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Image Kanon Pokajanen
The 'Kanon Pokajanen' (Canon of Repentance), premiered in March 1998, is Arvo Pärt’s most monumental composition.

Its prolonged genesis, a meticulous process of assimilation of the text in Church Slavonic, and the austerity and subtlety of its style embody the same sincerity, the same spiritual and contemplative radiance as an icon painting.

He was commissioned by KölnMusic GmbH to write a work commemorating the 750th anniversary of the building of Cologne Cathedral. He finished it in 1997 and it premiered at Cologne Cathedral on March 17, 1998.

'Kanon Pokajanen' exhibits characteristics of Pärt's tinntinabular style and the piece remains almost exclusively in D minor, deviating only in particularly expressive passages and sometimes final cadences. Overall, the melodies and harmonies remain fairly static throughout.

169 kr
Image BWV... or not?
Amandine Beyer and Gli Incogniti pay tribute to a period when copyright was unknown with a program of works attributed to - or transcribed by - Johann Sebastian Bach. The common denominator in all these works is both musical excellence and a spirit that testifies to the dazzling creative freedom that inspires these artist's passionate performances.

169 kr
Image Sonata in B minor / Piano Works
This CD presents the two faces of Franz Liszt: the Sonata in B minor shows us a forty-year-old virtuoso, overflowing with enthusiasm - an exuberance much more evident in the work's form than in its character. Thirty years later, it is an entirely different man who opens his heart in La lugubre gondola, Unstern and Schlaflos: in the meantime, the old man has lost his lovers and friends, and confesses to an inextinguishable 'bitterness of heart'.

89 kr
Image J.S. Bach - Violin Concertos
89 kr
Image Piano Concerto No. 1
The First Concerto of the 26-year-old Brahms had a curious gestation: begun as a symphony (his actual First Symphony was premiered only 27 years later!), originally scored for two pianos through lack of orchestral experience, it turned into a concerto for just one piano while also providing material for other works (the German Requiem)! Implicitly dedicated to Schumann, the piece initially had difficulty establishing itself in the repertoire before achieving recognition as one of the models of the genre - like the celebrated 'Haydn' Variations.

159 kr
Image Sonatas for Piano & Violin
Isabelle Faust, violin
Alexander Melnikov, fortepiano
Boris Faust, viola
Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt, cello

Was Weber born only to compose Der Freischütz? So, at least, many people have thought, forgetting the existence of a catalogue of more than 300 compositions in every genre. The Piano Quartet, the work of a 22-year-old, already displays the first signs in music of that fantastic Romanticism that E. T. A. Hoffmann was exploring at the same time. As for the delightful Sonatas for piano and violin of 1810, refused by the publisher for their blatant originality (!), they airily mix different styles in an exotic multinational rendezvous.

169 kr
Image Cantique De Moÿse
Les Arts Florissants / William Christie

William Christie directs the singers and period-instrument musicians of Les Arts Florissants in a recording of works by Etienne Moulinié (c1600-c1669). Recorded June 1980, Eglise du Bon Secours, Paris with notes in English, French, and German and texts with English translations.

89 kr
Image Un Peccator Pentito / O Cecità
Les Arts Florissants / William Christie

"The chamber oratorios of Luigi Rossi fall naturally within the repertory of Les Arts Florissants. Rossi was himself in Paris during the 1640s at the behest of Cardinal Mazarin and his music was well known to French Italophiles. These are works of considerable beauty, masterfully realised by William Christie, and deserving of issue on CD... The ingenious continuo orchestration devised by Christie—combinations of cello, bass viol, harpsichord, theorbo and lirone—is rich beyond comparison. The violin playing is shapely and sympathetic." Gramophone February 1987

89 kr
Image Oratorio Per La Settimana Santa
Les Arts Florissants / William Christie

Both these works are anonymous in their manuscript sources, located in the Barberini collection of the Vatican Library. In 1954 the Italian scholar Alberto Ghislanzoni attributed these compositions, on circumstantial evidence, to Luigi Rossi (1598-1653), a composer working in Rome in the service of Cardinal Antonio Barberini—a lavish patron of music who helped support Rome'sprayer halls and a nephew of Pope Urban VIII. Recent research by the American scholar Margaret Murata has cast doubt on the attributions to Luigi Rossi, but it is generally agreed that these oratorios were composed by one of Rossi's Roman contemporaries in the service of the Barberini family —possibly Marc'Antonio Pasqualini — if not by Rossi himself. Oratorio per la Settimana Santa: recorded WDR, february 1984.

89 kr
Image Bien Que L'Amour
Les Arts Florissants / William Christie

With this anthology of 'airs sérieux' and 'airs à boire' of the Grand Siècle, Les Arts Florissants launches a new series on harmonia mundi. We can listen to the tracks on this disc as contemporaries turned the pages of successful collections of songs, alternating between invocations to Bacchus and invitations to love. Around William Christie at the harpsichord and his musicians, five singers offer multiple combinations of close-knit voices. From the intimacy of the salons to the liveliness of court banquets, these airs, models of refined skill, make light of the paradoxes of our hearts – for as an air by Lambert tells us: ‘Though Love creates all my grief / I wish to love and to die loving.’

159 kr
Image Madrigali Vol. 3 - Venezia
Enregistré à la Cité de la Musique dans le cadre de l’intégrale des madrigaux de Monteverdi réalisée en partenariat avec la Philharmonie de Paris et le Théâtre de Caen, le dernier volume de notre trilogie recèle sans aucun doute les plus célèbres joyaux d’un compositeur devenu maître de chapelle à Saint-Marc de Venise, puis prêtre. Au-delà des grands opéras qui nous sont parvenus de cette période, les derniers madrigaux explorent méthodiquement les multiples possibilités offertes par un continuo en plein développement et des voix solistes sollicitées comme jamais auparavant. A cet égard, le célébrissime Combat de Tancrède et de Clorinde achève cette aventure montéverdienne en apothéose.

159 kr
Image Un jardin à l'italienne
This concert was recorded live at the Melbourne Recital Centre in Australia within the framework of Le Jardin des Voix: the Academy launched by Les Arts Florissants in 2002 as a showcase for young talent. William Christie and Paul Agnew, the co-directors of the Academy, are well known as fine teachers and indefatigable talent-spotters. Here they present six promising young singers, hitherto unknown to the general public, who were auditioned and recruited from almost 200 candidates.

169 kr
Image Les Maîtres du Motet Francais
A sophisticated composer, Brossard also left his mark thanks to the extraordinary collection of music manuscripts he amassed over the course of his life. Preserved for posterity when he catalogued and handed it over to the royal library in 1724, the compendium contains an impressive number of musical gems like the Requiem by Bouteiller, which Brossard counted among the best Mass settings in his possession. Focusing on the work of these French masters, Paul Agnew has fashioned a programme exploring the role of cathedral and chapel choirs during the reign of Louis XIV.

169 kr
89 kr
Image The countertenors
89 kr
Image Motets
Bach's motets, most of them composed during the 1730s, occupy a rather special position in his output. Never did the Cantor of St. Thomas's devote such meticulous attention to the musical expression of the word, never did he exploit so great a variety of tone-colours, texture and effects. It is as if the entire panoply of Baroque 'expressionism' were concentrated in the settings of the scriptural texts. And once again, in perpetuating a religious genre inherited from his own forefathers, Bach bears it to its highest degree of perfection.

89 kr
Image Piano Concertos Nos. 21 & 24
From the sombre colours of the Fantasia in D minor to the dazzling Concert Rondo in D major, from the pathos of the C minor Concerto, no.24, to the sheer joy of the famous Concerto no.21 in C major, Stefan Vladar invites you to share a Mozart experience moving between two contrasting tonal universes. Here is a chance to rediscover the composer's full expressive range in major-key optimism and minor-key drama, without one ever being entirely dissociated from the other – quite the contrary, in fact!

89 kr
Image String Quartet No. 14 (Death and Maiden)
'Be comforted! I am not cruel; sleep in peace in my arms', murmurs Death to the Maiden in a song written in 1817, seven years before the quartet to which it gave its name and which has since become one of the pillars of the repertoire. Here is a new challenge for the members of the Jerusalem Quartet, whose most recent incursion into Romantic territory (with Dvorák's 'American' Quartet) received exceptional praise from Le Monde de la Musique for 'its virtuosity, its vitality, its energetic, buoyant phrasing'.

89 kr
Image O Ravishing Delight

Alfred DELLER (Interprète Principal)
David MUNROW (Interprète Secondaire)
Richard LEE (Interprète Secondaire)
Desmond DUPRÉ (Interprète Principal)
Robert ELLIOT (Interprète Secondaire)
ANONYME (Compositeur)
John DOWLAND (Compositeur)
Thomas CAMPION (Compositeur)
John BARTLET (Compositeur)
Philip ROSSETER (Compositeur)
Francis PILKINGTON (Compositeur)
John BLOW (Compositeur)
Jeremiah CLARKE (Compositeur)
John ECCLES (Compositeur)
William CROFT (Compositeur)
Daniel PURCELL (Compositeur)
Pelham HUMFREY (Compositeur)
logo label

89 kr
Image Rondo violincello
89 kr
Image Pianotrio Op 100, D929
Jean-Claude Pennetier, piano;

Régis Pasquier, violin; Roland Pidoux, cello.
Franz Schubert

Pianotrio Ess-dur Op 100, D929

1. Allegro

2. Andante con moto

3. Scherzando

4. Allegro moderato

89 kr
Image Motets & Psalms
Greta de Reyghere (soprano)
La Chapelle Royale, Collegium Vocale Gent
Philippe Herreweghe

"What seems to me to be Mendelssohn's principal quality is his crystalline clarity. (...) It makes him one of the great composers of religious music. In the direct line of the great predecessors he admired so much, it made it possible for him to efface himself before the divine word and to set it to music with all necessary humility. This is what constitutes the force of the music on this recording."
(Philippe Herreweghe)

89 kr
Image Cantatas
'I have attempted as well as I could to mix the delicacy of French music with the vivacity of Italian music,' André Campra wrote in the Preface to his first book of cantatas. The clear-sightedness of the composer from Aix-en-Provence is amply borne out in this admirable synthesis of styles, freed from the constraint of the Lullian yoke.

89 kr
Image Harold in Italy
Bruno Pasquier, Jean-François Heisser

Fascinated by this orchestral work by Berlioz, the young Liszt decided to make a transcription for viola and piano that would bring out the finest qualities of the original. Schumann's , on the other hand, were written directly for these two instruments.This title was released for the first time in 1986.

89 kr
Image Codex Chantilly

Ensemble Organum/Marcel Pérès

Ensemble Organum - Codex Chantilly

1. Se Galaas et le puissant Artus (Cunelier)

2. Dieux gart (Guido)

3. Sans joie avoir (Anon)

4. Or voit tout (Guido)

5. Toute clerté (Anon)

6. Tout par compas (Baude Cordier)

7. Belle, bonne, sage (Baude Cordier)

8. En nul estat (Goscalch)

9. La harpe de mellodie (Jacob Senleches)

10. Fumeux fume par fumée (Solage)

11. Armes, amours (F Andrieu)

12. Adieu vous di (Anon)

89 kr
Image Corsica: Chants polyphoniques
The study of traditional song is of capital importance for a proper understanding of the musical universe of the past; yet this recording, made in 1986 and today regarded as a benchmark, is not 'ethnological'. On the contrary, Marcel Pérès chose Corsican singers capable of drawing on their island's musical heritage as rich, living material open to all kinds of experiments, not as a rigid, museum-bound object. The resulting sound is all the more captivating.

89 kr
Image Chasse, La
Ensemble Clément Janequin/Dominique Visse.

Ensemble Clément Janequin - La Chasse

Clément Janequin

1. Le caquet des femmes

2. Va rossignol

3. D'un seul soleil

4. Bel aubépin verdissant

5. Gaillarde des Dieux (Morlaye)

Clément Janequin

6. J'ay double dueil

7. Au verd bois je m'en iray

8. Revenés souvent m'amye

9. J'ay d'un costé l'honneur

10. Ce petit dieu qui vole

11. Branle de Bourgogne (Adrian Le Roy)

Clément Janequin

12. La Guerre

13. L'espoir confus

14. Petite nymphe folastre

15. Pourquoy tournez-vous vos yeux

16. C'est à bon droit

17. Fantaisie (Morlaye)

Clément Janequin

18. Sur l'aubépin qui est en fleurs

19. Ce moys de may

20. Las, si tu as plaisir

21. Ventz hardis et légiers

22. Branle Gay (Adrian Le Roy)

Clément Janequin

23. Plus ne suys

24. Frère Thibault

25. La Chasse

89 kr
Image Piano Trios Nos. 25-27
BETYG: *****


Patrick Cohen (fortepiano), Erich Höbarth (violin) & Christophe Coin (cello)

89 kr
Image Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae
89 kr
Image Histoire de la Nativite
René Jacobs invites you to rediscover this Christmas Story, probably the most popular work of Heinrich Schütz. In his twilight years, the greatest 17th-century German composer brilliantly combined Lutheran fervour with Italianate recitative. This title was released for the first time in 1990 and just look at the singers involved!

89 kr
Image Works for Violin & Piano
In amusing himself by confronting two instruments he judged incompatible, Ravel remains faithful to his legendary penchant for anything resembling a gamble - whether of sonorities or of technique. Both serious and playful works, side by side, without any apparent contradiction - an ambiguity quite typical of the composer of L'Enfant et les Sortilèges!

89 kr
Image String Quartet No. 14 (The Death and the Maiden)
"The Melos Quartet... seem to have all the answers to these four masterpieces by Schubert"
(CD Review)

89 kr
Image Motets
Les Arts Florissants, William Christie

These 'petites' compositions of sacred music for several soloists and a small instrumental ensemble are in a certain sense the pendants to the grands motets of Versailles: Lully's successor excelled in both forms. At the close of the Grand Siècle, Delalande asserted himself as one of the truly great figures in French Baroque music.

89 kr
Image Pièces de clavecin en concerts
Christophe Rousset, cembalo

Ryo Terakado, violin

Kaori Uemura, gamba


Premier Concert

1. La Coulicam

2. La Livri

3. La Livri

4. Le Vézinet

Deuxième Concert

5. La Laborde

6. La Boucon

7. L'agaçante

8. Menuets I & II

9. L'agaçante

Troisième Concert

10. La la Poplinière

11. La timide

12. Tambourins I & II

13. La timide

Quatrième Concert

14. La pantomime

15. L'indiscrète

16. La Rameau

Cinquième Concert

17. La Forqueray

18. La Cupis

19. La Marais

20. L'indiscrète

89 kr
Image Songs on Poems by Ronsard
Dominique Vissé (counter-tenor)
Ensemble Clément Janequin

The poetry of Pierre de Ronsard enjoyed unprecedented popularity with musicians in the mid-16th century, and by the 1570's almost every major French or Flemish composer had written entire books setting his works. The Janequin Ensemble present here a selection of the finest pieces inspired by this prince of poets.

89 kr
Image Franciscan manuscripts
In this pioneering disc first released in 1994, Marcel Pérès and his group of singers reveal the rich heritage of the authentic repertories of Corsican sacred chant, no longer sung in churches and saved only by oral tradition and musical detective work. The fascinating result provides an insight into the interpretation of the whole range of popular sacred polyphony in the Mediterranean region.This title was released for the first time in 1994.

89 kr
Image Cancionera de Pedrell
The output of the Catalan Roberto Gerhard reflects his attachment to Spanish culture; hence his Cancionero de Pedrell, based on Spanish folksongs collected by Felipe Pedrell, pays tribute to the work of his teacher. But his itinerary did not stop at national borders: after a period in Vienna and Berlin studying with Schoenberg, it was in wartime Cambridge that he composed the music for the ballet Pandora, choreographed by the German Kurt Jooss, a caustic critic of the absurd violence of the nationalist dictatorships.

89 kr
Image Cello Concertos
Chiara Banchini, Roel Dieltiens, E. Gatti
Ensemble 415

Long regarded as a mere 'transitional figure' between Corelli and Boccherini, Giuseppe Tartini had to await the very end of the 20th century (and recordings like this one) to be judged at his true worth: as a composer of the very first rank and a violinist of genius. He was also a pedagogue much envied by Leopold Mozart, who plagiarised him copiously. With 130 concertos and 200 sonatas for solo violin, his musical achievement speaks for itself.

89 kr
Image Advent Cantatas
Surely one of the greatest gifts the Lutheran Church ever made to music was to have charged Bach with the duty of producing a cantata for every week of the year! He left us no fewer than three for the first Sunday in Advent alone, composed between 1714 (at Weimar) and 1724-31 (at Leipzig). They are inspired in very different ways by Luther's original chorale: it is as if all of baroque Germany is contained between the sobriety of BWV 61 and the ambitious frescoes of BWV 36 and 62... 'Forty years after its foundation it s all too easy to take the excellence and consistency of Collegium Vocale Ghent for granted: back in 1970 there wasn t any such ensemble in mainland Europe. Philippe Herreweghe, a psychiatry student, founded CVG to put his ideas into practice...CVG became part of the first complete Bach cantata project for Telefunken, Herreweghe, at hospital in the day, conducting his choir in the evening sessions... Presentation is exemplary: top quality at mid price, and a birthday gift that really will keep on giving.' Andrew McGregor, BBC Music Magazine, June 2010

89 kr
Image Suites for Solo Cello
Jean-Guihen Queyras [cello]

This recording of the most famous solo cello suites of the 20th century - in which the spirit of Bach is never very far away - marked the start of the collaboration of a very young Jean-Guihen Queyras with harmonia mundi, back in 1998. Right from this first disc, the French cellist demonstrated his supremely high artistic standards. An unqualified success!

"a high-class field, led, as far as complete cycles are concerned, by the outstanding Jean-Guihen Queyras."
(Anthony Burton, BBC Music Magazine, June 2004, Benchmark) recording

89 kr
Image Psalms and Chansons of the Reformation
The Catholic Church had confined the execution of liturgical singing to a single ecclesiastical body: the 'schola'. The Reformation, however, aimed at returning it to the congregation of the faithful. This musical practice did not end at the doors of the church or the schools, but the singing of the Psalms could be heard in the streets, the shops and in the homes of those who practised domestic polyphonic music. It was here that the Psalms and religious chansons were soon to dethrone - sometimes by simply changing the words - the popular Renaissance secular chansons, now considered 'foolish, vain and unseemly' - in a word, immoral. On listening to this Huguenot literary and spiritual treasury, one can only dream of what the Reformation musical tradition could have become had it not been nipped in the bud by the tragic events of the Religious Wars.
Ensemble Clément Janequin/Dominique Visse

Psalms and Chansons of the Reformation

1 Réveillez vous chacun fidèle (Paschal de L'Estocart)
2 Du fond de ma pensée (Benedictus Appenzeller)
3 Onse Vader ins Hemelryck (Nicolas Vallet)
4 Apres avoir constamment attendu (Claude Goudimel)
5 Estans assis aux rives aquatiques (Claude Goudimel)
6 Dont vien cela (Clément Janequin)
7 Mon Dieu me paist (Clément Janequin)
8 Jusques à quand (Clément Janequin)
9 Veu que du tout (Clément Janequin)
10 O bienheureux celuy (Pierre Certon)
11 Las, en ta fureur aigue (Loys Bourgeois)
12 Estans assis aux rives aquatiques (Paschal de L'Estocart)
13 Quand mon mari s'en va dehors (Roland de Lassus)
14 J'ayme mon Dieu (Roland de Lassus)
15 Fuyons des vices le jeu (Roland de Lassus)
16 Tant que vivray en aege florissant (Claudin de Sermisy)
17 Dix-huitième fantaisie sur "Que n'ay-je des ailes mon Dieu" (Eustache du Caurroy)
18 Du fons de ma pensée (Claude Le Jeune)
19 O Dieu, je n'ay Dieu fors que toy (Claude Le Jeune)
20 Hélas mon Dieu (Claude Le Jeune)
21 Vingtième fantaisie sur le Ps. 26 (Eustache du Caurroy)
22 A ton bras droit (Nicolas Vallet)
23 Dix-septième fantaisie (Eustache du Caurroy)
24 Ambition, volupté - Orfevre taille moy une boule - Ce Mond'est un pèlerinage (Claude Le Jeune)
25 Je vis un jour (Paschal de L'Estocart)
26 Celuy qui pense pouvoir (Paschal de L'Estocart)
27 Où est la mort? (Paschal de L'Estocart)

89 kr
Image L'Arlésienne
Written by a 17-year old composer, the totally classical Symphony in C major 'sounds... as if there had not been hundreds written before it. That is the miracle of youth!', Jean Roy wrote about this delicious, perfectly balanced work whose themes are as reminiscent of Mozart as they are of Rossini. Twenty years later, Bizet came to grips with Alphonse Daudet's famous play, L'Arlésienne. The orchestral incidental music he wrote for it suggests with extraordinarily subtle dramatic pertinence the exotic, sun-drenched light of Provence, while, at the same time, depicting the characters of the tragedy who, thanks to his music, have since become familiar throughout the world.

Orquesta Ciudad de Granada/Josep Pons

Georges Bizet
L'Arlésienne - Suite No. 1
1 Ouverture
2 Minuetto
3 Adagietto
4 Carillon

L'Arlésienne - Suite No. 2
5 Pastorale
6 Intermezzo
7 Menuetto
8 Farandole

Symphony in C major
9 Allegro vivo
10 Adagio
11 Allegro vivace - Trio
12 Allegro vivace

89 kr
Image French & English Suites
Céline Frisch plays a harpsichord by Anthony Sidey.
Johann Sebastian BACH (Compositeur)
Céline FRISCH (Interprète Principal)

89 kr
Image Firebird (The)
Orquesta Ciudad de Granada
Josep Pons, conductor

"The Firebird and Jeu de cartes provide, within the same genre - the ballet - two diametrically opposed examples of Stravinsky's attitude to the concept of 'inheritance', and more precisely to the history of music itself. Though very different both in their style and in the circumstances of their gestation, these two works may nonetheless be approached through a quality they have in common: the miraculous balance they achieve between the functional element (which is subordinate to the choreography) and the organic element (which enables the music to have a life of its own)." NICOLAS DONIN

89 kr
Image Requiem
Huelgas-Ensemble / Paul Van Nevel

We possess many works by Jean Richafort, but very little biographical information on the composer. In the 16th century he was the object of veneration and admiration. The great Ronsard himself spoke of him in the most enthusiastic terms, and most of his contemporaries - Mouton, Morales, Gombert, Palestrina - based Masses on his music.

"an astonishing work...Nobody with open ears and a reasonably functioning heart could possibly find such music solid and unexciting."

Stephen Pettitt, The Sunday Times, 14 April 2002 (***, Outstanding)

"Van Nevel's ensemble is on cracking form, and his programming deftly combines moods and registers." Fabrice Fitch, Gramophone, October 2002

89 kr
Image Piano Sonatas
89 kr
Image J.S.Bach - Magnificat BWV 243a
89 kr
Image Le Violon Vagabond
89 kr
Image Constanzo Festa - La Spagna
89 kr
Image Divertimenti
89 kr
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