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1. Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10; Mahler: Symphony No. 10 ...
2. Isabela (LP)
3. Bandoneon
4. 30 of the Best (2CD)
5. Symphony No. 15 & Viola Concerto
6. Netzel, Sandstrom & Tarrodi: Piano Concertos
7. Jazz at the Pawnshop, vol 1
8. Baroque Concertos with Recorder - Treasures from Swedish collections
9. The Island in the City
10. Complete Symphonies (3CD)
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Image Shostakovich: Symphony No. 10; Mahler: Symphony No
These two Tenth Symphonies represent powerful statements by composers undergoing the greatest of crises in their eventful lives. Gustav Mahler’s last and incomplete symphony was kept a secret by his widow Alma for many years after his death, the desperate scrawl of ‘Almschi!’ on its final page an outburst at her betrayal of their marriage. Shostakovich’s intense and deeply symbolic SymphonyNo.10, considered by many to be his finest, was kept hidden by the composer for fear of Soviet reprisals, and was only performed after Stalin’s death in 1953.

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Image Isabela (LP)
On his second release for ECM New York-based saxophonist Oded Tzur introduces a heightened sense of urgency and a conceptually augmented approach to his distinctive voice, weaving one underlying musical idea through a series of elaborate and impassioned designs. The quartet’s lineup is unchanged from 2020’s Here Be Dragons and the group’s interplay has grown even more expressive in the meantime. Throughout Isabela the saxophonist and his collaborators – pianist Nitai Hershkovits, Petros Klampanis on bass and rhythm conjurer Johnathan Blake – apply their subtle dialect in a more intense space, exploring the nuances and colors of Oded’s self-fashioned raga in a suite-like sequence of quiet meditations and powerful exclamations. The remarkable session was captured in Lugano’s Auditorio Stelio Molo in October 2021 and produced by Manfred Eicher.

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Image Bandoneon
Cesare Chiacchiaretta, bandoneon
Croatian Philharmonic Orchestra
Miran Vaupotic

The bandoneon is a type of concertina which has been an essential part of traditional tango ensembles for the past century. Award-winning Italian composer Roberto Di Marino explores the breathtakingly virtuoso and sensual qualities of this distinctive instrument in his Concerto, with its driving syncopated rhythms and melodies which tug at the heartstrings. Ástor Piazzolla singlehandedly created the 'nuevo tango' genre, and his haunting Oblivion is one of his most haunting creations in this style. He described the Five Tango Sensations as "a musical farewell to life".

Tango music and the bandoneon are hugely popular, and Roberto Di Marino rewards our expectations with his brand new Concerto for Bandoneon and String Orchestra. This impressive work builds on the romantic idiom of Ástor Piazzolla, spectacularly extending the virtuoso boundaries of the solo instrument over exciting rhythms and heartwarming harmonies.

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Image 30 of the Best (2CD)
This introduction to the exciting world of classical music will take you on a voyage of discovery as you experience the beauty and drama of some of the most famous music ever written. This essential collection presents something for every moment: excitement, relaxation, elation and more, with critically acclaimed recordings selected from the vast Naxos catalogue. Let your mind and emotions be transported by the greatest music from the greatest composers. We have always been keen to lower the barriers to classical music as much as possible, and the Naxos label has had great success with various ‘Best Of’ collections in the past. These have until now tended to focus on single composers, but with Classical Music: 30 of the Best we have brought together a stunning programme of some of the most iconic and famous movements in all music for the enjoyment and exploration of as wide a public as possible. This release is part of a series of 30 of the Best in substantial 2- or 3-album sets. 30 of the Best: Mozart can be found on 8.578353-54 and 30 of the Best: Beethoven on 8.578350-52.

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Image Symphony No. 15 & Viola Concerto
Allan Pettersson’s Symphony No. 15 is characterized by a high degree of tension right from the striking opening: brief, emphatic chords from horns and trombones above the tremolo of a side drum. Soon an expressive melodic subject is heard from the first violins, followed by contrasting rapid scales – at which point Pettersson has presented the greater part of the symphony’s building blocks. Like so many of the composer’s symphonies, the 15th is in one movement, but with clearly defined sections. It was completed in 1978, two years before Pettersson’s death, and was followed in 1979, by the sixteenth symphony, the last work that the composer submitted for performance. Only later did it become known that Pettersson had also been working on a Viola Concerto – a work that, if not fully completed, was so far advanced that it has been accepted as part of his œuvre. It is presented here by the Swedish violist Ellen Nisbeth, who also performs one of Pettersson’s very earliest compositions – a Fantaisie pour alto seul, dated June 1936, when the composer himself was about to embark on a career as violist. On this the tenth disc in their acclaimed Pettersson cycle, the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra and Christian Lindberg bring their combined expertise to bear on the orchestral scores.

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Image Netzel, Sandstrom & Tarrodi: Piano Concertos
Passionate about the music of his own country, Peter Friis Johansson has commissioned new works as well as worked toward the unearthing of overlooked masterpieces of Swedish music. His latest disc presents the fruits of these efforts: one older, unfinished work with a completion by Johansson himself, the two others commissions made on his initiative. All three concertos were premièred between 2017 and 2020. At the turn of the previous century, Laura Netzel was one of Sweden’s most acclaimed and frequently performed composers internationally. Composed around that time, the Piano Concerto, Netzel’s largest composition, exceeds the expected framework with grand dramatic gestures and waves of emotion. Sven-David Sandström’s Five Pieces departs from the traditional concerto form with its division into ‘pieces’. The solo piano seems to seek to twist dissonances from the hands of a reluctant orchestra to recover beauty and harmony, striving, as the composer put it, ‘for something that can be found high up, per­haps a heavenly ascension’. Stellar Clouds, Andrea Tarrodi’s first piano concerto is another heavenly journey, reminiscent of the soundtracks of science-fiction movies. Here, the soloist might be interpreted as a sort of protector of humanity that seeks to provide a safe haven for personal harmony in a complex cosmic context.

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Image Jazz at the Pawnshop, vol 1

...Alla spelar på toppen av sin förmåga. Det fantastiska ljudet ger en stark närvarokänsla. En av den svenska jazzhistoriens bästa inspelningar någonsin...

(Sundsvalls Tidning)

Inspelningstekniker: Gert Palmcrantz

Arne Domnérus, altsaxofon; Bengt Hallberg, piano;

Lars Erstrand, vibrafon; Georg Riedel, bas;

Egil Johansen, trummor.

Jazz at the Pawnshop, vol 1

1. Limehouse Blues

2. I'm Confessin'

3. High Life

4. Jeep's Blues

5. Lady Be Good

6. Take Five

7. Everything Happens To Me

8. Barbados

9. Stuffy

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Image Baroque Concertos with Recorder - Treasures from S
Emelie Roos – Recorder
Höör barock

Treasures from Swedish collections!

Concisting premiere recordings of chamber concertos by Bernardi/Torelli and a flute concerto by Gasparini from the music collections in Lund.
Premiere recordings with recorder on the solo part of Vivaldi concerto rv 446 and the flute concerto by the Swedish baroque composer Roman. Also Sammartini´s beloved recorder concerto in F major and triosonata in b minor by Handel.

About Emelie Roos

“ Infinitely beautiful flute embroidery” (Länstidningen Östersund)

“ A playing just as skilled as sensitive to detail (Göteborgsposten)

The Swedish recorder virtuoso Emelie Roos is a multifaceted musician. Having grown up with folk music, violin, recorder and singing, Emelie is today active as a soloist, chamber musician, pedagog and producer. She has been playing with leading baroque orchestras and ensembles of the Northern countries.
Together with lutenist Dohyo Sol Emelie is the artistic director of Höör Barock Ensemble and Höör Barock Festival.

About Höör Barock

“The performances are so well executed, stylish and sunny” (Grammophone)

“Höör Barock takes the scene with extraordinary music and a confidence that shows that they are playing in the Champion´s league of early music” (Toccata Early Magazine, DE)
“this ensemble took me by storm” (Sörmlandsnytt)

Founded in 2012, Höör Barock has firmly established itself as one of Scandinavia´s leading Baroque ensembles of today. They have released three recordings before, each to international critical acclaim. They were awarded a Swedish Grammy for best classical release of 2020.

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Image The Island in the City
Every sound in Bent Sørensen's music has been considered with the greatest care and refinement. His quietly spoken universe incorporates loneliness, nostalgia and a feeling of loss and leave-taking. His triple concerto, L’Isola della Città (The Island in the City), has a purity that makes it one of Sørensen’s most immediate and gripping orchestral works. As he has said, 'this music unfolds at night, as most of my music does, because it was written at night’. The concerto's solo parts are performed by Trio con Brio Copenhagen who has played Sørensen's music extensively. Sørensen’s Second Symphony (2019) is a ‘classic’ symphony. The work dives into the resonance of music’s history: the imagination showers itself in melodies, sounds and structures while at the same time, from a rational perspective, it can be seen both from outside and from a distance.

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Image Complete Symphonies (3CD)
Boris Lyatoshynsky was a leading member of the Ukrainian cultural renaissance in the 20th century and his five symphonies remain the most important cycle in his country’s musical history. Although the Romantic and lyrical First Symphony evokes the traditions of Borodin, Gliere, and Tchaikovsky, Lyatoshynsky soon moved away from Russian models, drawing together Ukrainian folk songs and melodies with contemporary harmonic and formal approaches. His symphonic orchestration was inventive, his themes memorable. The Third Symphony is his most moving and famous, and originally bore the epigraph ‘Peace will defeat war.’ Also included is his emotionally charged symphonic ballad Grazhyna.

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