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Image Baroque
A breathtaking Baroque banquet to celebrate 20 years of music making!

A delightful and surprising program of Baroque favorites, interpreted by Petri/Hannibal Duo.

Michala Petri, recorder
Lars Hannibal, archlute

Recorded in state-of-the-art Super Audio Sound! The Petri/Hannibal duo first appeared on stage in the winter of 1991, and performed their first full concert in the summer of 1992 at the Monastery La Cartuja de la Sierra in Andalusia, Spain. Since then, they have appeared in concert halls and festivals around the world, giving nearly 1500 concerts in programs of music from the late renaissance and early baroque, the classical and romantic periods, to contemporary works written especially for them. Together, they have released five CDs including Kreisler Inspirations (2001) which received the prestigious Deutscher Schallplattenpreis. In 2006, the duo formed OUR Recordings, to present the continuing musical adventures of two most imaginative musicians. In celebration of their 20th anniversary, the duo has newly recorded a program of their most popular Baroque repertoire as a very special gift to the audience, their friends and fans around the world!

"It also goes without saying that Michala Petri has no peer today as a master of her instrument, and she wrings more color and expressive intensity from the recorder than you ever believed possible"
David Hurwitz,

"`s to the credit of the considerable musicianship of this amiable duo, who even the most tired compositional device commands attention"
William Yeoman, Gramophone

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Image Ta mig med: Songs for Classical Guitar
A journey into the heart of the Danish soul.Kim Larsen (1945-2018) – the much loved Danish rock musician and multi-artist -Kim Larsen (1945-2018) – the much-loved Danish rock musician and multifaceted artist - captures – in music and words – the Danish soul. With his 500 recorded songs and 40 albums he is known by all Danes of all ages. Guitarist, and head of guitar department at The Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Jesper Sivebæk, had 2 heroes in his youth: Andrés Segovia and Kim Larsen – and they have followed him ever since. For more than 10 years Jesper Sivebæk has worked on the pieces on this album. With his great experience he uses the possibilities of the guitar to the utmost, and follows the classical tradition of making instrumental versions of folk songs – as in Miguel Llobet’s arrangements of Catalan folksongs, Benjamin Britten’s English and Chinese folksongs arrangements, and Bela Bartok’s Hungarian folk songs. Sivebæk is true both to the beauty and the simplicity of Kim Larsens songs, and to his instrument – the classical Spanish guitar. In these arrangements classical guitar players around the globe now have 12 new pieces to discover and put on their concert programs.

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Image 6 Sonatas for recorder, harpsichord and viola da g
Unlike the other landmark collections that came from Bach’s pen, the six flute sonatas all appear to have been "one offs" with no particular plan for publication as a set. Further, in contrast to the collections for solo strings, Bach's chamber music for flute was written comparatively late in his career, the earliest, the Sonata in E minor BWV1034, probably a product of Bach’s early Leipzig years (mid-1720s) and the latest, the Sonata in E major for flute and continuo BWV1035, is believed to have been written during the last decade of composer’s life for Frederick the Great. In honor of OUR Recordings' 40th Release, Michala Petri could scarcely choose a more exciting program than a return visit to Bach’s Flute Sonatas; Michala’s famous 1992 recording with Keith Jarrett has long since attained legendary status.Just as her collaboration with Jarrett unveiled a 'new-born' approach to Bach, this new recording is likewise revelatory and… transcendent. Joining Michala on this journey is an early music dream team: harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani, rightly regarded as one of the fiercest of the younger generation of clavecinistes, playing his new Jukka Ollikka harpsichord, and Hille Perl, one of the world’s leading and most beloved viola da gambists rounding out the continuo unit. As we’ve come to expect from OUR Recordings, the sonics and packaging are as extraordinary as the performances thanks to the Wizard of Sound, Preben Iwan and booklet notes by Mahan Esfahani. This new recording of the Bach “Flute” Sonatas is destined to become a reference edition of this famous works.

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Image Årstiderne (The Four Seasons): 28 Danish Songs
A Uniquely Danish Four Seasons Following a series of military and economic defeats in the early 19th century, an enterprising group of teachers, pastors and writers set about to revive the Danish national spirit. Out of this environment the unique Danish tradition of the “folkehøjskole” (“Folk High School”) was born. The lofty goal of these institutions was to provide life-long popu-lar education, a sense of national pride and civic responsibility for the common person. The movement’s chief architect, the poet, philoso-pher, and pastor, N. F. S. Grundtvig knew full well the value of singing for creating a sense of community, so naturally, a new demand for Danish songs was created. In 1894, the fi rst Højskolesangbogen (High School Songbook) was published. A substantial revised edition was published in 1922, including many melodies by the famous composer Carl Nielsen. Today the collection includes 572 songs with 2.4 million copies sold and is the most popular songbook in the country to this day. The natural choice for performing this Treasury of Danish Song is, the internationally acclaimed Danish National Vocal Ensemble, the elite choir of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). With two Grammy nominations and the prestigious German ECHO Award for the CD The Nightingale, (recorded with recorder virtuoso Michala Petri), the French Diapason d’Or de l’annee, in addition to a host of other national and in-ternational accolades, their luminous sound provides the perfect frame for these simple, heartfelt expressions of the Danish soul.

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Image The Roots & the Flower: Counterpoint in Bloom
Although Robert Schumann’s public role in the Bach revival is less well known than that of Felix Mendelssohn, Bach’s music would play an influential effect throughout his life. Schumann would in turn, arrange and perform many of Bach’s works including adding piano parts to the Solo Violin Sonatas and Cellos Suites and trumpets to the St. John Passion! In 1843 he and Clara rented a custom-made pedalflügel - a dreadnought of an instrument combining a Friedrich Wieck grand piano with a pedal keyboard that enabled Schumann’s to play Bach’s organ music at home. During one of his periodic bouts of depression, Schumann became gripped by what he called Fugenpassion and shortly thereafter his obsession with Bach would blossom in the Canons and Fugues of Opp. 56 and 58. The curious name of this album references Carl Nielsen’s advice to fellow composer Ture Rangström, namely, to get down to the roots of a piece so that it would truly flower. And so following Nielsen’s advice, acclaimed organist Jens E. Christensen, a master of styles ancient and modern, dug deep to uncover the roots of Schumann’s imagination for this truly extraordinary program, a lovingly cultivated German-Danish, Piano-Organ, Baroque-Romantic hybrid, that will no doubt become a perennial favorite for fans of Schumann’s most florid contrapuntal creations.

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Image Territorial Songs: Works for Recorder by Sunleif R
Since his emergence on the musical scene in 2002 when his Symphony No. 1, “Oceanic Days” was the winner of The Nordic Council Music Prize, Faroese composer Sunleif Rasmussen has continued to make a name for himself and his island home on the world music scene. Among his many striking compositions is a growing corpus of works featuring the recorder. Beginning with his expansive concerto for recorders and large orchestra, Territorial Songs (2008-09), Rasmussen sought to expand the instrument’s persona and possibilities, freeing it from its historic associations with the music of the Renaissance and Baroque, pushing it into new territories. In this mission, the composer has been exceptionally fortunate to have as muse and musical partner one of the greatest recorder players ever, Michala Petri. The current project represents an overview of works composed from 2009 to 2020. All are scores featuring the recorder: as concerto soloist with a symphony orchestra, (Territorial Songs), a string ensemble (Winter Echoes), an obbligato in a complex choral setting (“I” ), chamber music (Flow), and unaccompanied (Sorrow and Joy Fantasy), each work a milestone in Rasmussen’s musical development . As always, Michala Petri brings each score to life with consummate artistry and is perfectly matched by each of the ensembles performing with her.

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Image [BLUE]
In releasing an album entirely of his own music, Guitarist, Lutenist and composer Lars Hannibal reflected upon an extraordinary – and somewhat unorthodox musical
career. While studying classical guitar and lute with the great masters of the
art, Hannibal lived a rich double life playing in a variety of bands and creative ensembles in artistic foment of ‘60s and ‘70s Counter Cultural Århus. It was during this time that Hannibal began finding his own creative voice, exploring the
exciting intersections between Baroque and Classical form, the direct earnest expression of Danish folk music, the ear-pleasing appeal of popular song and the expressive possibilities of modal jazz.

Hannibal has also found great joy in arranging music for the different ensembles he’s performed with, resulting in hundreds of arrangements for various instrumental combinations with guitar. Finally, as one of the most active musicians in Denmark, Hannibal has been a champion of living composer, including many of
Denmark’s finest, including Jørgen Jersild, Palle Mikkelborg, Herman D. Koppel, Thomas Koppel and Vagn Holmboe.

When assembling this program, it was only natural that Hannibal would draw on both his original works and his arrangements of Danish song. As a special treat, Hannibal, ever the mutli-faceted musician, the Neo-Classic composer, the pop songsmith, the faithful arranger of Danish folk song also takes pride in being Hannibal
the Poppa, with his daughters, Agnete and Amalie and his life-long musical
companion, his former wife Michala Petri joining him on his musical journey!

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Image American Recorder Concertos
The late 17th and early 18th centuries were the Golden Age of the Recorder. Played by amateurs and professional and admire by musical connoisseurs, the recorder was everywhere. From Italy to England, the greatest composers of the day were writing hundreds of masterworks to meet the public’s demand! Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, a scrappy group of colonists were carving a new nation out of the wilderness...

But where were the recorders??? It is one of the great ironies of the recorder’s long history, that de-spite being ubiquitous in nearly every American public music school program, few composers ever explored writing for it.

In order to set this egregious state of affairs to right, Michala Petri, the first Lady of the Recorder, invit-ed four American composers to make their own discovery of just what an Old World Recorder can do! For the newest installment of her ground-breaking Concerto Project, four works have been specially commissioned to showcase the sound of the modern recorder, including the late Steven Stucky’s
thoroughly contemporary Etudes, Roberto Sierra’s Latin-tinged Prelude, Habanera and Perpetual Motion, Harpsichord virtuoso Antony Newman’s Neo-Baroque Concerto for recorder, harpsichord & strings, and Sean Hickey’s boldly-wrought A Pacifying Weapon.

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Image Floating Islands: Guitar Music by Axel Borup-Jørge
Axel Borup-Jørgensen was by any definition, a singular figure in Danish music. Despite several major successes, he remained somewhat of a beloved outsider, embracing the modernist ideal throughout his career. Yet, there is an organic lyricism in his music which has been identified as uniquely “Scandinavian" in nature. The guitar provided Borup-Jørgensen with an ideal medium for musical expression offering both an intimacy and an ephemerality that complimented his increasingly inward looking aesthetic. The current program, meticulously played by Frederik Munk Larsen provides an overview of the composer’s guitar music, from his first major composition, the dramatic and gestural Praeambula, Op. 72, (1974-1976) to the late, aphoristic cycle floating islands, Op. 169, (2002), unique in the instrument’s literature for being composed entirely in harmonics.

Borup-Jørgensen worked closely with musicians at every phase – from pre-compositional strategies to performance - among them, guitarist Frederik Munk Larsen, whose extraordinary virtuosity and attention to the most fragile nuance, draw out the deep melancholy and organic beauty of this fearsomely difficult music. There is little doubt that this new recording will become an extraordinarily important document of 20th Century Guitar music.

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Image The Secret Mass
For their latest release, the Grammy-Nominated, ECHO Award-winning Danish National Vocal Ensemble under the direction of Marcus Creed have selected a program showcasing the works of two less familiar 20th century masters: Frank Martin and Bohuslav Martinu. Beyond the similarity of their surnames there is little in common between the two men. For Swiss-born Martin, his musical breakthrough came early in life when he heard a performance of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. His musical language draws on a wide variety of influences, including Renaissance polyphony, Hindemithian extended tonality and traces of Schoenberg’s twelve-tone system, but above all, Bach. In contrast, the urbane, cosmopolitan Martinu was a stylistic butterfly, and a bit of a late bloomer. One can easily hear traces of impressionism and Stravinskian neoclassicism throughout his mature style, but in his finest moments, Martinu embraces the love of folklore that inspired his elder countryman, Leoš Janácek. The centerpiece of this album is Martin's towering masterwork, the Mass for Double Choir. Originally completed in 1926, Martin did not allow the work to be performed until 1963. After its premiere he explained: ‘I felt that a personal expression of religious belief should remain secret and hidden from public opinion.’ Thankfully Martin decided to share his secret; his Mass has become one of the 20th century’s most powerful works composed for a cappella choir.

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Image Marin (DVD + SACD)
Borup-Jørgensen’s music exists on the margins of silence, punctuated with searing dramatic eruptions, all of which can be heard in his orchestral masterpiece Marin (1970). Borup-Jørgensen massive ‘sea symphony’ exists in its own unique world of sound - sometimes in as many as 55 separate voices - as is one of the most challenging and meticulously detailed orchestral textures every set to paper. Such visceral music demands visual expression and as part of this very special DVD/SACD release, Lückow Film, and an international team of animators directed by Morten Bartholdy bring Borup-Jørgensen’s musical world to life. Also included is the new film AXEL - a portrait of both the composer, and of mid-century Danish modernism featuring interviews with other composers, colleagues and friends, as well as excerpts from recent live performances of the music by Axel Borup-Jørgensen. As Borup-Jørgensen himself once said: ‘To compose is not to do what one can; if anything good is to come out of it, one must surpass oneself’ – all of the contributors to this special DVD/SACD release of Marin have surpassed every expectation and limitation!

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Image Garden Party
All good musical duos are conversations, and when Lars Hannibal and Michala Petri play together, they create an extraordinary, intimate space.

From their ?rst concert in the Monastery La Cartuja de la Sierra in Andalusia, Spain in the summer 1992, they have toured through out Europe, North and Central America and Asia, giving more than 1.500 co ncerts from a repertoire spanning from the late renaissance and early baroqu e, the classical and romantic periods, to contemporary music written e specially for them.

In celebration of their 25th Anniversary, Michala and Hannibal have selected a very special program of some of the pieces they hav e have played live so many times – to share that intimate “?eeting moment” they have perfected in the live performances. Featuring musical sketche s and character pieces by Carl Nielsen, Edvard Grieg, Edouard Lalo, Asger L und-Christiansen, Lars Hannibal and a new arrangement of an ancient Chine se melody, “Garden Party” perfectly captures the spirit of “Conversation, Com panionship and Communication” that has de?ned their quarter-century long musical partnership.

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Image A Pacifying Weapon (LP)
The featured work on this vinyl maiden voyage is American composer Sean Hickey’s three-movement concerto for recorders, winds, brass and percussion, “A Pacifying Weapon”. Composed as a response to recent, turbulent events, Hickey sought to convey the idea of a “tool or instrument that was capable of providing an instant and irreversible peace.”

In turning to the recorder, “an ancient instrument passed down unchanged through the years”, Hickey invoked many aspects of the ancient instrument’s personality, from the bucolic, the melancholic and even the militant. An extensive percussion battery enjoys second-billing in Hickey’s score, adding both drama and providing an effective foil for the recorder’s solo displays.

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Image Brazilian Landscapes
Who can resist the casual, seductive, ingenious and multilayered music of Brazil? A country of continental dimensions where all of Europe could fit within her borders! But size isn’t everything! From the lithesome, musical elegance of the choro to the hypnotic sensuality of the Bossa nova, and a kaleidoscope of subtle rhythms wrapped in sophisticated jazz harmonies, the sound of Brazilian music is unforgettable unmistakable, and best summed up by the Portuguese word “saudade,” which mingles yearning, sadness and memory. The leading recorder-player for decades, Michala Petri returns to take us on a new musical journey to Terra do Brasil through the music of Jobim, Nazareth, Gismonti, Villa-Lobos, Hermeto Pascoal and others. Joining her are two exciting musicians in their fields: the young guitarist and composer Daniel Murray and award winning percussionist/composer Marilyn Mazur. A natural guitar prodigy, Murray has established himself at a young age as both a masterful interpreter of the music of Tom Jobim and as a leading voice in the contemporary Brazil-ian music scene. Marilyn Mazur has received numerous jazz awards, toured for several years with Miles Davis and has a vast experience in many musical fields. With her exceptional listening abilities, and inventive use of percussion she colors the music in soundscapes, ranging from subtle shades to high energy, matching the two other instruments perfectly. Together, Michala, Marilyn and Daniel transport you to Brasil Sensational! Listen to this disc on your player (please DON’T stream it! You’ll miss the full intimacy of the masterful engineering of Mikkel Nymand and Preben Iwan...) set up a pitcher of caipirinhas, close your eyes, and imagine yourself beneath an amber moon and softly murmur ‘someday soon.’

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Image Organ Music by Axel Borup-Jørgensen
The smallest fluctuations and nuances in Axel Borup-Jørgensen’s music can have the impact of an earthquake. It is a music born out of stillness. It is a quiet modernism, where the silences speak just as insistently as the few, but decisive, outbursts.The present recording provides an overview of Borup-Jørgensen’s small but highly distinctive oeuvre for organ. Borup- Jørgensen’s unique – and surprisingly numerous works for the “King of Instruments” set him apart from many of his contemporaries. In addition to writing highly individual solo works, six of the pieces recorded here call for additional musicians from Strophen (1962), an expressionistic setting of a text by Rainer Maria Rilke for voice and organ, to Portal for percussion and organ Opus 181 (2009), a work composed for concert in honor of his 85th birthday. Joining organist Jens E. Christensen on this sonic journey is percussionist Mathias Reumert, mezzo-soprano Pia Rose Hansen, harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani, bass-baritone Jakob Bloch Jespersen, and Lars Sømod, second organist on organo per due Opus 133.1 (1989). Christensen plays the historic organ at Vor Frelsers Church, Copenhagen, a glorious Baroque instrument built by the Botzen Brothers 1698-1700. Even silent, the instrument is an imposing structure, with over 4000 pipes, housed in an ornately decorated case sculpted by Christian Nerger, featuring a bust of King Christian V at the center.

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Image Piano Music
Axel Borup-Jørgensen lived a quiet life as a composer, piano teacher and avid concert-goer. Never attached to an academic post or, active as a performing musician, he thrived as a beloved outsider, continuing to develop his intensely personal style until his death on 15 October 2012. A meticulous modernist, who worked towards an ever-increasing clarity, his music is characterized by its concentrated language and fine graduation of expression. Despite being a competent pianist, Borup-Jørgensen’s output for the instrument was surprisingly small, but he wrote for the instrument throughout his entire career. The works on this program represent an overview of his works for solo piano, spanning nearly fifty years, from the early Passacaglia for piano Op. 2b (1948) to the crystalline raindrop interludes Op. 144 (1994). Borup-Jørgensen’s writing for the piano is remarkably consistent, favoring exquisitely crafted phrases over virtuoso displays, but this music is by no means simple; these incredibly detailed scores require the utmost concentration from the player! Erik Kaltoft is the ideal interpreter for this demanding repertoire. Boasting an impressive resume as a contemporary music specialist, with the first performances of more than 200 works by such composers as Per Nørgård, Gunnar Berg and Bent Lorentzen to his credit, Kaltoft was also the composer’s friend and frequent collaborator for almost 45 years. For those listeners seeking an entry point into Borup-Jørgensen’s musical universe, Kaltoft’s deeply sympathetic interpretations reveal the jewel-like precision, and passionate nature-mysticism to be found in his work. Also available from OUR Recordings are: The Recorder Music, featuring Michala Petri and Elisabet Selin (8.226910) and Percussion Universe, featuring Gert Mortensen (6.220608). Coming in October are world premiere recordings of Borup-Jørgensen’s organ music and chamber works featuring Jens E. Christensen, Mahan Esfahani and Mathias Reumert amongst others (6.220617). Recorded in the DXD audio format (Digital eXtreme Defination) 352.8 kHz/32 bit, by Danish Grammy nominated producer Preben Iwan.

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Image German and French Recorder Concerto
For this fourth installment in her contemporary “Concertos” project, Michala Petri has recorded the World Premieres of works by composers from France, the former state of East Germany and modern Germany.

Acclaimed conductor Fabrice Bollon contributes Your Voice Out of the Lamb an epic, genre-busting tone poem inspired by one of the greatest Rock concept albums of all time, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Genesis.

The late East German composer Günter Kochan is represented by his bracing Music for alto recorder, 25 string instruments and percussion.
Also included is Markus Zahnhausen’s Recordare, a veritable ‘Concerto da Requiem’ for solo recorder and orchestra.

Michala Petri is joined on this musical adventure by the Odense Symphony Orchestra under the able direction of Christoph Poppen, and prove themselves to be stylistic chameleons more than equal to the challenge of these surprising and
challenging scores.

95 kr (159 kr)
Image Let the Angels Sing
Michala Petri, recorder
Danish National Vocal Ensemble / Michael Bojesen

Each year,as the days grow shorter and temperatures a little colder, we begin to experience a sense of anticipation and excitement, as the holidays draw near.'Tis the season for delicious smells ,heart-warming sights, and joyful sounds; no other time of year is as filled with musical celebrations and good will, when even strangers come together and raise their voices in song!

New for this year, composer and arranger Michael Bojesen has selected hymns and carols from across the centuries and around the world, adding a touch of extra holiday joy with the soaring descants of Michala Petri's recorder, shining brightly like the star atop a Christmas tree.

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Image Nordic Sound
Michala Petri, recorder
Lapland Chamber Orchestra
Clemens Schuldt, conductor

Nordic Sound - Tribute to Axel Borup-Jørgensen was conceived as a musical memorial to the late Danish modern master, Axel Borup-Jørgensen. Five leading Danish and Faroese composers, Bent Sørensen, Sunleif Rasmussen, Thomas Clausen, Mogens Christensen and Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, were commissioned by Edition Borup- Jørgensen and the composer's daughter, Elisabet Selin to write a recorder concerto for Michala Petri and string orchestra. The choice of the recorder was both an outgrowth of Borup-Jørgensen's decade's long engagement with the instrument and as Petri's personal tribute, who became a "second daughter" to the composer. Rather than writing music in "Axel's style", each of the composers was encouraged to refl ect upon their own feelings and responses to the man and his music, from Christensen's shimmering modernism, and Clausen's congenial, neobaroque stylings, to the daunting and sometimes dark atmospheres of Sørensen, Rasmussen and Gudmundsen- Holmgreen. The premieres took place at a sold-out concert at Louisiana Museum for Modern Art on November 14, 2014 by Petri and the Lapland Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Clemens Schuldt. The concert was recorded for the Danish National Radio, and broadcast all over Europe. (Live Videos available on OUR Recordings YouTube Channel). Immediately after the concert, the whole team went to Lapland to record the program. Though he left behind no disciples and established no "school", Axel Borup-Jørgensen was a seminal fi gure in contemporary Danish musical life and deserving of much wider recognition.

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Image Danish & Faroese Recorder Ctos.
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Image L'Amour et la foi
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Image UKDK
During the height of the Greek economic crisis, the 13th International Pharos Chamber Music Festival on the island of Cyprus was in jeopardy of being cancelled due to the sudden loss of funding. Were it not for the passion and commitment of those artists who waived their performance fees, the festival would only be remember as another casualty of the austerity programs across Europe.

But for two of the artists, adversity fueled a performance so compelling, that English Music critic Norman Lebrecht would describe their recital as a "A match made in heaven."

The artists from that now legendary concert were rising star of the harpsichord Mahan Esfahani and reigning queen of the recorder, Michala Petri. So successful was their collaboration, they immediately set about planning future recordings are recitals.

The idea for this album and its unusual programme immediately suggested itself: "Michala is a Dane and Mahan lives in UK!" explains producer Lars Hannibal. And what better way to showcase their talents than with music from their respective homelands?

Focusing exclusively on 20th repertoire - much of it composed especially for Michala, including a newly commissioned work from Daniel Kidane as well as CD premiers of works by Vagn Holmboe and Henning Christiansen - the duo offer a wide-ranging recital that fully exploits the expressive possibilities these two typically "Baroque" instruments offer contemporary composers.

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Image Ta mig med: Songs for Classical Guitar (Vinyl)
A journey into the heart of the Danish soul.Kim Larsen (1945-2018) – the much loved Danish rock musician and multi-artist -Kim Larsen (1945-2018) – the much-loved Danish rock musician and multifaceted artist - captures – in music and words – the Danish soul. With his 500 recorded songs and 40 albums he is known by all Danes of all ages. Guitarist, and head of guitar department at The Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Jesper Sivebæk, had 2 heroes in his youth: Andrés Segovia and Kim Larsen – and they have followed him ever since. For more than 10 years Jesper Sivebæk has worked on the pieces on this album. With his great experience he uses the possibilities of the guitar to the utmost, and follows the classical tradition of making instrumental versions of folk songs – as in Miguel Llobet’s arrangements of Catalan folksongs, Benjamin Britten’s English and Chinese folksongs arrangements, and Bela Bartok’s Hungarian folk songs. Sivebæk is true both to the beauty and the simplicity of Kim Larsens songs, and to his instrument – the classical Spanish guitar. In these arrangements classical guitar players around the globe now have 12 new pieces to discover and put on their concert programs.

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Image La Follia
95 kr (159 kr)
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