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Marin Alsop

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Image 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite; Slava!; CBS Music;
This recording brings together music from some of Leonard Bernstein's best-loved scores with seldom heard occasional works and premiere recordings. From the iconic musical West Side Story, the hot-blooded dance number Mambo embodies the show's dramatic tensions. Slava! celebrates Bernstein's friend and colleague, the cellist and conductor Mstislav Rostropovich, in music reworked from the daring show 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, from which the Suite rescues further highlights. CBS Music has not been heard since the broadcasting giant's 50th birthday celebrations in 1978, while the Birthday Bouquet takes the for of affectionate musical tributes from eight composer colleagues to one of the 20th century's greatest musicians. Marin Alsop's long association with Bernstein gives her unique insights into his music.

89 kr
Image Anniversaries for Orchestra; Fancy Free; Candide O
The second of two newly produced albums originally released as part of our celebration of Leonard Bernstein’s centenary; an eight-disc collection of Naxos’s complete recordings of Bernstein’s music conducted by Marin Alsop (Naxos 8.508018).

89 kr
Image Romeo and Juliet (Complete Ballet)
Prokofiev’s best-loved stage work conducted by Marin Alsop whose acclaimed cycle of Prokofiev’s Symphonies has been described as ‘an outstanding achievement’ by BBC Music Magazine.

159 kr
Image Bernstein & Alsop - Complete Naxos Recordings (8 C
Bernstein 2018 anniversary boxed set: 8CDs + 1 bonus DVD ( Leonard Bernstein Larger Than Life , from C Major). The CDs comprise 6 previously released recordings and two new ones of rarities performed by the OSESP and Marin Alsop. CBS Music- Birthday Bouquet, and Anniversaries are world premiere recordings.

599 kr
Image Symphony No. 7; Lieutenant Kije Suite; March & Sch
Sergey Prokofiev’s final years were clouded by ill-health, and the Seventh Symphony was his last significant work, full of poignant nostalgia and restrained but deeply expressed emotion. The Love for Three Oranges consolidated Prokofiev’s reputation in the West in the 1920s, both this and the satirical tale of Lieutenant Kijé producing two of his most popular suites. This is the final volume of the acclaimed cycle of Prokofiev’s Symphonies with the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marin Alsop.

89 kr
Image Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2
Leonard Bernstein’s legendary 1943 Carnegie Hall conducting début brought his name to national attention, and the event was followed a few months later by the triumphant reception of his Symphony No. 1 ‘Jeremiah.’ This major symphonic statement explores a crisis in faith and employs Jewish liturgical sources, its final movement, Lamentation, being an anguished cry at the destruction of Jerusalem. Sharing the theme of loss of faith, Symphony No. 2 ‘The Age of Anxiety’ takes W.H. Auden’s poem of the same name and follows its four characters in their spiritual journey to hard-won triumph. Bernstein’s Symphony No. 3 ‘Kaddish’ can be heard on Naxos 8.559742.

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 6 / Waltz Suite
São Paulo Symphony Orchestra / Marin Alsop

Prokofiev started work on his Sixth Symphony in 1945 and, unlike the victorious mood of the Fifth (Naxos 8.573029) it reveals a darker response to war and its consequences. The work was condemned by the ‘Zhdanov decree’ but composer and critics regarded the symphony highly, the noble yet anguished threnody of its central Largo balanced by the painful violence of the outer movements. The work’s ending has been described as “one of the most shattering in the repertoire”. With themes both capricious and sensuous, the Waltz Suite recycles material from earlier scores to create a remarkably effective quasi-symphonic entity.

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 2 / Flute Concerto
Adam Walker, flute
Peabody Symphony Orchestra / Marin Alsop

"This album is a fine introduction to a rising composer whose music is highly accessible, emotionally satisfying, and memorable."

Awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2012, Kevin Puts now stands in the forefront of contemporary American composers. His powerfully conceived Symphony No. 2 is a musical illustration of the events of 9/11 and traces a movement from unsuspecting bliss and rhapsody through violent upheaval to a reflective epilogue that contains both uncertainty and hope. Possibly inspired by thoughts of the Mississippi, River’s Rush employs novel harmonies, while elegant transparency distinguishes the refined beauty of the Flute Concerto.

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 3 "Kaddish"
Claire Bloom, Narrator
Kelley Nassief, Soprano
Paulo Mestre, Countertenor
The Maryland State Boychoir
The Washington Chorus
The São Paulo Symphony Choir
Members of The São Paulo Symphony Orchestra
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Marin Alsop

Three examples of Leonard Bernstein's vocal art can be heard in this recording. His Symphony No. 3 'Kaddish' shuns traditional symphonic ideas in favor of an eclectic theatrical and oratorio-like
form with a prominent rôle for speaker. For this recording Marin Alsop has returned to the work's original narrative text, heard before the 1977 revision. The Lark - heard in a concert version with added narration - derives from Lillian Hellman's adaptation of L'Alouette on the life of Joan of Arc, and it was this music that Bernstein reworked into his Missa Brevis many years later.

Marin Alsop is a Bernstein protégé, and has written fondly and extensively about studying with him. He mentored her when he was conductor of the New York Philharmonic and few conductors
today understand his music better. This disc presents Bernstein the vocal composer performed inlargely original editions by one of his best contemporary interpreters. The speaker in Kaddish is the great actress Claire Bloom.

Marin Alsop is an inspiring and powerful voice in the international music scene. She made history with her appointment as the 12th music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO). With
her inaugural concerts in September 2007, she became the first woman to head a major American orchestra. Her success as the BSO's music director has garnered national and international attention for her innovative programming and artistry. Alsop took up the post of principal conductor of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra in 2012, and became music director in July 2013. She also holds the title of conductor emeritus at the Bournemouth Symphony in the United Kingdom, where she served as the principal conductor from 2002 to 2008. In September 2013, she made history as the first female conductor of the BBC's Last Night of the Proms in London.

89 kr
Image Symphony No.3
This fourth volume in Marin Alsop's acclaimed Prokofiev symphonic cycle features two of his most viscerally exciting works. Using material salvaged from his opera The Fiery Angel, the Third Symphony was hailed by Serge Koussevitzky at its 1929 première as 'the best symphony since Tchaikovsky's Sixth'. Originally commissioned as a ballet by Sergey Dyagilev but rejected as un-danceable, the Scythian Suite has become a popular orchestral showpiece, while Prokofiev retained a lifelong fondness for his dark-hued early symphonic sketch Autumn.

Judging by the response to the previous volumes of this fruitful partnership with Marin Alsop and the excellent São Paulo Symphony Orchestra this new release will have no problems in becoming a market leader. The First and Second Symphonies disc (8573353) was an 'Editor's Choice' for its "first-rate performance", and the Fifth Symphony was described as "an outstanding achievement" by BBC Music Magazine, which also regarded the Fourth Symphony (8.573186) as "compelling". The Blu-ray releases have also been widely acclaimed, with NBD0031 made Audiophile Audition 'Best Disc of the Year' in 2012, and prompting BBC Music Magazine to write, "this exceptional account of Prokofiev's Fifth Symphony is partnered by a revelatory performance of The Year 1941, while the recording bursts out of the speakers."

89 kr
Image Symphony No 4 (revised version)
São Paulo Symphony Orchestra • Marin Alsop

Prokofiev's imposing Fourth Symphony and his final ballet for Sergey Dyagilev, The Prodigal Son, share common roots but are entirely distinctive in character. The vivid depictions in the ballet's moral tale include sensual temptations, drunken debauchery, robbery and remorse. The 1947 revision of the Fourth Symphony, lengthened and enriched in orchestration by the addition of a piccolo clarinet, piano and harp, makes extended use of themes from The Prodigal Son as well as unused material. Prokofiev's Fifth Symphony with Marin Alsop and the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra (8.573029) was described as "an outstanding achievement" by BBC Music Magazine.

89 kr
Image A German Requiem
Anna Lucia Richter, soprano • Stephan Genz, baritone
MDR Leipzig Radio Choir and Symphony Orchestra
Marin Alsop

Brahms's A German Requiem, almost certainly triggered by the death of his mother in 1865, is one of his greatest and most popular works, quite unlike any previous Requiem. With texts taken from Luther's translation of the Bible and an emphasis on comforting the living for their loss and on hope of the Resurrection, the work is deeply rooted in the tradition of Bach and Schu¨tz, but is vastly different in character from the Latin Requiem of Catholic tradition with its evocation of the Day of Judgement and prayers for mercy on the souls of the dead.

89 kr
Image Symphony No 1
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Alsop, Marin, conductor

This remarkably original work, with its recurring quotations from the composer's own songs, notably Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Songs of a Wayfarer) and Des Knaben Wunderhorn (The Boy's Magic Horn), is the perfect expression of one of Mahler's most quoted sayings, "The symphony is a world; it must contain everything". The opening movement, filled with sounds that Mahler remembered from his childhood, depicts "Nature's awakening from the long sleep of winter", and is followed by an exuberant scherzo and trio based on a Ländler. The disturbing slow movement funeral march, based on the children's song Frère Jacques, is unlike anything that had been heard before, and the symphony concludes with music of thrilling dramatic intensity.

79 kr
Image Symphony No. 5 / The Year 1941
Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra / Marin Alsop

Written in 1944, Prokofiev's Fifth Symphony is one of his greatest and most complete symphonic statements. At its première he himself called it "a symphony of the grandeur of the human spirit". The first movement couples considerable strength with unexpected yet highly characteristic twists of melody. After a violent scherzo followed by a slow movement of sustained lyricism, with a fiercely dramatic middle section, the finale blazes with barely suppressed passion. The Year 1941 is another wartime work, a symphonic suite written in response to the German invasion of the Soviet Union. This is the first volume a of complete cycle of the Prokofiev Symphonies with the OSESP and Marin Alsop, the orchestra's newly appointed principal conductor.

89 kr
Image Concerto for Orchestra
Det finns konserter för soloinstrument, så varför inte göra en för en hel orkester? Den här komponerades för Bostons Symfoniorkester för att visa upp deras skicklighet, och den fullbordades 1943, två år innan den store ungerska kompositören dog, fattig och olycklig i Amerika. Varje sats ger en ny del av orkestern solorollen och detta verk tillhör nu de stora klassikerna.


4/5 i Sydsvenskan

"Två moderna klassiker, en dirigent med ökande berömmelse, en högpresterande amerikansk orkester: all anledning att observera en ny inspelning av Béla Bartóks Konsert för orkester och Musik för stränginstrument, slagverk och celesta. Musiken fängslar med sin legering av klassisk knowhow och folklig tradition. Bartóks Konsert har verkligen orkestern som solist. Musik för stränginstrument etc är något strängare, men tonsättaren och inspelningen visar vad man kan få ut av besättningen. I bägge verken blandas allvar och skämtan. De är svårspelade och lättlyssnade. Marin Alsop håller musiken i fast grepp och skapar både genomskinlighet och energi med sina Baltimoremusiker."

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra / Marin Alsop

Béla Bartók's Concerto for Orchestra, one of his greatest works, was written in the United States after the composer was forced to flee Hungary during World War II. It is not only a brilliant display vehicle for each instrumental section but a work of considerable structural ingenuity that unites classical forms and sonorities with the pungency of folk rhythms and harmonies. Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta explores darker moods through a score of marvellously poised symmetry. This release follows Marin Alsop's 'riveting' (Gramophone) Baltimore Symphony recordings of Dvorák's symphonies.

89 kr
Image Fever pitch
String Fever / Marin Alsop

Founded by Marin Alsop in 1981, String Fever was hailed for its remarkable versatility and unique blend of pop, jazz and classical repertoire. Fever Pitch presents pieces written and arranged for String Fever by a quartet of leading composers whose origins range from 1920s vaudeville to big band, film music and American and Afro-Caribbean folk. Marin Alsop performs numerous solos in a kaleidoscopic program which follows on from the swing standards of It Don't Mean A Thing (8.572834).

89 kr
Image It don't mean a thing
String Fever / Marin Alsop

Described as a 'conductor who makes a difference' (Daily Telegraph), and acclaimed for her artistic vision and commitment to accessibility in classical music, Marin Alsop founded String Fever in 1981. Its pioneering blend of jazz, pop and classical repertoire took critics and audiences by storm, breaking the boundaries between musical genres through remarkable versatility and a palpable sense of fun. This album reflects String Fever's forays into standards ranging from Rogers and Hart's early hit Manhattan to Dave Brubeck's famously rhythmic Blue Rondo à la Turk.

79 kr
Image Route 66
This recording is a musical road trip from the unique creative world of Michael Daugherty, one of America's most performed composers, and the visionary conductor Marin Alsop, who has championed his music for over 20 years. The music takes off with Route 66, a high-octane nostalgic drive from Illinois to California through 'Main Street America', as seen through Daugherty's rear view mirror. Along the way, we stop at Ghost Ranch, where Georgia O'Keeffe created her brilliant paintings inspired by the open skies and bone-parched earth of New Mexico. Arriving in Los Angeles, Daugherty takes us for a tuneful spin down Sunset Strip where anything can happen, and it usually does. Our journey concludes as we travel into the fourth dimension with Time Machine, an adventure in rhythm, sound and space for three conductors and orchestra.

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 6 / Nocturne / Scherzo capriccioso

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Marin Alsop, conductor

Widely acclaimed for their Naxos recordings of Dvorák's Symphonies Nos. 7 and 8 (8.572112) and No. 9 'From the New World' with the Symphonic Variations (8.570714), Marin Alsop and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra here present his Symphony No. 6, which pays tribute both to Dvorák's mentor Brahms and to the rich folk music of his Bohemian homeland. The Nocturne is an arrangement for string orchestra of the beautiful slow movement from his Fourth String Quartet. Suggestive of a celebration of Nature, the Scherzo capriccioso is one of Dvorák's most masterful and colourful works, with a winning principal waltz theme.

79 kr
Image Symphonies Nos. 7 & 8
"It is rare to be able to say that a performance forces one to listen to a work anew, but this is exactly what Alsop's reading achieves. Excellently recorded... this is a superb issue all round" (BBC Music Magazine on Dvorák's New World Symphony, 8.570714).

In these live recordings from Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore, Dvorák's most darkly dramatic and passionate symphony, the Seventh, is coupled with his Eighth, notable for its dramatic contrasts, Bohemian lyricism, and a seemingly spontaneous flow of thematic ideas.

69 kr
Image Symphonies Nos. 5 & 6
"This is an important release for collectors of contemporary American music. Roy Harris might best be thought of as a sort of "New World" Bruckner. His music is sometimes awkward, rhythmically clunky and unvaried, but also noble, searching, shot through with brass chorales and contrapuntal episodes, and ultimately uplifting. Both of these symphonies reveal these qualities. No. 6, subtitled "Gettysburg", despite the titles of its various movements (Awaking, Conflict, Dedication, Affirmation) is about as programmatic as Bruckner's "Romantic" symphony. It works extremely well as absolute music. The same observation applies to the three-movement Fifth, which shares a very similar sound world. Both works were composed between 1942-44 when Harris was working at the peak of his inspiration. Acceleration shares some thematic material with the Sixth symphony, and the title is deceptive. The movement hardly changes pace at all once it gets going, but as a seven-minute chuck of typical Harris it gets the job done nicely. To say that this music never has been better performed or recorded isn't saying much, since it has received hardly any attention at all. Marin Alsop and the Bournemouth Symphony deliver heartfelt, sincere performances entirely in keeping with the spirit of the music, and they are very well recorded. I welcome this release with pleasure, and so will you."

89 kr
Image 3CD-BOX: Nixon in China
Orth, Robert, baritone
Kanyova, Maria, soprano
Hammons, Thomas, bass-baritone
Heller, Marc, tenor
Dahl, Tracy, soprano
Yuan, Chen-Ye, baritone
Malde, Melissa, mezzo-soprano
Simson, Julie, mezzo-soprano
DeDominici, Jennifer, mezzo-soprano
Opera Colorado Chorus
Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Alsop, Marin, Conductor

A longtime collaborator of John Adams and champion of his music, Marin Alsop directs this live recording of Opera Colorado's 25th Anniversary Celebration production of Nixon in China, presented at Denver's new Ellie Caulkins Opera House during the 2008 National Performing Arts Convention, and featuring an internationally recognized cast. Alice Goodman's epic libretto and John Adams's distinctive music weave together a colorful fabric of actual events from President Nixon's historic visit to the People's Republic of China with intimate examinations of the opera's real life characters. The spectacle, drama, humor and pathos of this masterpiece remain as compelling today as when the opera was premièred in 1987.

229 kr
Image Mass (2 CD)




"Under invigningsceremonin av Lincoln Center i New York 1962 gav en genomsvettig Leonard Bernstein, efter det han dirigerat Gustav Mahlers åttonde symfoni, presidenthustrun Jacqueline Kennedy en spontan kyss. Händelsen televiserades över hela USA och väckte enorma reaktioner. Mötet mellan två av den tidens största ikoner, båda förknippade med en ny tids liberala politiska idéer, ansågs vara skandal­artat och "smaklöst". Men relationen dem emellan höll i sig och till invigningen av musikteaterkomplexet Kennedy Center i Washington år 1971 hade Jacqueline Kennedy beställt ett helaftonsverk av Bernstein. Ett två timmar långt skådespel baserat på den katolska mässan som vid premiären ansågs så komprometterat av liberalt fritänkande och estetisk normupplösning att den då sittande presidenten Richard Nixon inte vågade närvara. En "mässa" som kan liknas vid en förvildad gatuteater och som av New York Times fruktade konservative kritiker Harold Schoenberg efter premiären jämfördes med något så osmakligt som en "stek tillagad i jordnötssmör och marshmallows". Ja, Leonard Bernsteins "Mass" är ett oformligt verk med tusen svaga punkter men också därför så oerhört levande. En musikteater där rit blir show och där han ställer hela sin tids förvirringar och skälvande tvivel på scen. Och skakar om tills nästan ingenting alls återstår. Ända in i den skrämmande känslan av att vara "ingen som kan bli vad som helst". En mässa som rasar av frustration och uppror till och med i sina mest stillsamma meditationer. I dirigenten Marin Alsops nya inspelning (som är den fjärde sedan Bernsteins egen) tycker jag att man för första gången hör detta verks enorma potential. Hur dess kast mellan konstmusik och gospel, jazz, blues och rock inte är ett uttryck för en coolt postmodern attityd utan är orsakat av ett akut behov av att sätta en hel horisont i rörelse. Tills allting går sönder - som det gör i den oerhörda scenen mot slutet då altaret välter och sakramenten krossas mot golvet och officianten vänder sig till publiken: "Haven't you ever seen an accident before??...?How easily things get quiet?...?God is very ill?...?We must?...?all be very still?...?His voice?...?has grown so small?...?Almost?...?not there at all?..." Men det som framför allt skapar skillnaden hos denna inspelning är just officianten som görs av barytonen Jubilant Sykes. En sångare som rör sig med ett kattdjurs smidighet mellan de vokala stilarna och som med en Shakespearenarrs register förskjuter frågan om en tro på en Gud är möjlig eller inte. Och som redan i sin första bekännelse griper tag i en när han drömmer om att vara fullt närvarande i sig själv och älska fullt ut - utan att förstöra. Javisst är det vackert att tänka att all denna nästan anstötliga uppriktighet i Leonard Bernsteins "Mass" kanske började med en spontan och svettig men ack så förbjuden kyss."
(Dagens Nyheter)

When Leonard Bernstein was asked by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to compose the inaugural work for the opening of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., he wrote: "The Mass is also an extremely dramatic event in itself-it even suggests a theater work." Premiered on September 8, 1971, with additional words by Stephen Schwartz of Godspell fame, Mass is a remarkable, visionary work with a kaleidoscope of musical styles that touches on themes of political protest, existential crisis and religious faith lost and found.

159 kr
Image Dance Symphony / Symphony No. 1 / Short Symphony

"...Marin Alsops inspelning är briljant..."
(Skånska Dagbladet)

This second Naxos disc of Copland Symphonies (No. 3 is available on 8.559106) opens with Symphony No. 1, an arrangement of the 1924 Symphony for Organ and Orchestra. Copland was especially fond of his Short Symphony (Symphony No. 2) on account of its complex, irregular rhythms and clear textures. The socalled Dance Symphony, described by the composer as 'a large symphonic work' (hence the Symphony title), is derived from his early vampire ballet Grohg, inspired by the 1921 German expressionist film Nosferatu. Copland wrote: 'If the first movement is thin, dainty and pointed, the second movement is songful and sustained. The third movement is characterized by violence and syncopation.'

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 9
Dvorák var redan en berömd kompositör i sitt hemland Böhmen, när han fick inbjudan att undervisa i USA. Där skrev han sin nionde symfoni och det har talats mycket om amerikanska inslag i den. Men den är ändå i första hand Dvorak och vi tycker mest att den nästan vill sprängas av längtan till hans älskade hemland, inte minst i den berömda långsamma satsen.


This recording by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Music Director Marin Alsop is the first of three discs of Dvorák symphonies taken from live performances at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. The most popular of all Dvorák's works, Symphony No. 9 'From the New World' makes an immediate appeal by virtue of a seemingly inexhaustible flow of melody and sparkling orchestration. Based on a melody he had composed earlier for men's chorus, I am a fiddler, the Symphonic Variations are one of the composer's most beautifully crafted and beguiling works.

69 kr
Image 3CD-BOX: Of Beauty and Light
CD 1: GLASS: Symphony No. 4, 'Heroes' / The Light 8.559325

CD 2: GLASS, P.: Symphonies Nos. 2 and 3 8.559202

CD 3: GLASS, P.: Violin Concerto / Company / Prelude from Akhnaten 8.554568

Although he remains best known for the works he wrote for his own ensemble, orchestral music has been at the forefront of Philip Glass' activities for much of the last two decades. Having achieved success in 1993 with his Low Symphony, a reworking of David Bowie and Brian Eno's classic rock album Low, three years later Glass repeated the experiment with another Bowie/Eno collaboration, Heroes, an album that drew its inspiration from the then-divided city of Berlin. The six movements of Heroes Symphony function as independent pieces that between them build into a self-sufficient musical work.

119 kr
Image Wooden Prince, The (Complete Ballet)
The Wooden Prince is a fairy tale ballet with an original story by Bartók’s literary acquaintance Béla Balázs, who had also written the libretto to Bluebeard’s Castle (available on Naxos 8.660928). Though outwardly sunny in its subject matter, The Wooden Prince has a mystical side that may explain Bartók’s attraction to the story. The ballet’s opening pages have often been compared to the opening of Wagner’s Das Rheingold, and the majestic heart of the score lies in the glorious music Bartók wrote to accompany the prince’s apotheosis.

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 4
BETYG: *****


"With this opening release (Naxos 8.557428 – Brahms Symphony No. 1), we can only sit back and wait with tremendous anticipation for the remaining three symphonies to be released. This is a recording that can be set alongside Klemperer and Karajan and hold pride of place."
(MusicWeb- International)

The fourth and final release in the major new Naxos cycle of Brahms Symphonies featuring the London Philharmonic and Marin Alsop presents the Symphony No. 4, which won immediate success at the time of its 1885 première and was praised by the critic Hanslick for its demonstration of the composer's mastery of ‘all the secrets of counterpoint, harmony and invention’. It is coupled with seven of Brahms's Hungarian Dances imaginatively orchestrated by Peter Breiner in a special Naxos commission for this recording.

89 kr
Image Heroes Symphony
• Although he remains best known for the works he wrote for his own ensemble, orchestral music has been at the forefront of Philip Glass’s activities for much of the last two decades.

• Having achieved success in 1993 with his Low Symphony, a reworking of David Bowie and Brian Eno’s classic rock album Low, three years later Glass repeated the experiment with another Bowie/Eno collaboration, Heroes, an album that drew its inspiration from the then-divided city of Berlin. The six movements of Heroes Symphony function as independent pieces that between them build into a self-sufficient musical work.

• The Light has its inspiration in a very different source: the Michelson-Morley experiment confirming the uniform speed of light. Seeking a musical corollary, Glass’s piece has an expressive introduction followed by an energetic main movement: a ‘before’ and ‘after’ mirroring the onset of modern scientific research.

• Marin Alsop and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra received fabulous reviews for their previous release of Glass Symphonies 1 & 2: “Marin Alsop's Glass is assured, almost relaxed when the score permits, occasionally laconic and shot through with a lightness of spirit which is extremely uplifting.” BBC Music Magazine on 8.559202

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Marin Alsop

Philip Glass

1. The Light

Symphony No. 4, 'Heroes'

2. I. Heroes

3. II. Abdulmajid

4. III. Sense of Doubt

5. IV. Sons of the Silent Age

6. V. Neukoln

7. VI. V2 Schneider

89 kr
Image Carmina Burana
Carmina Burana betyder ”Sånger från Benediktbeuren” och bygger på ett medeltida manuskript som man hittade i ett kloster i just Benediktbeuren i Tyskland. Carl Orff var själv medveten om att verket var något speciellt, för han instruerade sin förläggare att stryka allt han tidigare hade skrivit och låta Carmina Burana vara hans första verk. Men frågan är om ens han hade kunnat förutse den enorma popularitet som detta rytmiskt täta och oemotståndliga verk (komponerat 1937) idag åtnjuter.



• With its mixture of funny, bawdy and hedonistic texts taken from anonymous poets of the Middle Ages, twentieth century German composer Carl Orff created in Carmina Burana a choral work of powerful pagan sensuality and direct physical excitement. The pulsating rhythms, colourful orchestration and dynamic choruses, contrasted with moments of sensuous innocence, have taken Carmina Burana into the world of ‘pop classics’.

• The work has also provided the backdrop for countless international television adverts, and for the films Excalibur, Natural Born Killers and Badlands.

• Previous collaborations on Naxos between Marin Alsop and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra have been very well received: “Everything in the score clearly stands out under Alsop's eagle eyes and ears, with syncopated rhythms and canonic passages securely aligned and the Bournemouth brass at their assertive best” Classics Today on 8.559177; “Marin Alsop and her Bournemouth players do themselves proud on this excellently played and brightly recorded disc.” Classics Today on 8.559031

Claire Rutter, Tom Randle, Markus Eiche
Highcliffe Junior Choir/Mary Denniss)
Bournemouth Symphony Youth Chorus/Andrew Knights
Bournemouth Symphony Chorus/Greg Beardsell
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Marin Alsop
Carl Orff
Carmina Burana: Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi
1. O Fortuna
2. Fortune plango vulnera

Carmina Burana: I. Primo vere
3. Veris leta facies
4. Omnia sol temperat
5. Ecce gratum

Carmina Burana: Uf dem anger
6. Tanz
7. Floret Silva
8. Chramer, gip die verwe mir
9. Reie
10. Were diu werlt alle min

Carmina Burana: II. In taberna
11. Estuans interius
12. Olim lacus colueram
13. Ego sum abbas
14. In taberna quando sumus

Carmina Burana: III. Cour d'amours
15. Amor volat undique
16. Dies, nox et omnia
17. Stetit puella
18. Circa mea pectora
19. Si puer cum puellula
20. Veni, veni, venias
21. In trutina

Tempus est iocundum
22. Dulcissime

Carmina Burana: Blanziflor et Helena
23 Ave formosissima

Carmina Burana: Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi (II)
24. O Fortuna

69 kr
Image Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2 / Fracta / Arraché
BETYG: *****


Championed by distinguished conductors such as Marin Alsop and Mariss Jansons, since his mid-20s, Michael Hersch’s music has been performed by leading orchestras and concert artists. Winner of the prestigious Berlin Prize and the Rome Prize for composition, he has been described as a “new hope of American musical culture” by the Berliner Morgenpost, and a composer of “phenomenal musical ability” by the Financial Times. Hersch’s music, which ranges across vast and often anguished soundscapes, has a searing yet breath-taking effect. If Symphony No. 1 shows a young composer influenced by Mahler and Berg, Symphony No. 2 represents a more innovative and complex style. Fracta and Arraché are two harrowing and intense shorter pieces illustrative of Hersch’s most recent work. All works here receive their world première recording.

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Marin Alsop

Michael Hersch

Symphony No. 2

1. I. Prestissimo

2. II. Adagio

3. III. Largo

4. IV. Moderato

5. Fracta

6. Symphony No. 1

7. Arrache

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 3



BETYG: *****


"Marin Alsop’s Brahms series continues with an elegiac account of the Third. There’s nothing hysterical here; instead Alsop opts for a certain restrained sadness that permeates every bar. Dignified, never dull, here is an excellent recording at Naxos’s usual great price. For a budget label that never pretended to be artist-led, they are certainly attracting quite a few stars these days"

"Den alltmer ryktbara kvinnliga dirigenten är en lika god maestro som någon i samtidens toppgrupp"

""...den här orkestern är särdeles kompetent, kontakten mellan dirigent och orkester förefaller förträfflig och ljudkvaliteten är utmärkt"
(Östgöta Correspondenten)

• The Third Symphony, one of Brahms’s most poetic and evocative works, was hailed by the critic Eduard Hanslick as “artistically the most perfect…equal to the best of Brahms’s works…a feast for the music-lover and musician”. Arguably the composer’s greatest symphony, it was first performed in December 1883 in Vienna and became an outstanding success.

• This is the third release in the major new Naxos cycle of the Brahms Symphonies featuring the internationally acclaimed London Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Marin Alsop. Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 are available on Naxos 8.557428 and 8.557429.

• The previous Brahms Symphonies have proved exceedingly popular with both consumers and critics alike: “This is a late-summer idyll of a performance, easily paced, nicely judged and warmly played. For first-time buyers it will provide unalloyed pleasure”. Gramophone on 8.557429: “Nonetheless, these are humane, affectionate performances from which browsers and bargain-minded first-time buyers should derive a good deal of pleasure”. Gramophone on 8.557428.

London Philharmonic Orchestra/Marin Alsop
Johannes Brahms

Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op. 90

1. I. Allegro con brio - Un poco sostenuto - Tempo I

2. II. Andante

3. III. Poco Allegretto

4. IV. Allegro

Variations on a Theme by Haydn, Op. 56a, "St. Anthony Variations"

5. Thema, "Chorale St. Antoni": Andante

6. Variation 1: Poco piu animato

7. Variation 2: Piu vivace

8. Variation 3: Con moto

9. Variation 4: Andante con moto

10. Variation 5: Vivace

11. Variation 6: Vivace

12. Variation 7: Grazioso

13. Variation 8: Presto non troppo

14. Finale: Andante

89 kr
Image Symphonies No. 3 & 4 (Folk Song Symphony)
Den amerikanske kompositören Roy Harris (1898-1979) studerade bl a för Nadia Boulanger i Paris. När han efter studierna återvände till Amerika blev han en av de mest betydelsefulla tonsättarna i sin generation i sitt hemland. Bland Roy Harris mest betydande verk är hans tretton symfonier som komponerades mellan åren 1933-1976. Dirigenten Serge Koussevitzky har sagt om den tredje symfonin, som här ingår, att det var "the first great symphony by an American composer".

Colorado Symphony Chorus & Orchestra/Marin Alsop.


1. Symfoni nr 3

Symfoni nr 4 "Folksong Symphony"

2. I. The Girl I Left Behind Me

3. II. Western Cowboy

4. III. Interlude: Dance Tunes for Strings and Percussion

5. IV. Mountaineer Love Song

6. V. Interlude: Dance Tunes for Full Orchestra

7. VI. Negro Fantasy

8. VII. Johnny Comes Marching Home

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 2
...Alsop’s Brahms cycle is one that should go alongside the great cycles of Solti, Szell and von Karajan as exemplary readings. That they are available at Naxos price and ease of acquisition is a big bonus. This is one that you will not want to miss, regardless of how many other recordings you have of these works. Outstanding on every level...


Första volymen i Naxos-serien där Marin Alsop dirigerar Brahmssymfonier ("Symfoni nr 1", 8.557428) utsågs till GRAMOPHONE EDITOR'S CHOICE.

London Philharmonic Orchestra/Marin Alsop.


Symfoni nr 2 D-dur Op 73

1. I. Allegro non troppo

2. II. Adagio non troppo

3. III. Allegretto grazioso, quasi andantino

4. IV. Allegro con spirito

Ungerska danser, WoO 1 (arr för orkester)

5. Ungerska dans nr 1 g-moll

6. Ungerska dans nr 3 F-dur

7. Ungerska dans nr 10 F-dur

8. Ungerska dans nr 17 fiss-moll

9. Ungerska dans nr 18 D-dur

10. Ungerska dans nr 19 h-moll

11. Ungerska dans nr 20 e-moll

12. Ungerska dans nr 21 e-moll

89 kr
Image Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2


BETYG: *****


När Hitler kom till makten 1933 flydde Kurt Weill till Paris där han skrev sin andra symfoni. Många tycker att detta är ett av 1900-talets bortglömda mästerverk.

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Marin Alsop.

Kurt Weill

Symfoni nr 2

1. I. Sostenuto - Allegro molto

2. II. Largo

3. III. Allegro vivace

4. Symfoni nr 1

Lady in the Dark - Symphonic Nocturne

5. I. My Ship: Andante misterioso

6. II. Girl of the Moment

7. III. Bolero, "This is New"

8. IV. Allegro alla marcia

9. V. Dance of the Tumblers

10. VI. The Saga of Jenny

79 kr
Image Miraculous Mandarin (Complete Ballet) / Hungarian

(Svenska Dagbladet)

Bartóks "The Miraculous Mandarin" (pantomim i en akt) orsakade upprorsstämning vid premiären 1926 och verket uppfördes därefter aldrig under Bartóks levnad. Idag räknas det som ett mästerverk full av rytmiska finesser och spännande orkestrala effekter.

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Marin Alsop.

Béla Bartók

1-12. The Miraculous Mandarin Op 19, Sz73

13-17. Dance Suite, Sz 77

18-22. Hungarian Pictures, Sz 97

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 1
Brahms, som skrev sin musik under senare delen av 1800-talet, tog i arv den tyska symfoniska tradition som Beethovens lagt grunden till, och den här symfonin har ibland kallats Beethovens tionde. När likheterna fördes på tal, lär Brahms själv ha muttrat: ”Det kan ju varenda åsna se!”. Den rytmiskt kraftfulla inledningen anslår med stor spänst och kraft tonen till detta verk, som också rymmer mycket värme. Brahms skrev fyra symfonier, men denna är tillsammans med trean hans mest kända.


BETYG: *****


"...Alsop gör verkligen rent hus med invanda föreställningar, utan att bli vulgär, hon har hela tiden god kontroll över skeendet..."
(Dagens Nyheter)

"...She is saying something new...about the music..."
"...Both overtures are also very well played..."
"...The playing of the London Philharmonic on this disc is first-rate and they get recorded sound to match..."
"...the disc is a substantial success..."

London Philharmonic Orchestra / Marin Alsop.
Johannes Brahms

Symfoni nr 1 c-moll Op 68

1. I. Un poco sostenuto - Allegro

2. II. Andante sostenuto

3. III. Un poco allegretto e grazioso

4. IV. Adagio - Allegro non troppo ma con brio

Tragisk uvertyr Op 81

5. Allegro non troppo

Akademisk festivaluvertyr Op 80

6. Allegro - L'istesso tempo, un poco maestoso - Animato - Maestoso

89 kr
Image Capricorn Concerto / A Hand of Bridge / Intermezzo

...Performed with huge sympathy for Barber’s idiom, the programme unearths some gems. The late Canzonetta for oboe and orchestra – gorgeously played by Stéphane Rancourt – is fully deserving of a regular place in the repertoire...


Detta är den sista volymen i Naxos rosade serie med Samuel Barbers kompletta orkesterverk. "Capricorn Concerto" är en trippelkonsert för trumpet, oboe, flöjt och stråkar (samma sättning som Bachs andra "Brandenburgkonsert"). "Canzonetta", Barbers sista verk, är ur en ofullbordad oboekonsert.
Royal Scottish National Orchestra / Marin Alsop.

Samuel Barber

Capricorn Concerto Op 21

1. I. Allegro ma non troppo

2. II. Allegretto

3. III. Allegro con brio

4. A Hand of Bridge

5. Mutations from Bach

6. Vanessa Op 32: Intermezzo

7. Canzonetta för oboe och stråkar

8. Fadograph of a Yestern Scene Op 44

89 kr
Image Symphonies Nos. 2 & 3
...Philip Glass's Symphonies Nos 2 and 3 (Naxos 8.559202 ) also have their scenic element, though Glass's constant pulsing makes for a smoother ride, a process happily negotiated by the Bournemouth Symphony under Marin Alsop. Symphony No 3 for 19 strings is the easier listen, but the more heavily scored No 2 is richer in dramatic incident, with certain unexpected precedentsemerging as if out of nowhere...

(The Independent)

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra / Marin Alsop.

Philip Glass

Symfoni nr 3

1. I. --

2. II. --

3. III. --

4. IV. --

Symfoni nr 2

5. I. --

6. II. --

7. III. --

89 kr
Image Shaker Loops / Short Ride in a Fast Machine / Berc


...Köp denna cd...

(High Fidelity)

"Shaker Loops" är det mest populära verket av den amerikanske kompositören John Adams. Adams har påverkets mycket av Steve Reichs minimalism. Adams växte upp i Massachusetts och studerade musik vid Harvard. Vid 24 års ålder flyttade han till San Francisco. Han var ej intresserad av den neoeuropeiska vågen utan fördjupade sig i den minimalistiska stilen. Ingår gör här också bl a "Short Ride in a Fast Machine" och "The Wound-Dresser".

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra / Marin Alsop.

John Adams

1. Short Ride in a Fast Machine

2. The Wound-Dresser

3. Berceuse elegiaque

Shaker Loops

4. Shaking and Trembling

5. Hymning Slews

6. Loops and Verses

7. A Final Shaking

89 kr
Image Philadelphia Stories / UFO
Michael Daugherty är en av de tonsättare inom klassisk musik i sin generation i USA idag vars musik är mest framförd på scener världen över. The London Times har bl a sagt följande om Daughertys musik: "a master iconmaker" och "maverick imagination, fearless structural sense and meticulous ear". Philadelphia Stories framförs av den otroliga slagverkaren Evelyn Glennie, som även uruppförde detta verk.
Evelyn Glennie, percussion.

Colorado Symphony Orchestra / Marin Alsop.

Michael Daugherty

Philadelphia Stories

1. Sundown On South Street

2. Tell-Tale Harp

3. Bells for Stokowski


4. Traveling Music

5. Unidentified

6. Flying

7. ???

8. Objects

89 kr
Image Knoxville: Summer of 1915 / Essays for Orchestra N

...Samuel Barber’s Knoxville: Summer of 1915 is a magical work: once heard, difficult to forget. I first got to know it in Leontyne Price’s opulent RCA version and became further drawn into its world by Dawn Upshaw’s more childlike, wide-eyed view on Nonesuch: this new Naxos disc is something of a revelation. Karina Gauvin is a young Canadian soprano – check out the Analekta and Dorian catalogues for more of her recordings, especially of Baroque repertoire. She takes a wonderfully innocent approach, beautifully accompanied by our current Artist of the Year whose uncovers all sorts of ear-tickling orchestral details. Marin Alsop is also excellent in the two Essays for orchestra, works written for no less than Bruno Walter and Eugene Ormandy...



...Vilket fynd för blott tre tjugor...


Karina Gauvin, sopran; Thomas Trotter, orgel.

Royal Scottish National Orchestra / Marin Alsop.

Samuel Barber

1. Knoxville: Summer of 1915 Op 24

2. Second Essay for Orchestra Op 17

3. Third Essay for Orchestra Op 47

4. Toccata Festiva Op 36

89 kr
Image Chichester Psalms

...A charismatic Bernstein triptych from one of his most talented protégées...


...Alsop utsågs nyligen till Artist of the Year i prestigetyngda magasinet Gramophone, en utmärkelse som av den här skivan att döma är välförtjänt. Hon leder sin orkester med fast hand och stor finess...


...hon får Leonard Bernstein och hans musik att låta så fantastiskt bra...

(Norra Västerbotten)
Thomas Kelly, gossopran;
Elizabeth Franklin-Kitchen, sopran;
Victoria Nayler, alt;
Jeremy Budd, tenor;
Paul Charrier, bas.

Bournemouth Symphony Chorus & Orchestra /
Marin Alsop.

Leonard Bernstein

1. On the Waterfront - Symfonisk svit ur filmen On the Waterfront

Chichester Psalms

2. I. Psalm 108 vers 2 & Psalm 100

3. II. Psalm 23 & Psalm 2 vers 1-4

4. III. Psalm 131 & Psalm 133 vers 1

On the Town - Tre dansepisoder

5. I. The Great Lover

6. II. Lonely Town: Pas de Deux

7. III. Times Square: 1944

89 kr
Image Symphony No. 4 / Romeo and Juliet
...fin tolkning...

(Björn G Stenberg, Upsala Nya Tidning)

Colorado Symphony Orchestra /
Marin Alsop.

Tjajkovskijs fjärde symfoni, som skrevs 1877, blev inte en omedelbar succé när den uruppfördes i Moskva. Däremot fick symfonin ett varmt mottagande i
S:t Petersburg 1878, där den hyllades av kritikerna. Vid denna tid stöddes Tjajkovskij ekonomiskt av den musikälskande Madame von Meck, vilket underlättade hans musikskapande. Strax innan symfonin skrevs gifte sig Tjajkovskij. Äktenskapet slutade i en total katastrof. Den förtvivlan och desperation som Tjajkovskijs då måste ha känt återspeglas tydlig i denna känsloladdade fjärde symfoni. Romeo & Julia, inspirerad av Shakespeares pjäs, är också det ett verk med tvära kast och häftiga orkestrala utbrott.

Peter Tjajkovskij

1. Fantasiuvertyr - Romeo & Julia

Symfoni nr 4 f-moll Op 36

2. I. Andante

3. II. Andatino in modo di canzona

4. III. Scherzo; Pizzicato ostinato: Allegro

5. IV. Finale: Allegro con fuoco

79 kr
Image Rapture (Percussion Concerto) / An American Abroad
4 av 5 möjliga i betyg

(Henrik Halvarsson, Helsingborgs Dagblad)
Colin Currie, slagverk.

Royal Scottish National Orchestra / Marin Alsop.

Michael Torke

1. An American Abroad

2. Jasper

Rapture - Konsert för slagverk och orkester

3. Drums and Woods

4. Mallets

5. Metals

89 kr
Image Piano Concerto / Medea's Meditation and Dance of V
89 kr
Image Violin Concerto / Serenade for Strings / Souvenirs
89 kr
Image Orchestral Works Vol 2: Cello Concerto / Medea Sui
89 kr
Image Orchestral Works Vol 1: Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2
Royal Scottish National Orchestra / Marin Alsop.

Samuel Barber

1. The School for Scandal Overture Op. 5

Symfoni nr 1 Op 9

2. Allegro ma non troppo

3. Allegro molto

4. Andante tranquillo

5. First Essay för orkester

Symfoni nr 2 Op 19

6. Allegro ma non troppo

7. Andante, un poco mosso

8. Presto, senza battuto - Allegro risoluto

89 kr
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