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A composer inextricably linked with London’s Covent Garden, Thomas Arne’s greatest opera, Artaxerxes, was premièred at the Theatre Royal, the predecessor of the Royal Opera House, on 2 February 1762, and remained in the Covent Garden repertory until the late 1830s – where it received a documented 111 performances before 1790. The young Mozart almost certainly attended a performance when he came to London in the mid-1760s, and Haydn was also acquainted with the work, enthusiastically exclaiming that he “had no idea we had such an opera in the English language.” The Mozartists, under the dynamic leadership of conductor and artistic director Ian Page, are leading exponents of the music of Mozart and his contemporaries. Originally called Classical Opera, the company was founded in 1997, and has received widespread international acclaim for its stylish and virtuosic period-instrument orchestra, its imaginative and innovative programming, and its ability to nurture and develop world-class young artists. Renowned for their fresh and insightful interpretations of well-known masterpieces as well as for their ability to bring rare and neglected works to light, they have mounted staged productions of many of Mozart’s operas. In 2015 the company launched MOZART 250, a ground-breaking 27-year project exploring the chronological trajectory of Mozart’s life, works and influences. Described by The Observer as “among the most audacious classical music scheduling ever”, this flagship project presents 250th anniversary performances of most of Mozart’s important works, placing them in context alongside other significant works by Mozart’s contemporaries.
Artikelnummer SIGCD672
Streckkod 0635212067222
Utgivningsdatum 2021-05-14
Kategori Klassiskt
Skivbolag Signum
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 2
Artister The Mozartists
Kompositörer Arne, Thomas
Disk: 1
Artaxerxes, Act 2
1 Overture (Poco più che andante – Larghetto – Gavot
2 Recitative: “still silence reigns around” (Mandane
3 No. 1, Duettino: “fair Aurora, prithee stay” (Mand
4 Recitative: “alas, thou know’st that for my love t
5 No. 2, Air: “adieu, thou lovely youth” (Mandane)
6 Recitative: “o cruel parting! How can I survive?”
7 No. 3, Air: “amid a thousand racking woes” (Arbace
8 Recitative: “be firm, my heart” (Artabanes, Artaxe
9 No. 4, Air: “behold, on Lethe’s dismal strand” (Ar
10 Recitative: “stay, Artaxerxes, stay” (Semira, Arta
11 No. 5, Air: “fair Semira, lovely maid” (Artaxerxes
12 Recitative: “i fear some dread disaster” (Semira,
13 No. 6, Air: “when real joy we miss” (Rimenes)
14 Recitative: “ye Gods, protectors of the Persian Em
15 No. 7, Air: “how hard is the fate” (Semira)
16 Recitative: “whither do I fly?” (Tutti)
17 No. 8, Air: “thy father! Away, I renounce the soft
18 Recitative: “ye cruel Gods, what crime have I comm
19 No. 9, Air: “acquit thee of this foul offence” (Se
20 Recitative: “appearance, I must own, is strong aga
21 No. 10, Air: “o too lovely, too unkind” (Arbaces)
22 Accompanied recitative: “dear and beloved shade” (
23 No. 11, Air: “fly, soft ideas, fly” (Mandane)
24 Recitative: “guards, speed ye to the tower” (Artax
25 No. 12, Air: “in infancy, our hopes and fears” (Ar
26 Recitative: “so far my great resolve succeeds” (Ar
27 No. 13, Air: “disdainful you fly me” (Arbaces)
28 Recitative: “why, my dear friend, so pensive” (Rim
29 No. 14, Air: “to sigh and complain” (Rimenes)
30 Recitative: “how many links to dire misfortune’s c
31 No. 15, Air: “if o’er the cruel tyrant love” (Mand
Disk: 2
Artaxerxes, Act 3
1 Recitative: “which fatal evil shall I first oppose
2 No. 16, Air: “if the river’s swelling waves” (Semi
3 Recitative: “ye solid pillars of the Persian Empir
4 No. 17, Air: “by that belov’d embrace” (Arbaces)
5 Recitative: “ah me, at poor Arbaces’ parting” (Man
6 No. 18, Air: “monster, away” (Mandane)
7 Recitative: “see, lov’d Semira” (Artaxerxes, Semir
8 Accompanied recitative: “at last my soul has room”
9 No. 19, Air: “thou, like the glorious sun” (Artaba
10 No. 20, Air: “why is death for ever late” (Arbaces
11 Recitative: “arbaces! Gracious Heav’n” (Artaxerxes
12 No. 21, Air: “water parted from the sea” (Arbaces)
13 Recitative: “that face, secure in conscious innoce
14 No. 22, Air: “though oft a cloud with envious shad
15 Recitative: “my son, Arbaces... where art thou ret
16 No. 23, Air: “o let the danger of a son” (Rimenes)
17 Accompanied recitative: “ye adverse Gods!” (Artaba
18 No. 24, Air: “o, much lov’d son, if death” (Artaba
19 Recitative: “perhaps the King releas’d Arbaces” (M
20 No. 25, Air: “let not rage, thy bosom firing” (Man
21 Recitative: “what have I done? Alas, I vainly thou
22 No. 26, Air: “’tis not true that in our grief” (Se
23 Recitative: “nor here my searching eyes” (Arbaces,
24 No. 27, Duetto: “for thee I live, my dearest” (Arb
25 Recitative: “to you, my people, much belov’d” (Art
26 No. 28, Air: “the soldier, tir’d of war’s alarms”
27 Recitative: “behold, my King, Arbaces at thy feet”
28 No. 29, Finale: “live to us, to Empire live” (Semi
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