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Hugo Alfvén föddes (1872-1960).

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Image Swedish Composers - Hugo Alfvén (2CD)
Hugo Alfvén 150th Anniversary 2022!
Few Swedish composers from the romantic era are as known as Hugo Alfvén (1872-1960). He was born in Stockholm, but later in life moved to Leksand in Dalarna, where he became a true Dalecarlian symbol. This collection contains some of his most famous works, both orchestral, choir and songs, performed by well known artists and ensembles such as Jussi Björling and Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

95 kr (119 kr)
Image Orchestral Suites
127 kr (159 kr)
Image Cantatas, Vol. 1
127 kr (159 kr)
Image Cantatas, Vol. 2
127 kr (159 kr)
Image The Lord's Prayer
111 kr (139 kr)
Image Songs - Marianne Häggander
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Image Synnøve Solbakken / A Country-Tale / Suite
Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
Niklas Willén, conductor

"Niklas Willén och symfonikerna tar vara på de dramatiska effekterna utan att sockra alltför mycket"
(Norrköpings Tidningar)

"Inspelningen rekommenderas"
(Världen Idag)

- In his native Sweden Hugo Alfvén's music ranks as the most significant after that of Berwald. The music on this disc consists of two suites drawn from films that Alfvén scored during the 1930s and 1940s.

- Both Suites draw on folk-tunes to evoke the countryside with a mix of bucolic devices and sombre pastoral melodies. Although the films were not well received, Alfvén's music was widely commended.

- In Elégie, Alfvén pays tribute to fellow countryman and composer Emil Sjögren (1853-1918). This work anticipates his own Fourth Symphony (Naxos 8.557284).

- This is the second symphonic Alfvén offering from the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra following their issue of the composer's fifth symphony in February 2007.

95 kr (119 kr)
Image Symphony No. 5 / Andate religioso
Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
Niklas Willén, dirigent


" Lennart Dehn som producent låter Norrköpingssymfonikerna som en orkester i världsklass."
(Dagens Nyheter)

95 kr (119 kr)
Image Symphony No. 4 (From the Outmost Skerries)

Niklas Willén har fått fin kritik för sina inspelningar med Alfvéns symfonier. Bl a har hans tolkning av andra symfonin (8.555072) fått tre stjärnor i Penguin Guide. Vi vill även påminna om inspelningarna av "Symfoni nr 1" (8.550090) och "Symfoni nr 3" (8.553729) som ingår i denna serie.

"...en alltigenom välgenomtänkt tolkning..."
"...ljudet...överträffar flera av de tolkningar som kommit på senare år..."
"...Med denna Alfvéncykel framstår Willén allt tydligare som Stig Westerbergs arvtagare när det gäller den svenska orkesterrepertoaren..."
(Dagens Nyheter)

95 kr (119 kr)
Image Alfvén Edition, Vol. 3
Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra /
Nils Grevillius; Stig Westerberg.

Hugo Alfvén

Symfoni nr 3

1. Allegro con brio

2. Andante

3. Presto

4. Allegro con brio

5. Dalarapsodi

39 kr (49 kr)
Image Symphony No. 2 / The Prodigal Son

National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland / Niklas Willén.

Hugo Alfvén

Den förlorade sonen - Balettsvit

95 kr (119 kr)
Image Symphony No. 3 / Legend of the Skerries / Dalecarl
The music of Hugo Alfvén has always been close to the hearts of the Swedish people. More than any other composer, he is regarded as representing the spirit of the country. This might also be due to the fact that for many years he lived in Dalecarlia, the province where genuine folk-music tradition is at its strongest.
The emotionally charged tone-poem ”En skärgårdssägen” (Legend of the Skerries) was completed in 1904. "My innermost self belongs to the skerries" Alfven writes. "I have had my best ideas when sailing on dark and stormy nights. The wild autumn has been my greatest inspiration."
The Dalarapsodi (Dalecarlian Rhapsody) of 1931 belongs to the composer's later years. Like so many other compositions from this period it is nostalgic and rather sad.
In the summer of 1905, the ”Third Symphony” began to take shape. Alfvén says. "The symphony has no programme, it depicts neither concrete nor abstract. It is an expression of the joy of living, an expression of the sun-lit happiness that filled my whole being". Alfvén conducted the first performance in December 1906 in Gothenburg.

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Image Symphony No. 1 / Festival Overture / Uppsala Rhaps
95 kr (119 kr)
Image The Swedish Rhapsodies
Förutom Hugo Alfvéns populära verk Midsommarvaka ingår även bl a Vallflickans dans ur Bergakungen.
Kungliga Filharmoniska Orkestern / Neeme Järvi.
Hugo Alfvén

135 kr (169 kr)
Image OD Sings Alfvén
135 kr (169 kr)
Image Symphony No.5
135 kr (169 kr)
Image Symphony No. 4 / En skärgårdssägen
Christina Högman, soprano
Claes-Håkan Ahnsjö, tenor
Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, orchestra
Neeme Järvi, conductor

135 kr (169 kr)
Image Symphony No. 3 / Dalarapsodi
Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra / Neeme Järvi

135 kr (169 kr)
Image Symphony No. 2
Hugo Alfvéns Second Symphony has been described as a Swedish Symphonie Fantastique. In it the colourful composer presents a more gripping aspect of his artistry, depicting a young man´s progress from bright hopes to the contest between life and death in the final movement. A music drama in four acts, with the composer himself taking the lead part.

71 kr (89 kr)
Image Symphony No.1
135 kr (169 kr)
Image Symphony No. 2/Swedish Rhapsody No. 1 (Midsommarva
135 kr (169 kr)
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