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Image Wooden Bodies
Toppbetyg i Dagens Nyheter och i Musikrevyn (P2)!
"Det är en påtagligt visionär och spännande musik som Malvakvartetten vill ge vidare spridning. Det är musik som fräser och gör motstånd, retas och utmanar." (Martin Nyström, DN)

The latest release from Footprint Records – Wooden Bodies – is a snapshot of a decade of contemporary creativity within the string quartet genre and celebrates the Malva String Quartet’s appetite for the new and unusual – for novel ways in which the ‘wooden bodies’ of the ensemble, both human and instrumental, might converse, argue, interact and celebrate. The Malva Quartet is definitely one the most exciting string quartets in Sweden and their driving force is curiosity. ‘We play music that we are passionate about and we want to provide high quality and intensely communicative musical experiences. When we set our programs we try to push the boundaries, experimenting with sounds and expectations. We love to collaborate with other artists and we have a playful approach to music making and concert creation.’ Karin Rehnqvist’s The Riddle is a single-movement work that threads a typically simple, folk-like melody on a journey through the quartet’s varied expressive capabilities. ‘I try to find ideas that are simple but have complexity inside, so that you can make more out of it,’ the composer has said. Tebogo Monnakgotla was nominated for the 2018 Nordic Council Music Prize. Her score Wooden Bodies from 2018 was commissioned by the Malva Quartet. It is a piece both elusive and tangible, presenting a theatrical interplay between the four ‘wooden bodies’ of the string quartet which appear to long for unification. My Desert, My Rose by Aleksandra Vrebalov is based on the idea of individuality in a string quartet: ‘what one brings to the group, what one gives to the others and what one gets from them.’ Lo Kristenson has focused on music in circular, twisting forms that explore the minute details of resistance, energy, pressure and slow growth. Her score vridna, vågsång explores the idea of resistance in the instruments, adding vocal sounds too.

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Image In the Bleak Midwinter: Christmas Carols from King
In the Bleak Midwinter reflects a Christmas that was unlike any other in recent history. Much of the music on this album was heard around the world as part of the 103rd Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, a service that has been broadcast live every year since 1930.

But for Christmas Eve 2020, the continuation of this uniquely long-running tradition was not to be. A full service, with lessons, carols, organ voluntaries and prayers, had been recorded in an empty Chapel for use in the event that a live broadcast became impossible, and it was this that was called upon just days before Christmas Eve. For its millions of listeners, the broadcast meant the continuation of a Christmas tradition in a year when so many were without their friends and family, and without so much of what makes Christmas special.

Music from Christmas Eve is supplemented on this album by a selection of specially recorded tracks. It marks not only a moment of light in a time of considerable darkness for so many, but the beginning of a new era for the Choir of King’s College under the direction of Daniel Hyde, with this his first full album at King’s since his appointment in 2019.

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Image Then Svenska Messan
Toppbetyg i Musikrevyn och!
”Ett ljudbad att kliva ned i som man blir både glad och varm i själen av. Det spelas på liten sättning – men låter mycket!” (Musikrevyn i P2)

"Vill du höra något mer av Roman än den obligatoriska Drottningholmsmusiken, så har du nu chansen. En så mycket bättre inspelning av Romans Then Svenska Messan lär inte dyka upp i överskådlig framtid." (Per Nylén,

Högt betyg 4 (av 5) i DN!
”Mycket har hänt med hur man får liv i barockmusik, såväl vokalt som instrumentalt, vilket Göteborg Baroque med eftertryck ger prov på. Det bubblar, fräser, viner och bär iväg med en oemotståndlig rytmisk lätthet och klanglig lyster i alla de tretton satserna.” (Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter)

Göteborg Baroque is pleased to announce the release of Johan Helmich Roman’s Then Svenska Messan, one of the most significant and beloved works in Swedish music history. Roman was a pioneer who was far ahead of his time, and today we see him as the founder of our modern musical culture. Göteborg Baroque has received accolades for its rigorous study and expressive presentation of older music in a way that makes it engaging for an audience today. With this recording, we are proud to be able to introduce this important work to an international audience.

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Image Times of Transition
The three cello concertos on this disc illustrate that fertile period in the second half of the 18th century when features of the Baroque were gradually replaced by the so-called galant style. Foremost amongst the composers inaugurating this change was Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach chose Concerto in A major is a perfect example of the passionate and dramatic range that marked him out as a pivotal figure of his time. Haydn’s Concerto in C major modulates between older and newer styles, whereas his Concerto in D major is a Classical masterpiece, and a worthy companion to his greatest symphonies. For this recording Brantelid plays on an Emil Hjort, Copenhagen 1887 with gut strings.

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Image The Collection (9CD)
Arvo Pärt (born 1935) is without doubt one of the best-known and -loved composers of today. His highly personal style, influenced by Gregorian Chant, is based on slowly shifting patterns, tintinnabuli (little bells), creating a meditative and hallucinatory effect, a visionary world of spiritual contemplation. Pärt’s sacred choral works enjoy a huge popularity with both the traditional classical audience as well as an open-minded new generation. This substantial collection brings together Pärt’s best-known and loved works, both instrumental and vocal: Spiegel im Spiegel, Für Alina, Tabula Rasa, Fratres, Magnificat, Berliner Messe, St. John Passion, as well as organ works and the complete piano works. Excellent performances by Le Nuove Musiche/Krijn Koetsveld, Leeds Cathedral Choir, Ulster Orchestra, Jeroen van Veen and many others. The booklet contains extensive liner notes on the composer and his works.

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Image Breaking Waves
"“Breaking Waves” is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Sweden. As the battle for universal suffrage was sweeping across Europe, women claimed their right to be heard within music, and to take on the world’s biggest instrument: the orchestra.

The pieces in this unique recording were composed by female pioneers in the history of music: Clara Wieck Schumann (1819–1896), Elfrida Andrée (1841–1929), Helena Munktell (1852–1919), Ethel Smyth (1858–1944) and Lili Boulanger (1893–1918). All the works have been specially arranged for the Swedish Wind Ensemble by Anders Högstedt and were conducted by Cathrine Winnes.

The recording took place at the Musikaliska concert hall in the heart of Stockholm. The Royal Swedish Academy of Music has convened here for a number of musical and historical events over the years and the venue saw the first Swedish performance of Helena Munktell’s work Breaking Waves, during the Academy’s formal gathering. She, Elfrida Andrée and Clara Schumann were all members of the Academy. Today, Musikaliska is the home of the Swedish Wind Ensemble, and an important arena for acoustic music.

The Swedish Wind Ensemble is the largest professional civilian wind ensemble in Sweden. The orchestra has developed from a brass sextet, founded in 1906, into a modern, bold and innovative ensemble. The orchestra has actively striven for a more equal repertoire and greater gender awareness. Ever since its ‘Skip the Full Beard’ initiative in 2010, the orchestra has developed, arranged and performed a number of works written by women.

Cathrine Winnes has been the orchestra’s artistic director and principal conductor since 2015. She has been praised for her brave and unusual programming, and has been widely recognised as a broadcaster in the dual capacity of both conductor and TV presenter.

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Image Britten: Les Illuminations - Debussy: Ariettes oub
Sofie Asplund
Lunds Kammarsolister (LuKaS)

The coloratura soprano Sofie Asplund, has since she graduated from University College of Opera in Stockholm 2013, excelled in her major role debuts at the Gothenburg Opera, the Royal Opera in Stockholm, Finnish National Opera and The Norwegian National Opera and Malmö Opera. She has been rewarded with scholarships such as Birgit Nilsson, Anders Wall, Stena A Olsson, Royal Music Academy and Drottningholm Court Theatre grant. 2018, she became the first artist to win the newly established singing competition Shymberg Award.

Bringing together Benjamin Britten’s Les Illiuminations and Claude Debussy’s Ariettes Oubliées is like peeking behind the door to one of the most mythical bedrooms in literary history. There sit the poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, working frantically away. They write on loose sheets of paper, promissory notes and receipts. The ink drips, the papers are full of wine stains and food scraps. They are unwashedand unshaven. They drink, quarrel and sleep with each other. Verlaine writes texts that will be included in the collection of poems Romances sans paroles, taken by Debussy as a starting point for Ariettes Oubliées. The poems that Rimbaud is working on will much later be published as Les Illuminations.

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Image Dance Music (Live at Fasching)
New music by bass player, composer, arranger and band leader Georg Riedel, specially composed for Ekdahl Bagge Big Band and its members. Recorded live at Fasching Jazz Club in Stockholm in June 2019, under the guidance of Riedel himself.

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Image What's It All About?
Lovisa Jennervall – vocals
Manne Skafvenstedt – piano
Anders Langørgen – double bass
Edvin Fridolfsson – drums

Magnus Lindgren – tenor saxophone (1, 8)
Karin Hammar – trombone (5, 8)

I november släpper Ellas kapell sitt andra album “What’s it all about?” på Naxos/Prophone Records. Nya skivan handlar om de viktigaste stunderna i livet; de stora, de svåra, de till synes obetydliga och de vi ännu har framför oss – allt det som tillsammans utgör ett liv. På klassiskt Ellas Kapell-vis är låtarna omsorgsfullt arrangerade för att fånga varje ögonblicks särskilda stämning. Gästar gör Karin Hammar och Magnus Lindgren.

- Det är speciellt att släppa en skiva om livets olika faser och skeenden som unga, eftersom vi (förhoppningsvis) har den största delen av våra liv framför oss. När vi framför låtar om att bli gamla, eller att i livets slutskede se tillbaka på allt vi fått göra och alla vi mött, är det ju inte ännu självupplevt. Det tillför en stämning som ofta uppstår just inför större händelser - förväntan. Och vi tror att det är det som löper som en röd tråd genom “What’s It All About?”, en förväntan inför att få uppleva ett helt liv med allt vad det innebär i form av eufori, vemod, spänning, vardag osv, berättar bandet.

Albumets namn, ”What´s it all about?”, syftar på första strofen i låten ”Alfie”, som också är andra singeln från skivan.

- En låt som ställer alla de stora frågorna om livet. Med det avskalade, men samtidigt storslagna arrangemanget, vill vi spegla den förundran man kan känna inför existensen.

Ellas Kapell är bandet som startade i en gemensam kärlek för Ella Fitzgerald, men som sedan fått växa och formas av de fyra musikerna. Vår tids mest älskade jazzkompositioner ikläs helt ny kostym; vissa av låtarna får vara enkla, bäras av skörheten i text och harmonik, medan andra tar ut svängarna och ger rum för lekfullhet och ekvilibrism.

Låten ”The Nearness of You” från debutskivan “Longing” har i skrivande stund spelats över 1,3 miljoner gånger! ”Longing” rosades av kritiker och i samband med omröstningen av Gyllene Skivan vann Ellas Kapell Orkesterjournalens/Jazz läsaromröstning.

”[…] Lovisa Jennervall och de fina musikerna runt henne – Manne Skafvenstedt, Anders Langørgen, Edvin Fridolfsson – gör de här gamla härliga standardlåtarna så bra och med så mycket känsla och energi att all eventuell kritik faller platt till marken. […] Inte minst kliver Lovisa Jennervall fram som en mer eller mindre fullfjädrad jazzvokalist. Hon har tekniken men det bästa är att hon törs sjunga med ett oförfalskat uttryck som täcker hela registret av känslor.” – Dan Backman, OrkesterJournalen

”Musikerna är strålande, likaså ljudet. Samspelet är utsökt, finns höjd i utförandet.” – Mats Hallberg, Kulturbloggen

”Bäst just nu!” – Sveriges Radio P2, Märet Öman

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Image Bird Lives
On the occasion of Charlie Parker's 100th birthday in 2020, “Bird Lives” opens, produces and records a new, orchestral view of his music. Played by one of the best big bands in Europe, arranged by Magnus Lindgren and John Beasley and with a squad of top-class guests, some of whom have received Grammy Awards, such as Joe Lovano, Chris Potter, Miguel Zenon, Tia Fuller and many more.

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