Sidran, Ben - Don't Cry For No Hipster

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Ben Sidran, piano, Wurlitzer piano, Hammond organ, vocals
Will Bernard, guitar
John Ellis, saxophone
Orlando le Fleming, bass
Tim Luntzel, bass
Moses Patrou, percussion
Mark Shim, saxophone
Leo Sidran, drums
Trixie Waterbed, backing vocals

The hipster is a semi-mythical figure in American pop culture. Decades before the term was used to describe young cats in small hats, it was used during Prohibition to describe a denizen of the night who arrived at the club with a flask in his back pocket. Hence "I'm hip" meant "I'm carrying". But it soon came to mean much more than that. Jazz and poetry, black threads and berets, might have been outward manifestations of the phenomenon during the beatnik craze of the 50s but they were no more the essence of the thing than the uniform is to the player. And it was a well known fact among hipsters that anybody who self-identified as a hipster was, by definition, not one. This of course is the Zen heart of the thing, or, as they say, if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him. It's an insider culture with rules like any other, only the main difference is that nothing is revealed, especially the rules. Elements aren't understood, they are just known. "Hipness is not a state of mind," said Cannonball, "it's a fact of life." Del Close made a record during the 60s called How to Speak Hip that purported to teach hipness to the uninitiated. Although it was a put on, it was deadly serious. "The hipster," he wrote, "has the Taoist's aversion to pinning down the changing world. To define something completely is to embalm it intellectually." "Let's play it first and then I'll tell you what it is," and also, "I don't pay you to play what you know, I pay you to play what you don't know," are Miles Davis' sentiments. The language of hip often contains it's own opposite: bad can mean bad or it can mean good, wrong can mean wrong or possibly right. Either way, living in a state of disorientation from Western logic can be a healing thing and a great way to hang but it is not for the faint of heart. One must approach the hip experience with a lifetime of preparation: the true hipster is a warrior of the first order, a master of the chiseled cool, an outlier of the interior world, a cynic perhaps but an optimistic one, and, at all times, such as when stepping into an empty elevator shaft or jumping out an open window, prepared to go up rather than down.
Artikelnummer BON121101
Streckkod 3149028030921
Utgivningsdatum 2012-12-05
Kategori Jazz
Skivbolag Bonsaï
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 1
Artister Sidran, Ben
Disk: 1
1 Back Nine
2 Brand New Music
3 Don't Cry For No Hipster
4 At Least We Got To The Race
5 Can We Talk
6 In The Beginning
7 It Don't Get No Better
8 Dying Anyway
9 Private Guy
10 Reflections
11 Take A Little Hit
12 16 Tons
13 Rich Interior Life
14 Hooglin'
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