Robin, Yann - Inferno / Quarks - Bloch, Alexandre

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// Inferno arrives in the continuity of Vulcano for a large symphonic ensemble, where I took volcanic phenomena and their dynamics as my main subject. In some beliefs, the crater is considered the gateway to the kingdom of hell, filled with evil spirits. Unlike the volcano, which is a cone erected towards the sky, Dante’s Hell is represented by a cone turned towards the centre of the earth, a kind of funnel into which all the evil of the universe is poured. From Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, Inferno is based on the topography of Hell, more precisely on Dante’s descent through the nine infernal circles as he is guided by Virgil. Dante’s text is a guide, a thread of Ariadne, a pretext for the work of sound and its conduct towards abyssal frequencies, towards sounds beyond human perception... (Yann Robin)

///// Quarks // concerto for cello and orchestra

Quarks are the elementary particles of matter, the smallest known to date. They were discovered by the American physicist Murray Gell-Mann. It was the story of their name that inspired me. These amazing particles, the quarks, are enclosed in the nucleus of the atom, inside the protons and neutrons themselves. When they were discovered, it was necessary to find a name for them. Murray Gell-Mann wanted to avoid using ancient Greek at all costs, especially because his predecessors had taken the word «atom» (atoms meaning «unbreakable, uncut») from the Greek. A name made obsolete by subsequent scientific discoveries, first by that of the protons and neutrons that make up the atom considered indivisible, then by his own discovery further dividing matter inside protons and neutrons.
However, the physicist was keen to find a name that would not become meaningless, even if it persisted in the future.To be prepared for any eventuality, he imagined a new name, without any meaning, which was first and foremost a sound. The physicist has the idea of a phoneme, an onomatopoeia that he pronounces: «Kwork». What was only a sound
for Gell-Mann, remained so for a while, until he discovered this quote from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake: «Three quarks for muster mark». The sound became incarnated in a word and the elementary particles had found a way to write their name. (Yann Robin)
Artikelnummer YAN007
Streckkod 3770010548072
Utgivningsdatum 2020-11-13
Kategori Klassiskt
Skivbolag Buissonne (La)
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 1
Dirigenter Bloch, Alexandre
Rundel, Peter
Kompositörer Robin, Yann
Orkestrar Orchestre national de Lille
Disk: 1
1 Inferno
2 Quarks
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