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Image I Will Build You A House
As in all Andreas Ihlebæk’s music, the love of his native Norwegian folk, classical music and nature is always present, while simultaniously drawing on inspiration from musical influences and experiences collected through a life around the world. Living in San Francisco from the age of 12, he was «discovered» by jazz pianist Merrill Hoover, who had played with greats such as Eartha Kitt, Anita O’Day and Benny Goodman. Hoover offered to mentor the young music lover, and their time together had an enormous impact on him. His path to composing neoclassical music, has gone through a wide range of genres, and his last release on NXN, Northern Lullabies earned him a nomination for a Norwegian Grammy. I Will Build You A House is new original music written by the artist and it’s all Andreas.

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Image Northern Lullabies
Norwegian composer and pianist Andreas Ihlebæk is ready for his solo piano album debut. After the release of pop/soul album “the Guest” German press including Bild, Stern and Jazz Thing reacted with rave reviews for the album and his performances. Back in Norway Andreas wanted to explore a more naked and warm soundscape and turned to well-known Norwegian folk tunes and lullabies. Growing up in Hamburg and later San Francisco Andreas found calmness and identity playing and improvising these familiar tunes. Northern Lullabies has become a tender and sweet listening experience for late evenings and nights.

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Image Memorabilia
Memorabilia was written in 2016 followed by a premiere at JazzFest in Trondheim. The music is written by jazz bassist and composer Mats Eilertsen and performed by two trios:
Mats Eilertsen Trio (Harmen Fraanje, piano: Thomas Strønen, drums and Mats Eilertsen, bass), and the vocal ensemble Trio Mediaeval (the acclaimed trio of Anna Maria Friman, Linn Andrea Fuglseth and Jorunn Lovise Husan), also known for numerous recordings for ECM.
This recording was made in Newtone Studio in Oslo January 2020, and the album will be released in April 2020 on Naxos Norway’s sub-label NXN Recordings, and celebrated with a concert in the Norwegian Opera House in Oslo.
The music unites the two trios in a sacred, lyrical expression, giving the piano trio room to improvise and the vocal trio space to shine. The lyrics are a mixture of traditional masses and poems by the Norwegian lyricist Tor Ulven. About faith, doubt, nostalgia and time.
“Minutes, maybe hours, of your own existence. That you forgot, but I still remember. You live a secret life in someone else's memory.” Tor Ulven

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Image Circles
Magnar Karlsen is a Norwegian drummer/percussionist/keyboardist who works in an ambient, improvised soundscape. In addition to his playful and original drumming he operates synthesizers and electronics in realtime with an impressive precision and feeling.
Karlsen has earlier worked with samples and spoken words on his recordings. This time he invited well-known Norwegian guitarist Jacob Young (several releases on ECM) to improvise with him.
Circles has the trademark “Nordic Sound” and is a wonderful journey of different moods and atmospheres. Jacob Young is a thrilling, distinctive presence on three of the five tracks on the album, and really puts his fingerprint on the sound.

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Image Hidden Soul of The Fjords
Exploring the haunting beauty of one of the Earth’s most exquisitely majestic landscapes, Hidden Soul Of The Fjords is a musical journey, an ‘Elemental-Sonic Soundscape’ artfully expressing the primal origins, mythic mysteries and life and death realities of the stark and stunning Fjords of Western Norway.
The album is told in four musical Movements:
1- Presence 2- Beneath The Surface Touch The Sky 3- Shining Darkness 4- Heart
Co-created by Norwegian Singer/Composer Heidi Torsvik and Grammy Nominated American Producer/Composer Lazerus Winter, the new double album includes performances from renown soloists: Karl Seglem (tenor sax and Bukkehorn), Stein Urheim (electric guitar), Benedicte Maurseth (Hardanger Fiddle), Alexander Grieg (Contrabass), David Chelsom Vogt (Violin) and drummer Ivar Thormodsæter.
Hidden Soul Of The Fjords is the ?rst in a new “Hidden Soul Series” for Naxos Norways new subsidiary label NXN recordings. The ?rst single Re?ections to be released in the Spring of 2020, followed by a second single Trees That Whisper in late Summer 2020 with the whole double album to be released in September of 2020.
Composers, co-creators Heidi Torsvik and Winter Lazerus will be doing live concert events starting near the time of the album’s release date and then ongoing into 2021.
Initially composed in an old wooden home on the edge of the fjord waters and including multiple ?eld recordings and found sounds from travels throughout the region, “Hidden Soul Of The Fjords” album production touches the heart, mind and Soul with a unique musical vision that that might remind the listener of such diverse musical references as Arvo Part and Massive Attack. Hidden Soul Of The Fjords seeks to bring the magic of one of the Earth’s greatest natural eco-systems to the all who listen in a one-of-a-kind ‘Elemental-Sonic Soundscape."

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Image Scar
We all know artists these days have a varied repertoire. Still, Harr & Hartberg took the music industry in Norway by surprise when they released their first jazz album.
Their music feature a triple treat; Sublime lyrics by the famous Norwegian author Lars Saabye Christensen delivered with a Chet-Baker-esque voice by one of Norway's international acclaimed actors, teamed up with a hot double bass and outstanding compositions by the versatile musician Aslak Hartberg. This is seriousness served softly and their catchy tunes will sneak into your soul. Producer, the Grammy-nominated R&B artist Jarle Bernhoft and engineer, sound-magician Bjarne Stensli have succeeded in keeping the soulful sound of Harr & Hartberg, while approaching a more modern sound throughout the whole album. Some of the best jazz musicians in Scandinavia guarantees a thrilling musical experience when their new album 'Scar' is released in September 2020.
The first single - Mirror Song, featuring Malin Pettersen – will be released May 2020.
Harr & Hartberg Band:
Thorbjørn Harr – vocals // Aslak Hartberg – double bass // Trygve Seim – saxophones // Sjur Miljeteig – trumpet //
Jørn Øien – piano and keys // Per Oddvar Johansen – drums
Jarle Bernhoft, Even Helte Hermansen, Jon Balke and Malin Pettersen.

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Image Ghosts
The excellent performances captured on Ghosts were recorded in May 2018 at the unique venue Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo, also called The St. James Church of Culture.
The album contains selections from the Norwegian trios five albums released since 2007, and as journalist Audun Vinger states in the liner notes: seamlessly blending into each other, like old friends meeting up at the end of the year, a bit more mature and perhaps also a bit weary, but still able to find the excitement of early beginnings through conversation.

The sublime percussion of Jonas Howden Sjøvaag in tandem with the hungry fingers and drifting bow work from Sigurd Hole invites piano craftsman Andreas Ulvo to wring moments of pure power and elegance from his beautiful grand piano. Enjoy the ghosts of Eple Trio!

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Image Christmas Songs
The aim of "Christmas songs" recorded by duo Thom Hell (vocals) and Andreas Ulvo (piano, synth) was to create something intuitive and with familiar and beloved Christmas songs; The performance should be unpretentious, contrary to how we are used to hearing holiday songs. In order to keep the nerve and spontaneity only one take of each song was made, with some overdubs where they later felt it was needed.
Andreas Ulvo (b. 1983), pianist and keyboardist from Eidskog in Hedmark. He has a master's degree in jazz and improvisation from the Norwegian Academy of Music. He is active with several own projects Andreas Ulvo ensemble, Eple Trio, Innlandet and his own solo project, with several releases. He has also worked with bands and artists such as Ingrid Olava, Mathias Eick, Solveig Slettahjell, Ellen Andrea Wang, Karl Seglem and others.
Thom (as) Hell (and) (b. 1976), multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from Hånes in Kristiansand. Has released 8 albums as a solo artist and won 3 Norwegian Grammy awards: 2 as artist of the year and 1 as pop composer of the year. Has worked as a producer and starring Jonas Alaska, Matilda, Jonas Fjeld and Marte Wulff. Thom Hell has also participated in several Norwegian Music TV shows.

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Image The Long Journey
“We wanted to play around and improvise”, says Thom Hell, “capture spontaneity and whims, share them via Dropbox to see what inputs and reactions came back from the other two”. Together with Vidar Ersfjord and Jørn Raknes, the three of them collectively known as the group Mr Mibbler, he has come up with a kind of music that digs for gold in bits and pieces of musical driftwood, elusive thoughts and ideas, and immediate reactions to each other’s ideas.
Weeks of sending pieces of music back and forth saw new melodies and harmonies coming together and forming a whole, an album. This is the Long Journey

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Image Time and Mass
Time and Mass challenges our perception of how a guitar sounds. Bjorn Charles Dreyers' first solo album, recorded with Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, takes a different direction than we are used to from his 30-year long history as a session musician or "hired gun." It pulls you in its abstract way through intense emotions in a roller coaster of an album. Feelings like sadness, anxiety, peace, and chaos for 37 minutes, leave you wanting more.
Dreyer challenges compositional structure, form, and the traditional elements in which musical composition usually is built. Merely suggesting rhythm, melody, and harmony, his music ends up in something that feels organic and infinitely beautiful. Something that touches you and gives the emotions a kind of universal musical expression.
Intense emotions are often the result of intense experiences. Dreyer wrote this album while his life partner was diagnosed with incurable cancer and passed away less than a year later, left behind as a single parent with two grieving children. Working on this album also became therapeutic, and we follow his process through the music. Although this album is related to a specific event and life crisis, we can recognize ourselves in the emotions he describes so well.

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Image Sunday Songs
‘Sunday Songs’ is the newest vocal album from Jonas Sjøvaag and features a series of songs based on lyrics written in Florence. Under a scorching sun, on a rooftop in the eastern part of town, they came to be in the spring of 2019. The compositions were then written during the autumn, and the album is Sjøvaag’s 13th release under his own name. ‘Sunday Songs’ was inspired by some of the great performers of piano-driven pop, Billy Joel, Randy Newman and Randy Goodrum comes to mind, but it was also shaped by Sjøvaag’s background as a jazz musician. Andreas Ulvo plays piano throughout, and the album features guest performances from notable artists Hilde Marie Kjersem (vocals), André Roligheten (sax), Sarah-Jane Summers (fiddle), Mathias Eick (trumpet) and Sigurd Hole (double bass). ‘Sunday Songs’ is a melodic, heartfelt and beautiful album, with a timeless nerve and lyrics with a melancholy tinge.

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Image Desert Lighthouse
Organ and tuba - not the most common ensemble - but a very exciting soundscape with unexplored sound possibilities. Organist Magnus Moksnes Myhre and jazz tuba player Daniel Herskedal met for the first time as students at the music conservatory in Trondheim, and the duo have now created a completely new vibe with their Desert Lighthouse. The sources of inspiration are many, and they meet in their common fascination with the oriental tonal language. Coverart by Bendik Kaltenborn.

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Image Two Brothers
Thomas Torstrup is a jazz pianist and organist from Stavanger. In 2014, he debuted with the poetic album "Snøkorn", together with Hanna Paulsberg (sax), Trygve Fiske (bass) and Tore Sandbakken (drums). He has also worked on exciting, cross-genre organ projects with John Pål Inderberg, Martin Högberg and Heidi Skjerve, resulting in the albums "Still" (2017) and "Selbu Sessions" (2018). In recent years, Torstrup has composed new material for jazz quartet. The songs on Two Brothers were recorded in New Tone Studio in Oslo in August 2019. The music can be characterized as melodic jazz with an original touch and a wide palette of stylistic references. The sources of inspiration range from American jazz tradition to sacred music and Olivier Messiaen's universe. Thomas also find inspiration from sounds in nature as raindrops and wind, and the sound of children trying instruments for the first time!

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Image Dette er julemusikk
Øisteins Blyant and his English alias Box Yourself is a huge success on Norwegian TV NRK, and internationally on YouTube with 300k + subscribers and millions of views of his funny and educating videos on how to make cool things out of boxes and junk with some pencils and a pair of scissors.
In 2019 his Christmas show Øisteins Juleblyant (ENG: Box Xmas) will screen on all NRK platforms and on YouTube. Box Xmas is a brand new arts’n craft show of 24 episodes all about making gifts and decorating for Christmas. In each episode kids will learn how to make a gift for somebody they love, from junk and found objects. Then they get tips and inspiration for gift wrapping and card making. Box Xmas is set in the romantic, winter clad, Norwegian old town of Fredrikstad, giving it a cosy Scandinavian frame. The show is fun, energetic and inspires an environment friendly way to celebrate Christmas. Presented by the artist Oistein Kristiansen. Created by Oistein Kristiansen and Earthtree Media.
The show will be available in Nov 2019 in English and Norwegian language.

NXN recordings is proud to release the music that will accompany the show.
Dette er en julesang is the first single and the theme song for the show. This tune will be played in the end of every episode and will surely get attention for its jumpy, melodic and funny sound, not to mention the funny story. Should be perfect for any Christmas playlist of 2019 and beyond.
Dette er julemusikk is the album for the series. This album will contain 12 tracks, three of which have lyrics. The rest is cosy, Christmas-like instrumental tunes that will set the atmosphere perfectly for any Christmas activity during the holiday season, and beyond.
There will also be an activity book released when the series start up and it will be neatly planned to expose the CD and the book in bookstores and record stores throughout Norway.

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