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JoAnn Falletta

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Image Roman Trilogy: Roman Festivals; Fountains of Rome;
JoAnn Falletta leads the Buffalo Philharmonic in Respighi’s Roman Trilogy. Previous Respighi recording (8.557711) was a Gramophone Editor’s Choice and was a GRAMMY® nominee.

89 kr
Image The Birthday of the Infanta (Suite); Prelude to a
Franz Schreker was a prominent figure in early 20th-century Austro-German music, his reputation as an opera composer rivalling that of Richard Strauss. The Prelude to a Drama is the concert overture of Schreker’s acclaimed opera Die Gezeichneten, a lurid drama involving murder and madness. The Birthday of the Infanta adapts Oscar Wilde’s tragic tale of an ugly dwarf who dies of a broken heart, while the Romantic Suite fully explores the composer’s colourfully detailed and translucent orchestration and lyrical expressiveness.

89 kr
Image Piano Concerto (Spiritualist); Poems of Life; Glac
Kenneth Fuchs celebrates his fifteen-year recording history with conductor JoAnn Falletta and the London Symphony Orchestra with this stunning release of three new concertos and an orchestral song cycle. The is the sixth album of Fuchs’ music on Naxos.

89 kr
Image Orchestral Music from Der Ring
Wagner’s gift for orchestral colour and scenic characterisation are to the fore in these seven tableaux or tone poems, which evoke major scenes from Wagner's magnum opus Der Ring des Nibelungen.

89 kr
Image Concerto for Orchestra; Dances of Galanta; Dances
Zoltán Kodály, like his compatriot Béla Bartók, wrote major orchestral scores that were deeply enriched by his research into Hungarian folk music. The Dances of Galánta are full of swagger and vitality, and the Concerto for Orchestra, commissioned for the Chicago Symphony’s 50th anniversary, is lush, sparkling and vivid. Like the Variations on a Hungarian Folk Song, ‘The Peacock’, a virtuoso showcase of sizzling effects, these scores reveal the brilliance of his orchestral colours and the indelible allure of gypsy themes.

89 kr
Image In the Tatra Moutains
Three richly melodic works that show Novák, a fellow student of Josef Suk in Dvorák’s composition master-class at the Prague Conservatory, at the height of his powers. In the Tatra Mountains was inspired by the composer's journeys in this magnificent region while the evocative Eternal Longing is based on a poem by Hans Christian Andersen. This is a superb complement to Falletta’s Buffalo recording of Josef Suk’s Fairy Tale [8572323].

89 kr
Image Ariadne auf Naxos
Richard Strauss’ Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme suite was one of his own favourite scores, an absolute jewel of incidental music that combines the composer’s romanticism with his love of the Baroque music of Jean-Baptiste Lully. D. Wilson Ochoa has created a new symphonic orchestral suite from Strauss’ opulent Ariadne auf Naxos, enabling the orchestra to revel in music of extreme beauty and sensuous luxury, studded with gorgeous instrumental solos and the composer’s incomparable blend of poignancy, humour and melodic richness.

89 kr
Image Songs
Arnold Schoenberg founded the Society for Private Musical Performances in 1918 to perform contemporary music from ‘Mahler to the present’. Mahler had been an early supporter of Schoenberg’s music, and Schoenberg repaid the favour by arranging Mahler’s orchestral works for chamber ensemble and including them at the society’s concerts. The colourful Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen are given a feel of great intimacy in this form, while the lighter scoring of Das Lied von der Erde has the advantage of clarifying instrumental textures, its magical effects capturing ‘the finite nature of earthly things’.

89 kr
Image The Soldier’s Tale – Suite, Octet, Les Noces
The three works on this recording were composed at a crucial juncture in Stravinsky's musical life. The Soldier's Tale, a small-scale theatrical work for instrumental septet, narrator and two speakers completed in 1918 (Naxos 8573537). It is performed here in the suite premiered in 1920. The Octet marked a new element in Stravinsky's writing, inaugurating a turn to neo-classicism, whilst Les Noces (The Wedding) is a ballet cantata impelled by dramatic motor rhythms, and once again saturated in his Russian background. Scored for pitched and unpitched percussion, vocal soloists, and mixed chorus, it is a pivotal work in Stravinsky's development.

89 kr
Image Cello Concertos Nos. 1 & 2
Mark Kosower, cello
Ulster Orchestra / JoAnn Falletta

Irish-born Victor Herbert was one of the most celebrated names in American music in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A cellist, conductor, and composer of light operas, he was also a recording artist. His two Cello Concertos are full of graceful melodies, the First having a songlike slow movement and a spirited Polonaise finale that earned praise at its 1885 première in Stuttgart. The Second Concerto, scored for a large orchestra, is more tightly constructed than the First. It was hearing this work that inspired Herbert’s boss at the National Conservatory in New York, Antonin Dvorák, to write his own great B minor Cello Concerto.

89 kr
Image The Soldier's Tale (Complete)
Tianwa Yang, violin
Fred Child, narrator
Jared McGuire, The Soldier
Jeff Biehl, The Devil

Virginia Arts Festival Chamber Players / JoAnn Falletta

Pamela Berlin, director

Stravinsky conceived the idea of a small-scale theatrical work towards the end of the First World War. Collaborating with Swiss writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz and painter and designer René- Victor Auberjonois, he wrote Histoire du Soldat (The Soldier's Tale), derived from a Russian folk tale by Alexander Afanasyev. It is scored for narrator, two speakers and an instrumental septet - 'to be read, played and danced' as there is also a non-speaking dancing rôle. The Faustian morality tale is rendered as a music drama of extraordinary rhythmic charge and gripping power.

89 kr
Image Antoine et Cléopatre
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra / JoAnn Falletta

A student of Massenet and Fauré, winner of the Prix de Rome in 1900 and friend to Ravel and Satie, Florent Schmitt had a style that blended influences and inspiration from wherever the spirit took him. His incidental music for Antony and Cleopatra originally formed ballet scenes between the acts, evoking and enhancing Shakespeare's saga of rivalry between the Roman Empire and Egypt, and the tragic consequences of star-crossed love. Schmitt's The Haunted Palace follows the nuances of Mallarmé's translation from Edgar Allan Poe in lush orchestration and a sound-scape of enigmatic symbolist imagery.

Läs mer och provlyssna här:

89 kr
Image Orchestral Works 2
The late 19th century witnessed unprecedented musical growth in the United States, and it is impossible to imagine a Copland, an Ives or even a Gershwin without the pioneering groundwork of the 'Boston Six', of whom John Knowles Paine was the senior member. Favourite among his own works, Paine's Second Symphony was described on its New York première as "a serious, important and totally beautiful work." His Prelude to the tragic play Oedipus Tyrannus was an immediate hit, while An Ocean Fantasy was his last orchestral piece. The first of this set of two volumes of Paine's complete published orchestral works is available on 8.559747.

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 2 (Ascendant)
London Symphony Orchestra
JoAnn Falletta

Jack Gallagher continues his association with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by JoAnn Falletta with Symphony No. 2 'Ascendant,' a robust, colourful work of dramatic contrasts and expansive architecture that seeks to express the aspirations and strivings of the human spirit. Quiet Reflections is a calm, serenely lyrical meditation which evokes a sense of longing for past tranquility. Gallagher's previous Naxos release Orchestral Music (8559652) with the LSO conducted by JoAnn Falletta was awarded five stars by BBC Music Magazine and hailed as "fresh and exuberant" and for "its explosions of sound and colour" by Gramophone.

89 kr
Image Falling Man
Kenneth Fuchs, one of America's leading composers, deepens his bond with conductor JoAnn Falletta and the London Symphony Orchestra with this superb recording of vocal music featuring baritone Roderick Williams. The new works include Falling Man, a dramatic scena based on the powerful post-9/11 novel by Don DeLillo; Movie House, a cycle featuring settings of seven poems by John Updike; and Songs of Innocence and of Experience, four settings from William Blake's iconic two-part illustrated collection of poems. Fuchs's music continues to find its visual counterpart in the work of Abstract Expressionist artist Helen Frankenthaler, whose art adorns the cover of this disc.

89 kr
Image Kossuth
All three of the works in this programme reveal a young composer on the threshold of greatness, serving as his passport to the vast new world of orchestral music prevailing at the beginning of the 20th century. Inspired by the tone poems of Richard Strauss, Bartók's Kossuth dramatically commemorates the struggle for Hungarian independence in 1848 with an alluring and provocative orchestration. The Two Portraits set moods of love and painful heartbreak into stark contrast, while the First Suite is a showcase of symphonic effects which caused a sensation in Vienna at its première in 1905.

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 3 (Ilya Muromets)
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra • JoAnn Falletta

"The Glière Symphony No. 3 has always been a piece that shimmered on my horizon - a cult piece, in a way, renowned as the composer's towering masterpiece but rarely played in concert. As long as a Mahler symphony and enormous in its instrumental requirements, it was a work that people spoke about reverently but almost never heard live. The recording was an adventure that changed our orchestra, strengthened us, and became an artistic benchmark for our musicians. We revelled in the gorgeous landscape of the Symphony - from mysterious bass murmurings to crushing walls of brass fortissimo to breathtaking impressionistic renderings of forests and birds. We performed and recorded this massive work uncut to preserve Glière's extraordinary architecture. This work is a cathedral in sound that unfolds in breathtaking swashes of colour, poetry and monumental climaxes." - JoAnn Falletta
Classics Today 10/10 rating
'the finest version yet recorded of Glière's epic Third Symphony, "Il'ya Muromets"' -

'highly dramatic and extremely colorful character' - Pizzicato

89 kr
Image In The Mountain Country / Rhapsodies
"JoAnn Falletta brings real vibrancy to these scores."
- MusicWeb International

'Falletta brings a vivacity and enthusiasm to these works which is infectious' - Gramophone

'excellent performances, colourfully and vividly recorded' - International Record Review

5 star rating!
'A welcome issue: a well-prepared, nicely played and well-recorded collection of Moeran's shorter orchestral works' - Musical Opinion

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 2
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra • JoAnn Falletta
Fabio Bidini, piano

Marcel Tyberg was a victim of the World War II Holocaust, but his scores were preserved and have recently been revived through the support of JoAnn Falletta and the BPO. The Second Symphony is filled with romantic enchantment and pastoral narrative, reflecting Tyberg's reverence for nineteenth-century styles. The Second Piano Sonata also develops earlier traditions, revealing the influence of Beethoven. Tyberg's Third Symphony can be heard on Naxos 8.572236, the Washington Post stating that the Buffalo Philharmonic "has never sounded better... Tyberg's music is wellcrafted and earnest, tuneful and filled with seriousness of purpose and harmonic mastery."

89 kr
Image Symphony No 1
Ulster Orchestra • JoAnn Falletta

John Knowles Paine was one of the 'Boston Six', a group of important American composers active in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. His German training equipped him with considerable formal skill and he soon rose to become a pioneer of the symphonic tradition in America. Paine's Symphony No. 1 received a tremendous reception at its première on account of its attractive themes, skilful orchestration and accomplished design. The Overture As You Like It is notable for its graceful and tuneful themes, whereas Shakespeare's Tempest is a more adventurous and powerful Lisztian tone poem.

89 kr
Image Rhapsody in Blue
Orion Weiss, piano • John Fullam, clarinet
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra • JoAnn Falletta

George Gershwin fired up the New York music scene with his mélange of alluring tunes and refinement of the jazz vibe. His Strike up the Band Overture opened a flashy Broadway hit and, inspired by a train ride, the composer heard his masterpiece Rhapsody in Blue as a "musical kaleidoscope of America". Promenade was reconstructed from a 1937 film score, and Catfish Row was Gershwin's concert suite from the opera Porgy and Bess. Acclaimed as a "bold, gutsy performance with plenty of pizzazz" and with "impressive brilliance and depth", JoAnn Falletta's previous Gershwin volume can be found on 8.559705 or Blu-ray NBD0025.

89 kr
Image Cello Concerto
Guy Johnston, cello
Rebekah Coffey, Soprano
Ulster Orchestra
JoAnn Falletta, conductor

The Cello Concerto is one of Anglo-Irish composer E. J. Moeran's most important works. Composed in 1945, its deft scoring and memorable melodic material mark it as a work of his maturity. At its heart is the raptly lyrical and profoundly felt slow movement but the whole concerto reflects the singing qualities of the solo instrument. The much-admired Serenade is heard in the 1996 edition of the original 1948 version with eight movements. Lonely Waters is a brief but evocative orchestral rhapsody, and Whythorne's Shadow a touching fantasy based on an Elizabethan madrigal.

89 kr
Image Black, Brown and Beige
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
JoAnn Falletta, conductor

Edward Kennedy 'Duke' Ellington wrote some of the twentieth century's greatest Big Band music, but he also wrote in a variety of forms. The boisterous and evocative Harlem pays tribute to Ellington's roots, Black, Brown, and Beige sets work songs and spirituals, whilst the suite from The River shows his genius in writing for the stage. Three Black Kings, scored as a ballet, was left unfinished at his death, but shows no lessening of invention. Ellington's arrangement of Billy Strayhorn's Take the 'A' Train became famous around the world after the outbreak of World War II, and ranks among the most widely recorded standards of all time.

89 kr
Image Atlantic Riband
London Symphony Orchestra / JoAnn Falletta

Kenneth Fuchs is one of America's leading composers and his latest collaboration with award-winning conductor JoAnn Falletta and the London Symphony Orchestra-the first volume of which (8.559224) was nominated for two GRAMMY® awards-reveals the breadth of his achievement. Atlantic Riband evokes the struggle and ultimate victory of ocean-crossing immigrants to America in an orchestral showpiece of power and splendor. American Rhapsody is a lyrical romance for violin and orchestra, and Divinum Mysterium a single-movement viola concerto rich in expressive tapestry. Concerto Grosso shows Fuchs's sheer energy, and Discover the Wild is an orchestral overture of lyricism and color.

89 kr
Image Cotswolds Symphony
Ulster Orchestra / JoAnn Falletta

Gustav Holst's youthful enthusiasm for Wagner is reflected in his ebullient Walt Whitman overture written in 1899. Shortly afterwards he composed the Cotswolds Symphony which embraces hints of contemporary British folk music but is dominated by the slow movement, a profound elegy for the utopian socialist William Morris. Though completed at college, A Winter Idyll shows real orchestral assurance. Indra is an accomplished tone poem revealing Holst's interest in the legends of India, whilst the glittering and evocative Japanese Suite was written in response to a request from a Japanese dancer appearing in London.

79 kr
Image An American Port of Call
Virginia Symphony Orchestra / JoAnn Falletta

Award-winning composer Adolphus Hailstork is a vibrant communicator whose music speaks directly and subtly. His Symphony No 1 was commissioned for festival performance and is imbued with the lyrical and vivid qualities of which he is a master. The Three Spirituals are richly affecting orchestral settings originally written for pipe organ. Fanfare on Amazing Grace is nobly conceived and An American Port of Call evokes the bustle inspired by Norfolk, Virginia. Whitman's Journey is a hymn of hope for those setting out on 'the seas of life.'

89 kr
Image Piano Concerto
Orion Weiss, piano
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra / JoAnn Falletta

George Gershwin's Concerto in F was a response to demands for a 'proper concerto' after the success of Rhapsody in Blue, avoiding programmatic content while providing a feast of tunes both uplifting and nostalgic. Originally intended as music for a film, his up-beat Rhapsody No 2 describes the bustling Manhattan cityscape while under construction. Sourced from his hit musical Girl Crazy, I Got Rhythm Variations was Gershwin's last full score. Pianist Orion Weiss is one of the most sought-after soloists and collaborators of his generation of young American musicians.

89 kr
Image Fairy Tale / Fantasy / Fantastic Scherzo
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
JoAnn Falletta, conductor

Encouraged by Brahms and Dvorák while embracing the innovative influences of Debussy, Mahler and Richard Strauss, Josef Suk ranked among the most important composers of the Romantic Czech school.

Suk's Fantasy in G minor carries the listener into the realms of reverie with its virtuosic solo violin and rich orchestration. The magical story of the romance of a dashing young prince, Radúz, who desires the hand of princess Mahulena from a rival mountain kingdom, lies behind Suk's luxuriantly orchestrated suite Fairy Tale. The Fantastic Scherzo is one of his most evocative works, with a haunting Czech tune on middle strings and cellos that lingers long in the heart.

79 kr
Image Symphony No. 3 / Piano Trio
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
JoAnn Falletta, conductor

Rescued from oblivion before his tragic death in Auschwitz in 1944, Marcel Tyberg's Symphony No. 3 sets out on a poetic journey with shades of Schumann and Brahms, Bruckner and Mahler, playful instrumental filigrees, colourful counterpoint and captivating harmonies. This sweeping work for large orchestra received its première performances by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by JoAnn Falletta, finally giving voice to a composer who never heard his masterpiece performed. Tyberg's chamber music also demonstrates his deep respect for 19thcentury musical modes and manners; imbued with the spirit of Beethoven and Mendelssohn, his Piano Trio brims with a richly Romantic esprit.

89 kr
Image Orchestral Music
London Symphony Orchestra
JoAnn Falletta, conductor

Jack Gallagher's Symphony in One Movement: Threnody has been acclaimed by in Tune magazine as 'enormously inventing' and by Österreichische Musikzeitschrift as 'a one-movement symphony of great colorfulness'. The warm, lyrical Berceuse was heralded by The Washington Post as 'a treat' and 'a lovely melodic and accessible work'. The spirited Diversions Overture and Sinfonietta for String Orchestra, in five-movement arch form, complete this survey of Gallagher's music for orchestra recorded by the London Symphony under the direction of JoAnn Falletta.

89 kr
Image Violin Concerto (The Red Violin)
With this new recording, JoAnn Falletta and the Buffalo Philharmonic continue their revelatory exploration of Corigliano's highly engaging and imaginative symphonic music. Phantasmagoria draws material from his immense opera The Ghosts of Versailles, with subliminal quotes from Mozart, Rossini and Wagner. Music from his third film score, The Red Violin, provided elements which Corigliano elaborates in the Violin Concerto, its opening Chaconne being described by the composer as 'a passionate romantic essay' which he has complemented with an effervescent Scherzo, an intensely emotional Andante and a racing, rollicking Finale.

89 kr
Image Variations on a Nursery Song / Symphonic Minutes /
Erno von Dohnányi had a long career as an important composer, pianist and teacher. Deeply indebted to the Germanic Romantic tradition, the works on this disc showcase his love of scintillating orchestral tone-colour-notably of brass, wind and percussion-and his fascination with Classical forms such as the variation. His Variations on a Nursery Song traverses several musical styles in a tour de force of good-humoured virtuosity, while the Symphonic Minutes and the Suite in F sharp minor cultivate a lush, romantic mood with characteristic dashes of suavity.

89 kr
Image Orchestral Suites: Josephs-Legende / Rosenkavalier
To give renewed life to two of his less well known scores, the fantasy opera Die Frau ohne Schatten and the biblical ballet Josephs-Legende, Richard Strauss created symphonic memoires which preserved both their storylines and musical highlights. Following the phenomenal success of his 'comedy for music' Der Rosenkavalier, Strauss prepared an orchestral suite based on the florid waltzes of his most famous opera. The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra under JoAnn Falletta has recorded several acclaimed discs for Naxos, including a double Grammy®-winning CD of John Corigliano's Mr Tambourine Man (8.559331).

79 kr
Image Shining Brow (2 CD)
Daron Hagen and Paul Muldoon's first, and highly successful, opera is based on the life of the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin (Welsh for 'Shining Brow'), the home he built for himself in Wisconsin. Popular with audiences and critics alike, Shining Brow has been hailed as a masterpiece full of fresh ideas, and is frequently performed. 'Hagen has a gift for the big tune, and he serves up some beauties' (New York Times). 'Its libretto is unusually inventive and poetic' (Capital Times).

159 kr
Image String Quartet No. 14 (arr. Orchestra) / Symphony
Schubert's music has been arranged by many other composers, though few have succeeded in amplifying the astonishing drama and pathos of a masterpiece such as the Death and the Maiden Quartet as has Andy Stein, who writes: 'I have tried to create a late classical / early Romantic symphony out of this great chamber work, so that it perhaps would sound as if Schubert himself had conceived it in this form'. The reconstruction of the Scherzo of Schubert's 'Unfinished' Symphony is based on fragments from the composer's notebooks. The last movement uses segments from Schubert's incidental music for Rosamunde, written shortly after he had set aside the Symphony, and which scholars believe may have been intended for its finale.

79 kr
Image Mr. Tambourine Man / Three Hallucinations
"A colleague suggested that I look into the poetry of the songs of Bob Dylan. Having not yet listened to the songs, I decided to send away for the texts only ... and found many of them to be every bit as beautiful and as immediate as I had heard - and surprisingly well-suited to my own musical language ... these would be in no way arrangements, or variations, or in any way derivations of the music of the original songs, which I decided to not hear before the cycle was complete ... I intended to treat the Dylan lyrics as the poems I found them to be. Nor would their settings make any attempt at pop or rock writing. I wanted to take poetry I knew to be strongly associated with popular art and readdress it in terms of concert art - crossover in the opposite direction, one might say. Dylan granted his permission, and I set to work."
(John Corigliano)

89 kr
Image Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2
Best known for his Variations on a Nursery Theme for piano and orchestra, the Hungarian composer Ernö von Dohnányi also wrote two published Symphonies, two Piano Concertos and two Violin Concertos, all of which have been undeservedly neglected. The rarely heard Violin Concerto No. 1, notable for its Brahmsian slow movement, combines virtuosity and lyricism. Written in the mould of the great Romantic violin concerto, and with an unmistakably Hungarian flavour, the superbly orchestrated and remarkably inventive Violin Concerto No. 2 (1949-50) is worthy of being ranked alongside the Concertos by Barber and Korngold.

89 kr
Image Canticle to the Sun / United Artists
Kenneth Fuchs has written for orchestra, band, chorus, jazz ensemble, and various chamber groups. His first recording for Naxos (8.559224) also featured the London Symphony Orchestra under JoAnn Falletta, as well as the orchestra’s principal horn player, Timothy Jones. This meeting inspired Fuchs to write the concerto Canticle to the Sun for Jones and United Artists as a tribute to the orchestra. Two of the works on this recording were inspired by paintings: Autumn Rhythm by Jackson Pollock’s famous picture of the same name, and Fire, Ice, and Summer Bronze by Helen Frankenthaler, whose art adorns the cover of this disc.

89 kr
Image Church Windows (Vetrate di chiesa) / Brazilian Inp

Although Respighi’s reputation rests on the justly celebrated trilogy of Roman tone poems (Naxos 8.550539), he also wrote a number of distinguished works in other forms. The four symphonic impressions Vetrate di chiesa (Church Windows) began life as Tre preludi sopra melodie gregoriane for piano (Naxos 8.553704), with the addition of a fourth movement to make a symphonic suite. Making full use of indigenous melodic and rhythmic shapes, Impressioni brasiliane (Brazilian Impressions) are a musical snapshot of the composer’s visit to Brazil in 1927. Rossiniana, Respighi’s orchestration of piano ‘trifles’ by Rossini, is one of his most brilliantly and colourfully scored works. It concludes with a wonderfully infectious Tarantella.

89 kr
Image Orchestral Works: Pygmalion / Portrait of Galatea
Romeo Cascarino, a virtually self-taught Philadelphia composer, was fiercely dedicated to the principles of tonality and the infinite beauty of orchestral color. His four orchestral works, written between 1948 and 1960, as well as the two chamber works also heard on this disc, were all inspired by literary and mythological sources. The programmatic ballet Pygmalion and the long adagio Portrait of Galatea embellish the Greek legend in rich harmonic detail. The rhythmically-urgent Prospice resulted from a reading of Browning's epic poem, and his buoyant The Acadian Land has at its source Longfellow's imaginary paradise. Portrait of Galatea, Prospice and The Acadian Land are receiving their first complete performances on this recording.
Philadelphia Philharmonia/JoAnn Falletta

Romeo Cascarino

1. Pygmalion

2. Portrait of Galatea

3. Blades of Grass

4. Prospice

Meditation and Elegy

5. Meditation

6. Elegy

7. The Acadian Land

89 kr
Image Rodeo / The Red Pony Suite / Prairie Journal / Let



De verk av Aaron Copland som här ingår är samtliga inspirerade av den amerikanska prärien, bl a musiken till filmatiseringen av John Steinbecks novell "The Red Pony".

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra/JoAnn Falletta


1. Prairie Journal

Rodeo - 4 Dance Episodes

2. Nr 1. Buckeroo Holiday

3. Nr 2. Corral Nocturne

4. Nr 3. Saturday Night Waltz

5. Nr 4. Hoe-Down

6. Letter from Home

The Red Pony Suite (orkesterversion)

7. I. Morning on the Ranch

8. II. The Gift

9. IIIa. Dream March

10. IIIb Circus March

11. IV. Walk to the Bunkhouse

12. V. Grandfather's Story

13. VI. Happy Ending

89 kr
Image An American Place / Eventide / Out of the Dark
Kenneth Fuchs, rektor på School of Music vid universitetet i Oklahoma 1998-2005, har komponerat musik för orkester, storband, kör, jazzensemblar, kammarmusik m m. Om "An American Place" skriver Fuchs följande:

...(An American Place is) intended to suggest the rich body of music created by the American symphonists who have come before me and from whom I continue to take inspiration...

Thomas Stacy, engelskt horn;
Timothy Jones, valthorn.

London Symphony Orchestra/JoAnn Falletta.

Kenneth Fuchs

1. An American Place

2. Eventide

Out of the Dark - After Three Paintings by Helen Frankenthaler (version för kammarorkester)

3. I. Heart of November

4. II. Out of the Dark

5. III. Summer Banner

89 kr
Image Orchestral Works: The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan

Den amerikanske tonsättaren Charles Griffes (1884-1920) dog endast 35 år gammal av lunginflammation. Han var fascinerad av tonsättare inom den franska imopressionismen, som t ex Debussy and Ravel, men han påverkades också av ryska tonsättare såsom Skrjabin och Musorgskij. Flera av Griffes verk hämtar näring från dikter och litteratur vilket denna skiva tydligt visar.

Barbara Quintiliani, sopran; Carol Wincenc, flöjt.

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra / JoAnn Falletta.

Charles Tomlinson Griffes

1. The White Peacock

Three Poems of Fiona McLeod

2. The Lament of Ian the Proud

3. The Dark Eyes to Mine

4. The Rose of the Night

5. Bacchanale

6. Clouds

Three Tone Pictures

7. The Lake at Evening

8. The Vale of Dreams

9. The Night Winds

10. Poem for Flute and Orchestra

11. The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan

89 kr
Image The Mystic Trumpeter / Flivver Ten Million / Endym
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra / JoAnn Falletta.

Frederick Converse

1. The Mystic Trumpeter

2. Flivver Ten Million

3. Endymion's Narrative

89 kr
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