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Image Symphonies Nos. 3 & 5; Pohjola's Daughter
After the phenomenal critical success of the first two volumes of the complete Sibelius symphonies (Gramophone Editor’s Choice, Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik, Diapason d’Or, FFFF Télérama etc. ), the Finnish conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra introduce us to the ‘green’ side of Sibelius who, suffering from health problems and financial worries, moved to the shores of Lake Tuusula just before writing his Third Symphony. His output was powerfully inspired by nature. In April 1915, when the world was in chaos, he wrote in his diary of the appearance of sixteen swans over the lake and noted down their cry, which inspired the great horn theme of the Fifth Symphony’s finale.

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Image The Gallery Concerts II: Jazz Poetry
The motto "The Art in Music" comes into play at ACT not only through the cover design, but also through the new series "The Gallery Concerts", included in the Berlin "ACT Art Collection". After the duo of Johanna Summer and Jakob Manz, another intensive dialogue follows: between the two Swedes Jan Lundgren, piano, and Hans Backenroth, double bass. Both are musical narrators, with a game without any vanity and full of lively stories. Qualities that Jan Lundgren has already demonstrated with his own projects, the pan-European successful trio "Mare Nostrum" and in duos with trombonist and singer Nils Landgren and bass icon Georg Riedel. The latter in particular finds a worthy continuation in the collaboration with Hans Backenroth, one of the most internationally sought-after European bassists. Pure jazz poetry.

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Image Synergy - Sharon Bezaly & Friends
On Synergy, flautist Sharon Bezaly and her musician friends demonstrate that one plus one can be much greater than two. Featuring works that celebrate the coming together of like-minded musicians, this project is a reminder, after more than two years of a pandemic that has affected all of us, that true musical synergy can only be achieved 'face-to-face’, rather than ‘remotely’. With his Concerto for flute and recorder, Telemann not only creates a fusion of different musical styles of his time – namely Italian, German and French – but also shows a gift for borrowing elements from popular music. Saint-Saëns brings swirling colors and energy with a Tarentelle for flute, clarinet and orchestra, that at times displays obsessive, even threatening undertones. From the same period, Doppler’s Concerto for two flutes is not far from the world of opera, providing the two soloists with ample opportunity to shine like two singers in front of an orchestra. In addition to celebrating the synergy created between musicians, the last two works featured on this disc, Bachianas Brasileiras No. 6 and Suite from the Orchestral Works, are telling examples of synergy between composers: it is as if Villa-Lobos and Mahler were shaking hands with Johann Sebastian Bach across distances of thousands of miles and hundreds of years.

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Image 6 Cello Suites
Recorded at the Hemmesjö Church Sweden on 29-31 mars 1998 and 18-21 nov 1999
Producer & recordning engineer Hubert Szymczynski
Recording Supervisor/editing Wieska Szymczynska

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Image Till Havs
Remastrad nyutgåva av en av de mest efterfrågade Jussiskivorna. Väsentligt bättre ljudkvalitet och ett extraspår - Till Havs - i en tidigare outgiven version. Dessutom medföljer en unik CD-romdel späckad med intressant information om Jussis liv. Ingår gör också den vackra sången Tonerna och klassikern O Helga Natt.
Jussi Björling, tenor.

Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra / Stig Westerberg

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Image Baroque Concertos with Recorder - Treasures from S
Emelie Roos – Recorder
Höör barock

Treasures from Swedish collections!

Concisting premiere recordings of chamber concertos by Bernardi/Torelli and a flute concerto by Gasparini from the music collections in Lund.
Premiere recordings with recorder on the solo part of Vivaldi concerto rv 446 and the flute concerto by the Swedish baroque composer Roman. Also Sammartini´s beloved recorder concerto in F major and triosonata in b minor by Handel.

About Emelie Roos

“ Infinitely beautiful flute embroidery” (Länstidningen Östersund)

“ A playing just as skilled as sensitive to detail (Göteborgsposten)

The Swedish recorder virtuoso Emelie Roos is a multifaceted musician. Having grown up with folk music, violin, recorder and singing, Emelie is today active as a soloist, chamber musician, pedagog and producer. She has been playing with leading baroque orchestras and ensembles of the Northern countries.
Together with lutenist Dohyo Sol Emelie is the artistic director of Höör Barock Ensemble and Höör Barock Festival.

About Höör Barock

“The performances are so well executed, stylish and sunny” (Grammophone)

“Höör Barock takes the scene with extraordinary music and a confidence that shows that they are playing in the Champion´s league of early music” (Toccata Early Magazine, DE)
“this ensemble took me by storm” (Sörmlandsnytt)

Founded in 2012, Höör Barock has firmly established itself as one of Scandinavia´s leading Baroque ensembles of today. They have released three recordings before, each to international critical acclaim. They were awarded a Swedish Grammy for best classical release of 2020.

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Image Maria! Maria! 400 Years of Chant In The Brigittine
Welcome into the Birgittine sisters’ world of Gregorian chant! Also known as Frälsarorden, the Birgittine Order is the only one with Scandinavian origins. Saint Birgitta (ca 1303-1373) and her collaborator and confessor, Petrus Olavi of Skänninge, laid its foundations in Rome, in the 1350s. Birgitta had moved there in 1349, and remained in that city for the rest of her life. After the first Birgittine abbey opened in Vadstena in 1384, the order rapidly spread across Europe. The chants on this recording are from the Birgittine Abbey, Maria Refugie in Uden, The Netherlands and this is the first time that chants from the rich collection in Maria Refugie have been recorded. It is also the first recording of the Birgittine repertoire from sources dating after the Middle Ages. I have selected 37 chants that reflect the musical and textual richness of Cantus sororum. The material spans more than 400 years, yet forms a coherent repertoire that belongs to the Gregorian chant tradition in all important aspects, with a Birgittine twist.

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Image Jul med Peter Mattei


"Inspelningen är gjord i Petruskyrkan i Stocksund där portarna har öppnats för en svensk midvintermystik som egentligen helt bärs fram av Peter Matteis förkrossande vackra baryton till skimrande orkesterarrangemang av bland andra Jan Sandström. Sångerna, som tillhör de mest älskade och som alla talar om det stundande undret, interfolieras av orkesterstycken ur Lars-Erik Larssons "En vintersaga". Något som inte alls distanserar utan gör uttrycket än mer fängslande och intimt. Laddningen inför aftonbönen på sista spåret "Nu vilar hela jorden" är så stark att man nästan kan ta på den. Vackrare har nog aldrig julens bävan och förhoppning låtit på svenska."
(Dagens Nyheter)

"Hovsångaren Peter Mattei visar var krubban ska stå. Tillsammans med Stockholm Sinfonietta under Gustaf Sjökvists ledning bjuder han på tretton av våra vackraste julsånger, samtliga med svensk text (därmed inte nödvändigtvis svenska). Obligatorier som "Stilla natt", "O helga natt" och "Jul, jul, strålande jul" ingår förstås. Men i de fall en text finns i olika tonsättningar, väljer Mattei gärna den mindre vanliga. Arrangemangen är nog så händelserika, men sången befriande rättfram, varm och fri från yviga poser. Fyra insprängda satser ur Lars-Erik Larssons "En vintersaga" sörjer för klanglig omväxling. En julskiva långt från Disney, men nära Jesusbarnet, snötyngda granar och julefrid."

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Image A Golden Cello Decade, 1878-1888
Steven Isserlis has curated another typically imaginative recital, in which all the works date— in one guise or another—from an especially fruitful decade in the history of the cello.

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Image Barfotasånger (Complete Songs)
From 1950 and onwards, Allan Pettersson was mainly occupied with working on the monolithic symphonies for which he is best known. But before that, while still a student at the Conservatory in Stockholm and later a viola player in the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, he composed two sets of songs: Six Songs and Barfotasånger (Barefoot Songs). Of these two, the second would become especially important for the composer, who returned to it throughout his life, quoting various songs from it in his symphonies. In Barfotasånger he set his own poems, full of autobiographical detail and using a highly personal, archaic language. Several of the songs reflect his childhood, as the youngest of four children growing up in a poor working-class neighborhood in Stockholm. All but two of them are in a minor key, in an idiom which alludes to folk songs, hymns and popular songs. They are here brought to sometimes painful life by Peter Mattei, one of the great singer-actors of our time, supported by Bengt-Åke Lundin, with whom he first collaborated almost 30 years ago, on an album of songs by Wilhelm Stenhammar.

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