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Best new classical albums

Martin Cullingford's pick of the finest recordings from this month's reviews.
Here are the titles available from Naxos Direct.
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Monteverdi Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria 
Sols; Monteverdi Choir; English Baroque Soloists / John Eliot Gardiner 

"The instinctive and thrilling music-making is a given from Gardiner, but it’s the compelling characterisation that really makes this recording stand out. A musical drama, beautifully told." (Gramophone) 

Monteverdi’s great opera is a celebration of unwavering devotion, conveyed in some of the composer’s most poignant, heart-breaking music. After two brutal decades of war, the weary Ulysses is washed up on the rocky shore of his home island of Ithaca. There, he discovers the hordes of depraved admirers who have beseiged his faithful wife Penelope in his 20-year absence – and launches into battle to win back her love. Monteverdi’s opera is a celebration of unwavering devotion, conveyed in some of the composer’s most poignant, heartbreaking music. John Eliot Gardiner leads an exemplary cast of world-class singers alongside the Monteverdi Choir and English Baroque Soloists in this live recording from The National Forum of Music in Wroclaw, Poland – part of their critically acclaimed Monteverdi 450 tour in 2017,

299 kr
Image #3 JANUARY 2019
Lyatoshynsky Symphony No 3 
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra / Kirill Karabits 

As he discusses in an interview on page 28, Kirill Karabits believes this music should be much better known. An impressive album to mark 10 years with the Bournemouth Symphony." (Gramophone) 

With their second album on Chandos, the highly lauded team of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and its Chief Conductor, Kirill Karabits, presents another volume in their surround-sound series ‘Voices from the East’. This is music very close to the heart of the native Ukrainian Karabits: Boris Lyatoshynsky taught orchestration to his father, Ivan Karabits. Having absorbed the music of the Russian tradition and late-nineteenth-century Western European romanticism, Lyatoshynsky shaped his personal voice under the influence of twentieth-century modernist movements such as expressionism, as well as Ukrainian folk music, becoming a self-professed national composer. The premiere of Symphony No. 3 could not be given until Lyatoshynsky had rewritten the finale to accord with Communist Party requirements, the original movement having met with objections from the Soviet authorities. On this recording the symphony is heard as originally conceived. The symphonic ballad Grazhyna was written to mark the centenary of the death of Poland’s greatest poet, Adam Mickiewicz (1798-1855). Both works are confidently played by the BSO under a conductor whose musical decisions have the authority of one who directly embodies the legacy of the composer.

159 kr
Image #4 JANUARY 2019
Górecki String Quartets 
Tippett Quartet 

"Powerful music, which in some places packs the punch of much-larger forces than a string quartet, and at others possesses a moving fragility – demands which these players meet brilliantly." (Gramophone) 

"With the belated success of his Third Symphony ‘Symphony of Sorrowful Songs’ (Naxos 8.550822), Górecki emerged in the 1990s as a composer of world stature. Between 1988 and 1995 he wrote three string quartets for the Kronos Quartet that are among his most important mature works. This is the Tippett Quartet’s sixth album for Naxos."

89 kr
Image #5 JANUARY 2019
‘The Scene of the Crime’ 
Håkan Hardenberger tpt Colin Currie perc 

"An inspired coupling – trumpet and percussion, that is, and specifically Håkan Hardenberger and Colin Currie – in which poetry and lyricism are wonderfully to the fore." (Gramophone) 

The Scene of The Crime is a collection of the works performed by Colin Currie and Håkan Hardenberger in their duo recitals:

André Jolivet: Heptade
Joe Duddell: Catch
Tobias Broström: Dream Variations
Daniel Börtz: Dialogo 4
Brett Dean: ...the scene of the crime...

"The duo with Hakan Hardenberger is my musical safe space for maximum risk-taking. From my earliest point of connection with this most regal of musicians, what entranced me was the fearless audacity of the endeavour. Envelopes pushed, or simply reinvented, boundaries moved and canvasses recast. Rehearsals are intense; not many words spoken, a glance here or there, a certain type of breath taken, whilst the concerts are zones of feverish intensity, many-coloured and highly emotional. Too many now to pick out - San Fransisco, Seoul, Verbier, London, the Hanover concert with three World Premieres - I want to thank him for his encouragement, daring, humour and above all, friendship." - Colin Currie

129 kr
Image #6 JANUARY 2019
Bartók ‘Racines’ 
Florent Boffard pf 

"French pianist Florent Boffard here offers us fascinating and beautifully thought-through performances of solo Bartók piano music, impressively textured throughout and rich in personality." (Gramophone) 

Although he is regarded as a major composer of the Twentieth Century, Bartók himself attached equal importance to his career as a pianist and to his study of folk music.

Bartók’s piano works lie at the intersection of these three activities. These pieces were often the laboratories for his stylistic advances; but every bar of them exudes the folklore of Central Europe and the Hungarian composer’s love for nature.

139 kr
Image #7 JANUARY 2019
Beethoven. Liszt Piano Sonatas 
Till Fellner pf 

"Two highly engaging performances, recorded eight years apart, of two monumental works – including Beethoven’s Op 111 drawn from Fellner’s tour of the composer’s sonata cycle." (Gramophone) 

169 kr
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