Various - Seven Great Russian Operas from 1955 - National Theatre Belgrade (22CD) - Various

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This Edition presents the “Magnificent Seven” and the “encore” in optimum technical quality. In the mid-Fifties of the last century, with the Cold War freezing relations between East and West, the English record label Decca decided to record a series of Russian operas with the Belgrade National Opera. Belgrade in the Yugoslavia of those days under Josip Tito was more open to “the West” than the Warsaw Pact countries gathered under the wing of the Soviet Union. The deal had been struck by former Decca manager and successful promoter of east European folklore in the USA, record executive Gerald Severn. Thanks to his excellent contacts, Decca director Arthur Haddy eventually obtained a visa and travelled to Belgrade to find a suitable recording venue, which turned out to be the cinema in the House of Culture in the city centre. These were the early days of stereophony and so recordings were usually made both in stereo and in mono. The stereo LP made its first official appearance in 1958 (by which time the shellac disc was effectively obsolete, having been displaced by mono LPs since their introduction in 1948) and it would be many years before there was a mass audience for stereo listening.
Artikelnummer PH19040
Streckkod 0881488190403
Utgivningsdatum 2020-01-17
Kategori Klassiskt
Skivbolag Profil
Enhet CD
Antal enheter 22
Artister Various
Dirigenter Markevitch, Igor
Baranovic, Kresimir
Kompositörer Various
Disk: 1
Ivan Sussanin - A Life for the Tsar - Opera in fou
1 Overture
2 Introduction - In storm and gale
3 Cavatine und Rondo - I gaze toward the field
4 Why make plans for the wedding?
5 Greetings, countrymen!
6 Do not torture me, dear father
7 Pour out the wine!
8 Krakowiak
9 Pas de quatre - Valse
10 Mazurka and Finale
11 Where are you from?
Disk: 2
Ivan Sussanin - A Life for the Tsar - Opera in fou
1 Entr` acte
2 Lied und Duett: When the young fledgling`s mother
3 Father dear, what news?
4 Choir: We are going out into the forest
5 Antonida! My dear children!
6 Well, God be praised
7 No terrors fright me
8 The spring water have quite flooded the meadows
9 I do not grieve for that, my friends
10 Finale: Antonida! What`s happened
Disk: 3
Ivan Sussanin - A Life for the Tsar - Opera in fou
1 Entr` acte - Fourth act
2 My poor horse fell in the fields
3 Who was that calling at the cloister gates
4 We` re dog-tired and numb with cold!
5 The trhuth is beginning
6 Not so long ago…
7 Entr `acte
8 Nothing but blizzards
9 Epilogue - Entr` acte
10 Epilogue - Finale: Glory, glory to thee, my Russia
11 Appendix - Entre` acte
12 In the storm
Disk: 4
Boris Godunov - Popular music drama in four acts w
1 No! How then!
2 Mitjuch, say, Mitjuch
3 Silence! Rise up!
4 Glory to Thee Most High
5 Long live Tsar Boris Feodorovich
6 My soul is sad!
7 Just one more page
8 God of truth and justice
9 Regret not that
10 I hear the martin bell
11 The Hostess`s Song: Once I caught a drake
12 Why so grave and melancholic
13 Here`s what happened at the town of Kazan
14 Why don` t you sing along?
15 We are peaceful hermits, honest monks we are
16 Why do you stare and watch me so closely?
Disk: 5
Boris Godunov - Act II
1 The Song of the Gnat
2 Once a gnat was cutting wood - The Clapping Game
3 I`ll tell you a tale
4 Ah! Me! What now? - Boris`s monologue
5 I have achieved the power
6 Most gracious Lord and Tsar
7 Undoubtedly my Tsar, your throne is safe
8 Ouf! I suffocate!
9 In the garden… at midnight … by the fountain
10 Nay, my lord, I do not believe in your passion
11 Demitri! Zarewitsch!
12 But without the throne of Moscow
Disk: 6
Boris Godunov - Act IV - Scene 1
1 Bring him overe here
2 No falcon is flying in skies
3 Trrr…trrr!
4 Dark is the sun and dark is the moon
5 Regem Demetrium Moscoviae
6 Äwe, Dimitri Ivanovich
7 Flow, ah flow my bitter tears
8 Well, the council should begin
9 I`ll luck! Schuiski`s not here
10 E`ve called you together, boyars
11 A peaceful monk
12 Farewell my son, I am dying
13 O my God
14 Hark! This is the passing bell
15 What? Is mass finished already?
16 Ha! Old saucepan cap
17 A-a! A-a! - Boris! A Boris!
18 Flow, ah flow my bitter tears
Disk: 7
1 Prelude - Dwan over the River Moscow
2 Act I - I hall go, it shall go
3 Hey, Hey you, scribbler
4 The Chief`s coming
5 Have mercy
6 So, prince, this is how you remain ture to me!
7 Prince Andrei!
8 A time of darkness
9 Dear land
10 Act II - Brother Vassenka, my light
11 Coming to see you, prince
12 Mysterious forces, great powers
13 So that is to be my fate
14 Princes, calm your anger
15 We have destroyed the heresy
16 Have mercy! Your Highness, don`t have me put to de
17 I came in without waiting
Disk: 8
1 We have destroyed the heresy - Marifa`s song
2 There wenta young maiden
3 If you had ever known
4 Why are you in such a fury
5 Oh my darling child - Shaklovity`s aria
6 The lair of Streltsy is sunk in sleep
7 Getup, young fellows!
8 Ah, you damned loafers!
9 Streltsi, let`s ask our chief
10 Greetings to you, children
Disk: 9
1 In the meadow near the river
2 Late at night I sat alone
3 Persian Dances
4 Why are you here
5 There swims a lady swan
6 Look, they`re taking him away
7 Fate`s decree has been fulfilled
8 Ah, you are here, wicked woman! Serpent!
9 Oh, Lord, my Gold! All is lost!
10 Here in this place
11 Brethren, our cause is lost
12 Sisters, you will be true to the faith
13 The enemy of mankind, Satan
14 They have gone away! Lord, I will not hide
15 Those bugles herald eternity!
16 Be preaised, Lord of all glory!
Disk: 10
1 Winter ist past
2 At the time appointed
3 Not thus do I greet
4 Comrades: While-flanked magpies
5 The birds have all gathered
6 Gainstthe richt village houses
7 You`ve amused yourself no end
8 A-oo, a-oo! Oh, poor Snow Maiden
9 To go picking berries
10 I have heard
11 You hear? Melt!
12 Early in the morning…
13 Bright summer will pass
14 Come on home!
15 Introducction
16 For a kid welcome
17 Once a little strawberry
18 When the trees rustle in the forest
19 How miserable I am
Disk: 11
1 The Snow Maiden is all alone
2 Wedding ritual - Dear friends, my dear companions
3 Dear friends of mine
4 Dear friends and companions
5 Strings eloquent and resonant
6 Great Tsar off the happy Berendeyans
7 Your Majesty, Father-Tsar
8 People of this realm
9 Ceremonial procession of Tsar Berendej
10 Hail to you
11 My thanks to you
12 Mighty Nature is cramful of wonder
13 Snow Maiden, your time has come
14 Hail to you II
15 Oh, in a field a sweet linden tree stood
16 Our merry day departs - One more amusement
17 Dance of the tumblers
Disk: 12
1 With thunder a storm-cloud
2 Thank you, Lel
3 Handsome Lel
4 My wreath has faded
5 In the warm blue sea
6 Wander the whole night long in search
7 Where has she vanished
8 Introduction - In storm and gale
9 Dear mother, in misery and tears
10 Snow Maiden, my child, what is your wish?
11 So be it, my child - The perfumed flower of spring
12 Oh mother, mother, what`s come over me?
13 Stay, stay, Snow Maiden!
14 We`ve sowed milldet
15 May your union be blessed - Mitty tsar
16 Like the spring snnow has she melted away
17 Light and power, bog Yarilo
Disk: 13
Prince Igor
1 Overture
2 Introduction: Glory, glory to the radiant sun
3 Forward! To battle with the enemies
4 Princes! It is time to go
5 It is time to say farewell
6 Ha! Glory to Vladimir!
7 I Make no secret… boredom I hate
8 Long live Prince Galitsky!
9 Oh, what misfortune!
10 Wait, young fellows, listen!
11 At the palace of Prince Vladimir
12 Yes, this is the one we should rule
13 Much time has passed
14 A group of maidens has come to see you
15 Oh! The prince is here! God help us!
Disk: 14
Prince Igor
1 Finale I: You are welcome, boyars!
2 Without water in the hot sun
3 Tanz der Polowzer Mädchen
4 The day is dying.
5 Maidens, friends, quench the prisoners` thirst
6 Daylight has slowly faded
7 Is that you, my Vladimir?
8 No sleep, no rest for my tormented soul
9 Cavatine und Rondo - I gaze toward the field
10 How are you, Prince?
11 Hey! Bring along the slaves!
12 Fly, our song, on the wings of the wind
13 Sing praise to our glorious Chan!
Disk: 15
Prince Igor
1 The army returns home
2 Our sword gave us victory
3 Sound the trumpets!
4 Prince, make ready to depart
5 Vladmir, can it all be true?
6 Prince Igor has escaped
7 Oh, I weep, I shed bitter tears
8 It was no raging wind that howled
9 How dismal it is all around - This is the Prince,
10 You, play, play, yes, play!
11 A toast to the health of our Prince! Let all the p
Disk: 16
Eugene Onegin
1 Introduction
2 Have you ever heard
3 My swift feet ache from walking
4 How I love to listen - Once across the bridge
5 Well, my frolicsome one
6 Mesdames, I have taken the liberty - Tell me, whic
7 How happy I am - I love you Olga!
8 Oh! There you are!
9 Well I`ve talked too much
10 Let me die
11 Oh, the night has passed
12 Pretty maidens, darling playmates
13 He`s here, Eugene`s here
14 If I had wished to pass my life
Disk: 17
Eugene Onegin
1 Entr`acte
2 What a surprise!
3 Have I really deserved this ridicule on your part)
4 Messieurs, Mesdames, please take your places!
5 In your house, like a golden dream
6 What is this? It seems your opponent hasn`t appear
7 Oh, here they are.
8 Poonaise
9 I`m bored to death here too! - Pricess Gremina! Lo
10 Love is no respecter of age
11 So come along, I?ll introduce you. - Can it really
12 Ochestereinleitung
13 Oh, how miserable I am
14 Onegin, I was younger then
15 Is it possible that in my humble prayer your cold
Disk: 18
The Queen of Spades
1 Introduction
2 Burn, shine, brightly
3 How did the gamy end yesterday?
4 I don`t know her name
5 At last God has sent us a sunny day
6 But are you sure…
7 I`m afraid!
8 What an old witch
9 One day at Versailles
10 Se non e vero, e ven trovato.
11 This evening already
12 Charming! Enchanting! Yes, I have it! Dear friends
13 Mesdemoiselles, what`s all this noise here?
14 It`s time to go home
15 Why these tears?
16 Stay, I implre you!
17 Forgive me, heavenly creature
18 Liza open the door!
19 Oh pity me!
Disk: 19
The Queen of Spades
1 Bright and gay on this day
2 The host kindly invites his dear guests
3 I love you, love you madly
4 Wait for me in the ballroom after the performance
5 My master begs his valued guests - In the deep sha
6 Sarabande
7 My dearest gentle shepherd
8 How sweet you are - Messieurs, Mesdames, please ta
9 Who, impelled by passionate, ardent love…
10 It`s all exactly as she told me
11 Footsteps! Someone`s coming! Yes!
12 Oh! I hate the world today!
13 Je crains de lui parler la nuit!
14 Don`t be frightened!
15 She`s dead! It`s all over!
Disk: 20
The Queen of Spades
1 Entr`acte
2 I don`t believe you intended the Countess`s death…
3 I`m afraid! Terrifying! There, there! I hear foots
4 It`s nearly midnight
5 I`m worn out with sorrow
6 And how if the clock should strike me
7 Oh, yes, my sufferings are over
8 Drink and make merry!
9 If pretty girls could fly like virds
10 To business gentlemen, to dards!
11 No more play?
12 Oh Lord, forgive him!
Disk: 21
Don Quichotte
1 Alza! Alza! Alza! Olé
2 Alza! Alza! Quand la femme a vingt ans
3 Dulincee est certes jolie
4 Allegresse! Allegresse!
5 O Dulcinee! Ah!!! Vous allez ameuter alcade
6 Quand apparaissent les etoiles
7 Ah! Ah! C`est vous qui lanciez
8 Vous etes, mon seigneur
9 Elle màime et va me revenir
10 Cèst vers ton amour
11 Comment peut-on penser du bien
12 Quoi? Quoi?
13 Einleitung
14 Cèst le chemin
15 Quand apparaissent les etoiles
16 Ah! Voir un corps long
17 Seigneur, recois mon ame
Disk: 22
Don Quichotte
1 Alors, traitresse, je nài plus rien a esperer?
2 Lorsque le temps d`amour a fui
3 Par fortune! Par fortune!
4 Alza! Alza! Ne pensons qu`au plaisir dàimer
5 Annonce le grand Don Quichotte
6 O bienheureux moment
7 L`aube bientot blanchira l`horizon!
8 Peu de mots ont suffi
9 Enfin te revoila!
10 Riez, allez, riez du pauvre ideologue
11 Einleitung
12 O mon maitre, o mon grand!
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