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Image Alone In The City - Influence Vol. 5
111 kr (139 kr)
Image Tribute to Jimmy Smith (2 LP)
151 kr (189 kr)
Image Border-Free
Chucho Valdés, piano
Reinaldo Melián Alvarez, trumpet
Dreiser Durruthy Bombalé, batás, lead vocals
Rodney Barreto Illarza, drums, vocals
Ángel Gastón Joya Perellada, double bass, vocals
Yaroldy Abreu Robles, percussion, vocals
Branford Marsalis, tenor sax on Tabú & Bebo - soprano sax on Abdel.

Cuba's foremost pianist has developed a brand new repertoire. Boasting a new line-up for his band, The Afro-Cuban Messengers, and a guest appearance from legendary saxophonist Branford Marsalis on three tracks, his new album takes us through an eclectic range of piece. His dazzling virtuosity as a pianist, his prodigious talents as a composer and his ingenious arrangements unite to create a music that enthralls. Alongside new sources of inspiration (the music of the North American Indians and of the Arab-Andalusian culture), the album is infused with the verve of Valdés' early trailblazing Cuban Jazz ensemble Irakere, his nostalgia for Cuban big bands, the punch of Hard Bop, the magical rhythms of the Yoruba drums, and of course the spiritual lyricism which is the mark of all great jazz.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Eclipse
This sophisticated yet explorational recording features bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Eric Harland with guest appearances on three tracks by saxophonist Joshua Redman. Recorded in Woodstock on August 21, 2017, the day of the solar eclipse, the track “Eclipse” became the centerpiece of the album. The musicians’ spontaneous expression of their experience viewing this rare astronomical event signifies Alexander’s movement into a freer expression.

stream the title:

135 kr (169 kr)
Image Run Deep
135 kr (169 kr)
Image Ron Carter's Great Big Band
The legendary bassist Ron Carter had accomplished nearly everything a jazz musician could. He had appeared on thousands of recordings, performed with legends, and had led revered ensembles. One thing he hadn't done was led a big band. On the new CD Ron Carter's Great Big Band (Sunnyside, 2011), Carter finally got to be at the helm of 17 piece large ensemble. Assisted by arranger Bob Freedman and producer Wendy MacDonald, the ensemble took on an eclectic program of compositions by a handful of jazz masters, including Carter himself.

With a rhythmic section of exception (Mulgrew Miller, Lewis Nash) & talented soloist, this 17-musicians Orchestra is one of the Jazz events of the end of the year.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Jazz Heroes Vol. 1
119 kr (149 kr)
Image Jazz Heroes Vol. 2
119 kr (149 kr)
Image Jazz Heroes Vol. 3
119 kr (149 kr)
Image Jazz Heroes Vol. 4
119 kr (149 kr)
Image Jazz Heroes Vol. 5
119 kr (149 kr)
Image Jazz Heroes Vol. 7
119 kr (149 kr)
Image Jazz Heroes Vol. 8
119 kr (149 kr)
Image Jazz Heroes Vol. 10
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Image Jazz Heroes Vol. 11
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Image Jazz Heroes Vol. 12
119 kr (149 kr)
Image Pere & fils (Father and son)
Touched by Django Reinhardt’s style when he was young, Romane wanted, during many years, to let the music play again to the way of a certain french jazzy tradition called sometimes manouche jazz or gypsy swing.

Among all jazz guitarists revealed these last ten years, Romane is resigned to use the experience of the Past to get the best of today’s music Romane uses to think his music and besides he’s always listening to the others.

It’s beyond his wish to make the tradition evolve. He also wants to open the wings of culture to whom it will interest. A lot of educational works can testify in it

A great discography (a few more 12 albums signed on his name). We also have seen him crossing strings with some brilliant artists like Bob Brotzmann, Babik Reinhardt, Chet Atkins, James Carter and, of course, Didier Lockwood with whom he shares international scenes since the last two years.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Crazy Rhythm
Legendariska inspelningar med jazzgitarristen Django Reinhardt gjorda mellan åren 1936-1937.

MEDVERKANDE: Django Reinhardt, Stéphane Grappelli, Quintette du Hot Club de France, Coleman Hawkins, Dicky Wells, Eddie South, Benny Carter, Larry Alder m fl.

183 kr (229 kr)
Image Silence....On tourne
"Quite...we're filming..."

This is the second time I have written a declaration of love for the accordion and for the music of Frédéric Daverio. I have described Daverio as an accordiononophore, whose instrument is like an extension of himself. Listening to his latest work, I can only stand by what I said. There is a pact of mutual respect between him and the accordion, alongside a sense of humour and a wealth of inventiveness. In his hands, this heavy and powerful instrument becomes something light, while he is seriously and soberly adventurous. No clichés come to spoil the lyricism of the instrument, which is known in France as “le piano à bretelles” (“the piano with braces”), and which strikingly but modestly expresses a universal sensibility. In “silence…on tourne” (“Quiet… we’re filming”), you will hear phrases reminiscent of bal-musette literature, accents of tango and a touch of the barrel organ, but here everything is recreated and reinvented, and becomes uncatagorisable, contemporary, intemporal. This is great art.
(Georges Moustaki)

“ …emotional music, full of finesse, depth, seriousness, and an irresistible touch of romantic genius. It’s sweet, it’s strong, it’s like riding over a hill, it jumps out at you as you go round a bend, it warms you up as you race downhill, it’s electrifying, it flows like a stream and beats like a hundred hearts…”
(François Rollin)

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Still Time
Rumours have started a while ago about an amazing young guitarist. Here years or so that we've been talking about a "new generation". Young artists evolving in Django's idiom with their sound, their language, conscious of an immortal heritage, yet their eyes looking towards the future. Zaiti acoustic quartet, four young artists living the same passion, the same love for jazz, with Mathieu Chatelain on guitar and Jeremie Arranger on double bass, a genuine and perfect rhythm section; on the lead side, Cedric Ricard on saxophone and a young rising star guitarist Adrien Moignard. Together knows as the acoustic quartet, they take you from Django to Wes Montgomery, effortlessly.
This recording is the true manifestation of their exceptional talent.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Banda Um
Gilberto Passos Gil Moreira better known as Gilberto Gil, is a Brazilian singer, guitarist, and songwriter, known for both his musical innovation and his political commitment. From 2003 to 2008, he served as his country's Minister of Culture in the administration of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Gil began playing music as a child and was still a teenager when he joined his first band. He started out as a bossa nova musician, eventually writing songs that reflected a new focus on political awareness and social activism. He was a key figure in the Música Popular Brasileira and Tropicalismo movements of the 1960s, alongside artists such as longtime collaborator Caetano Veloso. The Brazilian military regime that took power in 1964 saw both Gil and Veloso as a threat, and the two were held for nine months in 1969 before they were told to leave the country. Gil moved to London, but returned to the Brazilian state of Bahia in 1972 and continued his musical career, as well as working as a politician and environmental advocate. Gil's musical style incorporates an eclectic range of influences, including rock, Brazilian genres including samba and forró, African music, and reggae.

95 kr (119 kr)
Image Mama Please
The guitarists, Alex Hetzel and Remy Laurent, met each other five years ago. They both began to play guitar using rock and metal strident riffs. From jerky riffs to gypsy velocity, via the oriental sounds melancholic ecstasy, or even Indian chants, those two musician's ways are variable. They follow their instrument into each and every of its cultures, what invites them to explore different musical words.. In 2005, Maeva Tur (violin) and Sebastien Doucet (percussion) come and join this new band. Sebastien approached music through percussions playing (derbouka, djembe), eight years ago. His knocking wanders from African rhythms to oriental variations. Sebastien listens, searches and tries any sounds on any objects he founds. His beatings bring Cirrus's music to trance. The year next, Nawen Ben Kraiem, in her turn, comes and join the nascent group. Now the group is complete. Since Mars 2007, the date of their first concert, Cirrus don't stop to play in any bars, concerts houses and festivals, or any stage they find on their road... The Cirrus ascension is not due to chance. Those curious, young and determinate musicians narrate us a fool and lovely story.

127 kr (159 kr)
127 kr (159 kr)
Image SYRIA: The Aleppo Suites
The "suite" consists of various poems in free form that are set to music and sung. The basic musical structure is defined by the melodic mode, which gives it its identity. Each "suite" has its own flavour. Interpretation varies according to the different schools and singers, who evoke three separate aspects of existence in love poems, bacchic songs and poems about nature. These may be used alternately, but they all express a single emotion: yearning for the beloved. Hassan Haffar is the soloist in the eleven "Aleppo Suites" presented here, performing with great freedom of expression. His musical and vocal skills blend introspection and sensuality and these three albums confirm him to be a master of the genre. The "suite" in this form is now only to be found in Aleppo.

263 kr (329 kr)
Image Atlantic Africa
Bonga, Teofilo Chantre, Akendengue, Cesaria Evora, King Ayisoba, Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara, les espoirs de Coronthie, Ba Cissoko, Malouma, Mamadou Barry, Gangbé Brass Band, Lura, Sally Nyolo, Sia Tolno, El Hadj Ndiaye, Anne Marie Zié, Meiway, Bembeya Jazz and others.

Following the three "Musiques Metisses" compilation CD (Indian Ocean, Mandingo and Sahel music), "Atlantic Africa" opens a new way towards the continent's west coast. From Nouakchott to Luanda, from the island of Cape Verde to the shores of Central Africa, traditional African music has crossed paths with Western music to give rise to highly creative musical combinations. Afro beat, reggae, hip-hop, rock'n blues, morna, makossa, samba, mbalax, coladera, saudade & rumba, the music of the future is taking shape along the coasts of Africa and in its port towns. This album presents a collection of young and not so young musicians - great voices, mythicals orchestras, committed artists, modern griots, exceptionally gifted instrumentalists - all of them from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The journey thus goes on...

119 kr (149 kr)
Image Solo dal vivo

Right off the bat, we must say that it's an imperfect recording. We didn't plan to record the Rome concert or release it as a CD. Therefore, we took none of the steps customary under the circumstances. As fate would have it, though, that particular concert was magic-a miracle of intensity and poetry, with a current of emotion flowing between stage and hall. Happily, Musica per Roma records every concert for archival purposes, and the CD now being presented was drawn (with considerable effort) from their noisy master. The result is a kind of bootleg authorized by the artist, favoring emotion and soul over technical considerations. All of this is strictly for the record because, in the end, the results are quite good: Gianmaria's interpretation and voice are such that any technical shortcomings fade into the distance. It might seem odd that Gianmaria Testa-one of the Italian musicians most open to collaboration, encounters, and special projects that shuffle genres and decks-would choose for his first live recording a solo concert, voice and guitar, nothing more. But the more you think about it, the less strange it seems. Gianmaria has always spoken up for the song form-that perfect balance of text, melody, and harmony that by itself makes up a whole. He has stated repeatedly that if songs do not live and move listeners on their own, played simply on guitar, then no arrangement or gimmick can save them. Here, then, is the reason behind this courageous undertaking, one that looks to the very substance of things. SOLO-dal vivo is a recording that restores to Gianmaria's songs (including some of his most famous ones) the emotions that brought them to life.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Eveil - Oriental Tanbur Lute
103 kr (129 kr)
Image Last Bingo in Paris
Spännande syntmusik av skotten Howie B som bl a jobbat tillsammans med Stanley Myers, Massive Attack, Björk, Soul II Soul, Tricky, U2, Brian Eno och Robbie Robertson.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Kobane

Ce nouvel album Kobane est un voyage musical à la recherche des mélodies et des rythmes de la culture kurde. Le destin contemporain du peuple kurde est au coeur de cet album, qui s’ouvre par une pièce instrumentale et vocale qui lui donne son titre.
Cet hymne à la ville victorieuse de la frontière syro-turque, dont le texte dit que la rivière Sirvan protège le feu sacré du zoroastrisme, emboite mélodies et instruments traditionnels à des percussions dévoilant des échanges et une ouverture au monde qui confirment que plus jamais aucune culture ne sera étanche.
En 2013, le premier album de Nishtiman a été un choc. Soudain, l’on entendait une musique fédérant la culture kurde, transcendant les frontières étatiques, historiques et même religieuses. Soudain, le Kurdistan s’exprimait tout ensemble – et, d’ailleurs, le mot nishtiman signifie patrie.
Kobane confirme que son Kurdistan n’est pas enkysté dans les mythes d’un passé qu’il faudrait faire revivre tel qu’enluminé dans quelque grimoire vénérable. Au contraire, le projet est de faire resplendir un futur aussi ouvert qu’enraciné, avec une musique traditionnelle et contemporaine à la fois.
Comme pour l’album précédent de Nishtiman, l’essentiel des compositions sont de Sohrab Pournazeri, chanteur, joueur de tanbur et de kamanché, et la direction artistique de Hussein Zahawy, joueur de daf, dohol et bendir.
Autour d’eux, on retrouve le joueur de zorna, balaban et duduk Ertan Tekin, la chanteuse Donya Kamali, le spécialiste des percussions africaines Robin Vassy et le joueur de santur Mayar Toreihi. Ensemble, ils font entendre une musique qui n’est évidemment plus celle des villages, mais a conservé cette âme radieuse et combative ayant traversé tant de siècles. Cette musique qui dessine un futur ouvert au monde ressemble à un rebond, à un relai, à un réveil. Et ce son-là traverse le fracas des armes.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Canzoni della cupa
143 kr (179 kr)
Image Mes racines
127 kr (159 kr)
Image We Have Tigers
127 kr (159 kr)
Image Sentir (Limited Edition)
LIMITED EDITION: Features 5 previously unreleased tracks and a short documentary on "the making of Sentir" (CD-ROM, Mac & PC) and sheet music PDF

In Yasmin Levy's music there is an undeniable tension between the purity of Ladino (the Judeo-Spanish music of Spain) and the fiery heart of flamenco. As she explained to David Honigmann of the FINANCIAL TIMES, "There's a very traditional way of singing Ladino. I learnt it listening to women singing and it's beautiful, but I missed the passion. Flamenco is nothing but passion." She first successfully explored the fusion of these two in her second album La Juderia, but then with her third album, Mano Suave (World Village), returned to deeply and powerfully rediscover her Ladino roots. For her brand new (and fourth) album Sentir (World Village), she has finally found a vision that integrates these various musical directions effortlessly. With Sentir, Levy's music truly becomes 'of the world.' Produced by the acclaimed Javier Limón (who has worked previously with the likes of Portuguese fado star Mariza), the album's program draws songs not only from Ladino ("Mi Korason, "Londje de Mi") and flamenco (Javier Limón's "Nos Llego El Final") traditions, but also contemporary songwriters including Leonard Cohen (in a remarkable and fresh version of "Hallelujah"). An important factor in Levy's life and musical direction has been the legacy of her father Yitzhak Levy, who died when Yasmin was only one year old. "Una Pastora" allows Levy, by the miracle of modern technology, to duet with her father. As she says, "This is one of the most beautiful songs my father ever recorded. His singing is something holy for me and I was afraid to touch it... until I realized that it was my own fears I needed to overcome."

159 kr (199 kr)
Image Kindred Spirits, Vol. 1
Archie Shepp, saxophone
Tom McClung, piano
Wayne Dockery, double bass
Cheik Tidiane Fall, percussions
Maalem Abdellah Boulkhair El Gourd, Dar Gnawa
Abdeljehbar El Khlyfy, Dar Gnawa
Abdeljehbar El Gourd, Dar Gnawa

It is obviously a considerable event to find two old accomplices on a scene. Indeed Siegfried Kessler and Archie Shepp have known each other during the 70s, during European tours, between Italy and France (Le Chat qui pêche of Paris for example), to play until the end of the night a jazz than they like both: that of the total and tonale freedom. Kessler lived on a boat off La Grande Motte (next to Marseille). One day, Jean Peiffer, boss of the Jam, a club of neighborhood, proposes him an evening " white card ". He can play with whom he wants. "Siggi" doesn't hesitate one second: it will be Shepp, his old friend. And it is warm to find them both from the introductory piece, Le Matin des Noirs, for lyric and intense inspirations that they possess the secret. Sideman dreamed for Shepp, Kessler sticks its chords and its notes in the crevices of broken lines of the saxophonist. The dialogue of both is an sharp dream, which stretches on fondamental subjects, on which we feel a very concentrated public ... Thems of Shepp, Ellington, Strayhorn and Monk celebrates " the afro - américanité " of a jazz which doesn't wants to say its name (Shepp hates this term). A magic evening, between Mistral and Mediterranean matrix.

119 kr (149 kr)
Image Gemini
Archie Shepp, saxophone
Wayne Dockery, bass
Steve Mc Craven, drums
Tom Mc Clung, piano
Stéphane Guéry, guitar
Chuck D, vocal

Archie Shepp, saxophone
Amina Claudine Myers, piano & vocal
Ronnie Burrage, drums
Cameron Brown, bass

Saxophone player, composer, pianist, singer, politically committed poet, playwright, Archie Shepp is a legend.

Archie Shepp was born in 1937 in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. He grew up in Philadelphia, studied piano and saxophone and attended high school in Germantown; he went to college, became involved with theatre, met writers and poets, among them, Leroy Jones and wrote: «The Communist», an allegorical play about the situation of black Americans. In the late fifties, Archie Shepp also met the most radical musicians of the time: Lee Morgan, Bobby Timmons, Jimmy Garrison, Ted Curson, Beaver Harris ... his political consciousness found an expression in plays and theatrical productions which barely allowed him to make a living. In the beginning sixties he met Cecil Taylor and did two recordings with him which were determining.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Peggy Lee
Norma Doloris Egstrom went through twelve hellish years at the hands of her father's second wife, a sourtempered stepmother named Min. But music wad her universe and also a dream, and she left home at sexteen, working at menial jobs until radio-station manager Ken Kennedy gave her the name of Peggy Lee. Frank Bering brought her to sing at the Ambassador East & West in Chicago, and Benny Goodman hired her in 1941, beginning the career of the most popular "Jazz" singer whose hundreds of records included the 48 masterpieces featured here, among them "How Deep Is The Ocean, How Long Has This Been Going On, Elmer's Tune, Winter Weather, Why Don't You Do Right, September In The Rain, Johnny Guitar, Fever...

223 kr (279 kr)
Image Dylan Different Live in Paris
Ben Sidran, piano, vocals
Rodolphe Burger, guitars, vocals
Erik Truffaz, trumpet
Marcello Giuliani, bass
Alberto Malo, drums

Some exceptional artists are rehearsing on stage for their tonight concert. The room is pretty warm yet. Introducing Ben Sidran and his European cohorts for a Dylan quite Different: Rodolphe Burger, Marcello Giuliani, Alberto Malo, and, nice surprise, Erik Truffaz who rejoins at the very last minute this once shot Sidran European 5et. Premonition. It's been decided to record a show that will happen to be unique and magical. Numerous attendants, leaving the venue, were saying it was the concert of the year. They were right. This 12 tracks album begins with an impressive introduction by Ben Sidran, spoken as well as narrated, where he re-counts with talent and intelligence his own relationship to Bob Dylan's world. Bob Dylan, this giant he couldn't avoid and whom he is honoring in a very personal manner. The recording points the emotional atmosphere those artists were able to create, some electric and poetic vibes where power and delicacy are mixed, not to say the pleasure to be reunited for one evening, almost by chance. Dylan Different Live in Paris at the New Morning is among the very rare albums that witness a moment of happiness artists and a delighted audience shared, it's an album that will go through time. For sure, Dylan Different Live in Paris At the New Morning is the year 2010 live album.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image 4CD-BOX: Black Saint & Soul Note Recordings
Jimmy Giuffre - clarinet, tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, bass flute
Bob Nieske - bass
Pete Levin - keyboards
Randy Kaye - drums

255 kr (319 kr)
Image 5CD-BOX: Complete Soul Note Recordings
Cam Jazz reissue the complete Black Saint and Soul Note works of six more artists in their exemplary series of boxed sets dedicated to the catalogues of the legendary Italian labels. This set contains five albums in slipcases with original album artwork, housed in a sturdy box. Includes the albums: WEE SNEEZAWEE GIVE IT UP BURNT OFFERING NUBA SOMETHING IN RETURN

254 kr (318 kr)
Image AFRIKA - Le Serpent
Afrikansk slagverksmusik på högsta nivå.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Diving with Andy
...den här skivan innehåller 3-4 spår...som skulle kunna bli riktiga radiohits...

...påminner en hel del både musikaliskt och röstmässigt om det Fiona Apple gör...


(Trots Allt)

It was quite by chance that Juliette Paquereau (vocals and lyrics) and Rémy Galichet (keys and arrangements) met in July 2003. And it was a pure coincidence that they shared a love for British pop music, a similar approach to songwriting as well as common influences such as Stina Nordenstam, Blondredhead, Cat Power, The Notwist and Suzanne Vega. Rémy was attracted to the voice of the young woman, who had recently moved to London, and he decided he would write her songs. To record and produce their first two pieces entitled ‘Where does it lead?’ and ‘Manderley’, Rémy collaborated with Julien Perraudeau (Guitar, Bass, Drums, and sound engineering).The trio set to work bearing in mind that Juliette would then add her own words to the music, for each song to become a story of its own. The band was named after the title of a short story by an unknown, taken from True Tales of American Life, a collection compiled by Paul Auster. But its title was clumsily forgotten, slightly misquoted and eventually turned into Diving with Andy. Compliments and encouragements from producers and musicians such as Benjamin Biolay, Yvan Cassar, Stuart Bruce, Marie-Jeanne Serero, Patrick Sigwalt and Pascal Besnard were decisive.

Between London and Paris, the band sought after atmospheres and arrangements by turns intimate and sophisticated. Influenced by several years studying sound engineering at the national school of music in Paris, Rémy and Julien’s music oscillates between the subtlety of crafted classical arrangements and an instinctive and spontaneous approach to working sessions in recording studios. Minimalist drums give way to tense harmonies of guitars, and breathtaking strings echo the sweet and melancholic voice of Juliette'.

In July 2004 the members of Diving with Andy got together at ICP Studios in Brussels to finalize and mix the 11 pieces of their first LP. Without difficulty the band signed with the French record label Dièse, which gave them the opportunity to have their LP distributed by Harmonia Mundi. Soon after the band supported Tahiti 80 in Paris (November 2005) and played at Les Bars en Trans in Rennes (December 2005). Between Paris and London, Diving with Andy is like a British melody with a French accent, and a French song with a British accent.

Diving with Andy - Diving with Andy

1. Andrew

2. Manderlay

3. October in May

4. Where does it lead

5. Balancing my head

6. Wasted time

7. The Waltz

8. Feeling insecure

9. Unsure

10. Dear

11. Wishing I could taste

119 kr (149 kr)
Image Phat Jam in Milano
"...härlig närvaro och livekänsla."

Archie Shepp, voice, saxophone
Napoleon Maddox, rap, beatbox
Oliver Lake, saxo
Hamid Drake, drums
Joe Fonda, double bass
Cochema Gastelum, saxophone

Archie Shepp is a living jazz legend. Archie started playing jazz in the early 60's and continues to dazzle audiences around the world playing tenor saxophone and piano, accompanied by his soulful voice. Currently residing in Massachusetts, he teaches music history as a professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Archie has collaborated with Cecil Taylor, John Coltrane and Yusef Lateef, as well as countless other jazz greats. Mr Shepp received the distinguished New England Foundation for the Arts Achievement in Music Award in 1995. In 2004, Archie Shepp has created his own label "Archieball" which produced First Take in duet with the pianist Siegfried Kessler and Kindred Spirits getting together the Archie Shepp's Quartet and The Dar Gnawa of Tanger in 2005. In March 2007, he recorded in a French studio with his Quartet, Gemini. Phat Jam in Milano, was recorded live in November 2007.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Reminiscence of North Vista
The second installation of the Nine decades series, Reminiscence of North Vista, is a live recording from a private party at Ravi's North Vista home in los Angeles on August 29, 1969. Ravi moved to the Hollywood house in 1968 and regularly had parties attended by luminaries such as george Harrison, John lennon, Peter Sellers, Marlon Brando and many others. this recording perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the performances at these gatherings. Recorded just one week after his legendary Woodstock appearance, the set features the Maestro performing two evening ragas with Alla Rakha on tabla (as well as the sounds of crickets and party-goers). this is an unique performance by two artists at the height of their power, performing in an informal setting in front of family and friends.

North Vista is the name of the street in Hollywood where I settled down in mid-1968, a wild time when my fame had ballooned to pop superstar status.... On many occasions at the North Vista house I'd give impromptu concerts, and this is a recording of one of them, played with dear Alla Rakha accompanying me on tabla just one week after we played the Woodstock Music Festival. Unlike our stage performances, it was more relaxed and informal and one can hear the experimental and fun spirit in it.

The first piece is in an evening raga, Kaushik Kanhara, and the second one is also an evening raga, Bihag. In this I have played both Ada Chautal of 14 beats and also a 8 1/2 beat cycle. It was a very special night and I am most happy to share it with you on this recording recently unearthed in my archive. - Ravi Shankar

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Orchestral Experimentations
Volume three in the Nine decades series, entitled Orchestral Experimentations, is a set of nine studio tracks featuring Ravi Shankar's earliest compositional experimentations with his National Orchestra recorded between 1950 and 1954. the orchestra consisted of many of the finest Indian musicians of the period, and in these recordings one senses the excitement Ravi felt at having such resources at his disposal. Not only was Ravi inspired by the players to experiment with orchestration, but he enjoyed the freedom to explore both North and South Indian systems, as well as use some Western technique. Ravi also maintained his natural inclination for improvisation by recording usually within a hour or two of completing the composition.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Collector's Edition Vol. 1
This is the first CD in a series highlighting rare, out of print or previously unreleased music from the archives of Howard Shore. Thousands of recordings have been uncovered representing documentary and film scores, concert pieces, chamber music and songs that span 40 years of Shore's remarkable career. Included here are jazz influenced pieces and beautiful solos for guitar, harmonica & orchestra.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Hugo - Original Soundtrack
Zaz, vocalist on "Coeur volant"
Simon Chamberlain, piano
John Parricelli, guitar
Eddie Hession, musette
Cynthia Millar, ondes martenot
Chris Laurence, bass
Paul Clarvis, percussion

Hugo, directed by Martin Scorsese, is a family adventure drama based on Brian Selznick's novel "The Invention of Hugo Cabret." Hugo tells the story of an orphan boy living a secret life in the walls of a Paris train station. With the help of an eccentric girl, he searches for the answer to a mystery linking the father he recently lost, the ill-tempered toy shop owner living below him and a heart shaped lock, seemingly without a key. Hugo, Scorsese's first film shot in 3D, also marks his fifth collaboration with Academy Award-winning composer Howard Shore, whose sweeping score captures the sounds of 1930s Paris and is as multi-dimensional as the picture.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Original Soundtrack: Cosmopolis
The soundtrack for Cosmopolis reunites composer Howard Shore and the band METRIC for another cinematic collaboration. While writing the score for David Cronenberg's film adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel Cosmopolis, Shore conceived of a particular live sound to achieve his vision and invited METRIC to perform the score and co-write three songs. The music was recorded in November 2011 at the band's own Giant Studios in Toronto, produced by Howard Shore and METRIC guitarist Jimmy Shaw, and mixed by John O'Mahony at Liberty Studios in Toronto and Electric Lady Studios in NYC. The result is an atmospheric, urban soundscape of analog synths and layered guitars featuring the hypnotic vocals of METRIC lead singer Emily Haines. The Cosmopolis soundtrack also features "Mecca" by Somali Singer/Rapper K'NAAN with lyrics by the artist and Don DeLillo. The film stars Robert Pattinson (of Twilight fame), Juliette Binoche, Samantha Morton and Paul Giamatti.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Road to Jajouka (The)
BACHIR ATTAR and the MASTER MUSICIANS OF JAJOUKA hail from an ancient village perched in foothills of the Rif Mountains in Northern Morocco. For generations the Attar family have maintained one of the world s most unique and enduring musical traditions. The music and secrets of Jajouka have been passed down from father to son for as long as 1,300 years. This album is a musical tribute to the Master Musicians of Jajouka, led by Bachir Attar. These recordings feature new performances and remixes created by an array of musicians from jazz, rock and all places beteween, wishing to celebrate and support Jajouka s rich musical and cultural traditions. One hundred percent of the net profits from the sale of this album will go to The Jajouka Foundation. The music of Jajouka is trance music, ecstatic music, a music narcotic. From its source a particular village in the southern Rif mountains of Morocco this magical music has migrated around the world, moving like clouds, like water, like smoke--flowing through the collective consciousness of its appreciators," writes JIM JARMUSCH in the liner notes.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Rosewater
127 kr (159 kr)
Image Au Pays D'alice
127 kr (159 kr)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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