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Wintsch, Michel - Roof Fool

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Among instruments the piano is arguably the most fixed in terms of range and pitch. Purveyors have perfected all sorts of specialized techniques for altering these parameters through additions, subtractions and outright detuning. Swiss pianist Michel Wintsch is among this number, versed in playing the keys straight but also curious about how they might sound in a multitude of modified contexts. His solo project Metapiano, released on the Leo label in 2011, sought to expand the possibilities through an abundant assemblage of customized instruments and electronics.
Roof Fool, also solo, veers in a quietly radical and different direction. Across fourteen compositions, Wintsch seeks to involve the sounds and gestures commonly suppressed or excised in the conventional recording of piano music. He accomplishes this through an elaborate strategy of anatomical choreography and alternate miking at odds with usual placement patterns. In this regard, physical and temporal facets of performer and performance space join the instrument in becoming elements intrinsic to the emerging music.

Microphones activated near the pedals and above the keyboard pick up extraneous sounds of air displacement along with the breath sounds, murmuring and singing from the pianist that oddly brings to mind a more mannered and less invasive Keith Jarrett. The results are musical and recognizably in league with past work with improvisers like drummer Gerry Hemingway (WHO Trio) and bassist Christian Weber (WWW Trio), but also curiously removed in the addition of clicks, whirs and other former aural ephemera which are now integral to the performance in a Cageian sense.

The composition titles present another enigmatic feature of the puzzle. Making sense of their calculated word associations swiftly becomes an exercise in deciphering intentional esoterica. At surface glance “Soul’s Vague Algae” has more going for it phonetically than semantically, but musically the dampened and contrasting notes that comprise its construction hang memorably in the space between the ears. Similar abstruse relationships arrive with the pointed collisions and ablations of “However Named” and the bright and brittle Monkish progression that informs a portion of “Shopping Ladies”.

Critic Stuart Broomer’s accompanying essay offers sage advice in suggesting that a switch in scrutiny from strict lexical properties to individualized and abstract relational ones is order. Winstch does not appear to concerned either way, reveling in his personalized system of structured improvisation over three-quarters of an hour with purpose and poise and leaving the listener to ascertain associative meaning or not. Even without independent defined thematic and relational tethers in most cases, the pieces encourage careful auditory consideration.
(Derek Taylor, April 2015)
Artikelnummer OGY730
Streckkod 0752156073024
Utgivningsdatum 2016-05-27
Kategori Jazz
Skivbolag Hatology
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 1
Artister Wintsch, Michel
Disk: 1
1 Ghost Fun
2 Pytihob Clochery
3 Dyuke
4 Snaruen Be
5 Roof Fool
6 Pytihob Wag
7 Shopping Ladies
8 Là Où Y A Des Croîtres
9 Si C'est Assez, Cessez
10 T'as Dis Vous Dites
11 Soul's Vague Algae
12 However Named
13 Les Mots En Amont
14 Adroit À Gauche
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