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Image Piano Sonata in B Minor, Piano Sonatas Nos. 1 and
24 kr (79 kr)
Image Symphony No.4, Symphony No. 6
24 kr (79 kr)
Image Symphonies Nos. 1 & 6
24 kr (79 kr)
Image Piano Trios Vol. 2: Nos. 1 & 2
• This second of five CDs of the complete Beethoven String Trios performed by the Xyrion Trio features two of the composer’s first published works.

• With their greater structural and thematic freedom, irresistible opening allegros and dashing presto finales, these genial and entertaining works show a marked advance on Haydn’s Trios.

• The Xyrion Trio’s performances of the two Op. 70 Trios (Naxos 8.557723), were described by Germany’s leading record magazine, FonoForum, as “vibrant and glowing”, and as a major addition to the catalogue.

• “My recording of the month, without a shadow of a doubt…. A wonderful disc, well recorded and containing some magnificent playing. Do hear this.” MusicWeb on 8.557723

Xyrion Trio:

Nina Tichman, piano

Ida Bieler, violin

Maria Kliegel, cello

Ludwig van Beethoven

Piano Trio No. 1 in E flat major, Op. 1, No. 1

1. I. Allegro

2. II. Adagio cantabile

3. III. Scherzo: Allegro assai

4. IV. Finale: Presto

Piano Trio No. 2 in G major, Op. 1, No. 2

5. I. Adagio -

6. I. Allegro vivace

7. II. Largo con espressione

8. III. Scherzo: Allegro

9. IV. Finale: Presto

10. Allegretto in B flat major, WoO 39, "Piano Trio No. 9"

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Falstaff (Highlights)
24 kr (79 kr)
Image Piano Music Vol 5: Overtures for Piano Four Hands
24 kr (79 kr)
Image Piano Works
Korean-American Beata Moon creates music unbeholden to any compositional trend, while completely idiomatic and informed by a wide purview of music history. In Piano Sonata, Moon maintains her characteristic buoyancy, making the work a refreshing response to the genre's legacy. Submerged is a mysterious tone poem that recalls the ultra-modernist pyrotechnics of Scriabin and Leo Ornstein. In Transit is a short suite of delightful miniatures about New York City. Guernica, the least discernibly tonal of her compositions, is more than a little bit unsettling, and intentionally so. An ideal introduction, this disc contains a fine selection of Moon’s first decade of compositions for the piano with her newly-recorded performances.
Beata Moon, piano
Beata Moon

Piano Sonata

1. I. Maestoso, grand

2. II. Easygoing

3. III. Placid, simply

4. IV. Robust

5. Submerged

In Transit

6. I. Hubbub

7. II. Chug - a

8. III. Sub (conscious) Way

9. IV. Leonard Street

10. V. Amarathine Road

11. Guernica


12. Inter

13. Mez

14. Zo

15. Toccata

16. Ode

17. Piano Fantasy

18. Nursery

19. The Secret

20. Prelude

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Chamber Music
A pupil of Roberto Gerhard, the Catalan composer Joaquím Homs developed a style that, after
experiment with atonality, led to a full use of serialism. His music, however, remains expressive
and approachable. Apart from the early Suite, written at fifteen, the other works included here
follow the development of Homs’s musical language from the Piano Concertino of 1946 through serialism to the expressiveness of his String Soliloquy and Piano Diptych of the 1970s.
Granollers Chamber Orchestra/Francesc Guillen

Joaquim Homs

Entre dues linies (Between Two Lines)

1. I. Allegretto

2. II. Andantino

3. III. Tempo di vals

4. IV. Larghetto

5. V. Andante

6. VI. Tempo di vals poco rubato

7. VII. Vivace

8. VIII. Tempo di marcia


9. I. Allegro moderato

10. II. Adagio

11. III. Allegro scherzando

12. IV. Allegro vivace

Suite, Op. 1

13. I. Prologue

14. II. Ballad

15. III. Impression

16. IV. Curious Story

17. V. Between branches

18. Adagio for strings

El caminant i el mur (The Walker and the Wall)

19. I. Escenari ja buit (Stage already empty)

20. II. Des del mateix teatre (From the same theatre)

21. III. Aquest Nadal (This Christmas)

22. IV. Tornat al pes (Return to heaviness)

23. V. Encara no (Not yet)

24. VI. Prec de Nadal (Christmas Prayer)

Diptych I

25. I. Adagio

26. II. Allegro

27. Soliloquios II (Soliloquy II)

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Traditional Cantorial and Concert Favorites
...The release of this recording of cantorial classics for both the synagogue and the concert stage is an example of the Milken Archive’s mission to preserve and bring to new and broader audiences important aspects of the rich musical heritage of Jewish life in America. The selections heard here embody interpretations and extensions of the eastern European Ashkenazi cantorial tradition that developed in Czarist and Hapsburg Europe from the late 19th century until World War I...

(utdrag ur texten till CD-boken)

Coro Hebraeico/Simon Spiro, kantor.


1. Ba'avur david


2. Ha lahma anya


3. Shalom aleikhem


4. Ya ribbon olam


5. Haven yakkir li efra'im


6. Sheva b'rakhot

7. Khanike Lid v


8. Rahamana d'anei


9. Strange Happenings: The Holyday Calamities of Avremele Melamed

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Jewish Operas, Vol. 2
Michigan University Opera Chorus; Michigan University Opera Orchestra; Seattle Symphony Orchestra/Kenneth Kiesler, Gerard Schwarz

David Schiff

Gimpel the Fool (excerpts)

1. Act II Scene 10: Lullaby (Badkhn, Gimpel, Elka, Rabbi)

2. Act II Scene 11: Pantomime (Badkhn, Gimpel)

3. Act II Scene 11a: Bread Song (Gimpel, Apprentice)

4. Act II Scene 11b: Night Music (Gimpel, Townspeople, Elka)

5. Act II Scene 11c: Gimpel and the Goat (Gimpel, Goat, Elka)

6. Act II Scene 11d: Elka's "Gvald" (Elka, Townspeople, Gimpel)

7. Act II Scene 11e: The Divorce (Badkhn, Gimpel, Rabbi, Townspeople, Elka)

8. Act II Scene 11f: Gimpel's Monologue (Gimpel, Badkhn)

Elie Siegmeister

Lady of the Lake (excerpts)

9. Scene 5: Welcome, Mr. Freeman (Isabella, Blumberg)

10. Interlude

11. Scene 6: She lied to me (Blumberg)

12. Scene 7: So you come here again (Ernesto, Blumberg, Isabella)

Hugo Weisgall

Esther (excerpts)

13. Act I Scene 8 (excerpt): Did any queen have more? (Esther)

14. Act III Scene 2: Wild Dance

15. Act III Scene 10: Susa sleeps a sleep (Esther, Xerxes)

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Parable/Sacred Service
Award-vinnaren Judith Lang Zaimont är en internationellt erkänd amerikansk tonsättare. Hennes musik är ofta väldigt expressiv och dynamisk.


Sacred Service for the Sabbath Evening, utdrag

I. The Lord Reigneth (Psalm 97)

II. Meditation and Aria: God and Father

IV. Why do we deal treacherously?

VI. Aria: O Lord, how can we know Thee?

VII. Sh'ma yisra'el

VIII. Thou shalt love the Lord

James Maddalena, baryton

Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra; Ernst Senff Choir/Gerard Schwarz


A Woman of Valor (eshet hayil)

Margaret Bishop Kohler, sopran

Everest Quartet/Samuel Adler


A Tale of Abram and Isaac

John Aler, tenor

Harold Lester, cembalo

Frances Lucey, sopran

Rodney Mariner, berättare

Randall Scarlata, baryton

Laudibus; Ruskin Ensemble/Michael Brewer


Meditations at the Time of the New Year

I. Dawn

II. Hope

Timm Boatman, tubular bells

Martha Cowan, sopran

Theresa Diamond, glockenspiel

Kimball Wheeler, mezzosopran

Southern California Choral Society/Nick Strimple

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Di Naye Hagode

Di Naye Hagode (The New Narrative - A Choral Tone Poem of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising)


Ma nishtano

Gebentsht (Blessed)

Riboyne - sheloylem (Master of the Universe)


A linder April (A Mild April)

Vet kumen? (Will He Come?)

Vet kumen? (continued)


Un oyb s'vet nor a minyen farblaybn (And If Only Ten Survive)

Di shlakht (The Battle)

Zey zaynen gekumen (They Came)


Dos yingl (The Boy)


Di fon (The Banner)

Der toyt (The Death)


Shfoykh khamoskho (Pour Out Your Wrath)


Rum un gevure (Glory and Heroism)


Aza der gebot iz (Such Is The Command)

Theodore Bikel, berättare

Young Musicians Foundation Debut Orchestra
;Los Angeles Zimriyah Chorale; Southern California Choral Society/Nick Strimple


Hag Habikkurim (Festival of First Fruits - A Pageant for Shavuot)

I. El hakfar

II. Uru ahim

III. Salleinu al k'tefeinu

IV. Atzei zeitim omdim

V. Shirat hashomer (Holem tsa'adi)

VI. Bagalil (Alei giva)

VII. Hazzor'im b'dim'a

VIII. Shir lanamal

IX. El hakfar (Reprise)

Coro Hebraeico/Neil Levin


The Holy Ark (Torah Service), utdrag

Vay'hi binso'a

Barukh shennatan Torah

Adonai, Adonai

Va'ani t'fillati

Ki lekah tov - Etz hayyim - Hashiveinu

Raphael Frieder, kantor

Slovak Chamber Choir; Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra/
Samuel Adler

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Elegy for Anne Frank

Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra/Christopher Wilkins m fl.


1. Song of Anguish

2. Elegy for Anne Frank


3. I. Barukh haggever

4. II. Va'eda ma

5. III. Mi al har horev

6. Adon Olam


7. The Heavenly Feast

24 kr (79 kr)
Image A Singing of Angels/Baroque Suite
...The present Milken Archive CD is warmly recommended...


A Singing of Angels

I. Once My Pair of Oxen

II. My Pages are Snowy White

III. In the Valley

IV. If Dreams Came True

V. Dance with Me

VI. The Merry Rebbe Elie

VII. Softly Shines the Moonlight

VIII. Yome, Yome

IX. No One Else

Finchley Children's Music Group/Nicholas Wilks


And David Danced Before the Lord

I. Shir hashirim

II. L'kha dodi

III. Bar'khu

IV. Ahavat olam

V. Sh'ma yisra'el

VI. Mi khamokha

VII. V'sham'ru

VIII. Hatzi kaddish

IX. Grant Us Peace

X. Yih'yu l'ratzon

XI. An'im z'mirot

XII. Kiddush

XIII. Aleinu

XIV. Adon olam

Amy Goldstein, sopran

Douglas Webster, baryton

Ramon Ricker Jazz Quintet; Buffalo Vocal Ensemble/Brad Lubman


Baroque Suite, utdrag

III. Courante, "Halomi" (My Dream)

IV. Sarabande, "Et shimkha l'varekh" (Wake Me to Bless My Name)

V. Minuet, "Kol kokhvei voker" (Morning Hymn)

VI. Fugue, "Helki adonai" (The Lord is My Portion)

Finchley Children's Music Group Chamber Choir; Jewish Heritage Youth Chorus/Nicholas Wilks

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Cellokonsert
Musik av den judiske kompositören Frederick Jacobi (1891-1952), som var född och uppvuxen i USA.
Alban Gerhardt, cello m fl.

Barcelona Symphony-National Orchestra of Catalonia/
Karl Anton Rickenbacher;

Academy of St. Martin in the Fields Chorus/Joseph Cullen.



1. I. Allegro cantabile

2. II. Allegretto

3. III. Allegro ritmico

Sabbath Evening Service, utdrag

4. Mi khamokha

5. V'sham'ru

6. O May the Words

7. Adon olam


8. I. Job

9. II. Ruth

10. III. Joshua

11. Ahavat olam

Two Pieces in Sabbath Mood

12. I. Kaddish

13. II. Oneg shabbat

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Love Songs for Sabbath
...The Milken Archive of American Jewish Music and the Naxos label have passed the halfway mark in a massive, 50-plus CD project that will be the most comprehensive collection of its kind. No. 29 in the series, out this week, is devoted to music of Jack Gottlieb. Although the texts are all religious-themed, the musical styles are varied and some hardly fit the popular idea of what religious music should sound like. For instance, the first two pieces in a set of three titled Shout for Joy, a setting of Psalm texts, sound like Broadway numbers. The second, "Psalm 84," might have come from the pen of Jerome Kern. In his notes, Mr. Gottlieb grants that he has occasionally taken flak for writing "theatrical" music for religious services, but, then, so did Mozart and Verdi. Other music on the disc is not Broadway-flavored, but it is all listenable and varied in mood, from joyous to serene...

(Dallas Morning News)


New York Motet Choir/Stephen Sturk m fl.


Three Candle Blessings

1. Blessing I

2. Blessing II

3. Blessing III

4. Shalom Aleikhem with Candle Blessing

Love Songs for Sabbath, utdrag

5. I. Organ Prelude

6. II. L'kha dodi

7. III. Bar'khu

8. IV. Sh'ma yisra'el

9. V. Organ Interlude (V'ahavta)

10. VI. Mi khamokha

11. VII. Mourners' Kadish

12. VIII. Adon olam

13. IX. Organ Postlude (Y'varekh'kha)

14. Set Me As a Seal

Shout for Joy

15. Psalm 95

16. Psalm 84

17. Psalm 81

Psalmistry, utdrag

18. I. Praises: Psalm 150

19. I. Praises: Psalm 100

20. I. Praises: Psalm 133

21. II. Mysteries: Psalm 146

22. II. Mysteries: Psalm 23

23. III. Jubilations: Psalm 98

24. III. Jubilations: Psalm 113

25. IV. Wonderments: Psalm 24:1-6

26. IV. Wonderments: Psalm 24:7-10

27. V. Envoi: Psalm 121

28. Y'varekh'kha

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Avodat Shabbat
...One of the truly great moments in the work is the setting of "hashkiveinu", one of the most intensely moving portions of the evening liturgy. This is a prayer for peace, but Berlinski's setting captures all the trouble of spirit that underlies the supplication. The performance is first-rate...

(American Record Guide)

Constance Hauman, sopran;

Elizabeth Shammash, mezzosopran;

Robert Brubaker, tenor.

Ernst Senff Choir; Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra /
Gerard Schwarz.

Herman Berlinski

Avodat Shabbat, Del I: Kabbalat Shabbat

1. Orchestral Prelude

2. Ma Tovu

3. L'kha Dodi

4. Tov L'hodot (Psalm 92)

Avodat Shabbat, Del II: Arvit L'shabbat

5. Orchestral Prelude

6. The 23rd Psalm flute: Silke Uhlig

7. Bar'khu

8. Ahavat Olam

9. Sh'ma Yisra'el

10. V'ahavta

11. Mi Khamokha

12. Orchestral Interlude

13. V'sham'ru

14. Hashkivenu

15. Orchestral Interlude

16. Yih'yu L'ratzon

17. Kiddush

Avodat Shabbat, Del III: Close of Service

18. Adoration

19. Va'anahnu

20. Orchestral Interlude

21. Reader's Kaddish; Adon Olam

22. Grant Us Peace; Benediction

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Masada
I denna volym i serien Milken Archive, som består av klassiska verk av judiska amerikanska tonsättare, kan vi höra musik av Marvin David Levy. Bl a ingår "Masada" som skildrar hur några judar försvarade en ökenfästning mot en överlägsen romersk armé för ca 2.000 år sedan. Detta verk skrevs för den legendariske tenoren Richard Tucker.
Ana Maria Martinez, sopran;
Vale Rideout, tenor;

Richard Troxell, tenor.

Barcelona Symphony-National Orchestra of Catalonia /
Jorge Mester.

BBC Singers / Kenneth Kiesler.

Ernst Senff Choir; Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra / Yoel Levi.

Marvin David Levy

1. Canto de los Marranos

Shir Shel Moshe, utdrag

2. Shiru Ladonai

3. Mi Khamokha

4. V'sham'ru

5. May the Words

6. Kiddush

7. Adon Olam


8. Masada: Del I

9. Masada: Del II

24 kr (79 kr)
Image T'kiatot/Psalm of the Distant Dove
Kompositören Hugo Weisgall (1912–1997) kombinerade i sina tonsättningar sin fascination för kompositörer såsom Schönberg,
Berg och Webern med influenser från den judiska kulturen. "T’kiatot", som ingår här, räknas som Weisgalls symfoniska mästerverk.


Barcelona Symphony-National Orchestra of Catalonia/Jorge Mester;

BBC Singers/Avner Itai;

Seattle Symphony Orchestra/Gerard Schwarz.

Hugo Weisgall

T'kiatot: Rituals for Rosh Hashana

1. I. Malkhuyyot

2. II. Zikhronot

Psalm of the Distant Dove

4. Prelude: My Lover Called

5. Days of Cold are Past

6. Prelude: The Dove Knows Her Mate

7. Distant Dove

8. Elegy

9. Prelude: Birds Struggle

10. Avi, Avi

4 Choral Etudes

11. Yihyu l'ratzon

12. Hodu ladonai

13. B'tzet yisrael

14. Ki lo na'e

A Garden Eastward

15. I. Fantasia

16. II. Scherzo

17. III. Free Variations

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Judisk opera, vol 1
Scener ur operor skrivna av amerikanskjudiska 1900-talstonsättare.


Chamber Opera Ensemble/Paul Hostetter;

Michigan University Symphony Orchestra/Kenneth Kiesler;

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra/Stephen Gunzenhauser.

Abrahan Ellstein

1. Final ur The Golem Akt II

Robert Strassburg

2-5 Scen 2-5 ur Chelm

David Tamkin

6-11. The Dybbuk, utdrag

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Mirror, The
Yehudi Wyner, en av Amerikas ledande kompositörer idag, har tonsatt Isaac Bashevis Singerone pjäs "The Mirror" som handlar om en judisk kvinnas liv i en liten stad någonstans i Öster.

Carol Meyer, sopran;
Richard Stoltzman, klarinett;

Yehudi Wyner, piano m fl.

Yehudi Wyner

The Mirror

1. Demon's Welcome

2. Home Variations

3. Wedding Dances

4. Reading the K'tuba

5. Incantation

6. Asmodeus' Court

7. Invocation of the Jew of Babylon

8. The Jew of Babylon Appears

9. Processional: The Jew of Babylon's Mystic Circle

10. Yenta's Fantasy: Trying On Her Wedding Dress

11. Yenta's Fantasy: The Wedding Celebration

12. Flight

13. March: Wolf and Sheep

Passover Offering

14. Lento

15. Energico

16. Alla Marcia

17. Grave

18. Quieto

Tants un Maysele

19. Tants

20. Maysele

24 kr (79 kr)
Image A Little Miracle

Schwarz, Gerard; Stock, David


Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra,

Seattle Symphony Orchestra


Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble


Burns, Stephen; Shammash, Elizabeth; Stoltzman, Richard

David Stock

1. A Little Miracle

2. Yizkor


3. I. Light, airy, propulsive

4. II. Warm, flexible tempo - Fleeting, scurrying

5. III. With energy, relentlessly

6. Y'rusha

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Celestial Dialogues

Barcelona Symphony National Orchestra of Catalonia/Karl Anton Rickenbacher;

BBC Singers/Kenneth Kiesler;

Permonik Children's Choir/Eva Seinerova.

Ofer Ben-Amots


1. Entrance of the Sabbath Bride

2. Peace upon you, Angels of Peace

3. Come in peace, Angels of Peace

4. Bless me for peace, ye Angels of Peace

5. Go in peace, Angels of Peace (echo)

Celestial Dialogues

6. Am kadosh

7. Uv'yom hashabbat

8. A gasn nign

9. Adonoi melekh

10. Celestial freylekh

11. Dinen

Shtetl Songs

12. Bay dem shtetl

13. Bistu mit mir broyges

14. Klip klap

15. Royz, royz

16. Di dray neytorins

17. Der rebbe tantst

18. Psalm 81

24 kr (79 kr)
Image Shiray Neshama
David Amram (född 1930) mixar på sitt mycket personliga sätt klassisk musik, jazz och world music. Symfonin "Shiray Neshama" (Songs of the Soul) är en passionerad skildring av livets glädjeämnen och sorger.


BBC Singers/Kenneth Kiesler;

Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra/Christopher Wilkins;

Michigan University Opera Chorus; Michigan University Symphony Orchestra/Kenneth Kiesler.

David Amram

Shiray Neshama

1. Incantation

2. Song without Words

3. Dance of Joy

Shir L'erev Shabbat, utdrag

4. Ma tovu

5. Bar'khu

6. Sh'ma yisra'el

7. Mi khamokha

8. Kiddush

Scen 5, 9 och 10 ur The Final Ingredient

9. Scen 5

10. Scen 9

11. Scen 10

24 kr (79 kr)
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