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Culminating in Easter Day and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, the Christian festival of Holy Week tells one of the most powerfully dramatic stories of all time.

The events of that narrative have been marked in artistic triumphs over the centuries, not least in music which has a treasure trove of works devoted to the sequence of the action. Just as the Easter story moves from darkness to light, so the works describing it represent the full spectrum of genres and resources.

In this catalogue, you’ll find masterpieces representative of all musical styles: from Bach’s Passion settings to the Requiems of Mozart, Dvorák and Verdi, plus the more contemporary utterances of works such as Penderecki’s St Luke Passion and Thierry Lancino’s Requiem. Other notable recordings include Randall Thompson’s Requiem, the original version of Rossini’s Stabat Mater, Maximilian Steinberg’s long-lost choral masterpiece Passion Week, and Handel’s popular oratorio Messiah.

The catalogue comprises choral works intended both for the church and the concert hall, while not forgetting purely instrumental music, such as Olivier Messiaen’s L’Ascension, Sofia Gubaidulina’s Sieben Worte, and brass septet arrangements of works by Gabrieli, Lassus, Palestrina and Victoria.

If you’re unsure where to start, why not try one of the sets of collections that bring together gems from across the centuries, from the 15th-century Eton Choirbook to works by 20th-century composers such as Poulenc, Ireland and Vaughan Williams.

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Image NEW: St Matthew Passion (Matthäus-Passion)
Until now Naxos has only released excerpts of Bach’s St Matthew Passion. This complete version follows on from the success of Ralf Otto’s recordings of the St John Passion (8.573817-18) and the Christmas Oratorio (8.574001-02), which have both been widely acclaimed. This release features a cast of renowned soloists.

239 kr
Image NEW: Armenian Requiem
Composed to mark the centenary of the genocide of 1915 (a deeply contentious political subject), the Armenian Requiem is a large-scale sacred work structured around traditional liturgical chants appended to the Armenian Mass, and includes poems as interludes. Krouse is known widely as one of the foremost composers of guitar music working today – see 8.553449. This release showcases his talents writing for larger ensembles. He has received praise from Gramophone and his pieces have been recorded on a wide variety of labels.

159 kr
Image NEW: Requiem
Completed in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Pulitzer Prize-winner and MacArthur fellow John Harbison has composed a Requiem for our times — a moving choral work that incorporates the composer’s distinctive sensibilities while drawing deeply on the tradition of Latin sacred music. “I wanted my piece to have a sense of the inexorability of the passage of time,” the composer says, “for good and ill, of the commonality of love and loss.”

89 kr
Image NEW: Messiah
Of all English oratorios Handel’s Messiah has always been the most overwhelmingly popular. It is the least theatrical and the most purely sacred in its choice of subject matter. The vivid choral writing – there are more choruses in Messiah than in any other Handel oratorio – coupled with the expressive density of the solo arias, have ensured its status as one of the greatest choral masterpieces in the Western canon.

159 kr
Image Little Organ Book Vol 2: BWV 539, 562 & 618-644
79 kr
Image Favourite Arias and Choruses
"...a decent introduction to the master's great choral masterpieces."
(American Record Guide)

69 kr
Image St. John Passion

Joe Littlewood, treble; James Bowman, countertenor;

Matthew Beale, tenor;
James Gilchrist, tenor;
Colin Baldy, bass;

John Bernays, bass;
Eamonn Dougan, bass

Collegium Novum; The Choir of New College Oxford/
Edward Higginbottom.

Choir of New College Oxford, under ledning av Edward Higginbottom, räknas som en av världens bästa körer. De använder sig av gossopraner istället för kvinnliga sopraner, som på Bachs tid, vilket skapar en mycket skir och homogen klang.

Som solister finner vi bl a den legendariske countertenoren James Bowman och tenoren James Gilchrist, som båda tidigare varit medlemmar i Choir of New College Oxford. Sopranariorna framförs, på tidstroget maner, av en gossopran.

129 kr
Image St. John Passion, BWV 245 (1749 Version)
Johann Sebastian Bach’s St John Passion is, along with the St Matthew Passion, without doubt one of the most important works he ever composed. It established a new tradition for Good Friday vespers in Leipzig, and with sublime skill Bach managed to retain a spirit of church worship while creating an almost operatic narrative that movingly depicts Christ’s trial, death, and ultimate apotheosis. Bach’s numerous revisions always demand a certain amount of scholarly decision-making, and this recording of the St John Passion uses the final 1749 version that not only draws on and reinforces the best of Bach’s original concept, but incorporates the additional movements of the 1725 version.

159 kr
Image St. Matthew Passion (3 CD)
Bland J S Bachs alla fina sakrala verk är hans "Matteuspassion" kronjuvelen. Detta verk skildrar på ett dramatiskt och gripande sätt bl a när Jesus blir korsfäst. Här medverkar flera toppsolister som till exempel tenoren Markus Schäfer och bassångaren Hanno Müller-Brachmann.

Claudia Couwenbergh, soprano;
Dominique Engler, soprano;

Yosemeh Adjei, alto;
Marianne Beate Kielland, alto;

Lothar Blum, tenor;
Nico van der Meel, tenor;

Markus Schäfer, tenor;
Raimund Nolte, bassbaritone;

Locky Chung, bass;
Hanno Müller-Brachmann, bass;

Julian Schulzki, bass

Cologne Cathedral Boys’ Choir; Dresden Chamber Choir;
Cologne Chamber Orchestra/Helmut Müller-Brühl.

239 kr
Image St. Matthew Passion, highlights
...A refreshingly lithe and young sounding Evangelist, Jósef Mukk, leads a team of Hungarian soloists with fresh clear voices...

(Penguin Guide)

Ibolya Verebits, soprano; Judit Nemeth, alto;

Jozsef Mukk, tenor;
Istvan Gati, bass; Peter Koves, bass

Hungarian Festival Chorus; Hungarian Radio Children's Choir;

Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra/Geza Oberfrank

69 kr
Image Requiem (2 CD)
159 kr
Image Passion of Mary, The / Four Songs of the Nativity
Howard Blake is a popular and prolific composer whose output includes film scores (not least the extraordinarily successful The Snowman), choral, orchestral and instrumental works, ballets and opera. This disc presents the world première recordings of Four Songs of the Nativity, commissioned by The Book Club for The Bach Choir and London Brass, and Blake's second dramatic oratorio, The Passion of Mary, commissioned by The Summer Music Society of Dorset in association with South West Arts. 'The Passion of Mary draws together the Stabat Mater, the Magnificat, the Salve Regina and other Marian and Nativity texts with the wisdom of a Berlioz. The outcome is a splendid, highly accessible choral work.' Roderick Dunnett (reviewing the London première for Church Times)

79 kr
Image Messa da Requiem
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Thomas Martin, conductor

Renowned worldwide in his lifetime and remembered today as a double bass virtuoso, Giovanni Bottesini excelled in every branch of musicianship, but his operas and sacred works were overshadowed by those of Verdi and have fallen into neglect. Composed in response to the death of his brother Luigi, Bottesini's large scale Requiem combines ecclesiastical counterpoint with formal innovation and the expressive lyricism and dramatic orchestration of operatic models.

79 kr
Image A German Requiem
Anna Lucia Richter, soprano • Stephan Genz, baritone
MDR Leipzig Radio Choir and Symphony Orchestra
Marin Alsop

Brahms's A German Requiem, almost certainly triggered by the death of his mother in 1865, is one of his greatest and most popular works, quite unlike any previous Requiem. With texts taken from Luther's translation of the Bible and an emphasis on comforting the living for their loss and on hope of the Resurrection, the work is deeply rooted in the tradition of Bach and Schu¨tz, but is vastly different in character from the Latin Requiem of Catholic tradition with its evocation of the Day of Judgement and prayers for mercy on the souls of the dead.

89 kr
Image Ein Deutsches Requiem
The longest work in Brahms's entire oeuvre, A German Requiem was almost certainly triggered by the death of his mother, although it also seems likely that the tragic loss of his friend Robert Schumann, some years earlier, added to its depth and eloquence. Taking inspiration from Bach's contrapuntal genius but avoiding overt religious tradition, Brahms chose the texts himself, placing an emphasis on an affirmation of life with the suggestion that he would gladly have substituted 'human' for 'German' in the title. This release joins Antoni Wit's 'richly satisfying' (Gramophone) recording of Brahms Choral Music [8.572694].

79 kr
Image Ein Deutsches Requiem (Blu-Ray)
The longest work in Brahms's entire oeuvre, A German Requiem was almost certainly triggered by the death of his mother, although it also seems likely that the tragic loss of his friend Robert Schumann, some years earlier, added to its depth and eloquence. Taking inspiration from Bach's contrapuntal genius but avoiding overt religious tradition, Brahms chose the texts himself, placing an emphasis on an affirmation of life with the suggestion that he would gladly have substituted 'human' for 'German' in the title.

159 kr
Image A German Requiem
"...certainly worth considering"
(CD Review)

69 kr
Image Membra Jesu Nostri
79 kr
Image Missa Dolorosa / Stabat Mater
79 kr
Image Eight Motets
Giacomo Carissimi was one of the most admired of seventeenth-century Italian composers. The maestro from Marino, near Rome, acquired a Europe-wide fame at an early age and excelled in church music. Commonly employing texts that modify or amplify passages from the scriptures, rather than taking those texts verbatim, Carissimi employed all his genius for vocal melodic lines and accompanying instrumentation to fashion a sequence of spellbinding masterpieces. Foremost among these is Usquequo peccatores which, through its size and length, blurs the very distinction between motet and oratorio. This is the fourth Naxos release of music by Carissimi from this ensemble.

89 kr
Image Le Miroir de Jésus
159 kr
Image Evangelion (The Story of Jesus)
Alessandro Marangoni, Piano

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco was Jewish by culture but regularly composed on Biblical themes. A meditation on stories from the New Testament in music of tender simplicity, moving lyricism and potent drama, the epic but rarely-heard Evangélion starts with The Annunciation and concludes with The Last Words and The Resurrection. Composed in 1947 soon after the death of the composer's father, the work was possibly conceived after a visit to the Acolman Convent in Mexico. This is its first complete recording. Alessandro Marangoni can also be heard in Castelnuovo-Tedesco's two Piano Concertos [8.572823], described as a "delectable treat" by Gramophone.

89 kr
Image Requiem
79 kr
Image Lieder (Complete), Vol. 4 (Landshamer, M. Schafer,
Alongside his creativity as a 'Poet-Musician', Peter Cornelius was a devout Christian who wrote church music throughout his life. His groundbreaking sacred songs include strokes of genius such as the Vater unser or Lord's Prayer cycle, which adapts plainsong chant into a deeply personal musical language. The Marienlieder mix sacred and erotic vocabulary, combining the lyrical inwardness and more passionate tones also reflected in the Ave Maria. Unusual for their numerous revisions, the Weihnachtslieder are successful contributions to the Christmas music of Cornelius's time. This is the last of a four-volume edition of Peter Cornelius's complete songs.

89 kr
Image Requiem
Capella Istropolitana
Kirk Trevor, conductor

Domenico Cimarosa's abilities as an operatic composer are evident in his large-scale Requiem in which the soloists and chorus range from the mournful supplication of the opening movements, through vivid evocations of the 'day of wrath' and the praises uttered by the heavenly hosts in the Sanctus, to the prayers for mercy, peace and eternal light which conclude the work. Composed to commemorate the death in 1787 of the wife of the French ambassador in St Petersburg, its overall character is one of classical restraint.

89 kr
Image Sacred Choral & Organ Works Vol 1: Requiem
79 kr
Image Works for Organ Vol 11
79 kr
Image Requiem
Christiane Libor, Soprano • Ewa Wolak, Alto
Daniel Kirch, Tenor • Janusz Monarcha, Bass
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir
Antoni Wit

Antonín Dvorák's huge popularity in England was built largely on the success of his Stabat Mater, which he had conducted there in 1884 and 1885. It was well suited to the country's choral traditions and led eventually to a commission for a Requiem, which was premièred in Birmingham in 1891. Written in ten months during tours to Russia, England and Germany, its success was immediate. Sitting closer to the tradition of Cherubini than Verdi, its tone is compassionate and reflective, devoid of unnecessary drama, and movingly crafted with great sophistication.

158 kr
Image Stabat Mater (2 CD)
149 kr
Image The Doors of Heaven
Latvian Eriks Ešenvalds is one of the world’s most performed choral composers. This album is the first of his music to be recorded by an American choir.

89 kr
Image Passio Jesu Christi
Bach's predecessor at the Leipzig Thomasschule, and a prolific composer with a contemporary reputation throughout Germany, Johann Friedrich Fasch composed works for the Lutheran church service as well as secular instrumental works, including overtures (suites), symphonies, partitas and a large amount of varied chamber music. His Passio Jesu Christi is a setting of the so-called Brockes Passion, known for its overt sentimentality and theatricality, which was also set by Handel and by Telemann, among others.

79 kr
Image Requiem
...Faure's Cantique de Jean Racine makes a perfect conclusion to this lovely programme...


...The fresh, forward choral tone goes with an unmannered interpretation from Jeremy Summerly, with soloists comparably fresh toned...

(Penguin Guide)

...Summerly's scholarly and excellently performed very attractive...

(BBC Music Magazine)

Gabriel Faurés vackra "Requiem" tillhör en av de mest populära inom denna genre. I den kända fjärdesatsen – Pie Jesu – kan vi här höra sopranen Lisa Beckley i ett ypperligt framförande.

69 kr
Image Symphony No. 4 (Easter Eve) / Festive Overture
Den tjeckiske kompositören Josef Bohuslav Foersters (1859–1951) fjärde symfoni, som här ingår, anses vara hans mästerverk. Man kan i detta verk höra influenser från bl a Bruckner och Mahler.

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra/Lance Friedel.


1. Festuvertyr Op 70

2. Me mladi Op 44

Symfoni nr 4 c-moll Op 54 "Velika noc"

3. I. Molto sostenuto

4. II. Allegro deciso

5. III. Andante sostenuto

6. IV. Lento lugubre – Allegro moderato

79 kr
Image NYHET 2016: Adae / Filli Prodigi
Consortium Carissimi / Garrick Comeaux

The small-scale motet was at the heart of daily and weekly musical practice in the Roman Catholic Church of the mid-seventeenth century. One of the genre's most distinguished exponents was the maestro di cappella in the Jesuit Church in Rome, Bonifazio Graziani. An ordained priest, he was commissioned by Pope Innocent X to compose solemn music for the 'most holy year' of 1650, and his works were in demand across Europe. His elegant mixture of text, melody, and harmonic accompaniment is highly distinctive, with the two oratorios revealing the extent of his compositional breadth.

89 kr
Image Seven Words / Silenzio / In Croce
89 kr
Image Messiah

BETYG: *****


"Superba gossröster snitslar sig genom sopranariorna såväl som genom körstämmorna - matchade av Toby Spence genomlysta countertenor i altariorna, vår tids svar på stjärnkastraten Guadagnini. Spritsigt elastiska tempi, studsande jubelkörer kontras av recitativ mättade med spänningsrik eftertanke. Exotiskt också att höra en tenor i Rejoice greatly."
"...Higginbottoms lättfotade Messias gör helt enkelt lyssnaren helfrälst..."
(Svenska Dagbladet)

"En strålande inspelning med fina solister"

Choir of New College Oxford och Edward Higginbottom inspelning av Bachs "Johannespassion" (8.557296) utsågs till GRAMOPHONE EDITOR'S CHOICE. På denna CD tolkar de ännu ett sakralt mästerverk från barocken - Händels "Messias". I denna rekonstruktion av en version från 1751 sjunger en gossopran sopranariorna precis som på Händels tid.

Henry Jenkinson, gossopran

Otta Jones, gossopran

Robert Brooks, gossopran

Iestyn Davies, countertenor

Toby Spence, tenor

Eamonn Dougan, bas

Academy of Ancient Music; Choir of New College Oxford/
Edward Higginbottom

129 kr
Image Requiem
Commissioned to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, Hamilton’s powerful and moving Requiem conjures up a vivid sequence of images depicting both the horror of war and the calmness and eeriness of the aftermath of battle, interspersed with moments of sombre and contemplative reflection.

89 kr
Image Messiah
"There is plenty of fresh air about this Messiah, and I welcome it to the catalogue"

"Probably the least expensive recording of the work...but it clearly competes with the best".

"...goda solister i denna fräscha, musikantiska inspelning av kammarmusikkaraktär"

Scholars Baroque Ensemble.

149 kr
Image Revelation
Patrick Hawes has emerged in recent years as one of Englands most popular and inspirational choral composers. The nine pieces that form Revelation are the result of my deep love of the Book of Revelation and its powerful imagery. Where else do you get thunder, lightning and demons as well as a gentle lamb? Another of my favourite New Testament texts is the Beatitudes from St Matthews Gospel these are, quite simply, some of Christs most comforting and beautiful words. Quanta Qualia had such a profound impact on the audience at the 2015 Elora Festival that the choir insisted on its inclusion in this recording. The Elora Singers have provided us with some of the most successful choral releases of recent years, and this program of première recordings of music by Patrick Hawes follows on from a GRAMMY® nominated album of music by Eric Whitacre (8.559677) described by Gramophone as a stimulating and superb discand an absolute must have, a recording of Arvo Pärts choral music (8.570239) draped in luminous colors and arresting timbresa truly enjoyable hour of music ( and Poulencs Mass in G minor (8.572978) in a performance that is finely tailored and buoyantly expressive (Gramophone).

89 kr
Image Messias, highlights
Kritikerrosad version av Händels Messias!
10 i Répertoire och 5 stjärnor i Classic CD.

Innehåller bl a den kända Hallelujakören.

79 kr
Image Stabat Mater
Together with the Missa Cellensis, the Stabat Mater (1767) was one of the first sacred works that Haydn composed in his new position as Kapellmeister of the Esterházy court. The Virgin Mary's vast range of emotions during the Crucifixion are reflected in Haydn's music through various musical techniques, including word-painting and even subtle elements of characterisation. Performed in Vienna in 1768, the Stabat Mater became Haydn's most popular sacred work and was circulated widely in his lifetime.

79 kr
Image Mass No. 3 (Cäcilienmesse) / Missa Cellensis
Hoyt, Ann, soprano
Liston, Julie, soprano
Brackett, Luthien, alto
Sollek, Kirsten, alto
Hughes, Matthew, tenor
Sands, Stephen, tenor
Johnson, Bert K., bass
Lippold, Richard, bass
Trinity Church Choir, New York
REBEL Baroque Orchestra
Burdick, Owen, Conductor

The Missa Cellensis (or Cäcilienmesse) was Haydn's first Mass setting for his new employers at Eszterháza. In common with his Stabat Mater (8.572121), Haydn draws upon the wealth of musical styles and traditions associated with the Viennese Mass. Scored for strings, oboes, bassoon, trumpets, timpani and organ, plus soloists and choir, the work may originally have comprised the Kyrie and Gloria alone, with the other sections added in the mid-1770s. The final version, heard here, triumphantly concludes at 'Dona nobis pacem' with a grand fugue.

79 kr
Image Symphonies Nos. 26, 35 & 49
79 kr
Image Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ, The / String Qua
...The Kodaly Quartet give an outstanding performance, strongly characterized and beautifully played, with subtle contrasts of expressive tension between the seven inner slow movements...

...The recording is first rate...


Kodaly Quartet.

Franz Joseph Haydn

Jesu sju sista ord på korset Op 51 Hob III:50-56
(arrangemeng för stråkkvartett)

1. L'Introduzione: Maestoso ed adagio

2. Sonata I: Pater, dimitte illis, non enim sciunt, quid faciunt (Largo)

3. Sonata II: Amen dico tibi: hodie mecum eris in paradiso
(Grave e cantabile)

4. Sonata III: Mulier, ecce fulius tuus, et tu, ecce mater tua! (Grave)

5. Sonata IV: Eli, Eli, lama asabthani? (Largo)

6. Sonata V: Sitio (Adagio)

7. Sonata VI: Consummatum est! (Lento)

8. Sonata VII: Pater! in manus tuas commendo spiritum meum (Largo)

9. Il terremoto (Presto e con tutta la forza)

Stråkkvartett nr 68 d-moll Op 103 Hob III:83

10. Andante grazioso

11. Menuetto ma non troppo presto

79 kr
Image Seven Last Words
Jeno Jandó, Piano

The request for Haydn to write The Seven Last Words came from a priest in Cádiz to mark Good Friday. Setting the words of Christ gave Haydn the basis for the construction of seven slow and meditative movements to be played by the orchestra as the Bishop descended from the pulpit to pray. The following year Haydn arranged the work for string quartet and a version for keyboard was prepared. To this version, which he did not prepare himself, Haydn gave his wholehearted approval noting that it was 'very good and made with particular care'.

79 kr
Image Requiem and other Choral Works
79 kr
Image Stabat Mater
79 kr
Image Requiem
Vasari Singers
Jeremy Backhouse, conductor

While the unifying thread which links these works is that of loss, the underlying focus is an uplifting celebration of life and love. Gabriel Jackson's Requiem combines traditional solemnity with poems which embrace wide-ranging spirituality, resulting in images of light and radiant optimism. Contrasting poignancy of expression is heard in personal tributes from John Tavener and Francis Pott, while Bob Chilcott uses Pachelbel's famous Canon to set Oscar Wilde's Requiescat. Vasari Singers' Great British Anthems (8.572504) was described as 'essential listening' by Gramophone.

79 kr
Image Symphony Op 7 (Rebirth) / Bianca da Molena
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Antoni Wit, conductor

Best known today for his sumptuously Romantic symphonic poems (8.570452, 8.570295), Mieczyslaw Karlowicz completed his most ambitious work, the 'Rebirth' Symphony, in 1903. Like Mahler's 'Resurrection' Symphony which was premièred the following year (8.550523-24), it evokes the soul's spiritual struggle against fate from tragedy to triumph. The resplendent Prologue from Karlowicz's music for the play The White Dove leads to a serene Intermezzo. Polish conductor Antoni Wit brings out the brooding, portentous and lyrical characteristics of his compatriot's richly orchestrated yet seldom-heard scores.

89 kr
Image Requiem
Heidi Grant Murphy, soprano
Nora Gubisch, mezzo-soprano
Stuart Skelton, tenor
Nicolas Courjal, bass

Radio France Choir
Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra
Eliahu Inbal, conductor

Thierry Lancino's vast Requiem is a challenging and eloquent contemplation on human mortality which the composer describes as 'both an epic fresco and sacred ceremony'. In a paradox which brings the Christian into dialogue with the Pagan, Lancino presents an exploration of Death and Time which is both human and relevant, as well as posing eternal and unanswerable questions. This recording captures a unique and moving event, performed by a stellar cast of artists and France's leading choir and orchestra.

Sound format: PCM Stereo / DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

159 kr
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