Micus, Stephan - On the Wing

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"On the Wing" is Stephan Micus's first album without voice since 1990 and in contrast to "Life" (2004) in which he set to music a Japanese Zen Koan this album is not built around a "libretto". Although the titles of the individual pieces convey the musician's close affinity to nature they are associative rather than descriptive. Nevertheless, the album is conceived as an entity. "For me this is like a journey or a story: the start of a movement that is transformed in many ways and eventually comes to an end", says Micus of his ten-part suite. The first four pieces, for example, prepare for the large ensemble of the fifth, "The Bride", which takes a central position also due to its ceremonial character.

Among the instruments from China, Tibet, Iraq, Egypt, Japan, Burma, Indonesia, Korea, India, Spain, Switzerland and the USA, three stand out as protagonists: the sattar, a bowed instrument with one metal string and ten resonating strings from the Uigur people in Western China, the mudbedsh, a reed instrument from Iraq and the hné, another reed instrument from Burma (Myanmar), a country Micus had first visited under difficult political circumstances in 1974 and to which he developed a particularly close relationship during three further visits. "The hné is a very powerful instrument with a piercing sound that is mostly played outdoors. Each time I came to Burma I took lessons from hné players, so I was really keen to finally integrate the instrument into a composition."

In the course of his extensive exploratory trips around the world Micus, born 1953 in the south of Germany, has collected a vast array of instruments. Four of them make their first appearance on a Micus record here: the aforementioned hné and mudbedsh but also the mandobahar, an extremely rare bowed bass instrument from India which Micus found by chance in Calcutta some twenty years ago, and the hang, a percussion instrument inspired by Caribbean steel drums. Right from the beginning Micus has never contented himself with learning only the playing techniques of indigenous instruments but has always tried to experience daily life and to understand the respective cultures in their complexity.

Stephan Micus, sattar, mudbedsh, classical guitar, nay, sh?, hné, suling, Tibetan cymbals, gongs, hang, 14-string guitar, steel string guitar, shakuhachi, mandobahar, sitar

Recorded 2003-2006
Artikelnummer ECM1987
Streckkod 0602498545164
Utgivningsdatum 2006-08-29
Kategori World Music
Skivbolag ECM
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 1
Artister Micus, Stephan
Disk: 1
1 part 1 - On the Wing 03:19
2 part 2 - Winterlight 05:10
3 part 3 - Gazelle 03:35
4 part 4 - Blossoms in the Wind 04:33
5 part 5 - The Bride 06:25
6 part 6 - Ancient Trees 05:16
7 part 7 - In the Dancing Snow 05:05
8 part 8 - The Gate 04:17
9 part 9 - Turquoise Fields 07:03
10 part 10 - Morning Sky 03:17
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