3CD-BOX: Time of the Templars - Ensemble Unicorn - Hildegard of Bingen

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This 3 CD box takes the listener back to the Middle Ages, through Europe to the Holy Land in the footsteps of the Knight Templars. The Knights Templar order emerged shortly after the first Crusade in 1099 when nine Knights swore to devote themselves to protect the Christian pilgrims visiting Jerusalem and the holy places. The order owed its rapid growth in popularity to the fact that it combined the two great passions of the Middle
Ages, religious fervour and martial prowess and for nearly 200 years, they were a part of the structure of everyday society in Europe. One day, on October 13th 1307, it was all over…

CD 1
Music for a knight

Music on this CD spotlights the familiar grounds of a Knight. What he would hear in church, at court, and on the road to the Holy Land.

CD 2
Music of the church

Most likely a Knight Templar when not in a battle spent a lot of time praying. Dominating music of the monasteries of the Middle Ages and further on in history, Gregorian chant represents the continuing musical tradition of the Catholic Church.

CD 3
Music of the Mediterranean

It is known that Alfonso the Wise had a court chapel with musicians and poets from all three faiths (Christian, Muslim and Jewish). On the other side of the Mediterranean the Ottoman Empire was mixed in language, religion and culture as well and there was a lively cultural exchange between these diverse cultures. Many new instruments were introduced into Christian music, but also very different forms of poetry.
Artikelnummer 8503192-94
Streckkod 0747313319237
Utgivningsdatum 2007-11-28
Kategori Klassiskt
Skivbolag Naxos
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 3
Artister Ensemble Unicorn
Oxford Camerata
Rumsey, Shirley (guitar)
Kompositörer Hildegard of Bingen
Alfonso X
Halle, Adam de la
Disk: 1
1 Vogelweide: Palastinalied 03:12
2 Richard I: Ja nuls homs pris (Under the Greenwood 02:26
3 Nesle: A l'entrant n'este 04:09
4 Anonymous: Cantiga de Santa Maria: Entre Av'e Eva 02:23
5 Anonymous: Chominciamento di gioia: Saltarello 02:39
6 Anonymous: Clauso Cronos 03:07
7 Quen serve Santa Maria 05:42
8 Anonymous: Axe Phebus aureo 05:47
9 Anonymous: Katerine collaudemus 03:27
10 Hildegard of Bingen: O pastor animarum 01:29
11 Vaqueiras: Kalenda Maya 02:25
12 Anonymous: Kyrie 01:39
13 Viderunt omnes - Notum fecit... (4-part organum) 03:55
14 Hildegard of Bingen: Kyrie eleison 04:32
15 Vetus abit littera (4-part conductus) 02:29
16 Hildegard of Bingen: Alleluia, O virga mediatrix 03:38
17 Anonymous: Estampie 02:39
18 Anonymous: Lamento di Tristano: La Rotta 04:31
19 Traditional: Sephardic Songs: A la nana 03:14
20 Anonymous: Guardame las vacas 02:22
Disk: 2
1 Anonymous: Introitus: Adorate Deum 04:05
2 Anonymous: Introitus: Da pacem 04:37
3 Anonymous: Introitus: Dominus illuminatio mea 05:49
4 Anonymous: Introitus: Laetetur cor 04:08
5 Anonymous: Gradualia: Dirigatur N 03:13
6 Anonymous: Gradualia: Domine, Dominus noster 03:26
7 Anonymous: Gradualia: Iacta cogitatum tuum 03:57
8 Anonymous: Gradualia: Laetatus sum 03:19
9 Anonymous: Versus Alleluiatici: Adorabo 02:20
10 Anonymous: Versus Alleluiatici: De profundis 03:21
11 Anonymous: Versus Alleluiatici: Deus, iudex iustus 02:53
12 Anonymous: Versus Alleluiatici: Laudate Deum 01:53
13 Anonymous: Offertoria: De profundis N 03:32
14 Anonymous: Offertoria: Domine, convertere N 02:22
15 Anonymous: Offertoria: Iubilate Deo universa terra 07:51
16 Anonymous: Offertoria: Iustitiae Domini N 04:18
17 Anonymous: Communiones: Circuibo N N 02:09
18 Anonymous: Communiones: Dicit Dominus: Implete hyd 03:55
19 Anonymous: Communiones: Dominus firmamentum meum 02:29
20 Anonymous: Communiones: Qui manducat N 02:19
21 Anonymous: Communiones: Gustate et videte (Psalm 03:29
Disk: 3
1 Anonymous: Bache, bene venies 05:55
2 Anonymous: Tempus transit gelidum 05:05
3 Anonymous:Tempus est iocundum 06:01
4 Traditional: Dinaresade 13:46
5 Traditional: Nevestinko oro 03:13
6 Anonymous: Sei willekommen Herre Christ 04:34
7 Traditional: Kod Bethlehema 01:42
8 Traditional: Koleda na Bozic 00:54
9 Traditional: Dudul 02:34
10 Anonymous: Kyrie eleison (Christian-Arabic Traditi 03:21
11 Anonymous: De la crudel morte de Cristo (Laudario 01:59
12 Anonymous: Sallalahu ala Muhammed (Yunus Emre (Ila 04:42
13 Anonymous: Pesrev (Yunus Emre (Ilahileri), Turkey, 01:29
14 Anonymous: Ey Derviccsler (Yunus Emre (Ilahileri), 04:59
15 Anonymous: Keh Moshe (Traditional Jewish, 12th cen 01:44
16 Halle: The Play of Robin and Marion/ Scene 1: Mari 03:02
17 Halle: The Play of Robin and Marion/ Motet: Mout m 01:26
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