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1. Look for the Silver Lining
2. St. John Passion, BWV 245 (1749 Version) (2CD)
3. The Passion of Yeshua (2CD)
4. Solo Concertos
5. Symphony No. 3
6. Time
7. Cello Sonatas
8. In the wake of World War 2
9. The Pioneer
10. Ella Fitzgerald 1957
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Image Look for the Silver Lining
LIRA GILLAR! ”Isabella Lundgren har grävt i låtskatten av jazzhistoriens mest genomtröskade örhängen och återställt dem till det de en gång var. Sånger människor förälskat sig till och gråtit hjärtats brustna tårar över, sånger som låtit människor förlora sig i minnen. Utbrytartekniken hos Lundgren och hennes medmusiker är av högsta klass.” (Magnus Östnäs, Lira)

Högt betyg 5 (av 6) i Svenska Dagbladet! ”Det är inte som förnyare av den vokala jazztraditionen Isabella Lundgren har sin styrka utan i närvaron, allvaret och den emotionella laddning hon ger varje ton och stavelse. Hennes sätt att sjunga går att härröra från Billie Holiday och Ella Fitzgerald men det vi hör är genuint personligt och utan nostalgi.” (Dan Backman, SvD)

159 kr
Image St. John Passion, BWV 245 (1749 Version) (2CD)
Johann Sebastian Bach’s St John Passion is, along with the St Matthew Passion, without doubt one of the most important works he ever composed. It established a new tradition for Good Friday vespers in Leipzig, and with sublime skill Bach managed to retain a spirit of church worship while creating an almost operatic narrative that movingly depicts Christ’s trial, death, and ultimate apotheosis. Bach’s numerous revisions always demand a certain amount of scholarly decision-making, and this recording of the St John Passion uses the final 1749 version that not only draws on and reinforces the best of Bach’s original concept, but incorporates the additional movements of the 1725 version.

159 kr
Image The Passion of Yeshua (2CD)
Richard Danielpour’s dramatic oratorio The Passion of Yeshua- a work which has evolved over the last 25 years- is an intensely personal telling of the final hours of Christ on Earth. It incorporates texts from the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian gospels inspiring extraordinarily beautiful music that stresses the need for human compassion and forgiveness. Danielpour returns to the scale and majesty of Bach in the oratorio, creating choruses that are intense and powerful, and giving both Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene a central place in a work of glowing spirituality. Conductor JoAnn Falletta considers The Passion of Yeshua to be “a classic for all time.”

159 kr
Image Solo Concertos
"Our Roman set out as a great musician and returned greater still." On his return from England, "the Swedish virtuoso" inaugurated a series of concerts in Stockholm, the first of their kind in Sweden. He himself was presumably the original soloist in some of the solo concertos performed in this recording.

45 kr (89 kr)
Image Symphony No. 3
Wilhelm Peterson-Berger is a captivating and controversial Swedish composer and critic whose musical idiom is distinct personal. He was often inspired by folk music, and here in the third symphony, "Same-Ätnam", he pays homage to Lapland by incorporating several Lappish yoiks. From the same period are "Romance for Violin and Orchestra", with its austere as well as gently lyrical character, and the song cycle "Gullebarn´s Lullabies", where Verner von Heidenstam´s heavily symbolic poetry has been interpreted with grandiose simplicity and naive humour.

45 kr (89 kr)
Image Time

89 kr
Image Cello Sonatas
The cello sonata had its greatest flowering in the Romantic era. In Sweden this can be exemplified by Ludvig Norman´s adeptly romantic sonata and Jacob Adolf Hägg´s mature early work that abounds with fresh spontaneity, as well as by the younger Edvin Kallstenius´s unconventional sonata.

45 kr (89 kr)
Image In the wake of World War 2
Oïstrakh Trio
Smetana Quartet

Czech Philharmonic / Zdenek Kosler

In the spring of 1945 the intelligentsia in Russia and the rest of the world expected Shostakovich's Ninth Symphony to glorify Stalin's victory with a hymn worthy of Beethoven's. What emerged was a symphonic scherzo, more Rossini-like than majestic, except for the solemn brass call of the Largo. The symphony was preceded by a piano trio in memory of the great polyglot and intellectual Ivan Sollertinsky, who had lost favour with the Kremlin. It was followed by String Quartet No. 3, his awesome last diatribe against vice and violence, transcending his 8th Symphony's unavowed strains of imposition.

89 kr (149 kr)
Image The Pioneer
95 kr (159 kr)
Image Ella Fitzgerald 1957
Norman Granz' Jazz at the philharmonic presents the legendary jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald performing in Sweden. Reissue produced by Carl A. Hällström.

27 kr (89 kr)
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