Akademisk Kor Århus

Academic Choir Aarhus was founded in 1985 and is today led by Ole Faurschou. The choir consists of 30 singers between 20-35 years old. All singers have a connection to the musical scene around the University of Aarhus and the Royal Academy of Music.

Academic Choir Aarhus is a professionally working classical amateur choir. We see it as our most distinguished purpose to provide the joy of music to the public and every year we sing about 15 concerts, participate in competitions, orchestra projects and do tours abroad. The latest ten years we have visited Canada, Hungary, China, Germany, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Norway, the US, England and Italy. In 2015 we won the prestigious competition Musica Sacra a Roma in Rome. The international acknowledgement we received in that connection has in particular strengthened our wish to provide the wondrous world of music to a broad audience.

The repertoire of the choir is mainly focused on newer Danish and Nordic choir music, but we do also work with a broad range of genres reaching from the strict, polyphone music of the renaissance to the more emotional music of the Romantic Movement and even to first performances of works by contemporary Danish composers
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Akademisk Kor Århus - - Forår og sommer i Den Gamle By 8573999 2018-06-01 79 kr
Jul i Danmark - Musica Ficta, Aarhus Akademiske Kor m. fl. - Various 8578318-19 2015-11-27 159 kr
Akademisk Kor Århus - Jul i den gamle by 8573150 2012-11-01 79 kr
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