Various - Kyrill Kondrashin Edition (13 CD) - Kondrashin, Kyrill

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Kyrill Kondrashin Edition 1937-1963. 13CD David Oistrakh, Emil Gilels, Sviatoslav Richter, Leonid Kogan, Victor Pikaizen, Mstislav Rostropovich, Yakov Zak. Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, USSR SO, Staatskapelle Dresden, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Leningrad Symphony Orchestra Leaving the Bolshoi Theatre in 1956, Kondrashin joined the Moscow Philharmonic as one of its principal conductors, and from 1960 to 1976 he was the orchestra’s Artistic Director. He made a great name for himself as a concert “accompanist”. This Edition contains a number of his quite wonderful concert recordings with the greatest soloists of the then Soviet Union. As far as was possible in the USSR under Nikita Khrushchev (General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party 1953-1964) and Leonid Brezhnev (1964-1982), he preserved his artistic independence. The most famous example in the West of his arts of “accompaniment” came not once but twice in 1958. He was on the podium of the Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra on April 11 when the young American Harvey Lavan Cliburn contested the final of the first ever Tchaikovsky Competition. In defiance of Cold War party doctrine, Van Cliburn won first prize to thunderous applause from the Russian audience. The cultural establishment then let Kondrashin travel to the USA, where he conducted Cliburn in the winning work, Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat minor, in New York’s Carnegie Hall on May 19 – and recorded one of the biggest classical best-sellers of all time for RCA. Kondrashin’s fame grew at international level and even more in his homeland. Not only did he premiere Shostakovich’s Thirteenth, he brought to light his Fourth Symphony, hidden from view till 1962 ever since its completion in 1936.
Artikelnummer PH18046
Streckkod 0881488180466
Utgivningsdatum 2019-01-04
Kategori Klassiskt
Skivbolag Profil
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 13
Dirigenter Kondrashin, Kyrill
Kompositörer Various
Orkestrar Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra
Disk: 1
1 Babi Yar. Adagio
2 Humour. Allegretto
3 In the Store. Adagio
4 Fears. Largo
5 Career. Allegretto
Disk: 2
1 Adagio - Allegro non troppo
2 Allegro con grazia
3 Allegro molto vivace
4 Adagio lamentoso
5 Capriccio Italien Op. 45
6 Andante Op. 26
Disk: 3
1 I. Pezzo in forma di Sonatina. Andante non troppo
2 II. Valse. Moderato. Tempo di Valse
3 III. Elegia. Larghetto elegiaco
4 IV: Finale. (Tema russo). Andante - Allegro con sp
5 I. Elegie. Andantino molto cantabile
6 II. Valse melancolique. Allegro moderato
7 III. Scherzo Presto
8 IV: Tema con variazioni. Andante con moto
Disk: 4
1 1. Allegro moderato
2 2. Canzonetta: Andante
3 3. Finale. Allegro vivacissimo
4 I. Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso
5 II. Andantino semplice
6 III. Allegro con fuoco
7 Pezzo Capriccioso for cello and orchestra Op. 62
Disk: 5
1 Capriccio Espagnol Op. 34
2 Moderato - Allegretto quasi polacca - Allegro
3 I. Praeludium. Grave
4 II. Gavotte. Allegro moderato
5 III. Märchen (Fairy Tale). Andantino
6 IV. Tema con variazione
7 V. Tarantella. Presto
Disk: 6
1 I. Prelude a la nuit. Tres modere
2 Malaguena. Assez vif
3 Habanera. Assez lent et dùn rythme las
4 IV. Feria. Assez anime
5 La Valse Poeme choreographique M.72
6 Piano Concerto M.82 for the left hand in D major
7 Allegramente
8 Adagio assai
9 Presto
10 Lento, quasi cadenza
Disk: 7
1 I. Toccata. Allegro
2 II. Intermezzo. Allegretto
3 III. Serenade Adagio. Andantino
4 IV. Rondo Vivace
5 I. Allegro molto
6 II. Allegretto
7 III. Adagio
8 IV. Allegro risoluto
Disk: 8
1 Allegro moderato
2 I. Allegro agitato
3 II. Polacchetta Allegretto moderato
4 III. Romanza. Larghetto cantabile, amoroso
5 IV. Tarantella. Presto molto
6 Paganini-Rhapsody for piano and orchestra Op. 43
Disk: 9
1 Allegro
2 Turandot. Scherzo. Moderato
3 Andantino
4 March
5 I. Toccata
6 II. Aria I
7 III. Aria II
8 IV. Capriccio
9 Naughty Limericks
Disk: 10
1 I. Lento - Allegro moderato
2 II. Adagio ma non troppo - Allegro vivace
3 III. Allegro con fuoco
4 I. Non allegro
5 II. Andante con moto - Tempo di Valse
6 III. Lento assai - Allegro vivace
Disk: 11
1 I. Nocturne. Moderato
2 II. Scherzo. Allegro
3 III. Passacaglia. Andante - Cadenza attacca
4 IV. Burlesque. Allegro con brio
5 I. Allegretto
6 II. Moderato
7 III. Cadenza
8 IV. Allegro con moto
Disk: 12
1 1. Ouverture. Vivacissimo
2 2. Opening Chorus "Let`s rejoice and be merry"
3 3. Aria of Marenka "If I should ever learn"
4 Duet of Marenka and Jenik "While a mother`s love…"
5 Duet of Marenka and Jenik "Faithful love canßt be
6 Trio: Ludmila, Krusina, Kecal "As I was saying, my
7 Trio: Ludmila, Krusina, Kecal "He`s a nice boy, we
8 Quartet: Ludmila, Krusina, Kecal, Marenka "Here sh
9 Finale. Polka. Chorus "Come, my darlings!"
10 Chorus, Kecal, Jenik "To beer!"
11 Furiant (Dance)
12 Aria of Vasek "My-my-my mother said to me"
13 Recitative: Marenka and Vasek "hahahahahaha…"
14 Duet: Marenka and Vasek "I know of a maiden fair"
15 Duet: Kecal and Jenik "Now, sir, listen to a word
16 Aria of Jenik "When you discover whom you`ve bough
17 Finale. Kecal, Jenik, Krusina, Chorus "Come inside
Disk: 13
1 Aria of Vasek "I can`t get it out of my head"
2 March of the Comedians
3 Skocna (Dance of the Comedians)
4 Recitative: Vasek, Esmeralda, Principal
5 Duet: Esmeralda, Principal "We`ll make a prette th
6 Quartet: Hata, Micha, Kecal, Vasek "Ho does not wa
7 Kecal "Hi, Vasek"; Sextet: Ludmila, Krusina, Kecal
8 Aria of Marenka "Oh what grief"
9 Duet Jenik and Marenka "Marenka mine!"
10 Duet Jenik and Marenka "So hard-hearted, lass, you
11 Ensemble: Chorus, Marenka, Jenik, Hata, Micha, Kec
12 Finale: All characters, Chorus, Vasek: I…i…it`s me
13 Ouverture. Vivacissimo
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