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Image Rheingold (2CD)
The Rheingold production, directed by Claus Guth, was acquitted by the audience with waves of applause (in the role of Wotan: Falk Struckmann). This opens the new RING Cycle in Hamburg. Just in time for the premiere of the second evening of Wagner‘s tetralogy in the Hamburg Opera House (Die Walküre, 10/19/08), OehmsClassics now releases the Rheingold production on CD. The extensive booklet also includes color photos of various scenes to give the listener a visual impression of the Hamburg production. In addition, the complete libretto is provided in German and English.

259 kr
Image Walküre (4CD)
After Rhinegold, the first evening of the Ring tetralogy, OehmsClassics is now releasing the Valkyries at the same time as the premiere of Siegfried at the Hamburg State Opera, which will take place on October 18, 2009.

Including a booklet printed in four colours throughout and containing many impressions of Claus Guth’s production as well as the complete libretto, this is once again an exceptionally elaborate product.
While the premiere of the Valkyries suffered due to Falk Struckmann (Wotan) having to pull out at short notice because of illness, this production was recorded during later performances which show Struckmann in full possession of his vocal powers. Simone Young guided her orchestra and the chorus through the famous score in great, irresistible waves of sound while still paying attention to the finest, meticulously rehearsed structural details.

459 kr
Image Siegfried (4CD)
Siegfried: Christian Franz
Mime: Peter Galliard
Der Wanderer: Falk Struckmann
Alberich: Wolfgang Koch
Fafner: Diogenes Randes
Erda: Deborah Humble
Brünnhilde: Catherine Foster
Stimme des Waldvogels: Ha Young Lee

Philharmoniker Hamburg
Simone Young

Of all Hamburg Ring Cycle premieres, the third waystation, "Siegfried", has received the most applause until now. Audience members were exuberant not only about the singers and orchestra under the direction of Simone Young, but about the production as well. The transparency of the orchestra allowed the singers to really sing, in contrast to many Wagner productions in which they are often in a pure struggle against waves of instrumental force. Director Claus Guth's finely wrought protagonists were brilliantly brought to life on stage by the excellent cast of soloists. This Ring is lucid and transparent, even when only heard in the living room. The singers, who include experienced Wagner singers like Christian Franz, Falk Struckmann and Wolfgang Koch, guarantee first-class musical standards.

459 kr
Image Götterdämmerung (4CD)
Siegfried: Christian Franz · Gunther: Robert Bork
Alberich: Wolfgang Koch · Hagen: John Tomlinson
Brünnhilde: Deborah Polaski · Gutrune: Anna Gabler
Waltraute: Petra Lang · 1. Norn: Deborah Humble
2. Norn: Cristina Damian · 3. Norn: Katja Pieweck
Woglinde: Ha Young Lee · Wellgunde: Maria Markina
Flosshilde: Ann-Beth Solvang
Philharmoniker Hamburg · Simone Young

With the fourth part of the "Ring des Nibelungen", the curtain descended on the central work of Richard Wagner. After "Siegfried" this spring, OehmsClassics is now presenting "Götterdämmerung" from Hamburg in an excellent cast. Simone Young created a sensation with the Hamburg Philharmonic at the premiere; Claus Guth's directing concept was variably received by public and press.

The features of the 4-CD box are of high quality, as with the previous productions from Hamburg: alongside an extensive preface by Udo Bermbach, the booklet also includes the libretto in German and English.

477 kr
Image Ariadne auf Naxos
There was a wonderful ensemble in Frankfurt to perform Brigitte Fassbaender’s production of the Strauss opera Ariadne on Naxos in October 2013. “Scenically and musically brilliant” and “sparkling spirit and level-headed heartiness”; this is how the Frankfurter Rundschau of 7 October 2013 (Hans-Klaus Jungheinrich) described the premiere evening. Sebastian Weigle, as an experienced and outstanding Strauss conductor, leaves nothing to be desired, and Camilla Nylund is a first-class Ariadne on her fourth operatic complete recording for OehmsClassics.

259 kr
Image Oberto (2CD)
The contribution to the Verdi Year 2013 by Oehms- Classics is this recording of three concertante performances from the Stadttheater in Gießen made in December 2012.

Chief Music Director Michael Hofstetter stood on the podium, ensuring a highly dramatic, ideal Verdi sound.

259 kr
Image Martha (2CD)
With a terrific cast including Maria Bengtsson and Katharina Magiera, and under the baton of Sebastian Weigle, OehmsClassics and Opera Frankfurt bring back to live a nearly forgotten jewel of comic opera in the 19th century: After the premiere at the Viennese Kärntnertortheater in 1847, Friedrich von Flotow’s Martha or The fair at Richmond became for nearly half a century one of the most popular operas in Europe. Full of charming melodies and with a plot as hilarious as racy, the story of bored Lady Harriet Durham and her friend Nancy, who disguised themselves as Martha and Julia and travel to the servant’s fair of Richmond, where they actually not only find a job, but also true love, is an enchanting example for the 1850’s civic opera and also Friedrich von Flotow’s wonderful light hearted music. After “Der Graf von Luxemburg” OehmsClassics is happy to continue the collaboration with Opera Frankfurt with this remarkable recording.

189 kr
Image The Greek Passion (2CD)
The style of the Czech composer Bohuslav Martinu was enriched by numerous influences which are reflected in The Greek Passion: magnificent choirs contrast vividly with intimate chamber music, folkloristic elements are placed next to complex, classically worked out orchestral movements. A highly emotional mixture of oratorio and dramatic opera abducts the listener/spectator into a world in which catastrophes abound. Lorenzo Fioroni, who has directed operas in Nuremberg, Augsburg and Heidelberg, has produced this dramatic contest against fear in Graz.

189 kr
Image Das Frühwerk: Die Feen; Das Liebesverbot; Rienzi (
Wagner's early operas with a mangnificent cast, amongst them Tamara Wilson, Brenda Rae, Michael Nagy, Christiane Karg, Peter Bronder, Christiane Libor, Julian Prégardien, Falk Struckmann, Claudia Mahnke and many others. Perfectly guided and conducted by Sebastian Weigle.

409 kr
Image Promessa: Arias from Italian & French Operas
For her second CD on OehmsClassics, Sophia Brommer walks onto the operatic stage, presenting with Dirk Kaftan and the Augsburg Philharmonic an intelligently conceived bouquet of arias ranging from Bellini and Verdi, Leoncavallo and Donizetti to “Glitter and Be Gay” from Leonard Bernstein’s Candide. Sophia Brommer’s voice seems virtually ideal for roles such as Nedda in Pagliacci; not only there, she gives proof of the extraordinary talent with which she has been blessed.

159 kr
Image Castrato Arias
With opera arias of Hasse, he has become the shooting star amongst countertenors Valer Sabadus appeared in Mozart roles for the Styriarte in December 2013.The Salzburg master wrote them for some of the greatest castrati of his time: Rauzzini, Consoli, Bedini.The young interpreter must therefore sing up into the heights of the soprano range he succeeds in this wonderfully, as he also does in the exploration of profound feelings. His mentor Michael Hofstetter is on the podium, adding the orchestra's pulsing Mozartian vitality to this flawlessly beautiful singing.

159 kr
Image Entführung aus dem Serail (2CD)
Bruckner Orchestra Linz
Choir of the Landestheater Linz
Martin Sieghart conductor
Ernst Dunshirn chorusmaster

Ingrid Habermann, soprano
Piotr Bezcala, tenor
Donna Ellen, soprano
Oliver Ringelhahn, tenor
Franz Kalchmair, bass
Harald Pfeiffer, speaker

89 kr
Image Tiefland (2CD)
Pedro is living completely cut off in the mountains, looking after the animals belonging to the landowner Sebastiano. Only now and then does he encounter the shepherd Nando, to whom he who he speaks of his desire for a woman. Quite unexpectedly Sebastianio appears, accompanied by the village elder Tommaso and the beautiful Marta. Overwhelmed by her beauty, Sebastiano had earlier taken in Marta as a beggar-girl and made her his lover. He handed over responsibilty for the mill to her foster-father, after whose death Sebastiano intends to marry Marta to Pedro. Secretly he intends not to relinquish his customary rights over the girl. Pedro is overjoyed to acquire a beautiful wife and the mill in the lowlands (the “Tiefland” of the title).

Bertrand de Billy Dirigent
Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
Wiener Singakademie · Heinz Ferlesch Choreinstudierung

Marta Lisa Gasteen Sopran
Pedro Johan Botha Tenor
Sebastiano Falk Struckmann Bariton
Tommaso Kwangchul Youn Bass
Nuri Adriane Queiroz Sopran
Nando Raymond Very Tenor
Moruccio Jochen Schmeckenbecher Bariton
Pepa Anna Maria Pammer Sopran
Antonia Béatrice Petitet-Kircher Mezzosopran
Rosalia Ulrike Pichler-Steffen Alt

229 kr
Image Tristan und Isolde: The Duet Scenes
This SACD includes all duets from Tristan und Isolde. It complements the solo recording with highlights from the opera with Deborah Polaski as Isolde (OC 602). Both SACDs together contain almost the entire Isolde-role. Polaski has sung this role in opera houses such as Dresden, Berlin, Salzburg, Vienna, Hamburg and Barcelona, and is accompanied here by conductor Bertrand de Billy. Johan Botha’s artistic home is in Vienna, where he has sung all important roles in his repertoire. In 2003, he was awarded the title Austrian Singer of Merit. Botha appears regularly at the New York MET, the Berlin State Opera, Covent Garden London and at the Salzburg Festival. Bertrand de Billy was principle conductor at the rebuilt Teatro del Liceu in Barcelona from 1999 to 2004. His triumphs here included a Mozart cycle as well as a new production of Wagner’s Ring des Nibelungen (Harry Kupfer) and Tristan und Isolde.

159 kr
Image Reloaded
Valer Barna-Sabadus, countertenor
Hofkapelle München
Michael Hofstetter, conductor

About the works on this CD, outstanding young interpreter Valer Barna-Sabadus, says:

"The title 'Hasse RELOADED' is meant to get rid of - once and for all - any and all prejudices about the supposedly contrived and dusty court music of the eighteenth century! With Johann Adolph Hasse, I have selected a composer who couldn't possibly have been more esteemed during his lifetime, but who nowadays has slipped into oblivion. Discovering his music again really appealed to me, especially because of the suspenseful connection between Handelian drama and the instrumental virtuosity of a Vivaldi. My aim is to give new life to these works, not only in a historically-oriented, content-based and yet personal interpretation - but one that also places the individuality of the musical works in the forefront."

159 kr
Image Lotario - Highlights
World Premiere Recording according to the “Hallische Händel Ausgabe” in a production of the Händel Festival Halle, were the opera’s first performance in summer 2004 was praised by audience an critics. This selection presents only the highlights of the opera, performed by an internationally acclaimed cast of singers and the Kammerorchester Basel barock under the baton of Paul Goodwin.

149 kr
Image Der Graf von Gleichen (2CD)
Schubert never Finished his opera “Der Graf von Gleichen” after a libretto by Eduard Bauernfeld. On the occasion of the Styriarte Graz 1997, Richard Dünser completed the work, which is presented on this CD as a live-recording of the first performance of the concert version from 2003, performed in the Festspielhaus Bregenz.

259 kr
Image Mathis der Maler (3CD)
The first new opera production under the baton of Simone Young, director of the Hamburg State Opera and GMD of the Philharmonic State Orchestra was a triumph. Hindemith’s Mathis der Maler requires even a large opera house to use all of its resources; this is why it is very seldomly staged.
This significant Hindemith opera is a rarity in CD catalogs as well – in contrast to the many available recordings of the “Mathis” symphony. OehmsClassics now releases a new complete recording, a live recording of the highly celebrated Hamburg premiere from September 25, 2005 with Falk Struckmann as Mathis.

318 kr
Image Der Revisor (2CD)
Werner Egk’s comic opera Der Revisor premiered in 1957. Egk brilliantly condenses Nikolai Gogol’s comedy to create an opera score whose wittiness and acuity is equal to the original in every way. Composed as a number opera in the traditional opera buffa manner, the music bubbles over with ideas, illustrative moments, onomatopoeic effects and stylistic parodies, e.g. from jazz and sacred music. The work’s basic “Russian” color is created by harmonic references to Russian folkloric music.

The second cd also contains extensive information on the opera’s environment and the events leading up to its creation as well as on the composer’s life and works. In addition to biographical material, it provides examples of Werner Egk’s artistic work as well as fotos from the Augsburg production. The material is rounded out by two radio interviews that Werner Egk gave to the Bavarian Radio Broadcasting Company in 1956 and 1976.

259 kr
Image Ariane et Barbe-Bleu (2CD)
Above all: simply don’t obey.” These words of Ariane could serve as the motto of Paul Dukas’ (1865–1935) opera Ariane et Barbe-Bleue. For when Ariane obeys, then “other laws than his”. This refers to Duke Bluebeard, one of whose wives is Ariane. She in turn got her name from librettist Maurice Maeterlinck: in the original French fairy tale that got into the first edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales from 1812 via Charles Perrault’s Contes de ma mère l’Oye from 1697, she is unnamed.

But that’s not all. Compared to other settings of this story, such as Jacques Offenbach’s Barbe Bleue, Béla Bartók’s Bluebeard’s Castle or Franz Hummel’s chamber opera Blaubart, Dukas’ piece places Ariane’s coup in the center of the work. She takes her fate in her own hands and doesn’t let Bluebeard oppress her, despite his threats. In contrast to her predecessors, Ariane rolls up her sleeves and makes something of herself. At the end, however, she is alone: none of the other incarcerated wives wants to follow her to freedom.

259 kr
Image Ezio (2CD)
With “Ezio”, composed one year after his pioneering “Orfeo”, Gluck composed an opera seria that cannot be classified to the Gluck reform operas. Based on a libretto by Metastasio, “Ezio” premiered on December 26, 1763 at the Vienna Burgtheater. Although the opera partakes of traditional opera seria methods, an approach that reflects a new aesthetic is also perceptible, such as the tightening of the da capo arias and reduction of the overture to a one-movement sinfonia. In 2007, the orchestra of the Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele took a further step in the direction of stylistic authenticity and musical refinement, making it one of Europe’s top ensembles in the area of 18th century music.

259 kr
Image Fidelio 1805 (2CD)
Fidelio 1805 is the provocative and unmistakable title found on the cover of this opera recording. The subtitle “Opera in Three Acts” on the back of the CD further clarifies the fact that this is not the commonly known two-act version of Fidelio, but the first version. This recording documents the production from the Theater an der Wien that premiered on August 5, 2005 with Musical Director Bertrand de Billy.
The streamlining and dramatic intensification of the original version is what eventually led to its success, but the earlier version from 1805 certainly has its advantages as well. In any event, it is enormously enlightening to take a deeper look at the original version of this great opera, which Beethoven did not change out of his own volition, but upon the urging of friends and colleagues in 1806. Only after the failure of the unsuccessful second version did Beethoven once again revise the work into the form we know today.
The long dialog scenes have been replaced in this recording with textual insertions by Walter Jens. In 1985, the novelist and German literature historian wrote the work “Roccos Erzählung” (Rocco’s Story), which tells the plot of the work as seen by the the opera’s aging jailer, Rocco. Excerpts from this monolog are read on the recording by Martin Schwab, an ensemble and honorary member of Vienna’s Burgtheater.

259 kr
Image Lear (2CD)
König Lear - Wolfgang Koch
König von Frankreich - Magnus Baldvinsson
Herzog von Albany - Dietrich Volle
Herzog von Cornwall - Michael McCown
Graf von Kent - Hans-Jürgen Lazar
Graf von Gloster - Johannes Martin Kränzle
Edgar, Glosters Sohn - Martin Wölfel
Edmund, Bastard Glosters - Frank van Aken
Goneril, Tochter König Lears - Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet
Regan, Tochter König Lears - Caroline Whisnant
Cordelia, Tochter König Lears - Britta Stallmeister
Narr - Graham Clark
Bedienter - Chad Graham
Ritter - Nicolai Klawa
Herrenchor der Oper Frankfurt
Frankfurter Museumsorchester
Sebastian Weigle, Musikalische Leitung

The collaboration between Oper Frankfurt and OehmsClassics starts out with the publication of „Lear", one of the most important opera compositions of the 20th century. Reimann transfers the full scope and drama of the plot to his score in a particularly captivating manner. The uncompromising course of Shakespeare's play is mirrored in the music whose almost tangible energy catapults the listener into a realm of irrestistible musical fantasies. Wolfgang Koch as King Lear leads an excellent ensemble. Sebastian Weigle, new conductor-in-chief at the Oper Frankfurt, is the director of music.

259 kr
Image 14CD-BOX: Der Ring des Nibelungen
The Ring of the Nibelung - Complete Recording

Struckmann, Naef, Polaski, Piland, Franz, Tomlinson, Koch and others

Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra / Simone Young

OehmsClassics is now offering the Ring of the Hamburg State Opera conducted by Simone Young in a complete package.
The features consist of an elegant box, containing a booklet and 14 individual CDs in cardboard cases, each with the photo motif of the individual editions that have been issued by OehmsClassics during the past several years.

709 kr
Image Palestrina (3CD)
Live recording of the repeat performance from June 2010

Peter Bronder · Britta Stallmeister · Claudia Mahnke
Wolfgang Koch · Johannes Martin Kränzle · Frank van Aken
Alfred Reiter · Magnus Baldvinsson · Peter Marsh
Franz Mayer · Michael Nagy · Richard Cox
Hans-Jürgen Lazar · Dietrich Volle
Sungkon Kim · Katharina Magiera
Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester
Kirill Petrenko

318 kr
Image Caligula (2CD)
2010 marks the 50th anniversary of Albert Camus’ death. In his memory, OehmsClassics is publishing the opera Caligula by Detlev Glanert, whose libretto was written by Hans-Ulrich Treichel and based on Camus’ eponymous drama. The recording was made live during the premiere at the Frankfurt Opera on October 7, 2006. The performance, conducted by Markus Stenz, was a highly celebrated operatic event. “A stroke of luck for contemporary music theater”; “music theater in Germany was seldom this current and universal as this four-act work”. DIE WELT.

259 kr
Image Medea In Corinto (2CD)
Giovanni Simone Mayr’s most successful opera, Medea in Corinto, is now available for the first time on recording, performed from the new critical edition recently published by Ricordi. For the most part, the new edition is based on an 1821 manuscript that contains essential changes over all previously published editions. It excludes, for example, a cavatina for Medea, which the composer eliminated for this edition and then later published in a single edition for voice and piano.
The production heard here is a live recording from the Theater St. Gallen. The performance received great international acclaim and was considered to be a breakthrough for the long forgotten work by Mayr. A new production of Medea in Corinto will be performed at the 2010 Opera Festival in Munich.

259 kr
Image Rheingold (2CD)
Terje Stensvold
Dietrich Volle
Richard Cox
Kurt Streit
Jochen Schmeckenbecher
Hans-Jürgen Lazar
Alfred Reiter
Magnus Baldvinsson
Martina Dike
Barbara Zechmeister
Meredith Arwady
Britta Stallmeister
Jenny Carlstedt
Katharina Magiera Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester / Sebastian Weigle

This recording marks a new Frankfurt Ring, produced by Vera Nemirova. After the Rheingold premiere, the Frankfurt Rundschau said "If the Frankfurt Opera can continue to provide this level of interpretation and orchestral and vocal achievement in its Ring, then audiences are really in for an absolutely remarkable treat." The very experienced artist Terje Stensvold plays the role of Wotan.

259 kr
Image 4CD-BOX: Die Walküre
Aken, Frank van, tenor
Anger, Ain, bass
Stensvold, Terje, bass-baritone
Westbroek, Eva-Maria, soprano
Bullock, Susan, soprano
Dike, Martina, mezzo-soprano
Ulrich, Anja Fidelia, soprano
Somm, Mona, soprano
Hubeaux, Eve-Maud, mezzo-soprano
Fodor, Bernadett, contralto
Kohl, Christiane, soprano
Wedekind, Lisa, mezzo-soprano
Baumgartner, Tanja Ariane, mezzo-soprano
Bohinec, Monika, mezzo-soprano
Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra
Weigle, Sebastian, Conductor

477 kr
Image 4CD-BOX: Siegfried
Lance Ryan, Peter Marsh, Terje Stensvold, Jochen Schmeckenbecher, Magnús Baldvinsson, Meredith Arwady, Susan Bullock, Kateryna Kasper

Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester
Sebastian Weigle, conductor

In late January, the Frankfurt Opera completed its cycle of the "Ring des Nibelungen" with Götterdämmerung. OehmsClassics is proud to now be releasing Siegfried from October 2011; Götterdämmerung will follow in June. Both audience and press were thoroughly impressed by the outstanding musical performance of the orchestra and singers under conductor Sebastian Weigle.

The CD box will have the usual luxurious presentation. This includes extensive texts by the Frankfurt dramatic advisors as well as the complete libretto in German and English.

459 kr
Image 4CD-BOX: Götterdämmerung
Frankfurter Opern- und Museumorchestre
Chor der Oper Frankfurt
Sebastian Weigle, conductor

Completed in Wahnfried on November 21, 1874. I say nothing further!!” With these words written at the bottom of his Götterdämmerung score, Wagner thus finished his composition of the entire Ring Cycle. The Frankfurt Opera also concluded Vera Nemirova’s highly praised production of the work in January, thus raising the bar for the coming Wagner year 2013. The Frankfurter Allgemeine even claimed in its review of the premiere of Götterdämmerung that the two Wagner sisters in Bayreuth might want to “dress warmly during the coming season”!

459 kr
Image 14CD-BOX: Der Ring des Nibelungen
Terje Stensvold, Kurt Streit, Frank van Aken, Eva-Maria Westbroek, Susan Bullock, Lance Ryan, Johannes Martin Kränzle, Claudia Mahnke

Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra
Choir and Supplementary Choir (Men) of the Frankfurt Opera
Sebastian Weigle, conductor

Following the release of the DVD box in the spring, OehmsClassics is now issuing the complete Ring from Frankfurt in the well-known design on 14 CDs.

This complete version comprises the individual issues of the four operas with the Frankfurt Opera, produced and released during the years 2010-2012. This release is accompanied by a single CD with orchestral music from The Ring.

709 kr
Image 3CD-BOX: Rienzi
Peter Bronder (Rienzi),
Christiane Libor (Irene),
Falk Struckmann (Steffano Colonna),
Claudia Mahnke (Adriano),
Daniel Schmutzhard (Paolo Orsini),
Alfred Reiter (Kardinal Orvieto)

Frankfurter Opern-und Museums-orchester
Chor der Oper Frankfurt
Sebastian Weigle

318 kr
Image 3CD-BOX: Das Liebesverbot
Michael Nagy
Peter Bronder
Charles Reid
Simon Bode
Franz Mayer
Christiane Libor
Anna Gabler
Thorsten Grümbel
Kihwan Sim
Anna Ryberg
Julian Prégardien
Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra
Choir of the Frankfurt Opera
Matthias Köhler, choir / Sebastian Weigle

318 kr
Image 3CD-BOX: Königskinder
Fairytale opera in Three Acts

Daniel Behle, King's Son
Amanda Majeski, Goose Maiden
Nikolay Borchev, Minstrel
Julia Juon, Witch
Magnús Baldvinsson, Woodcutter
Martin Mitterrutzner, Broom Maker
Chiara Bäuml, His Daughter
Franz Mayer, Elder
Dietrich Volle, Innkeeper
Nina Tarandek, Innkeeper's Daughter
Beau Gibson, Tailor
Katharina Magiera, Stable Maid

Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra
Choir of the Frankfurt Opera
Sebastian Weigle, conductor
Matthias Köhler, choirmaster

The operatic version of Königskinder of 1909, premiered at the Metropolitan Opera in New York the following year, was very highly praised. The critics at the New York premiere called the work "the most valuable opera of the post-Wagnerian period". We can only speculate as to why the meticulously composed music drama Königskinder did not find a place in the standard repertoire of opera houses. There have been some recent efforts to revive this opera in the Germanspeaking world. These began in Munich and Zurich, and the Frankfurt Opera gave the most recent performances. OehmsClassics presents a live recording here, made in September/October 2012 with outstanding performers.

318 kr
Image La fanciulla del West (2CD)
Under the direction of Christof Loy, a new production of Puccini's famous gold prospectors' drama was presented last May in Frankfurt. Oehms is proud to present the live recording.

259 kr
Image Lohengrin (3CD)
Heinrich the Fowler: Falk Struckmann
Lohengrin: Michael König
Elsa of Brabant: Camilla Nylund
Friedrich of Telramund: Robert Hayward
Ortrud, his Wife: Michaela Schuster
The Army Caller: Daniel Schmutzhard

Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra
Choir and Extra Choir of the Frankfurt Opera
Bertrand de Billy, conductor

Lohengrin is also on the programme of the 2014 Bayreuth Festival. What could be more fitting, then, than to introduce a new recording from Frankfurt to add to the Festival? The cast is brilliant, and the sound production is, as always, in the experienced hands of the sound engineers of the Frankfurt Opera.

359 kr
Image Die Tote Stadt (2CD)
Klaus Florian Vogt
Michael Nagy
Anna Ryberg
Julian Pregardien
Hans-Jurgen Lazar
Hedwig Fassbender
Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra / Sebastian Weigle

Die Tote Stadt, written in 1920 was Korngold's first and most successful opera.

This provides the opportunity to hear a musically and technically flawless performance.

259 kr
Image Lulu (2CD)
With his January 2001 production of Lulu when he was GMD of the Teatro Massimo di Palermo, Stefan Anton Reck drew all eyes upon himself. The opera was acclaimed by the most important international arts magazines and journals.
Reck studied at the HdK Berlin as well as in Tanglewood with Seiji Ozawa and Leonard Bernstein. In 1985, he won the International Arturo Toscanini Conducting Competition as well as the International Gino Marinuzzi Conducting Competition. From 1997 to 2000, Reck was Claudio Abbado’s assistant in Berlin. During this period, he developed great expertise in the music of Mahler as well as the New Viennese School. Before his engagement at the Teatro Massimo di Palermo, he headed the Orchestra Sinfonica di San Remo and the Orchestra Regionale del Lazio Roma. He also made guest appearances with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Bavarian State Opera, the Gran Teatro del Liceo in Barcelona as well as at the Semperoper Dresden.

259 kr
Image Il Trovatore (2CD)
Simone Kermes (Leonora)
Herbert Lippert (Manrico)
Miljenko Turk (Graf Luna)
Yvonne Naef (Azucena)
The Orchestra of the Ludwigsburg Schlossfestspiele / Michael Hofstetter

259 kr
Image L'Oracolo
Franco Leoni was born in Milan in 1864, the same year as Richard Strauss. In 1892, he moved to London and achieved some popularity as a song and opera composer. His fourth opera was his most successful work: L’Oracolo, based on the drama The Cat and the Cherub by Chester Bailey Fernald. The opera premiered on June 28, 1905 at Covent Garden with Antonio Scotti in the role of Cim-Fen. This became Scotti’s best-known role, which he sang for many years at New York’s Metropolitan Opera. The piece was a repertoire staple from 1917 to 1926, then again after 1931. Scotti also chose it for his 1933 farewell from the Met; this was the opera’s 55th performance. Amazingly, however, the work disappeared almost completely from opera stages following this. Franco Leoni died on February 8, 1949 in the British town of Hampstead.

149 kr
Image Iphigenia in Aulis (2CD)
Camilla Nylund (Iphigenie),
Michelle Breedt (Clytemnestre),
Christian Elsner (Achilles),
Oliver Zwang (Agamemnon),
Raimund Nolte (Calchas),
Thilo Dahlmann (Arcas),
Richard Logiewa (Anführer)

Chorus Musicus Köln
Das Neue Orchester
Christoph Spering

Whilst the concert and opera business continues to repeat Wagner's operas in ever new facets, Christoph Spering is interested in different aspects during the Gluck and Wagner years 2013/14.

His serendipity led him to early Wagner and his adaptation of the Gluck opera Iphigenia in Aulis, from which Wagner formed an almost new opera.

Wagner conducted the world premiere of his version at the Royal Court Opera in Dresden on 24 February 1847 - now Christoph Spering has made a new recording of it with an outstanding ensemble.

289 kr
Image La Lodoiska (2CD)
Panzarella, Belfiore, Ovenden, Hasanagic, Mens Chorus of the Philharmonic Chorus Prague, Munich Radio Orchestra / George Petrou

This opera was premiered in Venice in 1796 and was among the most popular operas of its time. The figure of Lodoiska and her musical characterisation are among Mayr's best creations. His works are receiving a well deserved Renaissance. This performance was recorded live during a guest performance of the Munich Radio Orchestra in Ingolstadt in September 2010.

259 kr
Image Medea (2CD)
The new production of the opera “Lear” by Aribert Reimann, which dates from 1978, was one of the high points in the recent history of the Frankfurt Opera and a wonderful preparation for staging a genuine Reimann premiere at the opera house in Frankfurt. The opera “Medea”, with a libretto written by the composer and based on Franz Grillparzer’s text, was created for the Vienna State Opera. Its Viennese premiere took place in February 2010; six months later, the curtain went up on the German premiere at the Frankfurt Opera.
Claudia Barainsky, who has previously worked with Aribert Reimann on a number of projects, sings the title role; Michael Nagy and Tim Severloh have also collaborated closely with the composer in the past.
The Frankfurt Opera has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the musical action is transferred to the sound recording system perfectly: the specially designed recording concept and equipment is tailor made to suit the Frankfurt auditorium perfectly and it produces a live recording that also meets the high standards of audiophiles.

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Image 3CD-BOX: Doktor Faust
Doktor Faust -
Poem for Music in Two Prologues, an Interlude and Three Main Acts

Recording of the festival premiere on 28 June 2008
National Theatre, Munich

Doktor Faust - Wolfgang Koch
Wagner - Steven Humes
Mephistopheles - John Daszak
The Duke of Parma - Raymond Very
The Duchess of Parma - Catherine Naglestad

Bavarian State Orchestra
Choir and Additional Choir of the Bavarian State Opera
Tomas Netopil, conductor
Andrés Máspero, choirs

OehmsClassics is now issuing the recording of this controversial production by Nicolas Brieger made in 2008 just in time for the Munich Opera Festival.

The title role is sung by Wolfang Koch, who will sing Wotan this year at Bayreuth in the Jubilee Ring Cycle. The singer can be assured of an appropriate portion of attention, and the new CD could hardly appear at a more favourable time.

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Image Salvator Rosa (2CD)
With the present recording, OehmsClassics presents a rarely performed work by the Brazilian composer Antônio Carlos Gomes in co-production with NDR Kultur and the Braunschweig State Theatre. Gomes’ music is of course influenced by Brazil, but its atmosphere is reminiscent of Verdi’s “Simon Boccanegra” in many respects, captivating listeners already at the beginning with extraordinarily effective pieces. This production is the recording of the German premiere at the Braunschweig State Theatre in January 2010.

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Image Demetrio, Re di Siria (2CD)
Bénédicte Tauran · Amaya Dominguez
Piotr Friebe · Lisandro Abadie,
Elizabeth Bailey · Matteo Mezzaro

Orchestre Symphonique du Jura
Opera Obliqua Stand de Moutier
Facundo Agudin, conductor

The current renaissance in conjunction with the works of Giovanni Simone Mayr (or Simon Mayr) is not astonishing, but justifi ed.

With Demetrio, he left to posterity a masterpiece that belongs on the great stages of the world. Mayr›s late work is a mixture of romantic anticipation, stylistic reminiscences of Mozart and Haydn, bel canto elements and a touch of Rossini, all worked into an entirely unique form. Of particular note is Mayr›s melodic inventiveness.

With this CD, OehmsClassics presents a live recording of Demetrio made at the Moutier Festival (Switzerland) in June 2011.

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Image 3CD-BOX: La gazza ladra
Ninetta: Sophie Bevan
Fernando Villabella: Jonathan Lemalu
Fabrizio Vingradito: Federico Sacchi
Lucia: Katarina Leoson
Giannetto: Francisco Brito
Gottardo: Kihwan Sim
Isacco, Händler: Nicky Spence
Pippo: Alexandra Kadurina
Antonio: Michael McCown
Giorgio: Iurii Samoilov
Ernesto: Thomas Charrois
Amtsrichter: Carlos Krause

Choir of the Frankfurt Opera, Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra / Henrik Nanasi

OehmsClassics presents a Thieving Magpie from the Frankfurt Opera - in the usual outstanding audio quality, but this time instead of the General Music Director Sebastian Weigle, we hear Henrik Nánási conducting.

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Image Jenufa (2CD)
An outstanding Iris Vermillion as the Sacristan and a brilliant orchestra conducted by Dirk Kaftan: these are just a few of the ingredients for the first co-production of OehmsClassics and the Graz Opera. Janácek's Jenufa becomes a psycho-thriller here, even without the visual components..

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Image Iolanta (2CD)
Lyric Opera in One Act

Olessa Golovneva · Alexander Vinogradov
Andrei Bondarenko · Dmytro Popov · Vladislav Sulimsky
John Heuzenroeder · Marc-Olivier Oetterli
Dalia Schaechter · Justyna Samborska · Marta Wryk

Gürzenich Orchestra of Cologne / Dmitrij Kitajenko

The world premieres of Iolanta and The Nutcracker took place on 18 December 1892 at St. Petersburg's Mariinsky Theatre. "The execution of both," wrote the composer to his brother Anatoly the next day, "was magnificent, and that of the ballet perhaps too magnificent - its brilliance made one's eyes tired." Gustav Mahler conducted the first performance of the one-act opera outside Russia on 3 January 1893 in Hamburg and also directed the Viennese premiere of Iolanta on 22 March 1900.

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