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1. Min lilla stora kärlek (CD + Sånghäfte)
2. Cello Sonatas (2CD)
3. Sverigeboxen (3CD)
4. 48 Strings - Music for One, Two, Four, & Twelve Cellos
5. Musik för gitarr
6. Bröllopsmusiken från Storkyrkan
7. Barfotasånger (Complete Songs)
8. Sea Fever
9. Jolas, Jolivet, Schmitt & Tomasi: French Trumpet Concertos
10. Emerging from Currents & Waves
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Image Min lilla stora kärlek (CD + Sånghäfte)
Sånger för de allra minsta med Svenska Kammarorkestern,
Alexander Hanson (dirigent) och Maria Brengesjö (solist)

Svenska Kammarorkestern bjuder regelbundet in till bebiskonserter i Örebro Konserthus. Genom åren har fler än tusen små barn och deras vuxna besökt konserterna, sjungit med i sångerna och upplevt närvaron i den stora konsertsalen.”Min lilla stora kärlek” består av musik från konserterna men också av nyskrivna sånger. Vi önskar att det blir orkester-musik att leva med i vardagen och att sångerna ger trygghet, väcker nyfikenhet och inspirerar till dans, lek och närhet.

119 kr
Image Cello Sonatas (2CD)
Cellist Alisa Weilerstein and pianist Inon Barnatan present a complete recording of Beethoven’s cello sonatas. Composed over a span of nearly twenty years, these works not only contain some of the most appealing and lyrical music Beethoven wrote, but also allow the listener to trace his exceptional artistic development. The third sonata, moreover, is a watershed in sonata writing, arguably presenting the cello and piano as fully equal partners for the first time in music history. The richness of these works fully comes to life in the interpretation of Weilerstein and Barnatan, who have – besides glorious solo careers – also proven to be one of the most congenial chamber music tandems of our times. Their wonderful musical partnership and profound friendship shines through in each of these sonatas. Since signing an exclusive contract with PENTATONE, Alisa Weilerstein has released Transfigured Night (2018) as well as Bach’s Cello Suites (2020), while also featuring on Old Souls (2019) and Inon Barnatan’s Beethoven Piano Concertos Part 1 (2019), on which she performed the composer’s Triple Concerto. This album was part of Inon Barnatan’s complete Beethoven piano concertos recordings on PENTATONE, of which Part 2 appeared in 2020. 2021 saw the release of his solo album Time Traveler’s Suite.

239 kr
Image Sverigeboxen (3CD)
Prisvärd 3CD-box med svensk musik.
Boxens skivor har följande teman:

CD 1
Visor och valser

CD 2
Ur svenska hjärtans djup

- Nationaldagsyra
- Tradition och högtid
- Folkparksfavoriter

CD 3
Filharmoni och folkton

GöteborgsMusiken, Gävle Symfoniorkester, Stella kammarkör, Örebro kammarkör, Svenska kammarorkestern, Mats Norrefalk och Ulf Samuelsson, Junekvartetten, Norrköpings Symfoniorkester,
Alice Babs, Charlie Norman, Karl Gerhard, Evert Taube m fl.

99 kr
Image 48 Strings - Music for One, Two, Four, & Twelve Ce
The four cellist-composers in this recital share a common background: from musical families they played as soloists in outstanding orchestras, taught many students, and wrote music for the instrument that continues to challenge players of our own time with its virtuosity and intensity. In his 12 Caprices Alfredo Piatti fused dazzling technical demands with operatic drama, whilst David Popper’s Suite remains an admired piece for two cellists. Wilhelm Fitzenhagen’s Concert Waltzes for four cellos makes prolonged use of the upper register, and in contrast Julius Klengel’s Hymnus is a sonorously beautiful elegy for twelve cellists.

119 kr
Image Musik för gitarr
Mats Bergström tolkar nyupptäckt gitarrmusik av Olle Adolphson. Bland annat "Elva stycken för gitarr ur mitt musikaliska skissblock", där flera satser saknar titel.

149 kr
Image Bröllopsmusiken från Storkyrkan
Unik minnesskiva med originalmusiken från det Kungliga bröllopet i Storkyrkan.

Den exklusiva CD-skivan innehåller en historisk minnesbok och
musiken från vigseln mellan Kronprinsessan Victoria och Prins Daniel.
Medverkande: Agnes, Björn Skifs, Jeanette Köhn, Kungliga Filharmonikerna, Gustaf Sjökvists Kammarkör, Storkyrkans Kör, Blåsare från Försvarsmusiken, Adolf Fredriks Flickkör, Westlings Spelmän m.fl.

59 kr
Image Barfotasånger (Complete Songs)
From 1950 and onwards, Allan Pettersson was mainly occupied with working on the monolithic symphonies for which he is best known. But before that, while still a student at the Conservatory in Stockholm and later a viola player in the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, he composed two sets of songs: Six Songs and Barfotasånger (Barefoot Songs). Of these two, the second would become especially important for the composer, who returned to it throughout his life, quoting various songs from it in his symphonies. In Barfotasånger he set his own poems, full of autobiographical detail and using a highly personal, archaic language. Several of the songs reflect his childhood, as the youngest of four children growing up in a poor working-class neighborhood in Stockholm. All but two of them are in a minor key, in an idiom which alludes to folk songs, hymns and popular songs. They are here brought to sometimes painful life by Peter Mattei, one of the great singer-actors of our time, supported by Bengt-Åke Lundin, with whom he first collaborated almost 30 years ago, on an album of songs by Wilhelm Stenhammar.

169 kr
Image Sea Fever
Since the beginning of time the sea has played a key role in all life on Earth. Throughout history composers,
authors and poets have been inspired by its thundering power, its grandeur, its calm and its murky depths.
There is a huge treasure chest, several hundred years old, to draw from.

The songs selected here range from traditional Celtic sea shanties to German national-romanticism and
darker tones from our own time. Some are unknown and have not been recorded before, such as the choir’s previous leader Josef Hedar’s setting of Karl Asplund’s Klockbojen (Bell Buoy). Others are better known,
such as Hugo Alfvén’s Gryning vid havet (Dawn by the sea) to Sten Selander’s text – a classic in the malevoice repertoire and Anders Hillborgs monumental Mouyayoum.

Composed in the mid-80s, Mouyayoum is Hillborg’s most performed work. A study in ever-shifting tone coloursdraws and inspiration from overtone singing, creating an intricate and luminous tapestry of deep sound. For sixteen-part mixed choir.

Christian Schultze

159 kr
Image Jolas, Jolivet, Schmitt & Tomasi: French Trumpet C
During the second half of the 19th century, a French school of trumpet playing was established, with French musicians and composers at the forefront of the instrument’s musical and technical development. As a result, it was entrusted with a more prominent role within the orchestra and soon also as a solo instrument. On the present disc, Håkan Hardenberger – who like so many other leading trumpet players studied in Paris – presents some of the fruits of this development: five important French works composed between 1944 and 1977. With the support of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Fabien Gabel – who incidentally began his career as a trumpet player – he opens the disc with Henri Tomasi’s Trumpet Concerto. Often performed and recorded, it here appears on album for the first time with its original, longer ending, reconstructed from a newly discovered manuscript. Another rarity is the version for trumpet and orchestra of Florent Schmitt’s Suite, a work which is more commonly heard with piano accompaniment. Rather more frequent in concert are André Jolivet’s Concerto and the Concertino in which Hardenberger is joined by his regular chamber music partner Roland Pöntinen as co-soloist. The most recent work on the disc is Onze Lieder by Betsy Jolas, a work which has a special resonance for both soloist and conductor as it was written for their trumpet teacher Pierre Thibaud.

169 kr
Image Emerging from Currents & Waves
‘The fantastic thing about art and music is that one can pose questions and conjure up visions at the same time.’ The words are those of the Swedish composer Jesper Nordin, who does exactly that in Emerging from Currents and Waves. A large-scale work for orchestra, clarinet soloist, conductor and live electronics, Emerging… is a collaboration between Nordin, Martin Fröst and Esa-Pekka Salonen. All three are interested in how new technology can – and will – influence art and artistic expression, and in exploring the intersection of mankind, music and technology. Emerging from Currents and Waves is in three parts, with the clarinet concerto Emerging at its center. In the work the electronic and the acoustic world meet on an equal footing. The sound of the live orchestra is recorded in real time, sampled, treated and played back, in processes that are controlled by both soloist and conductor with the help of motion sensors. The technology used for this is Gestrument (from ‘gesture’ and ‘instrument’), originally invented by Nordin as a tool for composition, but which here is used rather as an instrument. The present recording was made at the first performance of the work, in Stockholm’s Berwaldhallen during the 2018 Baltic Sea Festival. In concert a visual element was added as images generated by the electronic music-making were projected onto several layers of transparent fabrics forming a specially designed sculpture that hovered above the orchestra.

169 kr
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