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n the more than twenty-five years of its existence, eda records – the label that was founded in 1990 as EDITION ABSEITS – has called many a peripheral musical area to the attention of an increasingly attentive audience. Whereas in the early years, classical chamber music in the broadest sense was the focus in the development of the catalogue, eda soon participated as the very first label in the discussion about “suppressed music” with highly praised first recordings of the so-called Theresienstadt composers.

After the turn of the millennium, the generation of composers represented by Franz Schreker and his pupils as well as an extensive exploration of the avant-garde Russian piano music of the second and third decades of the 20th century moved into the center of interest. Following this, eda documented the most important chamber music works for saxophone and piano on four CDs before initiating an in-depth investigation of the consequences of exile and Shoah on Polish musical life with the series “Poland Abroad”.

With pride and gratitude, eda records can point to a circle of outstanding performers, many of whom have become friends and companions during the course of the mutual search for traces. We invite you continue along with us into the exciting territory of the supposed musical fringe in which there are many fantastic musical works of the 20th and 21st centuries to be discovered.
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Various - Crossroads - Bitter, Adele EDA47 2022-02-11 159 kr
Laks, Simon - Complete Works for Voice and Piano - Vegry, Ania EDA45 2021-06-18 239 kr
Herrmann, Hugo - Franz Schreker’s Masterclasses in Vienna and Berlin, Vol. 4 - Lessing, Kolja EDA46 2021-02-05 159 kr
Poland Abroad, Vol. 7 - String Quartets, Vol. 2 - Strasfogel, Ignace - Rathaus, Karol EDA43 2019-07-19 159 kr
Ernst Bachrich: A Portrait - Rubio, Lola - Bachrich, Ernst EDA44 2019-07-19 159 kr
Koffler, Józef - en hommage: Józef Koffler - Slowinski, Christoph EDA42 2017-11-24 159 kr
Höller, York - Piano Works - Various EDA41 2016-02-12 239 kr
Mendelson, Joachim - en hommage: Joachim Mendelson - Bruns, Jürgen EDA40 2015-04-10 159 kr
Poland Abroad Vol. 6: Concerto / Concertino - Fitelberg, Jerzy EDA39 2014-06-06 159 kr
Ullmann, Viktor - Piano Sonatas - Ernst, Moritz EDA38 2014-03-28 239 kr
Poland Abroad Vol. 5: Chamber Music - Regamey, Constantin - Aperto Piano Quartet EDA37 2013-11-22 159 kr
Meyer, Krzysztof - Complete Piano Sonatas - Seibert, Christian EDA36 2011-12-14 239 kr
Poland Abroad Vol. 4: Opera & Ballet - Laks, Simon EDA35 2011-11-05 159 kr
Music for Saxophone from Germany 1952-69 - Lunte, Frank - Various EDA33 2011-04-13 159 kr
Poland Abroad Vol. 3: String Quartets - Mendelson, Joachim - Silesian String Quartet EDA34 2010-09-22 159 kr
en hommage: Simon Laks - Laks, Simon - Stoupel, Vladimir EDA31 2010-08-11 159 kr
The Vienna Connection: Violin Sonatas - Gál, Hans - Frühwirth, David EDA32 2010-02-24 159 kr
Poland Abroad Vol. 2: Symphonic Poems - Fitelberg, Jerzy EDA27 2008-01-09 159 kr
The Life of the Machines - Stoupel, Vladimir - Antheil, George EDA28 2007-10-30 159 kr
Elegy for the Jewish Villages - Laks, Simon - Suty, Valérie EDA30 2007-10-30 159 kr
Laks, Simon - Poland Abroad Vol. 1: Music for String Orchestra - Bruns, Jürgen EDA26 2006-06-26 159 kr
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Franz Schreker's Masterclasses in Vienna and Berlin, Vol. 3 - Lessing, Kolja - Various EDA24 2006-04-21 159 kr
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Music for Saxophone from Berlin Vol. 3 - Lunte, Frank - Various EDA29 2005-09-01 159 kr
Brahms, Johannes - Piano Quintets - Pihtipudas Kvintetti EDA25 2004-08-12 159 kr
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