Händel, G. F. - Brockes-Passion (3CD)

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Celebrating the 300th anniversary of Handel's great Brockes-Passion: a long-neglected masterpiece by this most brilliant composer. Richard Egarr and the Academy of Ancient Music are joined by a stellar line-up of soloists in this recording, the culmination of two years of scholarly research. To create its new edition of the score (Handel's original being long-lost), the Academy of Ancient Music assembled a team of scholars and musicologists from the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, King's College London and more, to work alongside Music Director Richard Egarr and editor Leo Duarte. Consulting 15 manuscript sources from 11 collections in 5 countries, they have produced the most substantial edition of this work yet, including as appendicies extra movements and Charles Jennens' partial English translation in their world premiere recordings. A deluxe 220-page album booklet accompanies this release, featuring new contemporary artworks inspired by Handel's Brockes-Passion, full notes, the first contemporary publication of the original Kurrentschrift text alongside the modern German libretto and a brand new English translation, several additional artictles, details of other composer's take on Brockes' visceral libretto, and much more. This album is perhaps the most definitive guide to this astonishing work yet published. Soprano Elizabeth Watts takes the limelight as the Daughter of Zion, with tenor Robert Murray and bass-baritone Cody Quattlebaum as Evangelist and Christ respectively. They are joined by Tim Mead as Judas, Gwilym Bowen as Peter, and Ruby Hughes, Rachael Lloyd, Nicky Spence and Morgan Pearse as Faithful Souls, amongst others. The Academy of Ancient Music, and the Choir of AAM, recorded this new release around a 300th anniversary performance on Good Friday 2019 at London's Barbican Hall. The Academy of Ancient Music's exploration and re-discovery of Handel's Brockes-Passion has been a fascinating journey of discovery that is only the beginning, in the modern era, for this major work of Handel's."A gruesomely graphic work to break Bach's monopoly" [Financial Times]
Artikelnummer AAM007
Streckkod 5060340150082
Utgivningsdatum 2019-10-04
Kategori Klassiskt
Skivbolag Academy of Ancient Music
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 3
Dirigenter Egarr, Richard
Kompositörer Händel, G. F.
Orkestrar Academy of Ancient Music
Disk: 1
1 Symphonia
2 Chorus (of Faithful Souls): Mich vom Strikke meine
3 Recitative (Evangelist): Als Jesus nun zu Tische s
4 Accompagnato (Jesus): Das ist mein Leib
5 Aria (Daughter of Zion): Der Gott, dem alle Himmel
6 Recitative (Evangelist): Und bald hernach nahm er
7 Accompagntao (Jesus): Das ist mein Blut im neuen T
8 Aria (Daughter of Zion): Gott selbst, der Brunnque
9 Chorale (The Christian Church): Ach, wie hungert m
10 Recitative (Evangelist, Jesus): Drauf sagten sie d
11 Chorus (of Disciples): Wir wollen alle eh' erblass
12 Recitative, Aria (Jesus): Est ist gewiss ... Weil
13 Reciitative (Peter, Jesus): Aufs wenigste will ich
14 Aria (Jesus): Mein Vater, mein Vater!
15 Recitative (Jesus): Mich druckt der Sunden Zentner
16 Aria (Jesus): Ist's moglich, ist's moglich
17 Arioso (Daughter of Zion): Sunder, schaut mit Furc
18 Recitative (Evangelist): Die Pein vermehrte sich m
19 Aria (Daughter of Zion): Brich, mein Herz, zerflie
20 Recitative (Evangelist): Ein Engel aber kam vor de
21 Arioso (Jesus, James, John, Peter): Erwachet doch!
22 Recitative (Evangelist): Und eh' die Rede noch gee
23 Chorus (of Soldiers): Greift zu, schlagt tot!
24 Recitative (Evangelist, Judas): Und der Verrater h
25 Chorus (of Soldiers): Er soll uns nicht entlaufen
26 Recitative (Judas, Jesus): Nimm, Rabbi, diesen kus
27 Aria (Peter): Gift und Glut, Strahl und Flut
28 Recitative (Jesus): Steck nur das Schwert an seine
29 Chorus (of Disciples): O Weh, sie binden ihn mit S
30 Recitative (Peter): Wo flieht ihr hin? Verzagte, b
31 Aria (Peter): Nehmt mich mit, verzagte Scharen
32 Recitative (Evangelist, Caiaphas, Jesus, a Soldier
33 Aria (Daughter of Zion): Was Barentatzen, Lowenkla
34 Recitative (Evangelist, Maids 1, 2, 3, Peter): Die
35 Arioso (Peter): Ich will versinken und vergehn
36 Recitative (Evangelist): Drauf krahete der Hahn
37 Recitative (Peter): Welch ungeheurer Schmerz bestu
38 Aria (Peter): Heul, du Schaum!
39 Recitative (Peter): Doch wie, will ich verzweifeln
40 Aria (Peter): Schau, ich fall' in strenger Busse
41 Chorale (The Christian Church): Ach, Gott und Herr
42 Recitative (Evangelist, Caiaphas, Jesus): Als Jesu
43 Chorus: Er hat den Tod verdient!
44 Aria (Faithful Soul - tenor): Erwag, ergrimmte Nat
45 Recitative (Evangelist, Daughter of Zion): Die Nac
46 Aria (Daughter of Zion): Meine Laster sind die Str
47 Recitative (Judas): O, was hab'ich verfluchter Men
48 Aria (Judas): Lasst diese Tat nicht ungerochen
49 Recitative (Judas): Unsaglich ist mein Schmerz
50 Aria (Daughter of Zion): Die ihr Gottes Gnad' vers
Disk: 2
1 Recitative (Evangelist, Jesus): Wie nun Pilatus Je
2 Chorus: Bestrafe diesen Ubeltater
3 Recitative (Pilate, Evangelist): Hast du den kein
4 Duetto (Daughter of Zion, Jesus): Sprichst du den
5 Recitative (Evangelist): Pilatus wunderte sich seh
6 Chorus: Nein, diesen nicht
7 Recitative (Pilate): Was fang ich den mit eurem so
8 Chorus (Chorus, Pilate): Weg, weg! Lass ihn kreuzi
9 Recitative (Evangelist): Wie er nun sah
10 Recitative, Arioso (Daughter of Zion): Besinne dic
11 Arioso (Daughter of Zion): Dein Barenherz ist fels
12 Recitative (Evangelist): Drauf zerreten die Kreigs
13 Arioso (Faithful Soul - soprano): Ich seh' an eine
14 Recitative (Faithful Soul - soprano): Drum, Seele,
15 Aria (Faithful Soul - soprano): Den Himmel gleicht
16 Recitative (Evangelist): Wie nun das Blut mit Stro
17 Aria (Daughter of Zion): Die Rosen kronen sonst de
18 Recitative (Daughter of Zion): Verwegner Dorn, bar
19 Aria (Daughter of Zion): Lass doch diese herbe Sch
20 Recitative (Daughter of Zion): Die zarten Schlafen
21 Aria (Daughter of Zion): Jesu, dich mit unsern See
22 Recitative (Evangelist): Drauf beugten sie aus Spo
23 Chorus: Ein jeder sei ihm untertanig!
24 Recitative (Evangelist): Ja, scheueten sich nicht
25 Aria (Daughter of Zion): Schaumest du, du Schaum d
26 Recitative (Evangelist): Worauf sie mit dem Rohr
27 Recitative (Daughter of Zion): Besturzter Sunder,
28 Aria (Daughter of Zion): Heil der Welt, dein schme
29 Recitative (Evangelist): Wie man ihm nun genug Ver
30 Aria, Chorus (Daughter of Zion, Chorus of Faithful
31 Recitative (Mary): Ach Gott, ach Gott!
32 Duet (Mary, Jesus): Soll mein Kind, mein Leben ste
33 Recitative (Evangelist, Daughter of Zion): Und er
34 Aria (Faithful Soul - tenor): Es scheint, da den z
35 Recitative (Evangelist): Wie sie nun an die Statte
36 Aria (Faithful Soul - soprano): Hier erstarrt mein
37 Recitative (Faithful Soul - soprano): O Anblick, o
38 Chorale (The Christian Church): O Menschenkind
39 Recitative (Evangelist): Sobald er nun gekreuzigt
40 Chorus: Pfui! Seht mir doch den neuen Konig an!
41 Recitative (Evangelist): Und eine dicke Finsternis
42 Faithful Soul (soprano): Was Wunder, dass der Sonn
43 Recitative (Evangelist): Dies war zur neunten Stun
44 Arioso (Faithful Soul - soprano): Mein Heiland, He
45 Recitative (Evangelist): Drauf lief ein Kriegsknec
46 Trio (Faithful Souls - soprano, alto, bass): O Don
47 Aria (Daughter of Zion, Faithful Soul - soprano):
48 Recitative (Daughter of Zion, Evangelist): O Gross
49 Aria (Faithful Soul - tenor): Brich, brullender Ab
50 Recitative (Faithful Soul - tenor, Centurion): Ja,
51 Aria (Centurion): Wie kommt's, dass da der Himmel
52 Accompagnato (Faithful Soul - soprano): Bei Jesus'
53 Chorale (The Christian Church): Mein' Sund' mich w
54 Aria (Daughter of Zion): Wisch ab der Tranen schar
55 Chorale (The Christian Church): Ich bin ein Glied
Disk: 3
1 [71a.] Aria (Daughter of Zion): Jesu, dich mit uns
2 [1a.] & [1b.] Symphonia [1a.] Grave e staccato & [
3 [11a.] Chorus (of Disciples): Wir alle wollen eh'
4 [96a] Recitative (Faithful Soul - soprano): O seli
5 [2b.] Chorus (of Disciples): To the cross our Lord
6 [3b.] Recitative (Evangelist): When Jesus at the T
7 [4b.] Accompagnato (Jesus): Take, eat, this is my
8 [5b.] Aria (Daughter of Zion): The God, whom th'He
9 [6b.] Recitative (Evangelist): He took the Cup
10 [7b.] Accompagnato (Jesus): This is my Blood of th
11 [9b.] Chorale (The Christian Church): As the Hart
12 [10b.] Recitative (Evangelist, Jesus): And when th
13 [11b.] Chorus: Should the whole world at once fors
14 [12b.] Recitative, Aria (Jesus): Th'event is certa
15 [13b.] Recitative (Peter, Jesus): But I will still
16 [14b.] Soliloquium (Jesus): How sorrowful
17 [15b.] Recitative (Jesus): The heavy load of sins
18 [21b.] Arioso (Jesus, John, James, Peter): Here wa
19 [62b.] Arioso (Faithful Soul - soprano): Behold th
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