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Image Discover Music from the Mediterranean
The Mediterranean Sea, enclosed by two continents, encircled by a multitude of different countries, cultures and languages enjoys a rich and colourful diversity of musical expressions. With cross-migration and trade throughout history, though, we do find common or similar instruments, rhythms, and musical styles. In spite of all the differences, there is a ‘Mediterranean flair’ in all these musics. Total playing time: 75:22 min.

90 kr (129 kr)
Image Art of the Greek Bouzouki (The)
Michalis Terzis is one of Greece's most prolific and most highly regarded composers today. The pieces selected here from his huge repertoire showcase the bouzouki, one of Greece's most emblematic instruments. Music expressing the identity of Greeks all over the world, or how Terzis described it: "Music for a get-together with family and friends, enjoying Greek wine and each other's company."

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Gypsy Rumba Flamenco
Gipsy Kings-inspired 'Flamenco-Rumba'! Catchy and rousing flamenco, as well as more ballad-like songs, oozing passion and swagger, accompanied on guitars, palmas (syncopated clapping), zapateos ('step dance') and various percussion. Information in English and German plus original Spanish lyrics.

90 kr (129 kr)
104 kr (149 kr)
104 kr (149 kr)

Rosa Negra is a project within the "Novo Fado" ('New Fado') movement. An intensely adventurous "Fadista" celebrating passionate Fado cradled in a web of musical arrangements full of Iberian/Mediterranean inspirations: with percussion, strings, trumpet, piano and accordion always pointing to the Orient.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image PORTUGAL: Best of Fado
Dramatic and passionate Portuguese Fados about jealousy and loneliness, love and tenderness, sung by Francisco Fialho, accompanied by António Carvalho (guitarra portuguesa) and Alfrêdo Pena (classical guitar).

Complete original Portuguese lyrics and summaries of the songs in English and German French and Spanish.

90 kr (129 kr)
Image PORTUGAL: Coimbra Fado
Verdes Anos present a beautiful album of Coimbra Fado, a genre of Fado originating in the city of Coimbra, Portugal. The group consists of three singers, accompanied by two guitarras portuguesas (12-stringed lute) and a classical guitar. The booklet includes complete lyrics.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image CROATIA: Folklore from Croatia
Folk songs and instrumental pieces, accompanied on a variety of tamburicas, plucked lutes from Croatia and Vojvodina (derived from an Arab lute, the tambur).

90 kr (129 kr)
Image Traditional Songs from Greece
104 kr (149 kr)
Image Traditional Greek Music
104 kr (149 kr)
Image Art of the Portuguese Fado Guitar, The
Custódio Castelo, icon of the Portuguese Fado guitar presents 17 beautiful compositions for the Portuguese guitar, accompanied by a variety of instruments. Castelo played and recorded with top fado artists such as Amália Rodrigues, Carlos do Carmo, Mariza, Mísia, Cristina Branco and many others as well as Sarah Brightman and Plácido Domingo... Info about the artist, the instrument and each of the pieces in four languages.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Spain - Songs & Dances
104 kr (149 kr)
Image Traditional & Contemporary Music from Italy
Elena Ledda, LaCiapa Rusa, Agricantus, Cantovivo, Lucilla Galeazzi

This beautiful album represents a cross-section of the biggest names in Italian folk music today, covering the entire country including Sardinia. In a great variety of styles tradition blends with today's arrangements and instruments. Info about the artists and the songs in four languages, including original lyrics.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Mandolins from Italy
90 kr (129 kr)
Image The Legend of the Italian Tarantell
The tarantella is an Italian folk dance, characterised by a fast and lively 6/8 rhythm, often accompanied by tambourines. This album presents the three remaining forms of this ancient musical form: Pizzica-Taranta, Pizzica de core and Pizzica-scherma. Instruments: organetto (small accordion), chitarra battente (guitar), tambourine, violin, vocals. Extensive information and historical notes.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Music from Turkey & Greece
A liveli and varied album presenting various musical forms and dances common to greece an Turkey, such as Zeybek / Zeibekiko, Kasap Havi/Hasapiko,Karsilama/ Andikritos and others, all described in the booklet

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Temperamento – Traditional Music from Spain
Vigüela, hailing from Castilla-La Mancha (Spain), land of Don Quixote, take their tradition with sincerity and show it as a living music, full of joy. In 2014 Vigüela started a review of their own approach to the styles and repertoires, to recover an archaic musical language that has been kept alive right up to present days, Temperamento is the glorious result.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image A Tribute to Greece
Newly composed Greek songs from the pen of Michalis Terzis, one of Greece’s most prolific and distinguished composers. Sung by the prominent Cretan singer Vasilis Skoulas, the songs create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Extensive info in the liner notes.

104 kr (149 kr)
Image Traditional Songs from Portugal
A captivating album by a popular folk group of Coimbra, Portugal’s cultural capital. Portugal is a popular year-round topic, not only as a holiday destination in Summer but for its timeless folk and fado music. We’ve created the perfect gift for Portuguese fans. Grupo Folclórico de Coimbra perform regularly in Portugal as well as abroad. Previous performance locations include Hungary, France, Spain, Lithuania, the Canary Islands, Egypt, Brazil and Canada. “This is a rarity… For fans of Portuguese music with a curious ear.” – Allmusic USA

90 kr (129 kr)
Image Bouzouki: The Sound of Greece
Delightfully varied instrumental Greek music reflective of a beautiful and proud nation. This album presents new and authentic bouzouki music by the renowned Greek musician and composer Michalis Terzis. Accompanied on piano, guitar and other traditional Greek instruments, this is the Sound of Greece.

90 kr (129 kr)
Image Amalia Classics on Portuguese Guitar
CUSTÓDIO CASTELO is the world’s leading player of the Portuguese fado guitar, the instrument that helped make fado music Portugal’s Intangible Cultural Heritage (UNESCO). Like Carlos Paredes, Custódio Castelo creates groundbreaking new sounds that have promoted the Portuguese Guitar to a concert instrument that can be played solo or as accompaniment. His unique Portuguese guitar, handmade from an oak root by master Oscar Cardoso, is capable of fine nuances of emotion, and he uses them well, especially for melancholy, but also for a sense of jubilation. On this release Custódio Castelo plays fados made famous by the Queen of Fado, Amália Rodrigues. “Custódio Castelo is the world’s leading exponent of the Guitarra Portuguesa, the instrument that gives the country’s fado music its poignant song.” (Allmusic)

111 kr (159 kr)
Image Most Beautiful Songs of Corsica, The
Inspiring and fascinating Corsican polyphonic singing by the top names of the genre (gold discs, platinum discs): Voce di Corsica, Petru Guelfucci, A Filetta and more.

90 kr (129 kr)
90 kr (129 kr)
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