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Image Emil Jonason plays Lindström + Mozart
Toppbetyg i Musikrevyn och högt betyg 4 (av 5) i Dagens Nyheter!
"Här finns en lekfullhet som nästan är oförskämt charmerande.../ Att han inte bara är en briljant klarinettist utan också är något alldeles extra när det gäller förnyelse av solokadensen som form ..." (Martin Nyström, DN)

Emil Jonason - clarinet, basset clarinet
Helsingborgs Symphony Orchestra
Stefan Solyom - dirigent

Emil Jonason has been described in the Swedish, European and American press as "The Yngwie Malmsteen of the clarinet", "Has the aura of a Rockstar", "Raises the bar for what you can expect from a clarinet" and as "A magician who uses his instrument that breaks classical norms like a silver bullet ”. He has played as a soloist with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Musica Vitae, Düsseldorfer Symphoniker, Weimar Staatskapelle, Cabrillo Festival Orchestra in the USA, Symphony Orchestra Vlaanderen and many more in Sweden and abroad.

In 2019, Emil won the Kaleidoscope International Vocal and Instrumental Competition in Los Angeles, USA. From over 1,600 applicants from all over the world, Emil was chosen to play Emmy Lindström's clarinet concerto “At the Hills of Hampstead Heath” at the finals, and emerged victorious. He was the only clarinetist, and Emmy's concerto was the only contemporary piece of music selected for the finals.

Emil also teaches at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, and at the Music and Opera Academy, at Mälardalen University in Västerås.

The music on this CD aims to celebrate the very heart of the modern clarinet, ranging from its birth with Mozart’s concerto from 1791, all the way to Lindström’s further exploring of the instrument’s emotional, expressive and versatile range. Emmy and Emil are married for more than ten years, and she has written several pieces for him: the clarinet concerto being the most recent, and “Song About Em” being the very first from 2006.

The clarinet concerto “At the Hills of Hampstead Heath” was commissioned by four Swedish orchestras and had its premiere together with Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra in 2017. The concert was broadcasted live on Swedish Radio, it has been highly praised in the press and Emil has performed it more than ten times throughout Sweden and Finland. In 2021 Emil will perform a brand new version of the piece together with the string orchestra Musica Vitae in Växjö, Sweden.

The hyper-romantic “Song About Em” for clarinet and strings was written as an encore to Emil’s performances of the Mozart concerto. “Em” symbolises the common letters of their names.

159 kr
Image Haydn 2032, Vol. 9 - L'Addio
Totalfemma i Musikrevyn i P2!
”Il Giardino Armonico och dirigenten Giovanni Antonini plockar fram både mörker och sprittande glädje hos Joseph Haydn”

This ninth volume of the Haydn2032 series focuses on the composer’s psychological subtlety in its focus on a central work: his Symphony no.45, known as the ‘Abschieds-Symphonie’ (‘Farewell’ Symphony), composed in 1772. It is said to have got its nickname from a symbolic message Haydn conveyed to Prince Esterházy when he and his orchestra were required to stay longer than planned in the Prince’s summer residence. On the occasion of the symphony’s first performance, Haydn had arranged for the musicians to leave their places one by one during the final Adagio. The day after the concert, all the musicians were able to return to their families and bid farewell to the Prince, who had obviously taken the point of this poetic request for ‘liberation’ expressed in music. The programme is completed by Symphonies nos. 15 and 35 and a cantata sung by Sandrine Piau, the heart-rending ‘Berenice, che fai?’ on a text by Metastasio that was a real ‘hit’ of the eighteenth century, set by some forty composers.

169 kr
Image Georg Gulyás Plays Barrios
Högt betyg i Hifi & Musik! ”Gitarristen Georg Gulyás som sedan länge är verksam i Sverige har nu med bravur, ömhet och kärlek spelat in 13 av Barrios härliga stycken.” (Stig Jacobsson, Hifi & Musik)

New CD with guitarist Georg Gulyás!

After Georg Gulyás’ critically lauded recordings of the collected works for guitar by Bach and Britten at Proprius/Naxos, this internationally acclaimed guitarist now returns to the Latin American guitar repertoire with a brand new CD dedicated to the Paraguayan composer Augustín Barrios. Recording producer is Torbjörn Samuelsson who continues the higly praised sound work that characterize Gulyàs’ previous records.

159 kr
Image Concierto de Aranjuez
Högsta betyg 5 (av 5) i Dagens Nyheter!
”Här finns utsökta klassiker, av Rodrigo, de Falla och Albeniz, men det är de båda nykomponerade gitarrkonserterna av spanjoren Francisco Coll och britten Pete Harden, där orkestern är Norrbotten NEO, som verkligen sätter den spanska tonen på spel och får den att flamma med överraskande nyanser.” (Martin Nyström, DN)

Inspired by Miles Davis’s legendary album Sketches of Spain, this project intends to conjure up Spain ‘as if through a prism - as a concept rather than a place’. Guitarist Jacob Kellermann and conductor Christian Karlsen worked with hyped young composers Francisco Coll and Pete Harden, who have each contributed a concertante work for guitar and ensemble. With Turia, Coll has returned to his roots – the dried-out river that once flowed through his (and Rodrigo’s) hometown Valencia. He has described it as his most ‘flamenco-colored’ work so far, intended to ‘evoke the light and the respective shadows’ of Spain. Turiais followed by two classics of Spanish music: Manuel de Falla’s Homenaje for solo guitar and Evocaciónby Isaac Albéniz, here in Karlsen’s atmospheric arrangement for ensemble. The last word on the album goes to British composer Pete Harden. His affinity to jazz and non-classical tradition shine through Solace and Shimmer, which is based on the same chords that underpins Rodrigo’s Adagio. Kellermann enjoys strong support by the London Philharmonic Orchestra (in Conciertode Aranjuez) and the seven members of Norrbotten NEO.

169 kr
Image 10CD-BOX: The Golden Age of English Polyphony
Works by Robert Fayrfax (1464-1521), John Taverner (c1490-1545), John Sheppard (c1515-1558) and William Mundy (c1529-1591)

When The Sixteen embarked upon their recording career back in 1982, few would have been able to predict quite how successful they would become, or how far they would go towards rehabilitating the little-known and barely recorded music of these four master composers of the sixteenth century. In this their 30th anniversary year, we join them in celebrating a Golden Age of Polyphony, and of music-making, by presenting their twelve discs of this repertoire in an attractively packaged (and priced) 10-CD remastered set.

259 kr
Image Toccatacapriccio
Högsta betyg 5 (av 5) i Dagens Nyheter!
”Mårten Falk har gjort ett rysligt roande album. Han leker fram musiken på fullt allvar.” (Martin Nyström, DN)

This album presents unknown, high quality Swedish 20th century guitar music. From the nationally colored neo-classicism of Gunnar de Frumerie and Erland von Koch, over Karl-Birger Blomdahl and Sven-Eric Johanson, to Bengt Hambraeus and Gunnar Bucht. With two exceptions, these are all world premiere recordings, performed by one of Sweden’s foremost guitarists, Mårten Falk. Mårten Falk is one of Sweden's most multi-faceted guitarists, with repertoire ranging from 16th century vihuela music over Russian 19th century Romantics until today's hardcore contemporary music.

159 kr
Image You should have told me
Högt betyg 4 (av 5) i Dagens Industri!
"Så länge det finns artister som Ellen Andersson kommer svensk jazz klara även nästa generationsväxling."
(Jan Gradvall, DI)

Succédebuten 2016 med “I’ll Be Seeing You” hyllades av både recensenter och publik såväl i Sverige som utomlands. Sedan dess har hon etablerat sig som en av de mest framstående rösterna på den svenska jazzscenen. Med miljontals streams och hundratals konserter i ryggen har hon de senaste åren setts och hörts på scener och konserthus över hela landet, bland annat med Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester, Malmö Symfoniorkester och Norrbotten Big Band - men på det nya albumet återvänder hon till kärnan: jazzkvartett, ett modernt, akustiskt sound - nutida, fängslande och personligt.

För debutalbumet fick Ellen bland annat ta emot Gyllene Skivan för årets bästa jazzutgivning, Jazzkatten i kategorin “Årets nykomling” av Sveriges Radio P2. Nyligen belönades hon med Gunnar Hoffstens Stipendium (2020).

Her debut album “I’ll Be Seeing You”, 2016, was instantly praised by both critics and audiences, receiving rave reviews and quickly establishing herself as one of the most notable artists on the Swedish jazz scene. Millions of streams and hundreds of concerts later, the most recent years have led her to cooperations with some of Sweden’s finest orchestras, such as Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Norrbotten Big Band, among others - but on her new album, she returns to the core: jazz quartet, an acoustic sound, but with a contemporary and personal view.

Since her debut, Ellen has received multiple awards such as Gyllene Skivan (best Swedish Jazz Album of the Year), Jazzkatten (Newcomer of the Year) by Swedish National Radio P2, as well as numerous grants and scholarships.

159 kr
Image String Quartets, Op. 76 Nos. 4-6
On a previous album, the Chiaroscuro Quartet has recorded the first half of Joseph Haydn’s Op. 76, including No. 3, the celebrated ‘Emperor’ quartet. The release has won great acclaim, with the critic in Gramophone writing: ‘The Chiaroscuros' account of the remaining three Op 76 quartets can't come soon enough.’ Well, here it is – a album which like its predecessor spans a wealth of moods and atmospheres: from the magical sunrise of the opening of 76/4 to the manic minuet and boisterous finale of 76/6, a movement without a tune worth the name but utterly engrossing even so. The Chiaroscuro Quartet was formed in 2005 by the violinists Alina Ibragimova (Russia) and Pablo Hernan Benedi (Spain), the Swedish violist Emilie Hornlund and cellist Claire Thirion from France. Performing music of the Classical period on gut strings this highly international ensemble has a unique sound – described in The Observer as ‘a shock to the ears of the best kind’.

169 kr
Image Nordic Rhapsody
Only 20 years old, Johan Dalene has already been hailed as ‘a musician of special sensibilities’ (Gramophone) in possession of ‘a rare fire’ (Diapason), and his début disc, with the concertos of Tchaikovsky and Barber, was described as ‘one of the finest violin débuts of the last decade’ in the BBC Music Magazine. For his second album, the Swedish violinist has chosen repertoire closer to home, with works by six Nordic composers. This is music that lies equally well under the hands of his partner, the Norwegian pianist Christian Ihle Hadland, and together the two offer a program full of contrasts, and yet with a certain consistent sensibility. Nordic Rhapsody is bookended by two Norwegian composers, Christian Sinding and Edvard Grieg. What is interesting is that even though Sinding’s Suite ‘in the old style’ was composed some 25 years after Grieg’s Sonata No. 1, it is the latter work that is most forward-looking. Here the composer introd­uces elements of his national style, which in turn would contribute to the development of ‘a Nordic style’. Following on the heels of Sinding is a Swedish-Finnish-Danish trio with personal ties – Wilhelm Stenhammar was a close friend of both Sibelius and Nielsen, whose music inspired him to free himself from Central European influences. His Romances and the three miniatures by Sibelius were composed during the 1910s, while Nielsen’s Romance in D major is a youthful work offering Dalene – winner of the 2019 Nielsen Competition – the opportunity to send a greeting to the composer. Last but not least among these composers, Einojuhani Rautavaara represents a great leap in time. His music is often described as synonymous with a contemporary ‘Nordic style’, however, and the transition from Notturno e danza (1993) to Grieg’s Sonata is as smooth as the ice on a Finnish lake in winter.

169 kr
Image Das klagende Lied
Mahler’s cantata Das klagende Lied today constitutes a veritable rarity in concert programmes – in an age that without contradiction recognizes Mahler as one oft he most eminent milestones in the music history of the late 19th and early 20th century. Based on a horror tale written by Mahler himself, this large-scale, vocal symphonic work forms the beginning of Mahler’s more familiar oeuvre. Mahler, at the age of only 20, submitted the score for the Beethoven Prize at the Society of the Friends of Music in Vienna. He did not receive this prize, however, and subsequently made several revisions. It was finally premiered by the composer in Vienna on 17 February 1901 only. The ‚mixed version‘ (also employed for this recording) consisting of the original first movement and the revised version of the other two parts, became customary in the course of the great Mahler Renaissance in the 1960s. The presented live capture with the 2019 deceased Michael Gielen – like Mahler not only a conductor but also a composer – with the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra was taken in June 1990 in the Konzerthaus Vienna.

159 kr
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