Haydn, Joseph - Complete Scottish & Welsh Folksong Arrangements - Anderson, Lorna / MacDougall, Jamie / Haydn Trio E

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"Lorna Anderson and Jamie MacDougall are the ideal singers, both with a healthy, natural resonance, intelligent relish for the texts and unfailingly reliable intonation." (Gramophone)

"In the vigorous songs he (MacDougall) is excellent...Equally consistent is the standard of performance. The singers ideally suited to their tasks, the instrumentalists unfailingly lively and stylish in their playing." (Gramophone)

This box set brings together for the first time all Haydn's Scottish and Welsh folksong settings -- a grand total of 429 songs. Why, at the age of 67, did the most famous composer in the world undertake repeated commissions from publishers to produce such a remarkable number of songs? One reason is the rather lucrative fee paid per song, the second reason is that Haydn had a genuine affection for Britain and the British that had started with his first visit to the country in 1791--2. He had made many friends and business acquaintances, not least the publishers Napier, Thomson and Whyte who were the driving forces behind these songs.

Described by Sir Roger Norrington as the wittiest of all the great composers, in these songs Haydn allows ample opportunity for his humour and wit to shine through. Remarkably, Haydn received only the melody of the songs by the publishers, not the words -- something that HC Robbins Landon described 'an arrangement that would seem insane to any modern folk song arranger schooled in the methods of Bartók and Kodály'. Nonetheless Haydn rose to the challenge admirably, and apparently enjoyed the task. Each song is a gem, and many of them containing first-class melodies which Haydn no doubt found attractive and inspirational.

Artikelnummer 93769
Streckkod 5028421937694
Utgivningsdatum 2011-01-03
Kategori Klassiskt
Skivbolag Brilliant Classics
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 18
Artister Anderson, Lorna / MacDougall, Jamie / Haydn Trio E
Kompositörer Haydn, Joseph
Disk: 1
1 Lizae Baillie (Hob. XXXIa:83) Haydn
2 How Long And Dreary Is The Night (Hob. XXXIa:67) Haydn
3 Fy Gar Rub Her O'Er Wi' Strae (Hob. XXXIa:7) Haydn
4 The Gard'ner Wi' His Paidle (Hob. XXXIa:45) Haydn
5 Shepherds, I Have Lost My Love (Hob. XXXIa:93) Haydn
6 The Birks of Abergeldie (Hob. XXXIa:58) Haydn
7 The Maid's Complaint (Hob. XXXIa:84) Haydn
8 The Bonniest Lass in A' The World (Hob. XXXIa:25) Haydn
9 I Love My Love in Secret (Hob. XXXIa:3) Haydn
10 Steer Her Up, And Had Her Gawin (Hob. XXXIa:78) Haydn
11 Jamie, Come Try Me (Hob. XXXIa:79) Haydn
12 My Boy Tammy (Hob. XXXIa:18) Haydn
13 The Flowers of Edinburgh (Hob. XXXIa:90) Haydn
14 Jenny Was Fair (Hob. XXXIa:99) Haydn
15 Up in The Morning Early (Hob. XXXIa:28) Haydn
16 I'm O'Er Young To Marry Yet (Hob. XXXIa:30) Haydn
17 Hallow Ev'n (Hob. XXXIa:63) Haydn
18 Jockie and Sandy (Hob. XXXIa:91) Haydn
19 The Black Eagle (Hob. XXXIa:66) Haydn
20 John Anderson (Hob. XXXIa:2) Haydn
21 Mount Your Baggage (Hob. XXXIa:42) Haydn
22 Fy, Let Us A' To The Bridal (Hob. XXXIa:20) Haydn
23 O'er Bogie (Hob. XXXIa:16) Haydn
24 Blink O'er The Burn, Sweet Betty (Hob. XXXIa:68) Haydn
25 The Sogar Laddie (Hob. XXXIa:60) Haydn
26 Barbara Allen (Hob. XXXIa:11) Haydn
27 Dainty Davie (Hob. XXXIa:32) Haydn
28 My Mither's Ay Glowran O'er Me (Hob. XXXIa:70) Haydn
29 Woo'd And Married And A' (Hob. XXXIa:38) Haydn
30 Wat Ye Wha I Met Yestreen? (Hob. XXXIa:69) Haydn
31 Jockey Was The Blythest Lad (Hob. XXXIa:64) Haydn
32 To Daunton Me (Hob. XXXIa:98) Haydn
33 The Mill, Mill O! (Hob. XXXIa:92) Haydn
Disk: 2
1 Duncan Davison (Hob. XXXIa:26) Haydn
2 Be Kind To The Young Thing (Hob. XXXIa:54) Haydn
3 Had Awa Frae Me, Donald (Hob. XXXIa:12) Haydn
4 Green Grow The Rashes (Hob. XXXIa:8) Haydn
5 Young Damon (Hob. XXXIa:71) Haydn
6 Duncan Gray (Hob. XXXIa:34) Haydn
7 I Dream'd I Lay (Hob. XXXIa:87) Haydn
8 Robin, Quo' She (Hob. XXXIa:72) Haydn
9 Maggie's Tocher (Hob. XXXIa:86) Haydn
10 Whistle O'r The Lave O't (Hob. XXXIa:76) Haydn
11 Oh Onochrie (Hob. XXXIa:85) Haydn
12 Tibby Fowler (Hob. XXXIa:52) Haydn
13 Widow, Are Ye Waking? (Hob. XXXIa:75) Haydn
14 The Banks of Spey (Hob. XXXIa:57) Haydn
15 My Ain Kind Deary (Hob. XXXIa:31) Haydn
16 Colonel Gardner (Hob. XXXIa:97) Haydn
17 John of Badenyon (Hob. XXXIa:24) Haydn
18 Mary’s Dream (Hob. XXXIa:1) Haydn
19 Love Will Find Out The Way (Hob. XXXIa:53) Haydn
20 I Had A Horse (Hob. XXXIa:17) Haydn
21 O Can You Sew Cushions (Hob. XXXIa:48) Haydn
22 Cumbernauld House (Hob. XXXIa:47) Haydn
23 O Bonny Lass (Hob. XXXIa:89) Haydn
24 Merry May The Maid Be (Hob. XXXIa:50) Haydn
25 Fife And A' The Lands About It (Hob. XXXIa:29) Haydn
26 Sleepy Bodie (Hob. XXXIa:44) Haydn
27 Her Absence Will Not Alter Me (Hob. XXXIa:100) Haydn
28 The Brisk Young Lad (Hob. XXXIa:46) Haydn
29 John, Come Kiss Me Now (Hob. XXXIa:41) Haydn
30 The Bonny Brucket Lassie (Hob. XXXIa:59) Haydn
31 When She Came Ben She Bobbit (Hob. XXXIa:62) Haydn
32 Sae Ye My Father (Hob. XXXIa:5) Haydn
33 Cauld Kail in Aberdeen (Hob. XXXIa:55) Haydn
Disk: 3
1 Marg'ret's Ghost (Hob. XXXIa:65) Haydn
2 Todlen Hame (Hob. XXXIa:6) Haydn
3 Blue Bonnets (Hob. XXXIa:39) Haydn
4 O, Let Me in This Ae Night (Hob. XXXIa:61) Haydn
5 Raving Winds (Hob. XXXIa:81) Haydn
6 Logie of Buchan (Hob. XXXIa:73) Haydn
7 The Ploughman (Hob. XXXIa:10) Haydn
8 Eppie Adair (Hob. XXXIa:74) Haydn
9 By The Stream So Cool And Clear (Hob. XXXIa:19) Haydn
10 The WawkIIng of The Fauld (Hob. XXXIa:40) Haydn
11 Here's A Health To My True Love (Hob. XXXIa:49) Haydn
12 Braw Lads of Galla Water (Hob. XXXIa:15) Haydn
13 The Glancing Of Her Apron (Hob. XXXIa:88) Haydn
14 Pentland Hills (Hob. XXXIa:33) Haydn
15 Saw Ye Nae My Peggy? (Hob. XXXIa:56) Haydn
16 Will Ye Go To Flanders (Hob. XXXIa:13) Haydn
17 This Is No Mine Ain House (Hob. XXXIa:14) Haydn
18 Peggy in Devotion (Hob. XXXIa:96) Haydn
19 The Shepherd Adonis (Hob. XXXIa:21) Haydn
20 The White Cockade (Hob. XXXIa:22) Haydn
21 Bonny Kate of Edinburgh (Hob. XXXIa:94) Haydn
22 The Waefu' Heart (Hob. XXXIa:9) Haydn
23 Maggy Lauder (Hob. XXXIa:35) Haydn
24 Willie Was A Wanton Wag (Hob. XXXIa:4) Haydn
25 Willy's Rare (Hob. XXXIa:82) Haydn
26 Leader Haughs and Yarrow (Hob. XXXIa:27) Haydn
27 How Can I Be Sad On My Wedding Day (Hob. XXXIa:36) Haydn
28 If E'er Ye Do Well It's A Wonder (Hob. XXXIa:95) Haydn
29 Nanny O (Hob. XXXIa:37) Haydn
30 Ye Gods! Was Strephon's Picture Blest (Hob. XXXIa: Haydn
31 The Mucking of Geordie's Byer (Hob. XXXIa:51) Haydn
32 The Miller's Daughter (Hob. XXXIa:80) Haydn
33 My Heart's in The Highlands (Hob. XXXIa:77) Haydn
34 The Lass of LIvingston (Hob. XXXIa:23) Haydn
Disk: 4
1 Bess And Her Spinning Wheel (Hob. XXXIa:147) Haydn
2 As I Cam Down By Yon Castle Wa' (Hob. XXXIa:114) Haydn
3 The Slave's Lament (Hob. XXXIa:137) Haydn
4 Jenny Drinks Nae Water (Hob. XXXIa:132) Haydn
5 The Vain Pursuit (Hob. XXXIa:133) Haydn
6 Dear Silvia (Hob. XXXIa:136) Haydn
7 The Tither Morn (Hob. XXXIa:130) Haydn
8 I Do Confess Thou Art Sae Fair (Hob. XXXIa:110) Haydn
9 The Bonnie Wee Thing (Hob. XXXIa:102) Haydn
10 The Widow (Hob. XXXIa:118) Haydn
11 The Posie (Hob. XXXIa:113) Haydn
12 O For Ane And Twenty, Tam! (Hob. XXXIa:108) Haydn
13 Donocht Head (Hob. XXXIa:115) Haydn
14 Frae The Friends And Land I Love (Hob. XXXIa:105) Haydn
15 Green Sleeves (Hob. XXXIa:112) Haydn
16 Roy's Wife (Hob. XXXIa:103) Haydn
17 Strephon and Lydia (Hob. XXXIa:150) Haydn
18 The Shepherd's Wife (Hob. XXXIa:128) Haydn
19 While Hopeless (Hob. XXXIa:104) Haydn
20 O Country Lassie (Hob. XXXIa:144) Haydn
21 O'er The Moor Amang The Heather (Hob. XXXIa:122) Haydn
22 The Wee Wee Man (Hob. XXXIa:124) Haydn
23 Strathallan's Lament (Hob. XXXIa:145) Haydn
24 The Bonny Gray Ey'd Morn (Hob. XXXIa:101) Haydn
25 Hughie Graham (Hob. XXXIa:141) Haydn
Disk: 5
1 My Goddess Woman (Hob. XXXIa:120) Haydn
2 Bid Me Not Forget (Hob. XXXIa:126) Haydn
3 Ae Fond Kiss (Hob. XXXIa:131) Haydn
4 Kelly-Burn Braes (Hob. XXXIa:148) Haydn
5 The Weary Pound O'Tow (Hob. XXXIa:129) Haydn
6 A Cold Frosty Morning (Hob. XXXIa:107) Haydn
7 What Can A Young Lassie Do (Hob. XXXIa:134) Haydn
8 Now Westlin Winds (Hob. XXXIa:111) Haydn
9 The Tears I Shed (Hob. XXXIa:123) Haydn
10 Lass Gin Ye Lo'e Me, Tell Me Now (Hob. XXXIa:140) Haydn
11 She's Fair and Fause (Hob. XXXIa:121) Haydn
12 The Ewy Wi' The Crooked Horn (Hob. XXXIa:116) Haydn
13 The Rose Bud (Hob. XXXIa:135) Haydn
14 Nithsdall's Welcome Hame (Hob. XXXIa:125) Haydn
15 Fair Eliza (Hob. XXXIa:117) Haydn
16 Donald and Flora (Hob. XXXIa:139) Haydn
17 On A Bank of Flowers (Hob. XXXIa:142) Haydn
18 Yon Wild Mossy Mountains (Hob. XXXIa:119) Haydn
19 Lady Randolph's Complaint (Hob. XXXIa:127) Haydn
20 O'er The Hills And Far Away (Hob. XXXIa:149) Haydn
21 The Death Of The Linnet (Hob. XXXIa:138) Haydn
22 The Young Highland Rover (Hob. XXXIa:143) Haydn
23 Johnie Armstrong (Hob. XXXIa:109) Haydn
24 The Shepherd's Son (Hob. XXXIa:106) Haydn
25 Tho' For Seven Years And Mair (Hob. XXXIa:146) Haydn
Disk: 6
1 The Broom of Cowdenknows (Hob. XXXIa:170) Haydn
2 She Rose, And Let Me in (Hob. XXXIa:219bis) Haydn
3 Waly Waly (Hob. XXXIa:214bis) Haydn
4 The Wee, Wee Man (Hob. XXXIa:124bis) Haydn
5 Robin Adair (Hob. XXXIa:202) Haydn
6 Rattling Roaring Willy (Hob. XXXIa:227) Haydn
7 Thro' The Wood, Laddie (Hob. XXXIa:181) Haydn
8 The Old Highlands Laddie (Hob. XXXIa:248) Haydn
9 O'er The Hills and Far Awa (Hob. XXXIa:149bis) Haydn
10 Craigieburn Wood (Hob. XXXIa:193) Haydn
11 The Lea-Rig (Hob. XXXIa:31bis) Haydn
12 William and Margaret (Hob. XXXIa:153) Haydn
13 What Can A Young Lassie Do (Hob. XXXIa:134bis) Haydn
14 Down The Burn, Davie (Hob. XXXIa:152) Haydn
15 The Sutor's Doughter (Hob. XXXIa:198) Haydn
16 My Love She's But A Lassie Yet (Vars.) Haydn
17 The Ewe-Bughts (Hob. XXXIa:188) Haydn
18 Up in The Morning Early (Hob. XXXIa:28ter) Haydn
19 Morag (Hob. XXXIa:143bis) Haydn
20 The East Neuk O' Fife (Hob. XXXIa:234) Haydn
21 The Maid That Tends The Goats (Hob. XXXIa:221bis) Haydn
22 The Lass of Patie's Mill (Hob. XXXIa:160) Haydn
23 Oran Gaoil (Hob. XXXIa:228) Haydn
24 The Flowers of Edinburgh (Hob. XXXIa:90bis) Haydn
25 Willie Was A Wanton Wag (Hob. XXXIa:4bis) Haydn
26 Logan Water (Hob. XXXIa:163) Haydn
27 Macpherson's Farewell (Hob. XXXIa:182) Haydn
Disk: 7
1 Peggy, I Must Love Thee (Hob. XXXIa:167) Haydn
2 The Bonny Grey-ey'd Morn (Hob. XXXIa:101bis) Haydn
3 The Minstrel (Hob. XXXIa:115bis) Haydn
4 Deil Tak' The Wars (Hob. XXXIa:229) Haydn
5 Gramachree (Hob. XXXIa:13bis) Haydn
6 Up And War Them a' Willy (Hob. XXXIa:233) Haydn
7 I Canna Come Ilka Day To Woo (Hob. XXXIa:140bis) Haydn
8 Langolee (Hob. XXXIa:235) Haydn
9 Hey Tutti Taiti (Hob. XXXIa:174) Haydn
10 Kellyburn Braes (Hob. XXXIa:148bis) Haydn
11 The Poet's Ain Jean (Hob. XXXIa:230) Haydn
12 Gil Morris (Hob. XXXIa:196) Haydn
13 The Last Time I Came O'er The Muir (Hob. XXXIa:199 Haydn
14 The Mucking o' Geordie's Byre (Hob. XXXIa:51bis) Haydn
15 The Happy Trio (Hob. XXXIa:243) Haydn
16 The Wish (Hob. XXXIa:245) Haydn
17 Killiecrankie (Hob. XXXIa:169) Haydn
18 My Apron Deary (Hob. XXXIa:189) Haydn
19 The Brisk Young Lad (Hob. XXXIa:46bis) Haydn
20 Whistle O'er The Lave O't (Hob. XXXIa:76bis) Haydn
21 Fy Gar Rub Her O'er Wi' Strae (Hob. XXXIa:7bis) Haydn
22 My Love She's But A Lassie Yet (Hob.XXXIa:194) Haydn
23 My Nanie, O (Hob. XXXIa:37quater) Haydn
Disk: 8
1 Cauld Kail in Aberdeen (Hob. XXXIa:55bis) Haydn
2 An Thou Wert Mine Ain Thing (Hob. XXXIa:164) Haydn
3 The Boatman (Hob. XXXIa:246) Haydn
4 Jingling Johnie (Hob. XXXIa:263) Haydn
5 Muirland Willy (Hob. XXXIa:242) Haydn
6 Variations On Bannocks O' Barleymeal Haydn
7 The Tears of Caledonia (Hob. XXXIa:201) Haydn
8 Variations on Maggie Lauder Haydn
9 Queen Mary's Lamentation (Hob. XXXIa:161) Haydn
10 The Soldier Laddie (Hob. XXXIa:60bis) Haydn
11 Highland Air. The Lone Vale (Hob. XXXIa:175) Haydn
12 Roslin Castle (Hob. XXXIa:191) Haydn
13 Green Sleeves (Hob. XXXIa:112bis) Haydn
14 Variations On Saw Ye My Father Haydn
15 A Jacobite Air. Phely & Willy (Hob. XXXIa:231) Haydn
16 Hooly And Fairly (Hob. XXXIa:237) Haydn
17 Young Jockey Was The Blythest Lad (Hob. XXXIa:64bi Haydn
18 The Shepherd's Wife (Hob. XXXIa:128bis) Haydn
19 Mary's Dream (Hob. XXXIa:1bis) Haydn
20 Oonagh (Hob. XXXIa:249) Haydn
21 The Auld Gudeman (Hob. XXXIa:184) Haydn
22 Strathallan's Lament (Hob. XXXIa:145bis) Haydn
23 Polwarth On The Green (Hob. XXXIa:265) Haydn
Disk: 9
1 Bonny Wee Thing (Hob. XXXIa:102ter) Haydn
2 The Auld Wife Ayont The Fire (Hob. XXXIa:195) Haydn
3 The Birks of Invermay (Hob. XXXIa:187) Haydn
4 Auld Rob Morris (Hob. XXXIa:192) Haydn
5 My Deary An Thou Die (Hob. XXXIa:166) Haydn
6 Jenny's Bawbee (Hob. XXXIa:252) Haydn
7 Highland Mary (Hob. XXXIa:159) Haydn
8 Variations On Killiecrankie Haydn
9 If A Body Meet A Body (Hob. XXXIa:80bis) Haydn
10 Auld Robin Gray (Hob. XXXIa:168) Haydn
11 Bessy Bell and Mary Gray (Hob. XXXIa:178) Haydn
12 The Weary Pund O' Tow (Hob. XXXIa:129bis) Haydn
13 Maggie Lauder (Hob.XXXIa:35bis) Haydn
14 Sensibility (Hob. XXXIa:173) Haydn
15 Edinburgh Kate (Hob. XXXIa:69bis) Haydn
16 Woo'd And Married And A' (Hob. XXXIa:38bis) Haydn
17 Tak Your Auld Cloak About Ye (Hob. XXXIa:180) Haydn
18 Waes My Heart That We Should Sunder (Hob. XXXIa:15 Haydn
19 Johnie's Grey Breeks (Hob. XXXIa:154) Haydn
20 Fy Let's A' To The Bridal (Hob. XXXIa:20bis) Haydn
21 Let Me in This Ae Night (Hob. XXXIa:61bis) Haydn
22 Galashiels (Hob. XXXIa:179) Haydn
23 Ay Waking, O! (Hob. XXXIa:157) Haydn
Disk: 10
1 Tears That Must Ever Fall (Hob. XXXIa:186) Haydn
2 The Birks of Abergeldie (Hob. XXXIa:58bis) Haydn
3 The Looking Glass (Hob. XXXIa:158) Haydn
4 Ettrick Banks (Hob. XXXIa:151) Haydn
5 O'er Bogie (Hob. XXXIa:16bis) Haydn
6 Barbara Allan (Hob. XXXIa:11bis) Haydn
7 The Blue Bell of Scotland (Hob. XXXIa:176) Haydn
8 Saw Ye My Father (Hob.XXXIa: 5bis) Haydn
9 The Braes of Ballenden (Hob. XXXIa:200) Haydn
10 John o' Badenyon (Hob. XXXIa:24bis) Haydn
11 Fee Him, Father (Hob. XXXIa:156) Haydn
12 The Ewie Wi' The Crooked Horn (Hob. XXXIa:116bis) Haydn
13 Pinkie House (Hob. XXXIa:183) Haydn
14 Bonny Jean (Hob. XXXIa:172) Haydn
15 Bancocks O' Barleymeal (Hob.XXXIa:171) Haydn
16 Green Grow The Rashes (Hob. XXXIa:8bis) Haydn
17 The Blathrie O't (Hob. XXXIa:162) Haydn
18 My Mither's Ay Glowrin O'er Me (Hob. XXXIa:70bis) Haydn
19 Scornfu' Nansy (Hob. XXXIa:185) Haydn
20 I Wish My Love Were in A Myre (Hob. XXXIa:177) Haydn
21 The Death Of The Linnet (Hob. XXXIa:138bis) Haydn
22 Rothiemurcus Rant (Hob. XXXIa:165) Haydn
Disk: 11
1 Here Awa There Awa (Hob. XXXIa:257bis) Haydn
2 Over The Water To Charlie (Hob. XXXIa:267) Haydn
3 Lochaber (Hob. XXXIa:190) Haydn
4 O'er The Moor Amang The Heather (Hob. XXXIa:122bis Haydn
5 Happy Dick Dawson (Hob. XXXIa:247) Haydn
6 My Love's A Winsome Wee Thing (Hob. XXXIa:268) Haydn
7 Tibbie Fowler (Hob. XXXIa:52bis) Haydn
8 Cro Chalin (Hob. XXXIa:253A) Haydn
9 The Rock And A Wee Pickle Tow (Hob. XXXIa:253B) Haydn
10 The White Cockade (Hob. XXXIa:22bis) Haydn
11 Lassie Wi' The Gowden Hair (Hob. XXXIa:272) Haydn
12 What Ails This Heart Of Mine (Hob. XXXIa:244) Haydn
13 Shelagh O'Neal (Hob. XXXIa:239) Haydn
14 The Border Widow's Lament (Hob. XXXIa:232) Haydn
15 The Shepherd's Son (Hob. XXXIa:106ter) Haydn
16 Good Night And Joy Be Wi' Ye (Hob. XXXIa:254) Haydn
17 Johnny Faw - Or, The Gypsie Laddie (Hob. XXXIa:251 Haydn
18 O Bonny Lass, Will You Lie in A Barrack (Hob. XXXI Haydn
Disk: 12
1 Jenny Dang The Weaver (Hob. XXXIa:240) Haydn
2 Macgregor of Ruara's Lament (Hob. XXXIa:81bis) Haydn
3 Sir Patrick Spence (Hob. XXXIa:250) Haydn
4 Savourna Deligh (Hob. XXXIa:203) Haydn
5 Gala Water (Hob. XXXIa:15ter) Haydn
6 The Three Captains (Hob. XXXIa:264) Haydn
7 Johny Faw (Hob. XXXIa: 251) Haydn
8 Halloween (Hob. XXXIa:63bis) Haydn
9 Irish Air. Pat & Kate (Hob. XXXIa:241) Haydn
10 Captain Okain (Hob. XXXIa:224bis) Haydn
11 Cro Chalin (Hob. XXXIa:253A) Haydn
12 My Nanie, O (Hob. XXXIa:37ter) Haydn
13 When She Came Ben She Bobbit (Hob. XXXIa:62ter) Haydn
14 Fair Helen of Kirkconnell (Hob. XXXIa:236) Haydn
15 The Parson Boasts of Mild Ale (Hob. XXXIb:61) Haydn
16 The Braes Of Ballochmyle (Hob. XXXIa:226) Haydn
17 Tullochgorum (Hob. XXXIa:270) Haydn
18 Johny Macgill (Hob. XXXIa:238) Haydn
19 Rise Up And Bar The Door (Hob. XXXIa:197) Haydn
20 Lord Balgonie's Favourite (Hob. XXXIa:273) Haydn
Disk: 13
1 Hela'r Ysgyfarnog. Hunting The Hare (Hob. XXXIb:33 Haydn
2 Loth To Depart. Anhawdd Ymadael (Hob. XXXIb:57) Haydn
3 Y Cymry Dedwydd. The Happy Cambrians (Hob. XXXIb:3 Haydn
4 Happiness Lost (Hob. XXXIb:42) Haydn
5 Maltraeth (Hob. XXXIb:36) Haydn
6 Reged (Hob. XXXIb:38) Haydn
7 The Cornish May Song (Hob. XXXIb:21) Haydn
8 New Year's Gift. Calenig (Hob. XXXIb:60) Haydn
9 Pant Corlant Yr Wyn - Neu, Dafydd Or Garreg-las. T Haydn
10 Digan Y Pibydd Coch. The Red Piper's Melody (Hob. Haydn
11 Wyres Ned Puw. Ned Pugh's Grand Daughter (Hob. XXX Haydn
12 Y Gadly's. The Camp-Palace - Or, Leader's Tent Oft Haydn
13 The Flower Of North Wales. Blodeu Cwynedd (Hob. XX Haydn
14 Yr Hen Erddigan. The Ancient Harmony (Hob. XXXIb:3 Haydn
15 Ton Y Ceiliog Du. The Note Of The Black Cock (Hob. Haydn
16 The Britons. Y Brython (Hob. XXXIb:51) Haydn
17 War Song Of The Men Of Clamorgan. Triban Gwyr Morg Haydn
18 Erddigan Caer Y Waun. The Minstrelsy Of Chirk Cast Haydn
19 Rhyfelgyrch Cadpen Morgan. Captain Morgan's March Haydn
20 Llwyn Onn. The Ash Grove (Hob. XXXIb:7) Haydn
21 The Lamentation Of Britain. Cwynvan Brydain (Hob. Haydn
Disk: 14
1 Twll Yn Ei Boch. The Dimpled Cheek (Hob. XXXIb:10) Haydn
2 Hob Y Deri Danno. Away To The Oaken Grove (Hob. XX Haydn
3 Ar Hyd Y Nos. The LIVe Long Night (Hob. XXXIb:9) Haydn
4 Mantell Siani. Jenny's Mantle (Hob. XXXIb:5) Haydn
5 The Willow Hymn. Yr Helyg Gân (Hob. XXXIb:47) Haydn
6 Codiad Yr Haul. The Rising Sun (Hob. XXXIb:12) Haydn
7 Nos Galan. New Year's Night (Hob. XXXIb:29) Haydn
8 The Sweet Melody Of North Wales. Mwynen Gwynedd (H Haydn
9 Dowch I'r Frwydr. Come To Battle (Hob. XXXIb:14) Haydn
10 Y Bardd Yn Ei Awen. The Inspired Bard (Hob. XXXIb: Haydn
11 The Allurement of Love. Serch Hudol (Hob. XXXIb:48 Haydn
12 Blodau Llundain. The Flowers Of London (Hob. XXXIb Haydn
13 Blodau'r Drain. The Blossom Of The Thorn (Hob. XXX Haydn
14 Bloadu'r Grug. The Flowers Of The Heath (Hob. XXXI Haydn
15 Troiad Y Droell. The Whirling Of The Spinning Whee Haydn
16 Hoffedd Hywel Ab Owen Gwynedd. The Delight Of Prin Haydn
17 The Bend Of The Horse Shoe. Plygiad Y Bedol (Hob. Haydn
18 Winifreda (Hob. XXXIb:46) Haydn
19 Mwynen Cynwyd. The Melody Of Cynwyd (Hob. XXXIb:31 Haydn
20 The Pursuit Of Love. Dilyn Serch (Hob. XXXIb:52) Haydn
21 The Departure Of The King. Ymdawiad y Brenhin (Hob Haydn
Disk: 15
1 Dafydd y Garreg-Wen. David Of The White Rock (Hob. Haydn
2 Lady Owen's Favourite. Maldod Arglwyddes Owen (Hob Haydn
3 Ffarwel Ffranses. Farewell, Frances (Hob. XXXIb:13 Haydn
4 The Door Clapper. Y Stwffwl (Hob. XXXIb:50) Haydn
5 The Poor Pedlar. Y Maelerwr (Hob. XXXIb:53) Haydn
6 Cerdd Yr Hen-wr Or Coed. The Song Of The Old Man O Haydn
7 Ffarwel Jeuengetid. Adieu To My Juvenile Days (Hob Haydn
8 Tros Y Garreg. Over The Stone (Hob. XXXIb:17) Haydn
9 Grisiel Ground. Crystal Ground (Hob. XXXIb:15) Haydn
10 Venture Gwen. Mentra Gwen (Hob. XXXIb:6) Haydn
11 Torriad Y Dydd. The Dawn Of Day (Hob. XXXIb:3) Haydn
12 Gorhoffedd Gwyr Harlech. The March Of The Men Of H Haydn
13 Hob Y Deri Dando. Away, My Herd, Under The Green O Haydn
14 Codiad Yr Hedyyd. The Rising Of The Lark (Hob. XXX Haydn
15 The Blossom Of The Honey Suckle. Blodeu'r Gwynwydd Haydn
16 Eryri Wen. The White Mountains - Or, Hoar Cliffs O Haydn
17 The Lamentation Of Cambria (Hob. XXXIb:43b) Haydn
18 The Red Piper's Melody. Digan Y Pibydd Coch (Hob. Haydn
19 Castell Towyn. Towyn Castle (Hob. XXXIb:26) Haydn
20 The Marsh Of Rhuddlan. Morva Rhydlan (Hob. XXXIb:4 Haydn
Disk: 16
1 Auld Lang Syne (Hob. XXXIa:218) Haydn
2 The Waefu' Heart (Hob. XXXIa:9bis) Haydn
3 The Last Time I Came O'r The Muir (Hob. XXXI:199bi Haydn
4 Tak' Your Auld Cloak About Ye (Hob. XXXIa:180bis) Haydn
5 The Collier's Bonny Lassie (Hob. XXXIa:213) Haydn
6 Waly Waly (Hob. XXXIa:214) Haydn
7 The EXIle Of Erin. Erin-Gobragh (Hob. XXXIa:203bis Haydn
8 Lewie Gordon (Hob. XXXIa:215) Haydn
9 Thou Art Gane Awa' (Hob. XXXIa:12bis) Haydn
10 The Braes Of Ballenden (Hob. XXXIa:200bis) Haydn
11 The Soldier's Return (Hob. XXXIa:92bis) Haydn
12 Merry May The Maid Be (Hob. XXXIa:50bis) Haydn
13 Wandering Willie (Hob. XXXIa:257) Haydn
14 Farewell, Thou Fair Day. My Lodging Is On The Cold Haydn
15 My Jo Janet (Hob. XXXIa:258) Haydn
16 The Palmer. O Open The Door (Hob. XXXIa:255) Haydn
17 I'll Never Leave Thee (Hob. XXXIa:205) Haydn
18 The Lass Of Patie's Mill (Hob. XXXIa:160bis) Haydn
19 Roslin Castle (Hob. XXXIa:191bis) Haydn
20 Low Down in The Broom (Hob. XXXIa:210) Haydn
21 The Birks Of Invermay (Hob. XXXIa:187bis) Haydn
22 Of A' The Airts The Wind Can Blaw (Hob. XXXIa:230b Haydn
Disk: 17
1 Anna (Hob. XXXIa:93bis) Haydn
2 Nancy's To The Greenwod Gane (Hob. XXXIa:185bis) Haydn
3 The Maid in Bedlam (Hob. XXXIa:13ter) Haydn
4 Maggy Lawder (Hob. XXXIa:35ter) Haydn
5 The Bush Aboon Traquair (Hob. XXXIa:204) Haydn
6 The Flowers Of The Forest (Hob. XXXIa:212) Haydn
7 My Nannie O (Hob. XXXIa:37bis) Haydn
8 Corn Riggs (Hob. XXXIa:216) Haydn
9 My Apron, Dearie (Hob. XXXIa:189bis) Haydn
10 The Siller Crown (Hob. XXXIa:260) Haydn
11 The Shepherd's Son (Hob. XXXIa:106bis) Haydn
12 Sae Merry As We Ha'e Been (Hob. XXXIa:223) Haydn
13 She Rose And Loot Me in (Hob. XXXIa:219) Haydn
14 The Braes of Yarrow (Hob. XXXIa:207) Haydn
15 The Silken Snood (Hob. XXXIa:208) Haydn
16 From Thee, Eliza, I Must Go. Donald (Hob. XXXIa:21 Haydn
17 Gilderoy (Hob. XXXIa:225) Haydn
18 Saw Ye My Father (Hob. XXXIa:5ter) Haydn
19 Katharine Ogie (Hob. XXXIa:220) Haydn
20 Donald and Flora (Hob. XXXIa:139bis) Haydn
21 My Ain Kind Deary, O! (Hob. XXXIa:31ter) Haydn
22 O Poortith Cauld. I Had A Horse (Hob. XXXIa:17bis) Haydn
Disk: 18
1 John Anderson, My Jo (Hob. XXXIa:2bis) Haydn
2 Their Groves O' Sweet Myrtle. The Humours Of Glen Haydn
3 The Lass Of Lochroyan (Hob. XXXIa:209) Haydn
4 This Is No Mine Ain House (Hob. XXXIa:14bis) Haydn
5 For The Lack of Gold (Hob. XXXIa:222) Haydn
6 Widow Are Ye Wakin? (Hob. XXXIa:75bis) Haydn
7 The Maid That Tends The Goats (Hob. XXXIa:221) Haydn
8 Todlin Hame (Hob. XXXIa:6bis) Haydn
9 The Bonnie Wee Thing (Hob. XXXIa:102bis) Haydn
10 Up in The Morning Early (Hob. XXXIa:28bis) Haydn
11 Lochaber (Hob. XXXIa:190bis) Haydn
12 The Yellow Hair'd Laddie (Hob. XXXIa:211) Haydn
13 Robin Is My Only Jo (Hob. XXXIa:72bis) Haydn
14 O'er The Muir Amang The Heather (Hob. XXXIa:122ter Haydn
15 Sweet Annie Frae The Sea-Beach Came (Hob. XXXIa:26 Haydn
16 Galla Water (Hob. XXXIa:15bis) Haydn
17 Tweedside (Hob. XXXIa:206) Haydn
18 Bessy Bell and Mary Gray (Hob. XXXIa:178bis) Haydn
19 An Thou Wert Mine Ain Thing (Hob. XXXIa:164bis) Haydn
20 The Day Returns (Hob. XXXIa:259) Haydn
21 The Soldier's Dream. Captain O'Kain (Hob. XXXIa:22 Haydn
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