Fedele, Ivan - Musica della luce (2CD) - Berthelot, Pascale

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"“The Boréalis Studies explore the dimension and quality of tone above all else.
A second fundamental aspect is light: the pianist must reproduce an icy luminosity, sharp and oblique. I perceived the Boreal Hemisphere in Finland, and this is how I feel it must be interpreted.”

“The Austral Studies are brilliant and extrovert. Titles I, II and III refer to precise geographical locations and IV and V to two species of birds. These titles are meant as suggestions rather than directions. The suggested region is the hemisphere that is closest to the pole. Here the light becomes warmer even though the angle of incidence is still very oblique. There are no indications for the pedal in the Etudes Australes. Its use is suggested by the harmonic context, by the “character” of each Etude and above all by the acoustic notion of “resonance” that goes beyond the psychological aspect of the composition.”

Toccata, for piano
“For the author, this composition has a strong emotional value for it explicitly refers to his experience as a young pianist. The piece emerges from a tender memory of this period of life and from an intuitive approach to the instrument evoking “that which remains when the rest is forgotten”. This singular approach to the intimate practice of the keyboard produces the musical material of the Toccata: in particular, repetition, which is the essential element that intensifies its magical aspect.”

The Cadenze for piano are brief compositions of an extemporaneous or improvised type in which the imagination follows the thread of a varied and changing formal and musical intuition.

Proposed in aphoristic forms, the Cadenze explore the poetic microcosms in a time period that is both circumscribed and open.
Each one purposely uses a limited and very concise vocabulary in which the intention of the composer is to “leave traces and resonances in the memory, far beyond the listening time.”

Nachtmusik is an exclusively pianistic excerpt of Deu notturni con figura for piano and electronic piano.
Artikelnummer YAN002
Streckkod 3149028045123
Utgivningsdatum 2013-11-19
Kategori Klassiskt
Skivbolag Buissonne (La)
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 2
Artister Berthelot, Pascale
Kompositörer Fedele, Ivan
Disk: 1
1 Etudes Boréales (1990) n° I
2 Etudes Boréales (1990) n° II
3 Etudes Boréales (1990) n° III
4 Etudes Boréales (1990) n° IV
5 Etudes Boréales (1990) n° V
6 Etudes Australes (2002-3) n° I : Tierra del fuego
7 Etudes Australes (2002-3) n° II : Platea di Weddel
8 Etudes Australes (2002-3) n° III : Cape Horn
9 Etudes Australes (2002-3) n° IV : Aptenodytes
10 Etudes Australes (2002-3) n° V : Chionis alba
Disk: 2
1 Toccata (1983)
2 Cadenze n° I (1993-2005)
3 Cadenze n° II (1993-2005)
4 Cadenze n° III (1993-2005)
5 Cadenze n° IV (1993-2005)
6 Cadenze n° V (1993-2005)
7 Cadenze n° VI (1993-2005)
8 Cadenze n° VII (1993-2005)
9 Cadenze n° VIII (1993-2005)
10 Cadenze n° IX (1993-2005)
11 Nachtmusik (2008)
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