Shalosh - Onwards and Upwards

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Shalosh - Hebrew for three. But this name says a lot more than just referring to a piano trio. For the three Israelis, the pianist Gadi Stern, bassist Matan Assayag and drummer David Michaeli, Shalosh is more than just a band, but a life project. Or as Stern says, "Shalosh is not just a band, it's an idea."

Shalosh does not know a leader, the music is conceived together. For the three there is only this band, she is not one of many. Not only in music, but in life as well: Star and Assayag are childhood friends and their story begins in Jerusalem, where they first heard of the band 'Enoma Elish'. When the two then founded Shalosh in 2014 and were looking for a bassist, Michaeli joined them in his teens. Since then, the three have been inseparable, shifting their center of life to Tel Aviv, where they live in the neighborhood and meet almost daily. Shalosh is almost a family affair.
This intense relationship has given Shalosh its own musical vision. To music that only becomes possible when three guys write songs together since the age of 16. Shalosh rave about Nirvana, Brahms and The Bad Plus, skipping all stylistic barriers. They are children of the 90s and have assimilated the pop and rock music of the time. The volume of the rock and the danceability of electronic music meet the sensitivity and creative will of studied jazz musicians. Not to mention the influences of classical music and the Middle East. Shalosh makes music with a storm and urge mentality of mid-twenties. Her ecstatically enhancing songs create a tantalizing pull, like a surging, then effervescent sea that nevertheless takes the time to stand still to bathe in contemplative beauty.

Shalosh's music is thus an image of their hometown Tel Aviv, a colorful, tolerant but also impetuous city. Here limits are explored again, celebrating arrogance, but with the calming sea on your feet. "Onwards and upwards" expresses this attitude to life as a reflection of the reality of life of three young men in Israel.
"Onwards and upwards" starts with a bang: "After The War" is a deeply emotional song of great relevance. Gadi Stern: "The piece describes the essential state of a country in the war. From the creeping beginning with their selfish political leaders, who act unscrupulously and manipulatively, to the explosive mood just before the outbreak, to cruelty in the state of war and finally to the melancholy aftermath, when people realize what misfortune they have experienced and how pointless everything was. "As Israelis, Shalosh know exactly what they are talking about. But the piece is not a fake painting, because there is hope for the three that our civilization will turn for the better: "The play is after and not before the war."
With the homage "Tune For Mr. Ahmad Jamal" they pay tribute to a great stylist of jazz piano. The piece with its swinging character falls a bit out of the frame of the album, the Shalosh sound is fundamentally far removed from that of a traditional jazz piano trio. "But Jamal's trio influenced us a lot and we really wanted to pay tribute to him. The play is very playful and has an optimistic character. That's exactly what we associate with Jamal's music. "A reminiscence is also" Children of the 90's ". Stern, Michaeli and Assayag become nostalgic and reminisce about the music of their youth, bringing the special sound and lifestyle of this era to the Shalosh cosmos. Finally, there are also two cover numbers on "onwards and upwards". A-has "Take on Me" and "You'll Never Walk Alone" from the Broadway musical "Carousel" of the 1940s. The song, which became famous as a football anthem, takes on a completely different character in the rocky, breakbeat-like instrumental version of the trio.

After all, "onwards and upwards" is a great postmodern fun, and finally, a statement that it goes on and on, in life, in our world and, of course, in music. Or as Gadi Stern puts it, "We do not rest on our laurels, but want to experience new musical adventures with Shalosh."
Artikelnummer ACT9885
Streckkod 0614427988522
Utgivningsdatum 2019-05-24
Kategori Jazz
Skivbolag ACT
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 1
Artister Shalosh
Disk: 1
1 After The War
2 Children Of The 90's
3 Meditation
4 You'll Never Walk Alone
5 The Impossible Love Story Of Jackie And Hanan
6 Sinan, And His Never Ending War Against The Bureau
7 Take On Me
8 Tune For Mr. Ahmad Jamal
9 Lullabye
10 Onwards And Upwards
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