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Image Love Songs

"En skiva för alla som oroar sig över romanskonstens försvinnande. För nog utgör jazzpianisten Brad Mehldaus tonsättningar av poeter som Sara Teasdale, EE Cummings och Philip Larkin vår tids motsvarighet till de klassiska romanserna, med intrikat pianoackompanjemang och utsökt balans mellan sång och instrument. Anne Sofie von Otter är den ideala uttolkaren av dessa återhållet laddade melodier. På den mer blandade cd:n ger hon sig modigt in i Monica Zetterlund-land, men mest övertygar von Otter i den franska repertoaren: Léo Ferré, Jacques Brel och Barbara. Och Michel Legrand klär henne perfekt."
(Svenska Dagbladet)

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Piano Works
Lise de la Salle, piano

- One year after her praised Chopin recording, this is the Lise de la Salle's 6th recording. Once again, it is dedicated to the composer celebrated this year - another giant of the piano music, Franz Liszt. This music fits her playing, based on tremendous technique and sensibility to the contrasts. Works by Liszt already featured on two of her recordings.

- This full solo piano recording offers an unusual and eclectic program. As Bruno Moysan wrote in the essay, "this recording offers a sample of Liszt's piano compositions that is at once eclectic and fairly representative. Large-scale works (the Ballade no.2 in B minor, Funérailles, Après une lecture du Dante) mix with pieces of more modest dimensions like Nuages gris; original pieces such as Nuages gris and Après une lecture du Dante sit side beside arrangements, some of which are in fact more in the nature of transcriptions, like Isoldes Liebestod and Ständchen."

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Four Seasons (The)
Europa Galante
Fabio Biondi, violin & conductor

In the 1980s violinist Fabio Biondi emerged as a free-thinking and passionate adventurer, one of the first in Italy to board the time machine and re-explore this repertoire. To find a modern way of using the expressive instruments of the 18th century, he had to go back to the drawing board, with his Europa Galante orchestra, founded in 1989.

In 1991, this dazzling interpretation by Europa Galante, the ensemble's first recording, brought instant recognition, propelling the 'Red Priest' into the modern world. Fabio Biondi's ensemble - featuring harpsichordist Rinaldo Alessandrini, another pioneer of the baroque renaissance with his own Concerto Italiano - gives the impression of overflowing off the concert stage. Vivaldi not only enjoys a second coming, but returns rejuvenated. Diapason d'or, RTL d'or, 10/10 from Répertoire magazine, Gramophone Editor's Choice

95 kr (119 kr)
Image Between Heaven and Earth
Arias from La Resurrezione, Messiah, Solomon, Theodora, Alexander Balus, Samson, Joseph and his brethen, Il trionfo del tempo, L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il moderato etc.

"The recital is a moment of special intimacy that lays us singers bare through both our choices and our interpretation. Its often lengthy gestation refl ects our experience, our affi nities, our encounters. The strange distinction in French between 'voie' (path) and 'voix' (voice) is unsettling. Man seeks a path, a meaning for his life, and gives voice to his questionings. High voices generally symbolise that distant celestial sphere where birds and angels mingle. Their purity allows us, fl eetingly, to forget human imperfection and fragility. I try to understand the alternating feelings of fascination and rejection such voices awaken in me. No cloud of suffering must tarnish their brightness, and their perfection denies our fallibility. As a marvellous corollary of this, they snatch one from earthly gravity and sustain the crazy dream of fl ying, which at last seems possible. My aim today has been to reconcile these voices from heaven with those of our heart in a ballet emphasising the antagonisms that rack us. The radiance of the triumphant angel is echoed by Cleopatra's sufferings at death's door. Beauty yields to time, but time seems to stand still for an instant, thanks to music . . . Handel left us a considerable body of work in which it is a privilege to look for answers that do not exist."
(Sandrine Piau)

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Opera Arias
Sandrine Piau, soprano
Ann Hallenberg, mezzo-soprano
Paul Agnew, tenor
Guillemette Laurens, mezzo-soprano
Modo Antiquo / Federico Maria Sardelli

La Candace RV 704 - Certo timor ch'ho in petto
La Silvia RV 734 - E barbaro quel cor
La verità in cimento RV 739 - Mi Fe Reo L'Amor d'un Figlio
RV 749.21 - Zeffiretti che sussurrate
La Candace RV 704 - Anima del cor mio
La Candace RV 704 - Usignoli che piangete
La verità in cimento RV 739 - Quando serve alla ragione
La Silvia RV 734 - Quell'augellin
La Silvia RV 734 - Mio cor s'io ti credessi
Tito Manlio RV 738-A - Dar la morte a te mia vita
Tieteberga RV 737 - L'innocenza sfortunata
Medea e Giasone RV 749.13 - Se fido rivedrò
La Silvia RV 734 - Sei tiranna se un ben fedel
Tito Manlio RV 738-A - D'improvviso riede il riso
La Candace RV 704 - Chi s'oppone a miei voleri
La Candace RV 704 - Lo Son Fra L'Onde

With his impetuous rhythms, bewitching melodies and impressive vocalises, Vivaldi was one of the most dazzling composers of operatic arias. These gems, sung here by well-known specialists, are very demanding, requiring great velocity, control and precision.

103 kr (129 kr)
Image 1600

"1600-talet är ett av musikhistoriens mest innovativa sekler. Då vägen stakades mot treklangen som den harmoniska rörelsens enda nav och mot da capo-arian som yttersta uttryck för jagets suveränitet. Hur denna resa låter inom instrumentalmusiken visar nu med musikantisk briljans cembalisten Rinaldo Alessandrini och en kvartett stråkar ur hans Concerto Italiano på albumet "1600". En repertoar som spänner från de livligt uppbrutna formerna hos venetianare som Tarquino Merula och Dario Castello till de gravitetiskt sammanhållna förloppen hos bolognesare som Giovanni Bononcini och Giuseppe Torelli. Och som lade grunden till mästare som JS Bach och Antonio Vivaldi."
(Dagens Nyheter)

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Goldberg Variations & Concertos
Could it have been that Forkel and the early nineteenth century felt that the Goldberg Variations lay outside the usual demands of commissioned works and music for special occasions and that they were designed to play a dual and far more ambitious role, thus giving the work a unique position in Bach's output: at one and the same time, to complete the cycle of the four collections of the Clavier Übung (Keyboard Exercise) and to constitute the starting point of the great 'speculative' compositions, the Musical Offering, the Canonic Variations and The Art of Fugue? Midway between ars and scientia, as Alberto Basso remarks, between musica pratica and musica theoretica, Bach completed his systematic exploration of writing for the keyboard and began his musical 'testament' with these works which are entirely centred on the ideaof 'variation' taken in its widest sense, that is to say the complete exhaustion of all the possibilities of a theme - and where a preponderant place is given to polyphonic writing and, more particularly, to the canon.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image String Quartets Nos. 6 ,7 ,11 & 14
As a young composer, it was some time before Beethoven turned his attention towards the string quartet. This is all the more surprising in view of the important place the genre was to occupy in his creative development. Through the power and originality of his corpus of sixteen quartets, he established himself as one of the masters, and very likely the greatest of all, in this very special genre in the history of music.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Gran Partita / From Don Giovanni (wind arr)
These arrangements of music from Mozart operas do not aim to give a moden view of these masterpieces, but rather to highlight the liveliness ,expressiveness, sensitivity ,and sheer artistry of their composer.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Cello Concertos
The cello was a singular source of inspiration to Robert Schumann, albeit in a less public manner than the piano.It was the ninstrument to which he entrusted his last thoughts as a composer, in the five Romances he wrote in Düsseldorf in early November 1853.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Stabat Mater
"The idea was to conceive a spiritual meditation (as intended by Haydn when he composed the first version for orchestra), articulated and sung in this case, yet without the voice becoming the leading actor in the drama: the vocal line and the text were considered as a continuation of the purely musical idea. This standpoint by no means excludes expressiveness, especially as the texted version enriches the string phrasing, and the content of the literary text itself is remarkable for the appropriateness of the moods it creates. Our work with the orchestra took account of this new musical situation: the playing style became more rounded to provide a closer match for the voices; the phrasing was twinned with that of the singers. The whole interpretative approach was focused on allowing the work to express to the full its profundity and sobriety."
(Laurence Equilbey, conductor)

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Opera Duets and Arias

"Sittande vid stereon svävar jag in i ett parallellt, hisnande vackert universum."

"Not to make it sound like a warm bath, but this really is one of those recital discs to immerse yourself in. There's a sense of luxury to the whole thing, in the splendour of Concerto Italiano's playing, in Rinaldo Alessandrini's long-view pacing, above all in two of the richest voices before the public today. Sandrine Piau and Sara Mingardo are a match made in Handelian heaven. The former's creamy soprano blends superbly with her dark yet receptive contralto colleague. At times they almost seem to mesh, as if into one instrument. And yet there is never any doubt that these are two highly individual and intelligent artists. Sample the alertness of the back-and-forth in the Orlando recitative, or the reflectiveness that follows in the duet. Or the way they complement each other temperamentally as well as vocally in the Ottone piece that closes the recital. In fact, jump in almost anywhere and you'll hear drama that pulses with life and just happens to be incredibly well sung to boot. This is the sort of project that could have, on the one hand, all too easily become a superficial showpiece for canary fanciers, or on the other, overwrought in its earnestness to make dramatic effects quickly. Alessandrini, no less than his soloists, will have none of either. All here sounds natural, truthful, genuine. Simply magnificent."

- The meeting of two voices

- A heavenly coloratura for the lightness and the spine, a velvet contralto for the unctuousness and the spice

- 2009 Haendel's year for the 250th anniversary of his death

- Rinaldo Alessandrini : one of the absolute specialists of this repertory

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Pictures at an Exhibition


"Tugan Sokhiev is still 29, so it seems ludicrously early to talk of a "comeback". Nevertheless, after his early departure from Welsh National Opera, this triumphant disc feels very much like one. At a stroke, in his vivid, supple and stylistically on-the-button readings, he announces himself as a man to watch. Bravo, good for him."
Orchestre national du Capitole de Toulouse/Tugan Sokhiev

Modest Moussorgsky

Pictures at an exhibition (Maurice Ravel’s orchestration)

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Symphony no. 4

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Balkan Fever
Theodosii Spassov, kaval player, composer & arranger
Vlatko Stefanovski, guitar
Miroslav Tadic, guitar

MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra
Kristjan Järvi, conductor

The first album on the Kristjan Järvi Sound Project is Balkan Fever. The brainchild of Kristjan Järvi, Balkan Fever features the vibrant colours of folk-influenced orchestral pieces by Enescu and Kodály, with hypnotic sounds, melodies and beats from the Balkans.

The album stars a trio of virtuosic Balkan musicians - kaval- player Theodosii Spassov, and guitarists Miroslav Tadic and Vlatko Stefanovski-while the live concert recording captures the highly-charged atmosphere of intoxicating classical-folk-jazz fusion. The result is an electrifying sound experience.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image 4CD-BOX: My Favorite
Ludwig van Beethoven 4-CD Entdeckerset at a super price. The label Naïve has put together for newcomers to the world of classical three attractive limited four box sets at a special price: The Beethoven box contains the 9th Symphony played by La Chambre Philharmonique under the direction of Emmanuel Krivine and the chamber choir Les Éléments (line Joel Suhubiette) , In addition, the Violin Concerto, Op. 61, the fragment of a violin concerto in C major WoO 5 and Romances for Violin and Orchestra Nos. 1 and 2, played by Patricia Kopatchinskaya and the Orchestre des Champs-Elysées under Philippe Herreweghe. To hear further: the Piano Concerto No. 4 with François Frédéric Guy and Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France (Director Philippe Jordan) and the Piano Sonatas Nos 4, Op 7 and No. 28, Op 101 with the rondo op 51 and op....... 129, interpreted by large Grigory Sokolov.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image 4CD-BOX: My Favorite
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 4-CD Entdeckerset at a super price. The label Naïve has three attractive limited edition box set of four for classical newcomers at a special price laced. In Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dedicated compilation, there are four high-profile individual albums: Piano Concertos KV414, KV467 and KV488, recorded in 2004 with Fazil Say and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra under Howard Griffiths. In addition, the fair KV427 in C minor with Sandrine Piau, Paul Agnew, Accentus, Laurence Equilbey, La Chambre Philharmonique and Emmanuel Krivine, the Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet, K. 581 Stadler-Quintet and Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano, K. 498 Kegelstatt -Trio with Wolfgang Meyer and Quatuor Mosaique. Not to mention by the Norwegian National Opera Orchestra rehearsed under the direction of Rinaldo Alessandrini 2009 opera overtures.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Naive 15 Years: Fazil Say
Fazil Say, piano
Patricia Koptchinskaja, violin

111 kr (139 kr)
Image CATALOGUE CD: The Complete Works for Cello & Pian
71 kr (89 kr)
Image Con passione
Born in Antwerp in 1986, Yossif Ivanov won the First Grand Prix at the Montreal International Music Competition (2003) and Second (Eugène Ysaÿe) Prize and Audience Prize at the Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition in Belgium (2005). In January 2006 he received the Midem Classical Award as ‘Outstanding Young Artist’. He was named as ‘Rising Star’ by the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels for the 2005-6 season, appearing at such notable venues as Carnegie Hall in New York, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the Vienna Musikverein, and the Cité de la Musique in Paris. In addition to his busy concert schedule in Benelux, he also plays elsewhere in Europe, and in the United States and Canada. He made his London debut in April 2007 at the invitation of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Marin Alsop. Yossif Ivanov performs as a soloist with the leading orchestras, including the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Polish National Radio Orchestra Katowice, the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, the English Chamber Orchestra, the Orchestre National de Lille, the Orquestra Nacional do Porto, the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec, and the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra. This enables him to collaborate with today’s foremost conductors, among them Yannick Nézet-Séguin, Yoav Talmi, Jaap Van Zweden, Jean-Claude Casadesus, Damion Iorio, David Stern, Pierre Bartholomée, Louis Langrée, and Paul Goodwin. In recitals he is accompanied on the piano by Itamar Golan, Frank Braley, Daniel Blumenthal, and Luc Devos.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Medea’s Fury
Exciting musical baroque variations on a myth: Médée.

Opera remained an exclusively courtly and princely genre throughout the first third of the seventeenth century, when it found in mythological subject matter the source of the supernatural, one of the cornerstones of the Baroque aesthetic. The intention was to arouse in the spectator the astonishment that, proper to tragedy, which the Florentine theorists sought to revive in a wholly sung drama. Thus the myths of Orpheus, Arion, and Daphne nourished the first ‘favole per musica’, performed in Florence and Mantua to an audienc of aristocrats and academicians, before other characters with magical powers took over from them: Armida, Alcina, and Medea.

The last-named, granddaughter of the Sun, sorceress and sister to Circe, traverses the whole history of the opera –Cherubini, of course, but also such varied incarnations as those of Handel and Mercadante, right up to Pascal Dusapin.

From the XVIIth century to the mid-XVIIIth century, the Médée’s musical myth has been a great success on stage and this very-well structured program reveals after all a character very close to us.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Europa

Born in 1973, David Grimal began playing the violin at the age of five. Following his studies with Régis Pasquier at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, he participated in several master-classes most notably those of Isaac Stern and Schlomo Mintz. His fortuitous meeting with Philippe Hirschorn, the man who was to become his mentor, was decisive both musically and in that it opened the doors to an international career.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Symphony No. 5
127 kr (159 kr)
Image Birth of a Master (The)
Alexandra Coku, soprano
Julien Chauvin, violin
Le Cercle de l'harmonie / Jérémie Rhorer

This recording of a live performance of music by the young Beethoven - his first operatic, symphonic and concert masterpieces - features one of the best of the newer ensembles on the international scene, Le Cercle de L'Harmonie under its conductor Jérémie Rhorer. The lively and innovative programme includes the early dramatic scene "Ah Perfido", the concert aria "No non turbati", "O wär' ich schon mit dir verein" (an aria from the first version of Fidelio, which was titled "Leonore"), as well as his First Symphony, and the first of the two Romances for violin and orchestra.

Formed in April 2005 in Deauville by Jeremy Rhorer and Julien Chauvin (first violin), le Cercle de l'Harmonie soon established itself as a significant force in the performance of great symphonic and operatic repertoires of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. The ensemble is now invited to appear at major venues - including London's Barbican Hall in June - and with artists such as Diana Damrau and Philippe Jaroussky, with whom it has recorded two CDs for Virgin Classics. This, the first in a series of productions for Ambroisie, presents Jérémie Rhorer's first recording of works by Beethoven.

Today the music of Beethoven is regarded as a remarkable link in the chain of evolution of Western music, a judgement that is based mainly on the pieces he composed after 1800.

However there was in his artistic development a transitional period, around the turn of the century, when the works he composed appear to belong to the Classical tradition while presenting ideas that were to be developed later. This recording features the major works of that period, the Symphony No. 1 in C major, and the Romance for violin and orchestra in F major, op. 50. There are also three vocal works on the disc, the aria "O wär' ich schon mit dir verein" from "Leonore", the first version of Beethoven's only opera "Fidelio", the dramatic scene "Ah Perfido", and the concert aria "No non turbati".

1. The Creatures of Prometheus, op. 43 (1801)
2. O wär' ich schon mit dir verein, aria from Leonore (1805)
3. No, non turbarti" WoO 92a (1801-1802)
4. Romance for violin and orchestra in F major, op. 50 (1802)
5. Ah, perfido, op. 65 (1796)
6-9. Symphony No.1 in C major, op. 21 (1800)

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Piano Works
Nikolai Lugansky, piano

The great Russian virtuoso Nikolai Lugansky presents his recording to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Franz Liszt (1811-1886) - an album of popular piano pieces including La Campanella, Valse oubliée, his version of Isolde's Liebestod by Wagner, some of the Douze études d'exécution transcendante, and several gems from Années de pèlerinage, among them Vallée d'Obermann, Sposalizio, Les jeux d'eau de la Villa d'Este and Sonnet de Pétrarque 123.

An acclaimed recording artist, Nikolai Lugansky has recently signed an exclusive contract with the Naïve-Ambroisie label. The Moscow-born pianist put together this disc, his first devoted entirely to Liszt's music, with a seriousness, freedom and concern for overall unity worthy of the composer himself. His last release - an all-Chopin recital for Onyx - was described by The Guardian as "unquestionably thrilling", and his recording with violinist Repin of Sonatas by Franck, Grieg and Janácek (Deutsche Grammophon, October 2010) was hailed by Gramophone as "a quite magnificent performance". It also won the Prize for best Chamber Music recording at the BBC Music Magazine Awards 2011. Nikolai Lugansky won the Diapason d'Or for his recordings of the complete Chopin Études and Preludes, and the Rachmaninov Preludes and Moments musicaux, as well as an Echo Klassik Deutscher Musikpreis for his 2005 recording of Rachmaninov's Piano Concertos Nos 1 & 3.

Capable of great refinement and sensitivity in Mozart and Schumann, and breathtaking virtuosity in Rachmaninov and Prokofiev, Lugansky is a pianist of extraordinary depth and versatility. Recent and upcoming engagements include concerto projects with the Leipzig Gewandhaus and Andris Nelsons, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Vasily Petrenko, Philharmonia Orchestra and Esa-Pekka Salonen, and Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich and NHK Symphony Orchestra all with Charles Dutoit; recitals at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Moscow State Conservatory, London's Wigmore Hall, Prague's Rudolfinum and the Wiener Konzerthaus; and chamber music collaborations with Vadim Repin and Leonidas Kavakos.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Piano Concertos
Nikolai Lugansky PIANO
Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
Kent Nagano

For his third recording on Naïve / Ambroisie, and following an extremely successful Rachmaninov sonatas recording, Nikolai Lugansky pairs with one of the most refined conductors, Kent Nagano (with whom he already recorded several successful discs) and excellent Deutsches Sinfonie-Orchester Berlin to perform brilliant and sometimes breathtaking performances of virtuoso Grieg and Prokofiev Piano Concertos.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Naive 15 Years: Nikolai Lugansky
Nikolai Lugansky, piano

111 kr (139 kr)
Image Piano Sonata No. 19 / 4 Impromptus
Nikolai Lugansky, piano

For his first Schubert recording, Nikolai Lugansky has chosen one sonata and four impromptus from the late output of the iconic Viennese composer.

Schubert composed his last three piano sonatas in Vienna during the summer of 1828, shortly before his death on 19 November at the age of 31. The first of the three, in C minor D958, is the most impassioned, and the power and dark energy emerging from its four movements are reminiscent of Beethoven. After the latter's death on 26 March 1827, Schubert felt liberated from the weight of idolatry and composed such masterpieces as these final sonatas, the Lieder cycle 'Winterreise', and the 'Impromptu's for piano, the last four of which are also featured on this recording. The elegance and technical prowess of Nikolai Lugansky's playing are perfectly suited to these masterpieces. He records exclusively for the Naïve-Ambroisie label.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image The Seasons; Grand Sonata
Incredibly, despite several solo recordings dedicated to Russian composers, this new recording is award-winning artist Nikolai Lugansky’s first Tchaikovsky recital on record. Though less well-known than his operas or his orchestral compositions, Tchaikovsky’s piano music nonetheless contains essential works, such as the 'The Seasons' cycle and the 'Grand Sonata', featured here. Composed at a period of crisis in the composer‘s personal life, they illustrate two quite different aspects of his style: on the one hand we have the fashionable worldliness of 'The Seasons', pieces that almost belong to the genre of salon music; on the other, we see him ambitiously grappling with the classical sonata, in the tradition of his illustrious predecessors, Liszt, Schumann, Chopin.

For Nikolai Lugansky, whom Gramophone has called “‘the most trailblazing and meteoric performer of all”, this recording is like “having a new encounter with Tchaikovsky, almost like falling in love with someone new…ever since the Tchaikovsky Competition in 1994 I haven’t played any of the pieces that I performed back then – apart from the Concertos. Nearly all the solo works I played in the Competition, including the Grand Sonata, had dropped out of my repertoire – I don’t know why. With The Seasons, it’s the same thing: I’d studied four of the twelve Seasons – it’s very rewarding music to play. And what’s surprising is that these two works are both from his Opus 37; they were composed during the same period.”

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Vénus & Adonis
Anders J. Dahlin, countertenor
Karine Deshayes, mezzo-soprano
Anna-Maria Panzarella, soprano
Ingrid Perruche, soprano
Sébastien Droy, tenor
Henk Neven, baritone
Jean Teitgen, bass
Les Talens Lyriques/Christophe Rousset

287 kr (359 kr)
Bach, J S: Motets, BWV225-230

Arsys Bourgogne & Les Basses Reunies, Pierre Cao

127 kr (159 kr)
127 kr (159 kr)
Image Noces
Dominique Reymond, Mirella Giardelli, Olga Kokorina, Roger Jendly, Julie Martin Du Theil, Damien Bigourdan, Annastina Malm & Frédéric Caton Bernard Tétu

Les Solistes de Lyon, Bernard Tétu

Charles Ferdinand Ramuz wrote 'Souvenirs sur Igor Stravinsky' several years after collaborating with the composer on his ballet 'Les Noces' in Switzerland in 1916.

Today, on the shores of Lake Geneva, two women, an actress and a conductor, meet to rehearse the piece. Drawing on Ramuz's reminiscences of that unique collaboration and on the work of two artists grappling with a masterpiece of modern music today, 'Weddings' (Noces) speaks of the strength of musical friendship.


Special Features :

- 4 deleted scenes

- Audio excerpts from Stravinsky's Soldier's Tale read by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz


An interview with the film director, some excerpts from Les Noces and unpublished photos and articles.

French-speaking programme. English subtitles available

Total running time 1h32

32-page 4-colour booklet

239 kr (299 kr)
Image Leonid Chizhik Recital: Jazz
151 kr (189 kr)
Image Frank Braley Recital (Liszt / Debussy / Gershwin)
Dolby Surround Sound DTS 5.1
Frank Braley, piano.

Franz Liszt

Petrarch Sonnets nr 123 & 104

La Lugubre Gondole II




Rhapsody in Blue

Prelude No 3

151 kr (189 kr)
Image Elisso Virsaladze Recital (Schumann / Prokofiev /
Dolby Surround Sound DTS 5.1
Elisso Virsaladze, piano.

Robert Schumann

Kreisleriana Op 16

Sergej Prokofjev

Pianosonat d-moll Op 14:2

Sarcasms Op17:3

Peter Tjajkovskij

Natha-Valse A-dur Op 51

151 kr (189 kr)
Image 22 Sonates for Harpsichord
Domenico Scarlatti - Harpsichord Sonatas

Pierre Hantaï (harpsichord)

111 kr (139 kr)
Image O solitude & Songs
O solitude: this exquisite and profound piece by Henry Purcell opens this selection of songs by the great English Baroque composer, recorded here by the alto Gérard Lesne, whose voice proves to be in its element expressing the subtlety of these pieces.

119 kr (149 kr)
Image Voce di Orfeo, La
La Chimera was formed in 2001 as a viol ensemble by Sabina Colonna Preti. Since she met Eduardo Egüez and Quito Gato it has turned into a complete baroque ensemble. After the «Buenos Aires Madrigal» project, they are now recording a new project for Naïve, a tribute to the Italian singer Francesco Rasi (1574-1621), who created the title role in Claudio Monteverdi's Orfeo. For this tribute, La Chimera is joined by Furio Zanasi, who sang the role of Orpheus on both the Alessandrini and Savall recordings of Monteverdi's work.

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Opera seria

An anthology devoted to the Handelian prima donna that features arias composed over more than two decades for some of the greatest divas of the time. The program illustrates the rich hedonism of Handel's vocal style.

111 kr (139 kr)
Image Odisea negra
Odisea negra, el mar de las memorias is the second recording on naïve of La Chimera, an ensemble whose activities focus on the creation of original projects at the intersection of various art forms, with a special interest in the links between past and present.

Odisea negra is a tribute to the Caribbean world that, over the last centuries, and like the Mediterranean Sea several centuries before, has set an amazing identity while being a unique mix of cultures in which slavery, war and pain have been the main actors. Hence this is an exploration of various links between America, Africa and Europe. This is an album that can be launched and positioned as a world music project.

Argentinian musician and conductor Eduardo Egüez created this project with Venezuelian singer Iván García. The contribution of the renowed Senegalian singer Ablaye Cissoko is probably the main achievement of this project that, as Eduardo Egüez wrote in the inside notes "explores the 'imaginative world' of black Central America from its origins to the present, traversing many musical styles characteristic of that imaginative world, from the polyphonic negrillas of the sixteenth century to the Cuban habanera, son, and bolero; from the Baroque jácara to the Venezuelan merengue and joropo."

1. Jácaras | Santiago de Murcia 1673-1759
arr. Eduardo Egüez b.1959
2. La Josa | Joropo, Carmito Gamboa ?-1974
arr. Eduardo Egüez
3. Ali (introduction) | Ablaye Cissoko b.1970
4. Ali | Ablaye Cissoko
5. Eso rigor e repente | Negrilla,
Gaspar Fernandes 1565-1629
arr. Eduardo Egüez
6. Fatouyo | folksong from Senegal
arr. Eduardo Egüez
7. Ogguere | Habanera, Gilberto Valdés 1905-1971
arr. Eduardo Egüez
8. Wouloukamala | folksong from Senegal
arr. Eduardo Egüez
9. Dame albriçia mano Anton | Negrilla,
Gaspar Fernandes
arr. Eduardo Egüez
10. Ellos | poem by Manuel del Cabral 1907-1999
(República Dominicana)
11. Douna (introduction) | Eduardo Egüez
12. Douna | Ablaye Cissoko
arr. Eduardo Egüez
13. El Mezclao | Merengue, Eduardo Egüez
14. Mariposita de primavera | Habanera,
Miguel Matamoros 1894-1971
arr. Leonardo Teruggi
15. Lágrimas negras | Son, Miguel Matamoros
arr. Leonardo Terruggi
16. Una paloma cantando pasa | poem by
Nicolás Guillen 1902-1989 (Cuba)
17. El Congo | anonymous negrilla collected by
Martínez Compañón (Peru, 18th century)
arr. Eduardo Egüez
18. Quimeras | Eduardo Egüez
19. El Congo | version in Mandinka of an anonymous negrilla collected by Martínez Compañón

127 kr (159 kr)
Image Arias
Gérard Lesne, countertenor
Il Seminario Musicale

With voluptuous pleasure, sensuality, tender human expression, Bach shows his passion for the human voice. Gérard Lesne, one of the first to reveal the beauties of the countertenor voice, continues to delight us with his performances.

103 kr (129 kr)
Image Médée furieuse
Works by Bernier, Clérambault, De la Barre etc

Stéphanie d'Oustrac (mezzo-soprano)

Marseille: Symphony in C minor
Clérambault: Medea
Duphly: Médée / La Forqueray
Marseille: Instrumental pieces
Lully: Thesée
Gianettini: Medea in Atene (excerpts from the opera)
Gabrielli: Balletti, Op. 1 instrumental pieces (excerpts)
Bernier, N: Médée, cantata
Barre, M: Third Book, instrumental pieces

Magic, humanity, barbarity and a rich array of feelings are the common ingredients of the Greek myths, which have constantly been illustrated by music in all its forms. While being close to us, these myths also take us into another world.

"Really desirable... an enjoyable programme."

103 kr (129 kr)
Image Flowers will always have the last word
Bertrand Renaudin, trummor

Emile Parisien, saxofon

Olivier Cahours, gitarr

Marc Buronfosses, bas

Bertrand Renaudin - Flowers will always
have the last word

1. A Rose

2. Equisetum

3. Physalis

4. Crocus

5. Hydrangea

6. Cactus

7. Ceanothus

8. Solanum

9. Tricyrtis

10. Aralia

11. Helleborus

12. Camellia

127 kr (159 kr)
183 kr (229 kr)
Image Transfigured Night (The)
Arditti String Quartet
Thomas Kakuska, Viola
Valentin Erben, Cello

The Arditti String Quartet recorded Schoenberg's Transfigured Night in 1993; theirs has, to this day, remained the reference version.

For 40 years, their unswerving faith in 19th and 20th century music and their intelligent choices of championed repertories have nourished their work as begetters, missionaries and major players in musical creativity. Their strong identity, stamped on the quartet by founder Irvine Arditti, "a prophet among musicians", in the words of Harrison Birtwistle, and the last remaining member of the original 1974 lineup, stems from the Second Viennese School. Their immense discography has developed with a specific quality of string sound and a transparent technique capable of making the most demanding pages of chamber music accessible to a broad audience.

95 kr (119 kr)
Image Ein Deutsches Requiem
Sandrine Piau, Soprano
Stéphane Degout, Baritone

Brigitte Engerer, Piano
Boris Berezovsky, Piano

Laurence Equilbey

This two-piano version of Brahms' 'Requiem' was put to the test in 1871, in London, after the original version had been subjected to a flawed and chaotic premiere. In 2003, Laurence Equilbey's Accentus choir were joined by two legends of the keyboard, the late Brigitte Engerer and Boris Berezovsky, soprano Sandrine Piau and baritone Stéphane Degout.

Dispensing with flowers and wreaths they transform affliction into comfort, the forsaking of life into celestial attraction, testifying above all else to the superiority of Brahms' art.

95 kr (119 kr)
Image Cantatas Nos. 49, 115 & 180
Barbara Schlick SOPRANO
Christoph Pregardien TENOR
Gotthold Schwarz BASS

Concerto Vocale de Leipzig
Ensemble Baroque de Limoges

Unusually these three church cantatas are accompanied by a cello, which was uncommon, especially in church: in this case the five-string piccolo, fashionable at the start of the 18th century. The key to the originality and coherence of this recording by the Ensemble Baroque de Limoges, with Concerto Vocale Leipzig, is to have approached these works from the instrumental angle.

95 kr (119 kr)
Image Niave 15 Years: Marc Minkowski
Lucy Crowe, soprano
Richard Croft, tenor
Les Musiciens du Louvre Grenoble
Marc Minkowski

111 kr (139 kr)
Image Naive 15 Years: Laurent Korcia
Laurent Korcia, violin

Florin Niculescu, violin
Michel Portal, bandoneon
Michael Wendeberg (piano),
Nemanja Radulovic (violin),
Tatjana Vassiljeva (cello),
Jean-Louis Aubert (vocals)
Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège, Jean-Jacques Kantorow

111 kr (139 kr)
Image Naive 15 Years: Anne Gastinel
Anne Gastinel, cello
Claire Désert, piano
Orchestre Philharmonique de Liege
Louis Langrée

111 kr (139 kr)
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