Intavolatura Di Liuto - Galilei, Michelangelo - Bailes, Anthony (Luta)

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Michelagnolo Galilei, the younger brother of the famous Galileo, was a professional lutenist at the court of Maximillian of Bavaria. In this, he followed in the footsteps of his father, Vincenzo, also a lutenist but equally renowed as a theorist and one of the initiators of Count Bardi's influential Florentine "Camerata". Both Michelagnolo and Galileo were taught to play the lute by their father and the music included in this programme would have been known to and played by both brothers. In 1620 Galileo helped finance Michelagnolo's Il primo libro d'intavolatura di liuto. For this reason, most of the pieces for this project have been chosen from this publication. Despite being relatively unknown, it contains repertoire of high musical quality, reflecting the new thinking of the day and displaying both Italian influence: as in the poetic toccatas, stylistically close to the toccata de durezzo e ligature; and the new seventeenth-century French style as evinced by the correntes and voltes. As such the collection is a unique amalgam of forms encountered in no other publication of lute music. The book also contains passamezzi with their salterelli, a genre found in countless sixteenth-century collections and fulfilling the same function as the "twelve bar blues" in our own time.
"Bailes utsökta spel gör full rättvisa åt denna intressanta och geniala, men sällan framförda musik."
Kenneth Sparr, Gitarr&Luta
Artikelnummer RAM1306
Streckkod 4250128513067
Utgivningsdatum 2014-02-12
Kategori Gitarr
Skivbolag Ramée
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 1
Artister Bailes, Anthony (Luta)
Kompositörer Galilei, Michelangelo
Disk: 1
1 Sonate in Fa Minore: I. Toccata 02:18
2 Sonate in Fa Minore: II. Corrente 01:37
3 Sonate in Fa Minore: III. Volta 01:18
4 Sonate in Fa Minore: IV. Passamezo 02:45
5 Sonate in Fa Minore: V. Saltarello 01:28
6 Sonate in Si Bemolle Maggiore: I. Toccata 01:45
7 Sonate in Si Bemolle Maggiore: II. Corrente 01:31
8 Sonate in Si Bemolle Maggiore: III. Volta 1 01:17
9 Sonate in Si Bemolle Maggiore: IV. Volta 2 01:26
10 Alcun non può saper 01:43
11 Fantasia terza 01:48
12 Sonate in Do Minore: I. Toccata 01:16
13 Sonate in Do Minore: II. Corrente 1 01:40
14 Sonate in Do Minore: III. Corrente 2 01:28
15 Sonate in Do Minore: IV. Corrente 3 01:55
16 Sonate in Do Minore: V. Passamezo 03:02
17 Sonate in Do Minore: VI. Saltarello 01:32
18 Sonate in Do Maggiore: I. Toccata 01:38
19 Sonate in Do Maggiore: II. Volta 1 01:24
20 Sonate in Do Maggiore: III. Volta 2 01:38
21 Sonate in Do Maggiore: IV. Volta 3 01:21
22 Sonate in Do Maggiore: V. Volta 4 01:47
23 Toccata in Re Minore 07:06
24 Calliope 02:22
25 Polymnia 01:47
26 Urania 01:42
27 Sonate in Sol Maggiore: I. Toccata 01:56
28 Sonate in Sol Maggiore: II. Corrente 1 01:21
29 Sonate in Sol Maggiore: III. Corrente 2 01:36
30 Sonate in Sol Maggiore: IV. Volta 01:35
31 Sonate in La Minore: I. Toccata 01:49
32 Sonate in La Minore: II. Corrente 1 01:26
33 Sonate in La Minore: III. Corrente 2 01:32
34 Sonate in La Minore: IV. Volta 01:56
35 Toccata in Fa Maggiore 02:24
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