in 2019 by composer B Tommy Andersson. Don't miss out on this unique album! The Maier Quartet was formed in 2018 and consists of musicians from the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. They are named after Swedish composer Amanda Maier-Röntgen (1853–94). Members of the Maier Quartet are Johannes Lörstad and Patrik Swedrup, violin; Arne Stenlund, viola; and Klas Gagge, cello.

159 kr
Image Das Lied von der Erde
Toppbetyg 5 (av 5) i Hifi & Musik!
”Om du inte redan har ett antal upptagningar av Mahlers ’Das Lied’ kan du inte undvara att nu skaffa den bästa inspelningen av detta musikhistoriens mest gripande verk.” (Stig Jacobsson, Hifi & Musik)

Vladimir Jurowski and the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin continue their exploration of Mahler with a new recording of Das Lied von der Erde, on which Dame Sarah Connolly and Robert Dean Smith provide the vocal contributions. Residing somewhere between symphony and song cycle, Das Lied is one of Mahler’s most profound and loved works, marking an important step in the composer’s career, as well as in his private life. Jurowski approaches the piece as Mahler’s deliberate move from a “heroic” Beethovenian model towards a more “lyrical”, Schubertian attitude. Throughout Das Lied, and particularly in the contemplative last movement, “Der Abschied (The Goodbye)”, Mahler seems to come to terms with the mortality of man while celebrating the immortal nature of Life. The Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin has a vast PENTATONE discography. Together with their chief conductor and artistic director Vladimir Jurowski, they have recorded symphonic works from Mahler and Strauss (2017), violin concertos by Britten and Hindemith together with Arabella Steinbacher (2017), and Schnittke’s Third Symphony (2015). Robert Dean Smith featured on PENTATONE recordings of Tannhäuser (title role, 2013), Die Walküre (Siegmund, 2013), Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Stolzing, 2011), and Der Fliegende Holländer (Erik, 2011). Dame Sarah Connolly makes her PENTATONE debut.

189 kr
Image Viola Concerto & Voices
Högt betyg 4 (av 5) i Dagens Nyheter till Vasks!
”För Vasks är violan det främsta instrumentet för att uttrycka melankoli. En känsla som han dock gör så stark att den stundtals tycks sprängas inifrån. Det är som att höra en Tjajkovskij helt utan skönhetsspärrar.” (Martin Nyström, DN)

Fem pratbubblor i Kulturdelen!
 ”Det här måste vara en av de bästa konserter som någonsin skrivits för altfiol och orkester – och om det blir dags att utse årets album med samtida klassisk musik bör den här självklart höra till de nominerade.” (Sten Wistrand,

Originally a double bass player, Peteris Vasks has a special fondness for the string family, and has composed numerous works for string ensembles of various sizes. Some of his most widely performed works are for string orchestra, among them Musica dolorosa and the violin concertos Distant Light and Lonely Angel. Another one is his Symphony for Strings ‘Voices’, composed in 1991, as his native Latvia, along with Estonia and Lithuania, was breaking free from the crumbling Soviet Union. In a note on the work, Vasks has written: ‘… the new beginning was difficult. The symphony speaks of my essential, most meaningful themes. About life. About eternity. About conscience.’

n this recording, ‘Voices’ is performed by Vasks’ compatriots in the eminent Sinfonietta Riga, making their first appearance on BIS. The Sinfonietta has an ongoing collaboration with Maxim Rysanov, as soloist as well as conductor, and Rysanov here has occasion to show both sides of his musicianship, as he conducts the ensemble as well as performs the solo part in Vasks’ recent Concerto for Viola. The concerto is dedicated to Rysanov, who premièred it in 2016 and now presents it on disc for the first time. In four movements, the work demonstrate a characteristic feature of Vasks’ style, the strong contrasts between translucent serenity and deep despair that remind us of the ephemeral and complex world we live in.

169 kr
Image The Cunning Little Vixen, Sinfonietta (2CD)
”Helt underbar! Oerhört samspelt och lyhört. Man måste framhålla den fantastiska ljudbilden. Orkestern är lysande!” (Musikrevyn i P2)

Melodious and charming, The Cunning Little Vixen is a work rooted in Czech history and folk music; a sentimental journey through the cycles of life. For Sir Simon Rattle, it’s a deeply personal and emotional work – 'it's the piece that made me want to become an opera conductor … and still one of the pieces that reduces me to tears more easily than any other', says the LSO's Music Director. Recorded with an outstanding cast during semi-staged performances, this recording is the second in an LSO Live series showcasing acclaimed collaborations between Rattle and the celebrated stage director Peter Sellars. Towering fanfares open Janácek's Sinfonietta, an ode to the composer's hometown of Brno in the now Czech Republic. It's a portrait composed for a national celebration of Slavic culture, with Janácek's love of musical tradition evident in dancing strings and celebratory brass.

239 kr
Image Jery und Bätely
”Dario Salvi leder Malmöoperans orkester som kommer till sin fulla rätt i Ingeborg von Bronsarts rika orkestrering.” (Carl-Henric Malmgen, Opus)

A native of St. Petersburg, Ingeborn von Bronsart studied with Liszt in Weimar, her striking appearance earning her the nickname ‘Ingeborg die Schone’. Goethe’s libretto for Jery und Bately is a charming and bucolic tale of unrequited romance between a pretty Swiss milkmaid and an eligible bachelor who are ultimately brought together by some farcical matchmaking. Bronsart brings life to this story with exquisite music, from an exciting overture through an uninterrupted evolution in melody and harmony to a spine-tingling finale, delivering a Singspiel that helped establish her reputation as a successful composer for the stage.

89 kr
Image Vienne 1900
”En utgåva som verkligen ger prov på vilka musikaliska höjder som kan nås när skickliga musiker musicerar i det mindre formatet.” (Axel Lindhe, Opus)

Full pott, fem radioapparater (av fem) i Musikrevyn (P2)!  
"As you would expect from such a distinguished line-up of soloists, the performances are all first rate. An enterprising and rewarding venture." (BBC Music Magazine)

Daishin Kashimoto, Emmanuel Pahud, Paul Meyer, Zvi Plesser and Éric Le Sage, who have been close musical partners for years, joined forces once again at the Salon de Provence Chamber Music Festival to record this programme devoted to Viennese composers of the early twentieth century. The most famous and innovative of these are represented: Schoenberg with his Kammersymphonie no.1, Mahler with two lieder transcribed for flute and piano, Zemlinsky’s Clarinet Trio and several pieces by Berg. This is an album that encapsulates both the exhaustion of a bygone Romantic age and the avant-garde promises of a modern world still to be built.

259 kr
Image Opera transcriptions & fantasies
”Hamelins mästerskap slutar aldrig att förvåna. Han övertygar lika mycket i Feinbergs hyperkoncentrerade modernism (hans föregående skiva, CDA68233) som i det här briljanta överdådet” (Jörgen Lundmark, Opus)

If, as Liszt himself dubbed it, ‘Hexaméron’ is ‘a monster’, it’s a monster which certainly holds no terrors for Marc-André Hamelin, and the encounter between them makes for some thrilling pianism. The remainder of the recital—high-octane transformations of nineteenth-century operatic favourites—is every bit as electrifying, from a musician who never ceases to astonish whatever the repertoire.

169 kr
Image Vincero!
”2020 börjar det bli ont om medelålders tenorer som inte har sjungit sönder sig. Piotr Beczala, däremot, är ett artistiskt föredöme som bara blir bättre med åren.” (Carl-Henric Malmgen, Opus)

Högt betyg 5 (av 6) i!
"Piotr Beczala anses som en av dagens främsta lyrisk-dramatiska tenorer. Hans kombination av lyrisk lätthet, musikalisk frasering, vokal skönhet och viss dramatisk styrka är imponerande, vilket han också visar med det nya ariaalbumet Vincerò!." (Rolf Eriksson)

Global star tenor Piotr Beczala presents Vincerò!, the first fruit of his exclusive collaboration with PENTATONE. Vincerò! is a collection of heart-wrenching opera arias by Puccini, Mascagni, Leoncavallo, Giordano and Cilea. For Beczala, this recording documents his vocal transition from the lyrical tenor repertoire to the more dramatic roles of Verismo, and thus simultaneously marks a significant new chapter in his stage career. Beczala is accompanied by the Cor de la Generalitat Valenciana and the Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana, led by maestro Marco Boemi; an extraordinary singer’s conductor who has worked with the greatest vocalists of our age. “Piotr Beczala has the kind of voice you want to hang medals on. Its luminosity makes many of his fellow lyric tenors, past and present, sound by comparison like flickering candlewicks. Beczala’s clarity and cleanliness of tone are the essence of his appeal.” (Opera News Awards, 2015)

189 kr
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