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Image The Christmas story & other works
Schütz’s ‘Christmas story’ is an absolute delight from beginning to end, its charming tableaux of angels, shepherds and wise men completely belying the composer’s old age and constrained circumstances. Here it’s the jubilant climax to a programme of Christmas motets from the 1640s.

169 kr
Image The Messiah, HWV 56 (2CD)
It was only natural that Jordi Savall record Händel’s Messiah. His ‘Watermusic’ is already considered a benchmark and he has also signed countless landmark recordings of religious music.

Featuring La Capella Reial de Catalunya, Le Concert des Nations, Jordi Savall, Rachel Redmond (soprano), Damien Guillon (counter tenor) Nicholas Mulroy (tenor) Matthias Winckhler (bass).

This new album is the Christmas 2019 must have.

299 kr
Image 100 Christmas Classics (5 CD)
Certainly, the 'quietest time of year' is also the time when music is to be most frequently heard - not only in public, in shops or markets, but also in the countryside, where Christmas is the time when perhaps the most singing is done. The music author Marius Schneider once underlined this fact by writing:"God hungers for songs." And thus the time which celebrates the symbolic birth of the Lord is a great time for music - even for people who may have no direct religious beliefs. With this 5CD-Set Capriccio presents in total 100 Classical Christmas titles, sung by most famous choruses and soloists. And draws a bow from the high classical Christmas Oratorio by Bach to more simple songs from the country side. And of course the most famous song can't be missed: Silent Night, Holy Night.

249 kr
Image Nuit de Noël (2CD)
We bring together on two CDs the most beautiful songs from Noël baroque, an album by the Maîtrise de Radio France and Les Musiciens de Saint Julien under François Lazarevitch that has enjoyed great success in recent years, completed by Noëls en Pays d’Oc and other ancient Christmas carols. The second CD presents excerpts from great sacred classical masterpieces (such as Handel’s Messiah and Vivaldi’s Gloria by Hervé Niquet, and Bach’s B minor Mass by Raphaël Pichon) as well as instrumental pieces including Corelli’s ‘Christmas’ Concerto by Amandine Beyer and excerpts from Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos by Café Zimmermann and ‘Winter’ from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. An ideal programme of music to accompany Christmas Eve. This double album is presented in an elegant ‘popup’ that can be placed at the foot of the tree when the time comes!

139 kr
Image Christmas
From the timeless plainchant ‘Veni Emmanuel’ via Jonathan Harvey to a riotous ‘Jingle bells’: Owain Park presents a programme of Christmas treats which effortlessly spans the centuries.

169 kr
Image Noëls Baroques à Versailles
Christmas time would make sacred music shined forth in monarchical France. The organists had free rein to improvise on the popular Nativity songs, which had been known to all the faithful for centuries, and amateurs would swarm to churches throughout Pari

159 kr
Image Merry Christmas - Picture Disc (LP)
199 kr
Image The Christmas Song - Picture Disc (LP)
199 kr
Image The Bells of Christmas
The Bells of Christmas will fill your home with the joyful and sparkling sound of handbells. Playing on a five-and-a-half octave set of Malmark handbells, these ringers explore the full range of Christmas wonder - from the tenderness of Away in a Manger to the majestic expanse of A Flight of Angels. All these arrangements showcase the tremendous musicality and unique spirit of handbells!

189 kr
Image Dette er julemusikk
Øisteins Blyant and his English alias Box Yourself is a huge success on Norwegian TV NRK, and internationally on YouTube with 300k + subscribers and millions of views of his funny and educating videos on how to make cool things out of boxes and junk with some pencils and a pair of scissors.
In 2019 his Christmas show Øisteins Juleblyant (ENG: Box Xmas) will screen on all NRK platforms and on YouTube. Box Xmas is a brand new arts’n craft show of 24 episodes all about making gifts and decorating for Christmas. In each episode kids will learn how to make a gift for somebody they love, from junk and found objects. Then they get tips and inspiration for gift wrapping and card making. Box Xmas is set in the romantic, winter clad, Norwegian old town of Fredrikstad, giving it a cosy Scandinavian frame. The show is fun, energetic and inspires an environment friendly way to celebrate Christmas. Presented by the artist Oistein Kristiansen. Created by Oistein Kristiansen and Earthtree Media.
The show will be available in Nov 2019 in English and Norwegian language.

NXN recordings is proud to release the music that will accompany the show.
Dette er en julesang is the first single and the theme song for the show. This tune will be played in the end of every episode and will surely get attention for its jumpy, melodic and funny sound, not to mention the funny story. Should be perfect for any Christmas playlist of 2019 and beyond.
Dette er julemusikk is the album for the series. This album will contain 12 tracks, three of which have lyrics. The rest is cosy, Christmas-like instrumental tunes that will set the atmosphere perfectly for any Christmas activity during the holiday season, and beyond.
There will also be an activity book released when the series start up and it will be neatly planned to expose the CD and the book in bookstores and record stores throughout Norway.

149 kr
Image O Holy Night
The young professional singers of Michael Waldron’s London Choral Sinfonia open fresh perspectives on the music of Christmas with a captivating debut album for Orchid Classics. O Holy Night unites familiar carols – arranged by Sir David Willcocks, Andrew Carter and Max Pappenheim – with little-known seasonal treasures by, among others, Peter Maxwell Davies, Humphrey Clucas, Robert Saxton and ex-Swingle Singer, Carol Canning. The tracklist also includes Lo, He comes with clouds descending and O Holy Night in spellbinding arrangements by composer and theatre sound designer Max Pappenheim, former organ scholar at Trinity College, Cambridge. London Choral Sinfonia’s Musical Director, Michael Waldron, built his Christmas album around five traditional carols. The recording’s repertoire mix includes Martin Neary’s fresh take on We Three Kings, a dramatic setting of the Coventry Carol by Jonathan Rathbone, Richard Pantcheff’s haunting A Christmas Carol, and the beguiling No Small Wonder by Paul Edwards. Within the span of twenty tracks, the London Choral Sinfonia embraces everything from the radiant beauty of Gabriel Jackson’s Tomorrow go ye forth and Thomas Wilson’s There is no rose to the exuberant energy of Sir Christèmas by William Matthias.

159 kr
Image Nowell synge we bothe al and som
Gothic Voices’ reputation for the originality of its programming is cemented with its first recording of mediaeval Christmas music, in which Julian Podger reimagines a fifteenth-century carol evening. Mirroring the modern practice of performing mostly mus

159 kr
Image Noëls Baroques à Versailles
Christmas time would make sacred music shined forth in monarchical France. The organists had free rein to improvise on the popular Nativity songs, which had been known to all the faithful for centuries, and amateurs would swarm to churches throughout Pari

159 kr
Image A Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols: The Centenary
In 2018 the Choir of King’s College celebrated 100 years of Nine Lessons & Carols, the iconic festival that is enjoyed by millions around the world each year at Christmas time. Conducted by Sir Stephen Cleobury, this landmark performance is now available on the official anniversary release from King’s College Recordings. Captured in the highest quality and presented in a stunning hardback book with 60 pages of notes, commentary and photos documenting the festival’s legacy, A Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols: The Centenary Service is the definitive account of the anniversary service and the opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime piece of musical history.

159 kr
Image A Spanish Nativity
169 kr
Image Christmas Together
“Even as a child in Johannesburg, I loved Christmas. We would go visit our neighbors and say, ‘Merry Christmas’ and we might get a little pocket change. We would take a bus into the city to see the Christmas lights and those were some of the most amazing moments for me, remembering getting on the bus with my father and brothers and sisters. Just being blown away by it all. It was like being in another world.” “This is my second Christmas album, but in many ways, I kind of feel like it’s my first,” says guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Butler, as he talks about his new album, Christmas Together, a collaboration with all-star friends, recorded and mixed in the studio he built in his home in Southern California. “Christmas is family and friends,” he continues. “It’s about being all together. So, I called my friends – all these amazing players – Shelea, Dave Koz, Keiko Matsui, Kirk Whalum and so many others – and every one of them simply said, ‘Just say when you want me and where you want me and I’ll be there!’ They brought their love and their spirit into my home and I was honored.” We associate Christmas music with love and family, happiness and togetherness and Jonathan had that to spare. But his childhood was also a complex mix of darkness and light. It has been a remarkable journey that has taken Jonathan from the Capetown shack in Apartheid-era South Africa he shared with 12 siblings and his parents to international music stardom and a “blessed life” in Southern California with his wife, violinist Nadira Kimberly Scruggs-Butler. “My family were all musicians,” he recalls. “I grew up in a family where it was all in us. You had to be in the carnival every year, or the choir every year – that’s how we all got our training. From our parents and the community. That’s how we got recognized.” And recognition came fast and furiously for Jonathan, at first from the locals and shortly after that, his country and eventually the world. “We never had electricity or heat or water,” he continues. “We used to make a fire outside in an oil drum and we would all sing around that fire. One night, they let me sing out there by that fire and once they really heard me, my parents started putting me out there in local variety shows and concerts.” The singing phenomenon became a neighborhood celebrity. When he was just seven years old, one of those local performances would be life changing. Jonathan’s brother Danny was a cast member in a well-known South African stage production (“like the Lion King,” he recalls) and the producer of the show came to the Butler’s home to hear Jonathan sing. “There I was, this little 7 year old kid, singing for this white Englishman and once he heard me, he asked my mother if I could go on the road. My mother let me go, provided that my brother and sister would look out for me. That’s how I got my break.” Jonathan did musical plays for a number of years, while developing also into a prodigy on the guitar, taught to him by at first his brother and later by listening to influences like Earl Klugh, George Benson, Larry Coryell and Larry Carlton. And yet, he was a young boy, working as a professional on the road for 8 months out of the year. “I toured a lot, I learned a lot,” he says. “I did that until I was about 12. And then I got to make my first record.” That 1973 album garnered Jonathan a Best New Artist SARI (South African Music Industry) Award in South Africa. He made history by being the first black artist played on white South African radio, while earning three gold records in 1975 as he grew into his teenage years. Success, fame and money had arrived. But stardom, when it comes so early in life, is often a mixed blessing and Jonathan was no exception. “I was a victim of molestation by the very same man who came to our house to audition me,” he says. “And that was the beginning of my spiraling out of control into drugs and alcohol. I share with people a lot, because I know that my calling is beyond music. I feel like music is just a vehicle for me. I know there is much more that God has called me to do. It’s a responsibility that I carry with me.” Jonathan takes that responsibility seriously. He has devoted much time and energy to helping children in South Africa steer clear of the problems and pitfalls he experienced in his turbulent childhood by starting his Jonathan Butler Foundation to fund music education programs to give at-risk kids in South Africa tools and direction. “I come from poverty,” he says. “I come from pain and struggle and obstacles. And to be able to connect with the kids in Africa and let them know and let them see it and say to them, ‘Listen, I am the result of this. I come from where you come from. And I’m not just going to give you something for free, but I am going to help you work hard to get it. I’m going to try to inspire you and show you that we all deserve an opportunity and when we get one, we should take it with both hands.’ I was given that opportunity and that’s what I want to teach kids. Even if it’s just one out of a hundred or out of a thousand – you’ve done something.” Jonathan is also the first Global Entertainment Ambassador for the Lalela Foundation, a similar but larger charitable entity based in South Africa with greater infrastructure and on-the-ground local support staff. “The vision of Lalela and the vision we had is pretty much the same,” he notes. “My wife and I continue to support the arts and music and culture and the legacy of our people and our story. And when you see these kids work, you’ll just be amazed.” Jonathan has come full circle. Through spirituality, faith and music, he has exorcised the demons of the past, while remaining open to reflecting on them, allowing himself to be immersed in a wide range of emotional experiences. He creates music that he hopes allows listeners to do the same. “The way I like to approach making a record or working on a song: I like texture, I like space, I like beauty. And when I say space, I mean space so that you can actually experience something emotional or spiritual while you’re listening to it. And you have room to feel it and let it linger.” That approach figures heavily on each track of Christmas Together, Jonathan notes, as he points to a few of his favorite tracks on the album: “Joy to the World” – Spotlighting saxophone legend Dave Koz on soprano, this Christmas classic is reinvented here with an expansive, breezy arrangement that can only be described as “uplifting.” As Jonathan puts it: “When I first started approaching ‘Joy to the World,’ I had Dave in mind. Shelea came in first and we sat down and did a background vocal part and we came up with ‘Joy to All the World,’ instead of ‘Joy to the World.’ Because there should be joy for everyone in the world, not just for some people. Then Dave came to my house and into my studio and he sat down and just nailed it. We wanted to capture that spiritual side of what the song really means. It really is uplifting and that’s how I wanted it to feel. When I’m working on music, I want it to move me, I want to feel like I would want to buy it.” “We Three Kings” – Rick Braun’s muted trumpet and valve trombone infuses a smoky texture and late-night club feel to this polyrhythmic take on this holiday favorite. “As I’m getting older, I’m starting to tap into my roots and tap into the rhythms that I grew up with. And 6/8 is a rhythm I grew up with in South Africa. In every African musical experience, you will hear 6/8 rhythm come out. Once I locked into the rhythm of what my nation is about, I then began to hear the bass line and I began to hear the whole thing in my head. My wife said, ‘Try and make it like it’s a live gig, like you’re in a club and you’ve got these guys with you and you all are jamming’.” “So that was kind of the approach. And again, I just love the space, the textures – Rick’s trumpet solos, the violin, the acoustic guitar – it’s such a beautiful combination of instruments all speaking to one another. With Dan Lutz on bass and Gorden Campbell on drums and my wife and the string quartet – it was just ridiculous.” “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” – featuring Keiko Matsui on piano. “The arrangement almost sounds as if it is dancing on its own. It’s delicate, you know, just tripping along. When I called Keiko and asked her to play on the album, I didn’t tell her what song and she didn’t ask me. She just said, ‘What key is the song in?” I said, ‘C minor’ and she said, ‘Oh, I love C minor!’ and she just stepped up.” “It’s funny, usually, I do a lot of programming myself and I play synths, piano and Rhodes on a lot of the stuff I do on my own. But on this album, I got to really stretch out on guitar – it was nice having Keiko on the acoustic piano – there was so much space. It was just magical.”

169 kr
Image Christmas at St George's Windsor
The Choir of St George’s Chapel, world famous through its royal patronage, is one of this country’s foremost, participating in daily services throughout the year at its Windsor Castle home. Here the choir performs a wide range of music appropriate to the seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany.

169 kr
Image Cor Europae, Christmas in Mediaeval Prague
Prague has always been regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The name ‘Cor Europae’ (Heart of Europe) probably dates from the country’s early history, in the thirteenth century, when the Kingdom of Bohemia stretched from the Baltic to the Mediterranean. This was a period of great prosperity, especially under King Wenceslaus II Premyslid, and culminated with the reign of Charles IV, who was both King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor. Despite the fact that Bohemia was the centre of Europe and benefited from the presence of many scholars (more especially after the foundation of the university in 1348), the local culture also preserved an older tradition there. This can be seen in the beautiful repertory for the Advent and Christmas period that have survived in the sources of Prague Cathedral and the Benedictine abbey of Prague Castle. These sources make it possible to reconstruct the liturgy of the Feast of the Nativity as it was celebrated there, with organa and tropes in the tradition of twelfth-century music, at a time when the new Ars Nova style was flourishing elsewhere in Europe. It is this music that the wonderful voices of the Tiburtina Ensemble bring to life for us.

159 kr
Image Advent Carols from King's College London
Every December, over a thousand people attend the Advent carol service in the Chapel of King’s College London, which is repeated over three nights to meet demand. This album offers a snapshot of one such service, with its characteristic mix of plainchant, seasonal hymns and polyphony old and new. The great O Antiphons (sung according to medieval Sarum practice) provide the backbone, pointing inexorably towards the Christmas birth. A brace of premiere recordings centres on composers with personal connections to King’s College, and is complemented by current Professor of Composition George Benjamin’s rarely heard setting of a prophetic text after Isaiah. It intensifies the mood of heightened expectation proper to this very special season, and reminds us that something truly extraordinary is about to happen.

159 kr
Image How Great our Joy! -Organ Music for Christmas
Carson Cooman is many things musical – organist and Composer in Residence at the Memorial Church, Harvard University; writer, critic and consultant, concert organist, and above all a highly prolific composer of music in a wide variety of genres, from orch

159 kr
Image Tidings of Comfort & Joy; Christmas at the Cathedr
This recoridng provides a glimpse of the festive and intimate sounds with which the season of Christmas is celebrated at the Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, Georgia. Included are first international commercial recordings of works by Craig Phillips, Charles Beaudrot, Frank Boles, Stephen Paulus, and Howard Helvey.

159 kr
Image A Baroque Christmas (4 CD)
169 kr
Image Now May We Singen - Music for Advent and Christmas
The Choir of Westminster School blends the ancient and modern in this festive collection of choral works, drawing on Advent and Christmas music by composers including Judith Weir, James MacMillan, John Tavener, Roxanna Panufnik and Ralph Vaughan Williams. With a national reputation for excellence, the Choir of Westminster school give annual concerts at the Barbican and perform regularly at venues including Westminster Abbey, St John’s Smith Square and the Houses of Parliament.

159 kr
Image In Dulci Jubilo: Choral Music for Advent and Chris
Harmonia Sacra was formed by Peter Leech in the Summer of 2009. On Advent Sunday in the same year they presented their first concert at the church of St Thomas the Martyr in Bristol, entitled Advent Reflections. The event has since become a permanent and popular musical feature of the pre-Christmas season in that city. 2019 therefore marks the choir’s 10th anniversary, so this new CD has been created to celebrate a decade of choral music-making in South-West England (and much further afield), and to represent the diverse repertoire of Advent Reflections concerts.

139 kr
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